Something has changed

For a long time after taking up male nude photography, it was very rare for me to be able to find models willing to pose full frontal. Largely that was fine by me as I hadn’t got my head around shooting full frontal in a way that people wouldn’t be distracted and focused on the cock. Then as I got more confident with my photography and the ideas I wanted to explore, that modesty started to get frustrating. At times I wanted to submit to websites like Dylan Rosser’s Themaleform but the guys willing to get it out and show it off just weren’t available.

Every now and then someone appear out of the woodwork and be fine with frontal and occasionally even erect. Something seems to have changed in the past year or two and I’m finding an increasing number of guys willing to go frontal and a surprising number who are up (pun intended) for erotic work. Perhaps it’s because I’m not trying to produce blatant, graphic content that is essentially porn. A man with an erection and even in a sexual situation doesn’t actually make it porn.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to photograph a real life couple who had got in touch wanting to collaborate on a shoot. We threw some ideas around but ultimately, inspired by a photo on the Instagram account of one of them, we settled on the two of them being let loose to do their own thing in bed. We wanted it to be beautiful and artistic and, as you will see when I get to release the images, we definitely achieved that. The guys stopped (just barely) short of actual anal sex but the photos are sexy as hell and still gorgeous, we didn’t need to go there.

Early the same morning saw Lucas here get naked for my camera at one of Sydney’s nudist beaches. Originally from Brazil we chatted on Instagram and he was keen to collaborate. Then he sent some images through that suggested frontal was going to be ok so I confirmed. The response was more images CLEARLY showing erect cock and the line “Sure, of course”. So here we are. The soft morning light on Lucas’ body looked beautiful and as you can see, he definitely wasn’t shy.

Stop me from falling!

Kylie Minogue is the artist that I have credited with providing the soundtrack to my life. Everyone has that one artist that they love. Do I believe everything she does is amazing? No. Is her new album “Golden” her best? No. It has gone to number one on the UK charts and the Australian charts.

I think with radio stations not really playing many women over 40 these days, including icons like Madonna, that Kylie has adopted the approach of just doing what she wants and having fun. This “Country Kylie” vibe on the new album is certainly a departure from what she’s done before and in this new video, below for Stop Me From Falling, it just looks like she had a lot of fun. She’s poking fun at her reputation of going for younger, tall dark and handsome men who end up hurting her. It’s cheesy, catchy and fun.

Food Peen!

As photographers, putting work out into the world is a touchy thing to do. Especially with projects that we feel strongly about it can be very daunting to open yourself up to criticism. A while back, my mate Joel Devereux released a hardback book called Food Porn which was a beautiful, camp, fun ode to hot men and food. Apparently not everyone was impressed. Joel received a few complaints but one very enthusiastically worded one about how disappointing the book was because there wasn’t one penis in it. Joel had never actually promised peen in the book. If you are complaining about the price of a book just because it doesn’t have a pic of a penis in it, just how many penis pictures are appropriate to justify what I thought was a pretty decent price for a hard cover book full of photography that it took the artist months to produce?

In his usual style though, Joel has used this silly complaint as his inspiration and he’s just released a pdf download in response, called Food Peen. Whoever made the complaint about the last book had better keep their trap shut this time because this download is EXCLUSIVELY peen covered in food. Some of them are even a bit semi hard! Lordy. They’ll probably complain that it’s the wrong kinds of food.

If you want to get your copy of Food Peen, just go right ahead and click here.

Get Naked Australia!!

A couple of weeks ago I went on a naked adventure with the group Get Naked Australia. In the year that they have been running the Instagram account they have very quickly grown their following to over 220,000 but it seems that Instagram has gotten it’s prudish pants on and the hashtag #getnakedaustralia has been shadow banned which means a lot of the images using that tag don’t show up if you search it.

