Such a non issue

There is a model that I have worked with a couple of times over the years who has done some acting and dancing as well as modelling. On shoots he tends to wear a modesty sock over his junk to make sure there are no photos of it. He’s never even taken a dick pic himself to send to potential hookups. His reasoning? He wants to be a famous actor.. Read More


Stuart Reardon has been a popular figure around the internet and male modelling scenes for a few years now and while he’s bared almost all in the past, we’ve been left wanting. That is until recently. Stuart posed for the very successful Rick Day a while ago and now a full frontal shot has leaked that to all the scrutinising eyes, appears legit. The tatts, body and head are all.. Read More

Inked up and hot

I only have one small tattoo on my lower back. A tramp stamp if you will. I’ve toyed with getting it removed but to be honest I don’t see the point at the moment as I don’t see it so I almost forget it’s there and while I don’t regret it, I probably wouldn’t get it done again if I had my time over. Thankfully it’s not offensive or horrible.. Read More

Bless you Gus

U.S. Winter Olympian Gus Kenworthy made headlines when he came out a little while back but what keeps my attention is his cheeky smile combined with his adorable tendency to take his clothes off and post the photos to Instagram. Gus first came to everyone’s attention for trying to rescue stray dogs in Sochi at the Winter Olympics then when he came out not that long ago. Since then he’s.. Read More

In full Bloom!

Two days ago, photos surfaced of Orlando Bloom paddle boarding with his girlfriend, Katy Perry. Nothing unusual about that except that Orlando was nude. Sadly there were black boxes over his junk. Of course the twitter sphere went nuts over analysing things and looking at the size of the shadow of his junk on his leg etc. The internet being what it is we didn’t have to wait long for.. Read More

A new crush

Last night my housemate and I were flicking through Netflix trying to find something to watch. We finally settled on starting to watch the series Outlander. I got two episodes in before I had to go to bed. It was well before the end of the first episode before I found my new crush. Sam Heughan may have just made a serious move for Highlander Scotsmen to replace Vikings as.. Read More

An old crush

Back in the early days of this blog I discovered the photography of Jon Andresen. That discovery was mainly thanks to seeing an image of this stunning man, Jarl Espen Ygranes. I blogged about him way back then and I recently stumbled across his images again. Jarl was a professional Ice Hockey player for the Norwegian national team and it clearly did wonders for his legs and butt. He also.. Read More

Sparkly big man

I’ve literally just come across a video that someone on Facebook shared. The gorgeous British Rugby player James Haskell, who has stripped off for the Dieux Du Stade calendar a few years back, was being filmed for something when they asked him to take his shoes off for a shot. That’s when his “Dark Secret” came out. James gets the occasional pedicure and to help stop his toenails coming off.. Read More

Ah you sexy European.

Australians are unexpectedly shy when it comes to nude beaches. Even after all these years of me going and more publicity around nude events like the Sydney Skinny nude swim, there are raised eyebrows and looks of confusion when I mention that I go to nude beaches. Lots of people giggled awkwardly when they heard I was doing a nude cruise through Croatia last year. In Europe it’s just so.. Read More

Please, no more legends

I may not have been a die-hard fan, but there is no denying that Prince was a force to be reckoned with. His Diamonds & Pearls album was in my collection in my early days of buying music, with it’s sexy lyrics and addictive beats. Prince may have toned down his blatant sexuality once he discovered Jehovas Witness later in his career but the man was still very edgy, sensual.. Read More

So good to see!

Anthony Callea is an Aussie singer who was discovered in our second season of Australian Idol many years ago. He is only tiny in stature at about 5’2″ but big in voice. He didn’t win Idol but he has has some moderate success but is most likely to be seen at Christmas concerts. Anthony has just wrapped a stint in Australia’s version of “I’m a celebrity get me out of.. Read More

Well look who is all grown up

It’s never been particularly cool to admit that you think Zac Efron is hot but let’s face it, he is. Even back in the High School Musical days he was a young twinky pretty boy. Not wildly butch but very attractive. Lusting after Disney stars  is dangerous territory and past a certain point highly inappropriate but Zac has been shedding his Disney image with little-seen movies like Paper Boy with.. Read More

Goodbye to a pioneer

David Bowie’s unexpected passing this weekend has unleashed a wave of sadness reminiscent of Robin Williams’ a year ago. It’s rare that a celebrity death gets such a uniform outpouring of grief. I haven’t seen one joke or bad taste comment. Everyone loved Bowie and a lot of that, apart from the music, was for his complete dedication to being a true artist. He reinvented himself constantly and pushed gender.. Read More

A touch of class!

Colton Haynes is a very beautiful man with a successful career. He’s about to make a return to the Arrow TV series. Years ago Colton did a shoot with another guy for XY, a magazine aimed at young gay men. In that shoot Colton was cosied up very closely with another young hottie. In the years since it was rumoured that his PR people had tried to cover up his.. Read More

A man to watch… a lot

Michael B Jordan is one sexy guy. I have no idea where he first came to my attention but I know he caused some controversy by being cast in the recent disastrous remake of The Fantastic Four because he was black which didn’t sit with a lot of bigots people. Michael is about to be seen in the new movie Creed, which allegedly is a spin off from Rocky. I’m.. Read More