Gratuitous Chad White

Chad has featured on these pages several times over the few years I’ve been blogging now and he is still a bit of a favourite. I thought I was a friend of his on facebook for a while but I’m pretty sure it was a fake profile as there were only professional shots and no personal details or comments on there. Too good to be true. Sigh. This video kinda.. Read More

Chad never gets boring

I’ve seen photos of Chad White taken by a bunch of different photographers like Karl Largerfeld, Francois Rousseau and many others, mostly not wearing much at all and it just never gets boring. These shots are by a guy called Daniel Dottavio. And still, not boring. A good mate of mine was at a film premiere a couple of months ago and was texting me excitedly saying Chad was there.. Read More

Chad, because he’s beautiful

  I haven’t posted much of Chad for a while. There hasn’t been a lot of new shots of him sadly but I guess it keeps the mystery alive. You’ll notice that posting has been a little light on this week. That’s because I’m house and dog sitting for my sister so I’ve had to pre-post stuff on here and I’m hitting publish day by day as I go. I.. Read More

Chad in Black and White

Chad White has long been a favourite here at Aussielicious and is there ever any doubt why? No. He’s just gorgeous and the body is to die for. Unspeakable acts race through my mind when I see him and especially that butt!

Chad’s Attitude

New photos of Chad White are always a blessing, and when I discover them on a Sunday morning, it’s almost like a little slice of my own religious affirmation. This time Chad is working to make a black and gold sequinned hood look hot, and somehow still does it. I’d make him work a lot less hard and just have him nude of course, but that’s just me.