Smooth moves

On Friday afternoon a mate and I packed up his car and headed off for a weekend of naked camping. We met a couple of other guys at the supermarket nearest where we camp and got our supplies before heading off. In years gone by you used to be able to look around the locker room at the gym and see who was gay by who was doing all the grooming. These days it seems like the gay men are doing less grooming than the straight boys.

At the clothing optional retreat/campground that we go to, as with most nude venues, the clientele is on the older end of the spectrum but even amongst the older generations, through the guys our age and younger going completely smooth seems to be quite popular. Obviously there are variations on grooming habits from the completely smooth guys right up to no trimming at all but those non trimmed guys were most definitely in the minority. When I went to Europe last year I went nearly shaved but I still had some closely trimmed hair going on. Just. This year I’m thinking Europe might be the time to go completely smooth. That is if I get myself in shape because I have a theory, or more of an opinion that the completely smooth look works best on guys that are either hung or ripped, preferably both. The men above are clearly very much both. Since I have a waistline that has been threatening to go into “dad bod” territory over the past year or so and an appendage that is perfectly fine but not in the “hung” category, I need to get more ripped before I go “totally nude”.

I do love seeing a nice smooth, tanned man walking around in the sunshine nude.

Beautiful in it’s tradition

Anyone that’s been reading for a while might remember that I’m not a huge fan of lots of tattoos. Some guys just look hot in tatts like a beautiful bad boy. Then there are guys like this. A lot of people start with a single small tattoo somewhere, like a Chinese symbol on their shoulder. Not this guy. He’s gone all in right from the start and it’s beautiful. While I normally wouldn’t like this amount of ink on a guy I love that he’s kept the front clean but the rest is devoted to beautiful, very detailed ink work based in very traditional imagery and style.

Can you imagine how many hours and how much pain this has taken? It goes in his butt crack! It also doesn’t hurt that he’s very beautiful himself in a fashion model kinda way. I’d love to do some beautiful photos in a studio of him under gorgeous lighting. Does anyone know who he is?

Looking good

A long time ago when I was first beginning my nudist explorations of the internet, one of the people I kept seeing on various sites was this guy. His name is Aaron and he used to be a nude reporter for Clothes Free International, visiting all the various nudist clubs and beaches etc around the U.S. I’m not sure whether he ventured further abroad but he always looked good when I saw him.

Over the years he experimented with more and less pubic hair and definitely got more muscular. Towards the end of his “journalistic” career he got a big chest tattoo which looked a little redneck for my tastes but each to their own. As much as nudism is about being comfortable in your own skin and removing all the layers of success or materialism I think Aaron being very nicely built was a good representation for the nudist movement. The young fit guys are the ones that never seem to strip off in the locker room or at the beach even though they work the hardest on their bodies!

Anyone know what he’s up to now?

Behind the scenes with Chris.

I’m slowly catching up on video editing from my photo shoots over the past few weeks and yesterday I edited together the footage from my photo shoot with Chris. I’m curious to hear what you all enjoy about these behind the scenes videos and what you don’t. To avoid trouble with YouTube and because Christopher wants to preserve his modesty, as do most of the models, they probably won’t feature any frontal most of the time. The two that I’ve done with frontal haven’t had any problems but it does mean that if I start getting a following then they can’t have advertising on them if they are marked as age restricted.

I’m really happy with how this photo shoot turned out and it goes to prove that people that haven’t done any modelling can still do a great job in front of the camera and look fantastic while doing it. Sure Christopher was a bit nervous but he got more relaxed as we went and he knew his body well and how to move it. He also took direction really well which was great.

Enjoy the video!

A little crush

Dipping my toe into the world of YouTube vlogs, I’ve been watching lots of vloggers to see what I like and what I don’t about their vlogs. Clearly I have a lot to learn but it’s also a nice way to pass the time and it feels a lot more genuine than watching any reality tv.

One of the vloggers whose videos I’ve been enjoying lately is MarkE Miller. He’s been vlogging for a while and from what I can tell he makes his living from YouTube as well as some sales of merchandise. He and his boyfriend Ethan have got quite the following and the videos have followed their early dating stages as well as them moving in together and their day to day lives. After a few years together they seem to be very genuine lovely guys who have a great life and really enjoy their time together.

Of course my enjoyment of MarkE’s channel is in no small part due to the fact that along with being a nice guy with a real zest for life, Mark is bloody sexy as hell and is prone to vlogging without a shirt from time to time. It doesn’t feel forced or “look at me” like a particular other youtube “sensation” with a rhyming name. Mark feels genuine and down to earth, not like he’s chasing fame under a pretense of global harmony.

Go check him out and enjoy the adventures of Mark and Ethan. They are quite adorable.

A little give and take

Yesterday I was in the mood for a little adult company so I went on to Scruff. This 30 year old messaged me and we started chatting backwards and forwards. It came to pass that he is a total top and I can understand in terms of anal sex that versatility is not for everyone. There are people who just don’t like being fucked, some that just can’t do it and the ones that I struggle with, the ones who don’t because they see being fucked as not masculine enough. I call bullshit on that one but that’s not what this blog is about.

When he said he was a total top he meant it. He doesn’t even suck cock. Now I may be wrong but in my eyes if you don’t suck and you don’t bottom then you are pretty much seeing your sexual partners as random orifices to take advantage of. That is not at all what I’m about. Maybe it’s my own insecurities but I really don’t like the whole dom/sub scenario even in role play. If you have to dominate your partner or you think they are less masculine or worthy than you because they take a cock up the arse or in their mouth, then you have some warped views on masculinity and your own self worth.

