A bit sad

One of the sub-groups that I really wanted to photograph for the #barenakedtruth project was gay families. One guy I know expressed an interest in joining in the project but ultimately he did not but when he said maybe I thought he and his husband would be great. We did photograph several couples and they were some of the most rewarding for me. Seeing that genuine affection and connection was.. Read More

It’s a family thing

The other day I found a hot straight Swedish guy on Instagram and was having a look through his photos when I came across an adorable shot of him standing nude on the shore of a lake holding the hands of his sons who were also nude. One of them is about three years old and the other about 18 months or so. They are all very relaxed, facing away.. Read More

I’m back!

Sorry for the delay in posting but I left straight from work on Thursday evening to go away for Easter with my family and another family as usual. After a really busy week at work last week and sitting in a horrendous traffic jam on the way up north it was great to unwind and have lots of laughs with my family and family friends for four nights. These people.. Read More

Naked brothers?

There have been a couple of times recently when I’ve ended up in a conversation about brothers and whether they are more comfortable nude together than other siblings or family members. I didn’t grow up with a brother. While we were young my parents did put my sister and I in the bath together but that all ended some time before puberty. It’s not uncommon for brothers to have to.. Read More

Well that’s a relief

Today was mother’s day here in Australia and in an attempt to try and make it as easy as possible for my mother and sister, I put myself in charge of our picnic lunch. I delegated nibbles to my brother in law and dessert to my dad. I made fresh spring rolls, marinated chicken wings and a thai beef salad for lunch and everyone seemed to like it. Today was.. Read More

It’s bitter sweet

A couple of months ago I posted a birthday message to my grandfather, Dave who turned 96. Last night Dave finally passed away after battling a brain tumour and a lot of passing years for too long. Thankfully he passed quietly in his sleep. Dave had been ready to go for several years, often joking about how all the young guns at the golf club were dropping off. They were.. Read More

Happy birthday to a wonderful man

Tomorrow my last surviving grandparent turns 96. For as long as I can remember Dave (everyone calls him Dave, my sister and I included) has been joking that he’s got 500 weeks left in him. Sadly, the last few years have been a very fast decline from what was a very active and healthy man. When he finally moved out of the family home 2.5 – 3 years ago, he.. Read More

Lovely Easter!

Once again my Easter was spent with my family and another family that I’ve grown up with who I consider family, even though there’s no relation. We stayed in a big old house that while it could do with some serious maintenance and cleaning, served our needs really well. It slept all 18 of us and had a tennis court and semi-indoor pool and it was just us so the.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Gay nudist dad.

Damon is the father of Tom (names have been changed for privacy reasons) whom I interviewed a couple of weeks ago. Tom was shown this blog by a nudist mate when I posted a video that raised concerns about nudity and legal age a few months ago. He then showed his father the blog and the video and they have been in regular contact since. You are bringing your boys.. Read More

What might have been

Every now and then I wonder what my life would be like if the opportunity to have children had come up in the period of my life where it was more likely. If I’d gone that road with a woman I would no doubt be married and life would be a whole lot more complicated coming out. I love kids and have always found it very good for my emotional.. Read More

Looking out the window

This morning I’m supposed to be shooting a friend and his boyfriend who are right into leather, but it’s supposed to be an outdoor shoot and the weather is foggy and rainy so I am dubious it’s going to happen. Then I’m supposed to be going in to the office to do another shoot for a catalogue for work that is already behind schedule, but that shoot too is supposed.. Read More

A surreal day ahead

Today I’m heading down to my parents place for the weekend and it’s going to be an odd day. First up for lunch is my grandfather’s 90th birthday. The other grandfather just hit 94 so I figure I’m going to be fat, bald and insane for a very long time looking at the family history. My cousins who I have zero in common with will be there, and when I.. Read More

Can I just say…

… for all our differences I LOVE my family. We just had dinner together and laughed a lot, ate a lot and enjoyed it a lot.

A break and an update

There will be a few days of nothing happening here on Aussielicious I’m afraid. It’s our family’s traditional Easter escape with family friends. It’s Thursday morning here and I’m heading off straight from work today and won’t be back til Monday night. I hope you can all cope with the silence. Browse the links on the right hand side to entertain yourselves. My father had an angiogram on Tuesday and.. Read More

Definitely not good

Last night, one of those phone calls came through that you just don’t want. My mother called to tell me my father was in hospital after what was apparently a very minor heart attack. He’s in really good spirits and is happy to know why he’s been short of breath etc lately. A friend I went to school with rang me a couple of hours ago. She’s a nurse and.. Read More