Wolf Fest 2017

Just before New Year’s, I packed my camping gear into my car and set off to meet up with the guys from the Naked Werewolves and a few other guys who follow their page for a couple of nights of naked camping, laughs, card games and more laughs. I’d never met up with the guys but I’d chatted to the guys that run the page and they are all seriously.. Read More

We are going camping!

This is about the fourth attempt at going camping already this summer but for various reasons it has been postponed each time. The weather this week has been miserably wet but today the blue skies are out and it’s predicted to improve over the next couple of days so tomorrow my mate and I are meeting a couple of other mates and going camping back up at River Island. For.. Read More

Postponed again

A mate and I were supposed to go camping this weekend at River Island, the nude camping place we try and get to a few times a summer. We seem to be having some bad luck with weather and that was the case again this weekend. It’s such a beautiful spot to go and unwind, switch off technology and just relax. Today instead we decided we’d go for a bushwalk.. Read More

Heading into the wilderness!

Tomorrow morning a mate and I are heading out into the bush to go nude camping. We haven’t been in about 15 months and we are both really in the mood to escape the city and get some peace and quiet and get our nude on. Sadly it may be more of a shirtcocking kind of camping experience with the temperatures predicted but that’s ok. It’s as much the peace.. Read More

This was how it felt

Going camping over the weekend was exactly what I needed to relax. Although returning to work this morning seemed to be a bit of a culture shock and I had the grumps for the first couple of hours at work. It may have been having to wear clothing after spending 48 hours or more nude from Saturday morning til Monday just before lunch time. The two friends I went with.. Read More

It’s been a long time

Murphy’s law dictates that if my friends and I are planning a weekend of camping, then the weather will turn to rubbish. It’s happened 4 times out of 5 this year. This weekend, myself and another two friends are all quite tired and haven’t had a proper break in a while. So we are going camping. Nude. Because that’s how we like to be dressed. Tomorrow is supposed to be.. Read More

Not much luck

This weekend in most of Australia is a long weekend so a mate or two and I were planning on escaping the city and going camping again. We were going to go to the clothing optional place we usually go to even though it’s officially winter. We might not have had much nude time but it’s a beautiful spot and they do have a heated pool and spa up in.. Read More

Maybe this weekend

This weekend, some of my friends and I are off to River Island to soak up some peace and quiet nude camping in the tranquil Aussie bush. In the hall at River Island they have photos of people covered in mud which as you know, is something I’ve wanted to do for ages. I know my mates will be up for it too. So fingers crossed we’ll find out where.. Read More

Fingers crossed

This weekend my boyfriend is heading out of town, so given that he isn’t a nudie, I’m planning on heading off to go camping with a few friends who are also nudies to have a break from the city and chill out. Unfortunately the weather isn’t predicted to be very good this weekend. We’ll make a decision on Friday about whether we go or not. This summer has been very.. Read More

A weekend escape

This weekend I’m getting out of town. Work has me run down and tired. I’m not so much stressed but I just don’t enjoy going there are the moment and I need a break. This weekend I’m heading to River Island for a night’s camping. It’s a clothing optional campground/retreat and I’m hoping that even though it’s technically winter still that there might be at least a couple of hours.. Read More

A getaway option

Recently I posted about my need to get away for some time off. I don’t think any time off work is going to happen but I think maybe I’ll take myself off for a night’s camping. Maybe I’ll even go to the place where we nude camped but maybe not. I figure if there’s no chance of being nude due to the weather then I might just go to any.. Read More

Scenic Beltane celebrations.

Having never celebrated Beltane, the explanation on the Scenic Boys site does come in handy, but whatever the meaning of it, this trip that the boys took recently really does look like a lot of fun. Take a bunch of clearly very close friends, partners, some camping gear, some shiny hooded capes, a couple of video cameras and a fun attitude and you get a great weekend away. I’m posting.. Read More

Hoping for nude weather

Summer seems to have only made fleeting appearances this year in Sydney and this Easter long weekend is looking quite bleak. The weekend after, a friend and I are planning on going nude camping at River Island Retreat a couple of hours from Sydney. I’ve looked at longer range forcasts and they don’t seem to predict rain but I wouldn’t mind a bit of warmth too. Fingers crossed.

This I need to do

Summer is fast drawing to a close here, or so it feels. My friends that I was planning on going camping nude in the bush with are heading off overseas in a few weeks for a month long amazing holiday and by the time they get back, the weather may not be conducive to running around in the bush nude. I am thinking it may be time to take myself.. Read More

Santa was good to me!

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas. Santa was very good to me this year. I never have any ideas for xmas presents so sometimes my family, trying their best do get it a bit wrong, but who can blame them when I can’t tell them what I want. This year I gave them some ideas and they did really well. I am now the owner of a tent.. Read More