Dusty memories

Some of my friends are now either already at Burning Man or very much on their way. For some it’s their first time and for others it’s definitely not. It’s been four years since I last went to Burning Man and while I’m in no hurry to go back with so much of the world left to see, each year at this time I get nostalgic for the playa and.. Read More

Feeling Nostalgic

Once again that time of year has come where the use of the word “playa” spikes into numbers rarely seen outside August and September. Burning Man kicks off today and tens of thousands of people are headed out onto the “playa” to experience one of the most intense, intimidating, liberating, fun and bonkers things I’ve ever done. One of my good mates who was with our camp the second time.. Read More

Dust and sparkles…

Burning Man is over for another year. Some people I know have gone several times now and other people have been year after year for many many years. I won’t ever be one of those people. There is a very real possibility that I will go back one day but there is too much of the world out there to see for me to go back to the same place,.. Read More

Off to a soggy start

Reports are hitting the news that Burning Man is in lockdown at the moment. The site has been closed to people coming in today and possibly for another day or two after heavy rains. People are being told to go back to Reno and hold off until they are given the all clear. I can only imagine the chaos with people trying to find last minute accommodation. 70,000+ people will.. Read More

Have a safe trip home.

Last night I had a dinner party to farewell the boys that I went to Burning Man with last year that are going back again this year. Part of me is sad not to be going but mostly I’m fine with it. Burning Man is such a big undertaking from all they way over here in Sydney and with so much of the world to see I think I’ve had.. Read More

Have a bucking great new year!

I decided to upload the full video of me riding the bucking duck at Burning Man yesterday. It’s a kind of reminder to myself to embrace opportunities in front of me and not panic about things and over analyse them which I have a great knack of doing. So, here’s me on a bucking duck, nude. The Bucking Duck ride from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Bucking awesome!

A friend who was at Burning Man with me finally sent me the video that he took of me on the Bucking Duck at the Duck Pond. I’m still mastering how to make gifs of a manageable size. Be patient, this will load. I promise. It is unusual for me to be so bold as to be the centre of attention when nude like I was at the time I.. Read More

Holiday Recap Part 2 – Burning Man

Going back to Burning Man was always going to be different to the first time. It’s very rare that a second visit to somewhere that was as magical as Burning Man will ever recapture that magic. In some ways that was true of this trip. I wasn’t as awestruck this time as I had been the first time but there was a certain magic in watching my friends, all Burning.. Read More

The places I’m going!

I know this video has appeared on my blog a couple of times previously but it sums up the whimsical, bonkers, sometimes scary nature of burning man so very well. In 9 hours I’ll be in the air and on my way on this big adventure that I’ve been looking forward to for so long. It’s a cold day here in Sydney in the last week of Winter and running.. Read More

Getting so close

In two weeks today, I’ll be in San Francisco preparing for my second Burning Man adventure. I’m so excited about this holiday for a couple of reasons. Firstly, work has been a big fat pile of poo and I need a break. Secondly, the Burning Man experience will be so different with a bunch of friends that I know and also being single. Not that I’m focusing on slutting it.. Read More

Oh the places I can’t wait to go!

In 88 days time, my friends and I will be arriving in the Nevada desert for Burning Man. The 8 of them, for the first time. For me, it’s a return journey that I can’t wait to make. I didn’t realise how much I’d loved it or how much it had got under my skin until I wasn’t there while it was on last year. When I was there in.. Read More

A bit of Burning Man muddy nudity

This is an old video from a Burning Man in the distant past. I know I’ve said in the past that I won’t post photos or video of people nude that don’t know or agree to the footage or image being taken. Burning Man is one of those places that you kind of just assume if you are running around nude then there is going to be imagery taken of.. Read More

It’s a practice run

Today Sydney has just equalled it’s highest recorded temperature in 75 years with 45.3 celsius (113.5 F) and will probably break it before an expected cool change comes through later this evening. I figure it’s just all good practice for when I go back to Burning Man later this year where temperatures are routinely 40-45 every day. Of course the heat there is much more dry and comfortable than the.. Read More

Meet the GlamCocks!

My friend and very talented film maker Vincent has created a documentary about the GlamCocks. Who are the GlamCocks? They are the fantastic bunch of guys that I camped with in 2011 at Burning Man and the camp keeps growing and growing and I’m hoping to introduce my 8 friends to the camp next year in 2013 when we go back to the burn. Vincent’s documentary is having it’s official.. Read More

Simple idea, really well done.

This video could have caused all kinds of motion sickness and dizziness, but because it’s been done so nicely and simply, it didn’t. Take one GoPro camera, attach it to a hula hoop, take it to burning man and film people using the hoop from a rare perspective. Love it. Burning Man seems to bring out the creativity in everyone. I guess that’s the point since they promote it as.. Read More