I think it’s working…

Last week I posted about a new fitness monitoring and kilojule counting app that I have been using. It’s been surprisingly easy to adjust to and for the improvement in eating habits I’m sleeping better and waking up feeling ready for the day. There are less tired phases through the day which I guess follow a sugar spike after eating something terrible. I weighed myself this morning at the gym.. Read More

You even Crossfit Bro?

A girlfriend of mine is very into her fitness and her partner is competing in Crossfit this weekend. They have a lot of friends who are right into crossfit almost to the point of obsession which is one of the reasons I baulk at giving it a go. The other reason is the price. Crossfit gyms charge at least per week what I pay per month at my current gym… Read More

Doing it for the right reasons

Someone commented today on the post about the Fitness Challenge that I’m running in conjunction with aussieBum saying that I was making people aspire to looking like Andreas or Toby or the other¬†aussieBum models when it was an unrealistic ideal. Sure, it’s a lofty goal but I wasn’t actually suggesting that those are the results I expect to see from this challenge. I understand what the reader was saying and.. Read More

Supersize Chris

Chris is a friend of mine that I’ve been chatting to online for a while now. He’s been in DNA and done a few modelling gigs around the UK, but with his full time job and some personal stuff he hadn’t been in as good a shape as he’d like so over the last six months he’s been “supersizing” himself. I think you’ll agree, the transformation is spectacular! He’s been.. Read More

Trying to be a healthy boy

Adam Reynolds is an Aussie boy trying to make it in the U.S. He’s now working with celebrity nutritionists and making a name for himself in the fitness and health industry. His blog, fittingly called The Healthy Boy, is full of posts explaining those things that we all hear about but don’t really understand, like good fats and bad fats, why alcohol will ruin your work in the gym, which.. Read More

Boy about town TV #3

This is the third episode of Boy About Town TV with Michal Nichols. This time he’s enlisted the help of Brendan Burt, who was one of the hotties in last years livesavers Mardi Gras float. He also happens to be a total sweetie.