The organisers are now increasingly concerned that the account will be shut down which would be a real shame and a completely hypocritical move. There are accounts on Instagram that show way more than the GNA page. They are on a mission to celebrate body positivity and the health and fun to be gained from non-sexual, social nudity. All of their posts are cheeky bums. There are no scandalous female nipples or any genitals. Most of the shots are people like me who love nothing more than soaking up the sun naked on a beach or taking a cheeky nude photo in the majestic beauty of nature.

These double standards of Instagram and Facebook are really getting quite boring. Why not crack down on the images of violence, the harassment and pornography. A cheeky bum in the wilderness is not evil.

The images above were taken on our naked adventure a couple of weeks ago. Such a fun day.

Busy busy busy

As we all know, I have been doing a lot of photo shoots of late. It’s easily the highest output that I’ve ever created since I’ve been doing photography and it’s not really looking like it’s slowing down any time soon. At least the next month is pretty busy.
Yesterday I did two photo shoots, both with very sexy men in them and I’m pretty confident those downloads will be popular. The morning shoot on Sundaywas a tight bodied Brazilian guy who had no qualms about posing nude and hard in the early morning light looking gorgeous. The afternoon shoot got its own recap as you read here.
In three weeks time I’m finally shooting Tate Ryder again. He’s making a comeback to porn and has his own Onlyfans page so we are collaborating. We will be creating content for him and also working on a shoot that I’ve been thinking about for a while and he is absolutely perfect for. Some of the things we are going to be photographing are pretty wild. The day after I collaborate with Tate I’ll be photographing a beautiful Italian guy that I’ve found on Instagram through fellow Sydney photographer, Rod Spark.
The following weekend on the Saturday I have three shoots planned in one day. A beautiful Melbourne lad will be in town so I’ll be getting him naked somewhere for some beautiful shots and then later in the afternoon finally doing two shoot ideas that I’ve been working on making happen for about 18 months. The next day I plan on sleeping in and doing nothing!
A week later there is a gorgeous Burlesque performer coming to town from Perth and I need to find a concept to work with him pretty quick smart because I don’t want to waste the opportunity!

That was sexy

Yesterday I posted as I headed out the door to photograph a real life couple. It was one of the sexiest shoots I have ever done. The two men did everything but fuck each other in the shoot and there are some shots that will definitely be for their use only.

It was the unscripted, unposed shots that were the sexiest. Photographing a real couple means there is genuine emotions, connection and passion there to be captured.

With all the erotic stuff I’ve been doing lately I have been striving to make sure there is some beauty and creativity in it. I have no real interest in just shooting boners for the sake of it. We shot using available light streaming in through the window through vertical blinds so there were some really beautiful and interesting shadows creating mystery and gorgeous shapes. Don’t get me wrong, these photos will be very sexy.

With two photo shoots plus some other photography work done yesterday, I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to go through all the hundreds of photos that we took today but I imagine it will be a very sexy experience reliving the afternoon.

Poolside – out now!

Some guys are just beautiful. Phoenix is one of those guys. He came to my attention on the Instagram of another Sydney based photographer. It was a bit of a lucky find to be honest as the shoot I saw was the only shoot he’d done with a professional photographer.

Phoenix and I caught up for a coffee to chat about doing a shoot and he was keen. His one stipulation, as with a lot of guys, was that there was no frontal. This whole shoot only took about 40 minutes tops. A friend was kind enough to let us do the shoot in their beautiful little back yard pool. It’s certainly not a pool that you’d do laps in but on a hot day, cooling off in the dappled shade, naked in complete privacy in that pool would be beautiful.

My general rule with retouching models is that if there is a blemish like a pimple or a scratch that will go away, it gets removed. If there is a scar, birthmark or mole, then I don’t remove it. Phoenix made me promise not to retouch out his psoriasis skin condition which you can see on his lower back and torso. He’s so beautiful that I hadn’t noticed it in his Instagram photos until he did a post about it.

If you want to see all the beautiful images of Phoenix then head over to my shop and buy “Poolside” now available.

