Didn’t see that coming

When a Lynx commercial comes on tv you can expect some quirk. Usually there’s a guy that isn’t your stereotypical lady-killer being chased by hordes of gorgeous women just because he’s sprayed on some Lynx deodorant. They play for cheap laughs but they are memorable and they make me smile. Do I use Lynx? No. Lynx have now entered the world of hair product and this ad serves up some.. Read More

When marketing goes wrong.

After running a blog for nearly nine years with a certain level of success in terms of readership, people approach Aussielicious from time to time to establish a sponsorship or marketing collaboration. I get it. If you are searching for the right thing Aussielicious comes up in google searches quite readily because of the number of hits it gets and because it starts with A but I really think some.. Read More

Nudity in advertising

It’s always a surprise but a pleasant one when a company gets a bit bold and uses nudity in its advertising. Obviously a lot of it won’t be shown on television apart from in Europe but the fact that companies make these ads, usually with a sense of humour, makes me smile. A reader sent me to this first video last week and I had seen it on vimeo but.. Read More

Funniest shit I’ve seen in a while

A work colleague showed me this on Friday. So funny. Diesel, in one of their typically random forms of advertising have taken hardcore porn (Very NSFW) and added illustrations over the top to make it very SFW. The interpretations that they’ve come up with are hilarious.

Simple and simply stunning

This is an ad for a softdrink company and while I don’t know if the ad works in context of what it’s trying to sell but the ad is beautiful and a very simple idea. I don’t know if they used any special effects or they just used a heap of careful planning and luck. Either way, it’s beautiful.

Acqua Di Gio Licious

This ad has been playing here on Australian television lately and I personally think it’s one of the hottest ads around. It would be better if he were swimming nude instead of in jeans but I’ll take what I can get.