Congratulations Robbie

The Rio Olympics this year has just scored it’s second openly gay male competitor. After Tom Daley’s qualification comes the rather sexy Robbie Manson, a rower from New Zealand. Robbie competes in the double sculls with his rowing partner Chris Harris. Robbie came out back in 2012 and also has a gay older brother. Robbie’s younger brother is also an elite level rower who has competed on the international stage.. Read More

Sportilicious – I present Jaeger O’Meara

It’s a strange day when Buzzfeed has become my source for perve material but that is exactly what happened this afternoon. Strangely enough it coincided precisely with the moment I felt quite old. This guy is Jaeger O’Meara who plays Australian Rules Football, by far the most athletic of football codes played here, for the Gold Coast Suns. He was named the NAB AFL Rising Star for 2013 after last.. Read More

More nude Olympians

Every year ESPN releases a Body Issue full of nude athletes and this year is no exception. Any time you get a talented photographer taking photos of celebrities you are usually set for an interesting result. When those celebrities are nude athletes in prime physical condition then the results will be something that should be on a gallery wall. Michael Phelps joins the ranks this year and boy does he.. Read More

Oh hey there Gus!

Buzzfeed has become a favourite haunt of my online wanderings and today it exposed me to the delightfully sexy that is Gus Kenworthy. Not only does Gus have very smoochable lips and beautiful blue eyes, but he’s a Winter Olympian! I haven’t done any research into what events he competes in but in the photos he’s wearing skis and flying through the air so that’s pretty impressive. What all that.. Read More

Cheeky hot always looks good

In the continued spirit of Mining the Clouds for silver linings I’m staying right away from all the negative stuff that is swirling around the Sochi Winter Olympics. Plenty of other people are reporting it for all of us. I will let it be said that I’m not watching and that is largely driven by the fact that I refuse to support Russia hosting an event, doing it incredibly badly.. Read More

Another gay Olympian

Australian former Olympic swimmer Daniel Kowalski has become another role model for those kids looking for someone to identify with. Daniel makes no excuse for not winning gold but has questioned whether his lack of acceptance of himself may have hindered his success and reaching his potential. Well done Daniel. Read the full article here.

Sportilicious – The greatest sportsman ever.

I’ll admit that when i first heard of Michael Phelps a few years back, my first impressions were cocky and arrogant. As Aussies, we are very protective of our swimmers and swimming, like all sports is full of good natured rivalry and a bit of sledging to throw the other team off. After seeing interviews with Phelps in the subsequent years and in the lead up to Beijing and now.. Read More