This will be interesting

For my second photo shoot of the day I’m about to take on a challenge that I haven’t really experienced before. Instagram is the place that I am finding most of my models and this afternoon’s shoot is no different. The new challenge for me is the fact that we are doing a shoot with a real life couple.

Unlike my RED shoot, this isn’t as stylised and these two guys know each other intimately. I’m not sure how far in to the realm of erotica we will go. My plan for the shoot is to get some beautiful shots of them being playful in bed and on the lounge etc as well as some gorgeous shots of the two bodies all entwined.

One of the guys is pretty much up for anything but the other one is a bit more modest in his approach. I’m just going to play it by ear and I expect that there will be some shots that I won’t be allowed to publish. Having said that, I’ve been surprised lately at just what models are up for.

This is crazy

It’s pretty safe to say that I am not a conspiracy theorist in the slightest. Flat Earthers and climate change deniers do nothing more than piss me off.

If anyone is claiming that the earth isn’t getting warmer then they just need to pop down here to Australia for a visit. We are half way into Autumn here and tomorrow is going to be 35 degrees celsius (95F), We are breaking records on a constant basis here for the warmest April, warmest start to Autumn etc etc.

Now even if you don’t believe, stupidly, that humans are contributing to this increasing heat of the planet and that it’s just a natural cycle, this is an increase that if it continues will wipe out humanity. That is if Mr Trump doesn’t start a nuclear war which will do it.

Surely, no matter what the cause of the increase in temperature isn’t it better to do whatever you can to minimise it?

Having said all that, I’m a summer boy, solar powered and I’m enjoying the extended beach season.

Walk the walk

We photographers always have to deal with flakes. Thankfully I’ve been lucky not to have too many in the 14 years that I’ve been shooting.
When it’s a complete amateur they may have just lost their nerve. If not and it’s a pattern of behaviour, they will soon burn their bridges with all the photographers in town. When it is a “well known” person, that isn’t necessarily the case.
I was recently going to be working with a porn model who is visiting town. He flaked on me an hour before the shoot. The message came through at 5.45 and it was a bullshit excuse especially since we’d already postponed the shoot for him from the day before. In the same week he’d also flaked on another photographer using similar bullshit excuses. That photographer has just messaged me saying that he’s done it again and was actually really rude about it.
When you fuck photographers around you should know that photographers all talk to each other, even around the world. It doesn’t matter if you have a global profile  (I refuse to use the word famous with him). He will fast get a reputation as being more of a pain in the ass than he’s worth. You’d have to be legitimately famous for me to put up with flaking on me and to get another chance because that would help my career. Not some wannabe.
Obviously the same can be said of models. They talk too. I know I’ve heard from models of bad experiences with unprofessional, gropey, rude or just incompetent photographers. It doesn’t pay to be an asshole.

Night swim

Swimming naked at night is one of those things that on paper doesn’t sound that special but it can be absolutely beautiful. A warm night, a quiet spot with just enough light, preferably with a friend or two or even better, someone special and it can feel magical.

Nine years ago I photographed a much younger Kieran than the man that appeared in my Red series just last week. He may not admit it but he came across as a bit of a lost soul at the time but a really nice guy. He took a chance on a stranger and volunteered to model for me and agreed to get into an ocean pool in the middle of the night in Autumn.

I have decided to go back and revisit these images putting them into a slightly smaller than normal download for purchase. Why is it smaller? Well the conditions that night didn’t lend themselves to an extensive shoot. Every exposure was 5 seconds which when you are working with a person is almost impossible. That’s why in most of the shots Kieran is leaning on the boards to try and stay as still as possible and in some where he is intentionally moving he looks almost like an apparition. A gorgeous naked apparition.

“Night Swim” is available now at for the bargain price of $4.95. Head on over to my shop and buy it now, along with all the other downloads and limited edition prints.

Wild Pony!

Many times over the years have I whined about not being able to find models willing to get their junk out on camera. Of late that hasn’t been a concern. I’ve found several guys willing to pose frontal and a handful (pun not intended) willing to go erect.

