Nathan immortalised by Ross

A few months ago I did some body painting in the window of an art gallery as part of the opening of a group exhibition. Nathan was my willing model for that evening. He’s done a bit of modeling around the place for various photographers and artists which is no surprise as he is absolutely beautiful. So when I took Nathan along to Ross Watson’s exhibition shortly after and Ross.. Read More

Important friends

A few weeks ago I was thinking about a particular friend, one of the guys that’s coming away to Burning Man with me. It occurred to me that not only has this friend become a really good, close friend over the past few years but he’s also become an important friend. It’s not that I’m any closer to this friend than some of my other great friends. It’s just that.. Read More

Have you had your 2 cents?

Tonight I’m shamelessly promoting another blog. Damien and I met when he would write me constructive criticism in my comments, being quite challenging sometimes in a good way and other times pissing me off royally. Then we starting having discussions over email and expanding on those challenges and listening to each others opinion. Sometimes. He’s since become a valued friend, even though we live in different states. Damien took up.. Read More

A true measure

Last week I had an interaction with someone that totally stunned me. Someone that I’d had some really nice dealings with a few years ago messaged me on facebook asking me why I was his friend on there and followed his photography page when I never “liked” or commented on his work and why hadn’t I ever promoted his work on my blog? During the course of the conversation as.. Read More

I wish I’d have been there.

This weekend in London, two very dear friends got married. Technically they got civil unioned but that sounds absurd. I lived with these two guys briefly 13 years ago and since then we’ve spent most of the time living on opposite sides of the world to each other but they are some of the best people you’ll know. They have been together for 16+ years. I really wanted to be.. Read More

Such a crush

I’ve just got in from a dinner with a friend that I ALWAYS have a good laugh with. There were four of us and my good mate told me about the guy that runs the restaurant we were going to. He used to work in a cafe down the road and he’s absolutely stunning. My gaydar is totally broken but I’m running with completely straight but no hang ups. He’s.. Read More


My school reunion last night was a very casual but very fun affair. Our graduating class had about 180+ students in it but there were only about 50 there last night, and it’s only been today that I’ve been thinking where was so-and-so or I wonder where he or she was. Some people had barely changed in the 19 years since we finished, others had well and truly outgrown their.. Read More

Have a bad romance with my mate

A mate of mine has a great singing voice. He’s currently trying to break into the industry again after several years off. I’ve only heard him sing a couple of times live and I envy anyone that has that gift. To be able to sing well has the power to really move people and can be very personal. Apparently Graham got bored the other night and did a piano cover.. Read More

David by David

As someone who has been interested in photography for many years, and whether I was willing to admit it or not, in hot men for just as many, there was no way I couldn’t notice the name David Vance. David has been at the top of his game for a number of years and has recently been published in the pages of magazines like DNA. The number of stunning men.. Read More

Sunday’s Beef

To round off the four guys I shot last weekend, Jonathon was the reason any of the shoots happened at all. He was preparing for the Australian Bodybuilding Championships when we discussed recording his achievement just after the competition. As it turns out he went on to win Mr NSW. I took more photos of Jonathon than I did of the other 3 guys and that’s why I’ve put of.. Read More

From Sunday, Phil

I met Phil a couple of years ago and, Sydney being what it is, we have dozens and dozens of mutual friends. Phil has always been good looking but apparently before I met him, he was a bit chubby. He decided to get himself into shape, and what spectacular shape he’s in. Phil was my last model of the day on Sunday and I was getting tired and not concentrating.. Read More

Letting people down

I’ve been a bad friend. A very dear friend of mine sent me an email yesterday essentially telling me to pull my head in, which when I think about it, I thoroughly deserved. We’ve been friends for several years now and I guess I was taking things for granted. We’ve had a friendship where teasing and good natured joking has got out of hand in the past and it has.. Read More

Shannon shoots hot men!

Last night I went out for dinner with fellow blogger, up and coming photographer, damn nice guy and friend, Shannon. We chatted about our ideas for photography and other bits and pieces over a cheap meal then a decadent dessert (mine was a gooey chocolate souffle). I thought I should finally get around to posting about Shannon’s new photography site. He’s getting the chance to shoot a lot of hot.. Read More

I hate a stealth hangover

Today has been very slow for me. I got to bed at 2.30am after a really nice dinner at a friends place that, typically, was flowing freely with booze. I made a conscious effort to pace myself and did a reasonable job, but only managed 5 hours sleep before the sun streaming in around the edges of my blinds woke me up. Coffee, coca-cola and mcdonalds have slowly, very very.. Read More

A great night with great friends

Last night was the combined 40th birthdays of two of my very dear friends who are also a couple. The party was filled with a very eclectic mix of guys, who, along with the third birthday boy, a vast portion of, had slept with each other. A few people at the party were on a mission to find me a husband but I left without one solitary pash but definitely.. Read More