Cheeky peek!

Fellow photographer and friend Ali Choudry was invited behind the scenes on a fashion shoot recently, for designer and stylist Daniel Moore. The models, photographer and designer are all based in Brisbane so naturally they had great weather. Of course shooting fashion the boys were actually wearing the fashion but from time to time on a fashion shoot, there is a need to get changed. Ali has captured the fun.. Read More

Just the socks sir

We love a good bit of blatant marketing using the old adage “sex sells”. Chilli Pie is a men’s label from Italy that is embracing that philosophy and to truly showcase the socks that they sell, they have their models just barely wearing even that and sometimes they don’t even put them on the right appendage! They seem to use a nice diverse range of guys too. Some hairier, some.. Read More

Because dick flashing is totally FASHION!

Apparently there is a fashion designer called Rick Owens and according to Mr Owens putting male models in drapey blankets with holes in the crotch or so short their junk is on display is called fashion. I’m no prude but this is clearly just a grab for attention. None of the “clothing” is actually wearable or even remotely stylish. It’s certainly worked as a publicity stunt because this story was.. Read More

The right inspiration

Back when I was studying graphic design all those many years ago, my illustration teacher told us that if you are going to use reference material then you need to choose the RIGHT reference material and she was dead right. So many people in the performance or artistic world are being “inspired” by the wrong material. Just because someone else has done it doesn’t mean it’s good. Sure you may.. Read More

Get your Huntley Homme on

There’s a new brand on the block and it’s a little edgy, a little subversive but not so much you can’t wear it out. Inspired by music, art and media James and Markian are Huntley Homme and they have come up with a range of T-shirts, tanks, shorts and pants that are comfortable and informed by good strong design. Some of the shirts have illustrations of gay couples while others.. Read More

Tinie bit of a crush.

Last night I saw an episode of the Graham Norton show which I like for it’s irreverance and the fact that half the time I suspect the celebrity guests might be a little tipsy. One of the guests was the British rapper Tinie Tempah who I’d heard of and know one or two of his songs but I wasn’t overly familiar with. Tinie’s real name is Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu but.. Read More

Y-Knot I say!

There’s a new label on the block and it’s definitely targeted at those guys with a sense of humour and who aren’t afraid to have some fun with their fashion. The creator of the brand Surin Fernando is shying away from stereotypes with this range of loungewear and fashion wear saying “away from stereotypes…. “I wanted to create a brand of men’s loungewear with balls, something that has a personality… Read More

Now that’s video marketing.

When I was in NYC a friend told me about the Nasty Pig store but it was closed when I was in that area. I’ve just found this video which is one of their marketing videos and I have to say, it’s working for me. Marketing is all about getting people to buy things they don’t really want or need and to be honest there are some clothes in this.. Read More

What a weekend.

The last few days have been big. Busy and big. I took Friday off work as a holiday so that I could do a photo shoot for my friend’s fashion label, Utility Menswear. I have to say at one stage I thought I was well out of my depth with some technical issues and lighting equipment I wasn’t at all familiar with. Add to all that the fact that the.. Read More

Might get me some of these!

It’s no wonder companies are trying to market themselves on facebook, especially new companies trying to fight for the few dollars around. All it takes is a few of the “cool” people to like or post about something and boom, it’s off. The other day I saw a model that I know had posted something about ML Denim and off I went looking and I’m sure I’m not the only.. Read More

Fashion week looks different.

This is a video I found on vimeo a couple of weeks ago that I’ve just re-watched. I’m not sure where Ljubljana is but it’s Fashion week is sponsored by Philips so it seems fitting to use a male model who looks thoroughly groomed and damned sexy, even in a pair of killer heels. I’m really impressed with the edgy editing of this video. It would have been hard enough.. Read More

Harder than you’d think

Tonight I caught up with a very good mate to have a look at the range he’s designing for his menswear label Utility. He’s working on the Winter 2013 range and we were discussing the look we want to go for with the shoots we’ll do for promotional material. I was lucky enough to get to do the photography for the last range as well where we used the luscious.. Read More

Etiquette for the modern homosexual #18

It is important when dressing to present yourself to the world that you make the most of your assets, whatever they may be. Keeping this in mind, yes baby-gays skinny jeans are in and look quite good, but like most fashion trends only when taken to the extreme. If one’s testicles are not doing a splendid impersonation of a moose knuckle one must throw one’s jeans in the dryer or.. Read More

Get your Utililty on!

A very good friend of mine is a very talented fashion designer, having designed for TOP level design labels in the past, mainly for women’s wear. He’s now launched his very own menswear label Utility with beautiful clothes with fantastic quality and detail. This is a video that was shot late last year to promote the brand, featuring the considerable hotness of Joe, a model and personal trainer. Keep an.. Read More

Now THIS is fashion photography.

Every now and then you see a fashion editorial in a magazine that just stops you in your tracks. There is a lot of great photography going on in the fashion world, as well as a whole bunch of rubbish. Having only done a couple of tiny bits and pieces of fashion photography myself I know how hard it is to get something original and it’s a very competitive field… Read More