I first met Maxx Pony a couple of years ago and then I got to photograph him for the My People My Tribe project mid 2016. Today we managed to finally work together again. Pony did his first ever location, natural light photo shoot and I had a model with an enormous appendage accompanied by big full balls willing to do just about anything on camera. Maxx is about to embark on a studio porn career as well as his onlyfans page.

Maxx is a very interesting guy. He’s very intelligent and creative. If you follow his onlyfans you’ll see that jerk off videos and fuck videos are also accompanied by poetry and erotic writing. He’s got a cheeky sense of humour and did I mention his enormous penis?

As I dabble more and more into the erotic world of photography, trying to keep it creative, sometimes with a cock like Maxx’s swinging around in front of you it does get hard to concentrate. I guess there are some things you just need to struggle through.

Get Naked!

Getting out of the city and having little adventures is always a good thing. Something I don’t make enough time, nor effort to do anywhere near enough.

Today was our naked adventure about 1 hour west of central Sydney with the group from Get Naked Australia. There were about 20 of us pretty evenly split between men and women and everyone was fantastic and welcoming.

My mate and I commented that it was a great thing to see a very normal group of people. No super hot people, no super hung guys, just very regular folks and all really chilled. We swam and relaxed chatting in the sun. One guy came a bit later than the rest of us and had to tell a family that were heading our way what they were going to encounter. We weren’t actually in a nudist spot but we were quite out of the way so weren’t too concerned. Nor was the National Park Ranger that spoke to us at the car park. She asked about the group, we told her and once she worked out that the name of the group was to be taken literally, she laughed and said “So that’s why you’re heading to the gorge then”.

It’s nice that a group of people just wanting to enjoy nature nude doesn’t cause any drama. The family that were warned just laughed and said thanks and the Ranger clearly didn’t care.

Creative Block!

I have the model. I have ideas. They just don’t seem to be going together.
Matt is a Sydney guy who I came across a couple of years ago I think through the photography of Luke Austin. I only recently worked up the balls to ask him to model for me.
I pitched one idea but I’m not sure that idea will work any more. It’s one of the origami ideas that I’ve spoken about before but those don’t seem to be working very well so I think I’m abandoning that plan.
The trouble is I just don’t know what to do with him. He says he’s done lots of studio work before but his Instagram is full of location shoots. My natural instinct is to contradict his incredibly strong physique and try and make him look vulnerable but he’s even done a bit of that.
So much confusion!! Please feel free to give me suggestions.
UPDATE: Since I first drafted this email I’ve given it more thought. I think I’m going to get him back in the studio and do what I love to do. I’m going to play with the idea of hiding, obscuring, disguising. Let’s see what happens! Suggestions still welcome.

A new adventure!

In all the years I’ve been going to nude beaches I’d say 95% of my nude buddies have been gay men. There have been some occasional exceptions to the rule. The one that comes to mind is Andy who I met on the nude beach and went on to photograph a few times over the years.

This weekend I’m going on a hike with a bunch of people from a nudist Facebook group. From what I can gather it’s mostly people in their 30’s and 40’s and it’s mostly straight guys and girls. Women are very well represented in their adventures which is awesome. On most nude beaches in Sydney, women are very much under represented. I did have concerns that the straight guys might not be that welcoming of a gay man and his gay mates turning up but the group was very actively supportive of Marriage Equality in the horrible plebiscite campaign. One of the guys in the group is gay. He and I have been chatting a bit and he said that he is often the only gay guy at the meet ups but the guys are all fine around him.

We are all going on a bush walk to a waterfall somewhere in the West of Sydney. There will be over an hour drive to get there and then a walk of about an hour before we all frolic naked in the waterfall and the sunshine. I’m really excited. It’s always fun to meet new people and looking at all the photos on the private Facebook page they know some beautiful spots which may get used for photo shoots in the near future! Fingers crossed before it gets too cold.