They’re at it again

Those lovely boys from the Warwick Rowers are back for 2018, once again doing an amazing job raising money for Sport Allies, a program designed to fight homophobia in sport. The rowers are selling their calendar and the behind the scenes films of the photo shoots for the calendar, as well as other merchandise. They do such a great job on the calendar and the films. Each year the shoots.. Read More

Help Defy Cancer!

If you are in Sydney on 30 November, you really should buy a ticket to Defy Cancer 2, the sequel to last year’s very successful and very entertaining fundraiser for Movember. Instead of growing a mustache all these amazing burlesque performers are donating their time to put on a Disney inspired burlesque show, with all proceeds going to Movember. Don’t know what Movember is? Really? Movember is a very successful.. Read More

Naked rowers for a good cause

Yesterday I finally got around to downloading the behind the scenes video from the Warwick Rowing Club calendar shoot for the 2013 Calendar. The shots above I believe are for the 2014 calendar and look like just as much fun as the 2013 shots. I was very impressed when I realised that the guys are raising money for the Ben Cohen Standup Foundation which is tackling bullying and homophobia. Towards.. Read More

Not long left to order!

Don’t forget, you only have a matter of hours (about 12) to order your Community Brave 2013 calendar, photographed and designed by ME! Please support this amazing organisation who are doing everything in their power to eradicate bullying and intolerance in our community. The calendar features some of Sydney’s best known gay sporting teams including the very sexy and successful Sydney Convicts Rugby Team. To order your copy, click here.

I made it!

Today is the last day of Dry July and it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be at all. I had a golden ticket (night off) a couple of weeks ago to have a night out with some friends visiting town and I’ll be having one tonight as my boyfriend is putting on a big party. Thanks to friends and readers I will have raised over $600.. Read More

I’m going dry!

As regular readers would know, I’m feeling out of shape and I’m struggling to kick myself out of that rut. I’m taking one step to help my fitness and also charity by giving up alcohol for “Dry July” which raises money for cancer patients here in Australia. There were choices of hospitals to donate your raised money to and I’ve chosen Wollongong Hospital. It’s in Wollongong where I grew up.. Read More

What’s your 100 things?

Sebastian is a driven man. He, at the age of 24, was experiencing some ups and downs, travelling, money troubles and fun, when a close friend died unexpectedly at the same age. He realised he hadn’t achieved a lot of things he wanted to achieve so he has now set up a website and for the last 16 months has been aiming to tick them all off. This morning on.. Read More

Thong Day

In Australia, what you all call Flip Flops in other parts of the world, we call Thongs. October 1 is Thong Day. Thong Day is being held to raise money for all those kids and young adults with full time care needs have an alternative to aged care facilities. There are thousands of young adults and children living in aged care because it’s the only option to get the care.. Read More

The porntashtic update!

It’s been 13 days since I last shaved my top lip. It’s all in the name of charity so if you want to help support groups working to fight men’s health issues, click here! What do we think of the progress?

Gods of Football

The guys at Gods of Football have just released this trailer of their upcoming DVD. The Calendar this year is going to be available in three different versions. The National Rugby League (NRL) version, the Australian Football League (AFL) version and the international version that will feature the best guys from both the other versions and apparently a nice pleasant surprise as well.

I’m going for the porntache

It’s Movember. I’m a week into growing my “mo” and while, yes, you can see it, it’s hardly worth posting a photo of my dirty-looking top lip. As of next week I’ll start posting updates of the progress I’m making. I’m going for the big old porn style mo, we’ll see how it goes. If you want to donate to a wonderful cause, click here and donate. Movember raises money.. Read More

Welcome to Movember

No that’s not a typo in the headline. Movember is a fund raising activity that happens every year in November. It’s to raise money for men’s health issues so it’s fitting that it’s an event that only men can do, although I’ve seen some old ladies with more chin hair than I can muster. SO, all the guys in our office are taking party and for once I am not.. Read More

Gods of football

From the people that brought you the Naked For a Cause calendar comes the Gods of Football, the next installment of hot footballers not wearing much at all and beautifully photographed. The calendar is available now I believe… so what are you waiting for? Calendrier Gods Of FootballUploaded by GayClic

Sportilicious Dane Tilse

Dane Tilse is 200cm of 22 year old grade A footballer beef! He’s another one of the hotties featured in the Naked for a Cause calendar and new matching book “Gods of Sport”. How on earth does someone at 22 get that amazing body? How would you describe yourself in a personals ad? A fun-loving, easy going, down to earth and active guy. What three things do you look for in.. Read More

Jonathan Thurston – Naked for a Cause

Jonathan Thurston is one of the guys right at the top of the tree in NRL Football here in Australia. He won the Dalley M Medal which is the top award and just keeps playing great Rugby League. He’s also part of a history of great Aboriginal sportsmen, especially footballers and… he’s hot. These shots are by Pedro Virgil for the Naked For a Cause calendar and soon to be.. Read More