How do you measure masculinity?

This year has been a really rough year for celebrities dying and rubbish political decisions. With George Michael’s passing on Christmas Day it added another tragic layer to all the losses of greats this year. I found this image on tumblr with a comment about these men teaching the world that you can do masculinity any damn way you want. The gay world is still full to overflowing with discrimination.. Read More

So Proud

Last night was a launch party for the Sydney Mardi Gras season where a lot of the key events are announced. The other thing that was officially announced that I’ve been dying to talk about is that the My People My Tribe imagery is an integral part of the theme for Mardi Gras 2017. Creating Equality is the overall theme and the portraits we created for the project are used.. Read More

So immensely proud

A couple of months ago I annoyed the hell out of you all by constantly posting about the #barenakedtruth project but I’ve given you a bit of a rest so it’s time. The response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive. Even though having a nude photo of a friend they’ve not seen in that light popping up on Facebook has been a bit of a surprise people have been.. Read More

And that’s a wrap

After five long days of shooting, the #barenakedtruth project is finished the photography stage. Yesterday was a day that threw some curve balls at us. Josh that is the instigator and driving force behind the project was feeling ill yesterday and that developed into some very concerning chest pains so he spent the vast majority of the day in hospital being checked up. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be anything.. Read More

That’s how you make an entrance.

After over a year of speculation and a fair amount of ridicule, Bruce Jenner has departed the public eye and has been replaced by Caitlyn. If Kim blatantly tried to break the internet a few months back, Caitlyn has surely shown her how to do it with class. By having a powerful message to share, Caitlyn has become the first trans-woman that a lot of sports loving men would have.. Read More

Very special parents

This story has been doing the rounds over the weekend and I didn’t have the opportunity to watch it but I made time today. The parents in this story are truly incredible. Very few parents are so understanding and willing to take these necessary steps. I’m sure there was some sadness and heart wrenching decisions being made but they have done such an amazing thing for their child.

A story of strength

When you hear the term Navy Seal you think of a lot of testosterone filled macho guys all highly trained, potential killers. Chris Beck was one of those guys. He retired in 2011 after serving in the team that took down Osama Bin Laden. Chris has just released a biography under his new name Kris, short for Kristin. That’s right, Chris, once he left the Seals transitioned to become female… Read More

Aussielicious interview – Trans guy

This interview has been a long time coming, being a topic that they gay world, and the world in general, is very slowly getting exposed to but still very ingnorant of. When the opportunity arose to do an interview with a female to male transexual it was not going to be passed up. As an introduction (try and keep up here) Brosh Matthews was born a girl, and was a.. Read More

This is a hot pole vaulter

His name is Balian Buschbaum, and he’s a professional pole vaulter and rather hot. Balian has only been Balian for two years. Previously he was a champion pole vaulter by the name of Yvonne but in 2008, Yvonne retired from competition because of a persistent injury and to begin gender reassignment. It has to take some guts to undergo gender reassignment at all, but to do it when you are.. Read More

A first for Australia

Norrie has become Australia’s first officially genderless person. Norrie was born male but part of the way through transitioning to become a woman decided to stop treatment and through the evidence of psychologists and medical professionals, Norrie was declaired officially Androgynous. Centrelink, Australia’s notoriously difficult social welfare agency are even adapting their systems to recognise the option of living without gender. I have met Norrie while teaching a gay singles.. Read More


Anthony Larrisey sent me through these images yesterday of this series he’s been working on for a while. Anthony is a brilliant bodypaint artist that has been seen on the pages of Aussielicious a few times before. I can’t imagine how time consuming it must be to paint fishnets on a guy. This has reminded me of something I saw on a profile on manhunt. Some guy had written “If.. Read More