Durban deliciousness

This is a photo that I came across on Tumblr, that magical land full of educational goodness also known as porn and nakedness. Apparently it’s a singer from Durban, South Africa called Nic Billington. I did a quick google of him but all the images were either wearing way too much or they were really small images so I thought I’d just showcase the one image that caught my attention… Read More

So that is 2014 done.

This year has been a bit up and down for a lot of people. I for one am not upset to see it over even though it hasn’t been a horrible year for me. It’s been exhausting. With my work keeping me very busy, a little stressed but paying the bills and keeping me fed it wasn’t too bad but 2015 feels like it’s going to fit a bit better.. Read More

Holy Mr Best Ass!!!

My new DNA magazine just popped into my letterbox this afternoon. I was flicking through when a bubble hit me in the face. A bubble butt that is. The perfectly smooth round bubble butt belongs to Antonio Pedro Amlijez, who won Mr Gay Spain and then went to win the Mr Gay Europe competition. It’s one of the most insanely perky butts that I’ve ever seen. He’s a gorgeous guy.. Read More

What’s happening under your trousers?

Tonight, it may be the long busy day at work, but I want to know what kind of tan we are all sporting? Are you a fan of a white bum and tanned body or a tan from top to toe without a break? Besides it gave me an excuse to post all these hot butt photos for you all to enjoy. The black and white one of the guy.. Read More

Bunch o’ Butts

Yesterday managed to escape from my clutches before I could manage to post anything I’m sorry. I was working all day and then had to eat and do some other bits and pieces before trapeze class where we learnt some moves that if I have my way, I will never use in a show because they just hurt to freaking much. So to start my Tuesday here at Aussielicious I’m.. Read More

It’s all back to front

A friend of mine from the gym and I were discussing the antics and lengths some guys will go to so that other guys don’t see their cock in the changeroom at the gym. It’s hilarious to watch the contortion and gymnastics guys will do to pull underwear on and off under a towel. My friend however loves the guys that will drop their towel to pull their underwear on.. Read More