Argentinian Beef

You know you are in for a fun shoot when in the lead up to it, you ask the model how to pronounce his name. I’d only seen Jorge written and I don’t like to offend anyone. When I asked, he replied “almost like you’re saying hello to a prostitute, “whore hey”. I laughed a lot when I got that message. Sadly this time around I didn’t get a chance.. Read More

Irrationally grumpy

Why is it that some days we are just out of sorts? I’ve had a lovely morning at the nude beach despite some patchy clouds threatening to ruin it. I’ve come home and am enjoying a really relaxing day before going to celebrate a friend’s birthday this afternoon/evening. So why am I in a grumpy mood? I had a good night’s sleep and nothing has happened to make me grumpy,.. Read More

Conflicting emotions

Yesterday was my first chance to go to the beach and get my gear off for a few weeks. On the rare weekend days that we’ve had good weather I’ve had other plans so when I realised the weather was going to be good I hit the road early and was naked in the sunshine by 9.30. Typically the beach I go to is mostly nude in the morning but.. Read More

So that is 2014 done.

This year has been a bit up and down for a lot of people. I for one am not upset to see it over even though it hasn’t been a horrible year for me. It’s been exhausting. With my work keeping me very busy, a little stressed but paying the bills and keeping me fed it wasn’t too bad but 2015 feels like it’s going to fit a bit better.. Read More

It takes me back

Finally Sydney is having a good summer. I’ve been to the beach in the past couple of months nearly as much as I have in the past two summers combined. Typical of Australia though, half the country is on fire. Don’t worry a flood will come along and put them out soon enough. Yesterday was one of the hottest days for several years and I have to say, while a.. Read More

An odd contrast

Yesterday was my first real beach visit of the season. Today was the second. Spring has sprung and sprung with enthusiasm. Today it’s 27 degrees and there was a seamless uninterrupted blue sky as far as you could see. Yesterday while I was at the beach I noticed I had signal on my phone which is a rare thing on this particular beach so I snapped the photo on the.. Read More

Gratuitous wall of man flesh.

This is another purely gratuitous post. One reader doesn’t seem to like these animated gif images, but I do and lots of you do too so I’m going to keep posting them. Enjoy.

Who is that mystery man?

Yesterday I came across this photo on tumblr. It’s not the first time I’ve found it, nor is it the first time I’ve developed an instant crush on the guy in the photo. It’s the perfect combination for me of sunshine, surf, nudity, hot guy, relaxed and carefree fun. After I reposted it on tumblr, which fed through to my twitter feed, someone asked me if I knew who it.. Read More

Should we tolerate it?

This post is a follow up to a recent post about some dodgy nude behaviour on a Perth nudist beach and at a Bali gay resort. The man who told me the story tried to post a comment on the post but it wouldn’t work, so I said I would post it as a post in it’s own right. I am the person Brenton wrote about who had the Perth.. Read More

The near perfect mix

This morning, for the first day of 2012, I woke up at about 8am to a perfectly blue sky which has been all too rare in Sydney of late, so I had some breakfast and by 10am I was lying butt naked on the beach reading a book with a handful of others sharing the beach. By the time I left just over 3 hours later I’d witnessed an almost.. Read More

David’s nude Hawaii

David took part in our recent Self Portrait Challenge here on Aussielicious and is a big fan of nude beaches and Hawaii, so he’s kindly sent in these photos and his own run down on the nude beach situation in Hawaii. Hawaii used to be one place in the world in which there was never a problem being naked in public just about anytime you wanted to. Hawaii has always.. Read More

How would you react?

A few years ago a reader pulled me up on using photos of guys taken at the beach without their consent, the kind taken with a zoom lens and a sneaky attitude. Since then I haven’t used any photos where I don’t think the subject knew they were being shot. Having been a regular on nude beaches for some years now it would be probably a bit foolish of me.. Read More

Just to clarify

A few days ago I posted about young people being put off going to a nude beach because it was usually mostly full of older guys. I copped a few negative comments from that post saying I too would get old and fat one day and I shouldn’t be so discriminating. I wasn’t being discriminating. I understand that I’m already seeing the side effects of a slowing metabolism and aging… Read More

Bronte Beach… it’s beautiful

Bronte Beach in Sydney was the beach I considered my territory when I first moved to Sydney. It’s where I spent hundreds of hours each summer patrolling with the Surf Life Saving Club, rowing surfboats, perving on guys (pretending I was perving at girls), swimming and loving the lifestyle. I don’t go there much any more because they tend to frown on my naked tendencies but it’s a gorgeous beach.. Read More

Beautiful video

I haven’t been to Hawaii but this is not the overly populated with tourists and neon environment that I have seen too much of. Surfing nude, whales jumping in a beautiful ocean looks like heaven to me. I’m not entirely giving my stamp of approval to filming people nude on the beach almost certainly without their consent, but it’s not used in a gratuitous way. Hawaii Whalewatching nude surfing beach.. Read More