One of the best

GIACOMO from Fran├žois Rousseau on Vimeo. With the developments in technology and the world going digital, cameras getting smaller and better, it seems like the whole world is making videos and taking photos. For every one talented image maker, there are dozens and dozens of people trying. Francois Rousseau came to my notice when he did the first really popular Dieux Du Stade calender for 2004. He got the balance.. Read More

It’s that time again

Every year I wait with anticipation to see images and footage from the new Dieux Du Stade calendar appear on the net and this year is no different. This year sees the return of famous French photographer, Francois Rousseau to the helm. He created their attention grabbing 2004 calendar and book. His work is always so beautiful and it looks like he’s done it again, although I’d be a bit.. Read More

Does anyone know?

A while back I posted about Francois Rousseau’s new book “Ora” and ordered a copy for a friend in the UK’s birthday. I had a few emails from saying the order had been delayed but now it’s not even available and maybe I’m doing something wrong but Francois’ website isn’t loading for me either. Does anyone know what’s happened with the release of this book? It looks like a.. Read More

Consistently beautiful

Francois Rousseau would have to be right up there alongside James Houston as my favourite contemporary photographer. His work is so rich and luscious, the men are gorgeous, locations sublime and beautifully presented. Francois has just released a new book called “Ora” that he shot in Polynesia and as usual it’s exotic and totally sublime. Check out the “making of” video below. For some reason I can’t find the book.. Read More