Waterfight boys for Playgirl

These photos found my way into my email this afternoon and I am pretty grateful! They are so sexy. A bunch of hot muscled athletic guys running around squirting all over each other and literally ripping the underwear off each other. The guy in the middle is just spectacular, YUM. Now, I believe that Playgirl usually goes nude and full frontal with it’s guys and even erect. If anyone has.. Read More

Job Applications

A friend sent me this this morning and I thought I’d share it. My Resimay To hoom it mae cunsern, I waunt to apply for the job what I saw in the paper.  I kin Type realee qwik wit one finggar and do sum a counting.  I think I am good on the fone and I no I am a pepole person. I no my spelling is not too good.. Read More

Naked man running

I wonder how many complaints VISA had about this? I saw this recently but a reader sent it to me again and I thought I’d post it. It’s a great advertisement based on that old story of a bachelor party gone wrong.