Happy Australia Day?

Every year in Australia we celebrate Australia Day on January 26. Today as we celebrate again, as proud as I am of being an Australian, we need to fix some things. Every year at this time there is a push to ditch the Monarchy and become a republic. For me there is no real point. It won’t achieve anything politically as it’s not enough of an issue with enough people.. Read More

Can I ask a favour please?

I need to ask a favour. It’s not something I generally like to do on the blog but I’m going to do it anyway because it could really help me achieve something that I am very keen to do. There have been vague references on the blog to an adventure that I’m trying to make happen. I want to take 12 months and travel around the country making videos and.. Read More

Happy Australia Day!

I know I’m a day late but I was at the beach naked for the morning and then out drinking and celebrating with my flatmate and some friends yesterday. It is now 222 years since British settlers landed on Australian soil. It’s a strange thing to celebrate so enthusiastically a day that ruined and ended the lives of thousands of Australian Indigenous people, but then it also has lead to.. Read More

The day has come

After weeks and weeks of blabbering about my holiday, trying to get friends to come along, wistfully dreaming of feeling the sun on my skin the day has come for me to fly to Darwin. I’m packed and it’s probably the lightest I’ve packed for am 8 night trip in my life. I’ll be out in Kakadu National Park for four nights and hiking and swimming in waterholes etc so.. Read More

If only…

One day, likely in a time far removed from where I am now, I plan on being in a position to spend up big on art. Sure there are artists who come to mind for a lot of people, like Warhol, Picasso etc that anyone with serious cash would like to buy, but my goals, at least initially are a bit more patriotic. My favourite photographer, and my two favourite.. Read More

Happy 221st birthday Australia

221 years ago today, the first fleet of European settlers arrived on Australian soil. Today, I’ve been sitting in the botanic gardens over looking the harbour having a picnic with some friends. I’m a bit sunburnt, I haven’t had enough to eat and I’m tired but I’ve had a really great day. Very relaxed, and spent it with great people. Now I’m off to a barbecue, where hopefully after some.. Read More

Aussielicious Awards!

It’s time for nominations. I’ve been toying with the idea of Aussielicious Awards for a while now and we are starting with an obvious, but challenging one. The Hottest Aussie. You have until next Sunday, Sydney time to get your nominations in and from there I’ll take the top 5 nominees and put them up for your votes. Nominees can be any Aussie, actors like hunky Hugh Jackman, singers like.. Read More

Splice it up boys!

Yes I spelt that correctly! Summer Splice is the new range of swimwear from aussieBum. I couldn’t decide just yet which of the sexy pics they sent me to put up so I thought I’d put the video. Hell, it kept me entertained for a while with all those bright colours, sunshine and that hella sexy model they keep using, Toby. I just got my latest aussieBum order in the.. Read More

Scorching Aussiebum summer 2008

I just saw this new promo for aussieBum Summer 2008 (northern summer). It’s got some hot footage of hot boys as usual. I love their products and their videos. The guys are always so damned hot.

Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC day here in Australia and New Zealand. It’s like Rememberance Day or Veterans Day. It is the day we remember all our war veterans and it’s the anniversary of the tragic Gallipoli landing in Turkey by Australian troops. Before dawn the Australian’s boats had drifted further than they realised and they stormed a beach that was surrounded by cliffs and hundreds died, picked off by Turkish troops.. Read More

Hot hot hot

It’s Wednesday morning here in Sydney and it’s raining. Summer is gone but you can recapture the feeling when you see this video from aussieBum. It’s like a greatest hits mashup of lots of their videos, and it’s hot!

I kinda miss it

While I was away last weekend I saw some surf boat crews training off the local beach and it made me miss the action. This video from aussieBum, great sponsors of the action, shows the fun, adrenaline, the excitement, thrills and spills of surf boat rowing. If it didn’t take over your life, I’d be back into it in a flash. It’s also a bloody good perve

We are sorry

Today, the Australian Government did what they should have done a long time ago. They apologised. They officially said sorry to the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for the Stolen Generations. For decades, Aboriginal children were taken from their families and forcibly assimilated into the white community. This apology will hopefully be a big step for reconciliation. The photo is Casey Conway, Aussiebum model and Native Australian.