My ideal sexual partner is one that I feel comfortable with and is up for a bit of give and take. It may not be in the same session but if you expect to fuck me, that’s great but I’d like to take a turn as well thanks.

The New Year’s Eve vlog

I hadn’t done a vlog since my birthday vlog so I thought I’d have another go and New Year’s Eve on the harbour seemed like a great place to start. Unfortunately the day was a bit windy which makes audio on my iPhone a bit rubbish so I’m sorry about the low level of my voice in the video.

The day was so nice, with patches of cloud but generally great weather. When you combine that with great company, good music, a few drinks and delicious food then you can’t go wrong really can you? Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, and feel free to comment on and like the video!

A leap of faith

This holiday break for me has been very productive. Not in all the ways that it should have been but this morning I did the last of my four scheduled photo shoots.

Last week thought I caught up with Timothy again for our second shoot. The first one I blogged about here. Timothy is a former ballet dancer so we decided we would go into the studio and see what we could do using dance and movement as our starting point. Capturing movement in a studio setting brings with it a lot of technical complications so what we tried was influenced by those complications.

The shot above is one that I am very proud of. The fabric was incredibly lightweight to the point that the air conditioning was blowing it off Timothy’s body if he stood still. I’ve posted this image on Facebook and the response has been incredible. I’ve already had a couple of requests to buy prints.

As you can see we did some other shots as well including the now ever-present “Chair”. They are all good shots but there is something magical about the one above which has been named “Ascension” after taking suggestions online. Email me for print enquiries.

Happy New Year

In Sydney we have started 2017 and the rest of the world is starting to follow suit with Europe and Britain just having ticked over in the last couple of hours.

There has been much written and said about what an awful year 2016 was. If you were a celebrity with some health issues then yes. If you were in politics then yes, it was a terrible year. Britain made the absurd decision to leave the EU and well, the less said about Trump the better.

On a personal level however I had a pretty good year. My work situation is pretty good at the moment and there are some interesting things in the pipeline for 2017. My photography work has been very well received including being used as the face of Mardi Gras this coming year. I’m very proud of that.

I’m in a good place as far as my ease with being single and I’m trying to look after my health and mental well being as well. I recently had a brief dating thing with someone and even though it didn’t go anywhere it was very nice to have some cuddles and know that there are people that want to spend time with me in a romantic way.

To everyone that reads this little corner of the internet, thank you for your continued support, feedback and interactions. Even the cranky feisty ones. I wish everyone all the very best for the year ahead. May it be full of whatever you want it to be. For me, that’s travel, hot men, nakedness and lots and lots of laughs with friends and family.

Photographing Christopher

A few months ago at work we had to build a scale model set for a photo shoot and we ended up using some gnarly branches for the set which were sitting in a tub in the store room going to waste. I’d kept them aside because I had an idea for a photo shoot.

That photo shoot happened on Wednesday. Christopher is a guy that I’ve known through friends for a few years. He has a beautiful Instagram account which does contain a lot of selfies but they are beautifully done selfies. None of that duck face bullshit in the bathroom mirror. He’s a very creative guy for work and in life so I asked him to model for me. As you can see he has a beautifully lean athletic build with broad shoulders and not an ounce of fat on him.

It’s always fun working with people that get the creative process which Christopher does. He was very nervous having only done one semi-professional photo shoot in the past. The shoot was fairly fast and a lot of fun. It’s always great when a model just runs with my crazy ideas like being covered in powder and wearing a collar made of sticks.



Stuart Reardon has been a popular figure around the internet and male modelling scenes for a few years now and while he’s bared almost all in the past, we’ve been left wanting.

That is until recently. Stuart posed for the very successful Rick Day a while ago and now a full frontal shot has leaked that to all the scrutinising eyes, appears legit. The tatts, body and head are all obviously real and to someone that does a lot of photo shop work and retouching, the frontal shot looks completely legitimate.

With a piece of equipment like that I’m surprised it’s taken him so long to get it out. It’s a beautiful cock and teamed with big low hanging balls I’m very happy and impressed.

This is how you do edgy and hot

There are some people that you can remember when you first discovered them, on a billboard, a movie or an Tumblr photo that stops you in your tracks. Then there are people like Joeyjojojr (not his real name, obviously) who creep their way into your consciousness and before you know it you are following their Tumblr, their Instagram and if you are lucky, friends on Facebook.

And so it is with Joey. Thinking back I have a feeling he was involved in the Company of Men exhibition I was a part of in Melbourne a few years ago, probably as a model.

As you can see from these images and his Tumblr, Joey isn’t shy at all and has a fantastically edgy look. In my mind, which could just be wishful thinking, he looks like you’d have hours of dirty sex followed by him making coffee and breakfast in bed with a side of cuddles.

Joey lives in a different state unfortunately but I’m hoping that one day our paths will cross and an edgy, beautiful, sexy collaboration will happen.

How do you measure masculinity?

This year has been a really rough year for celebrities dying and rubbish political decisions. With George Michael’s passing on Christmas Day it added another tragic layer to all the losses of greats this year.

I found this image on tumblr with a comment about these men teaching the world that you can do masculinity any damn way you want. The gay world is still full to overflowing with discrimination of effeminate or camp men, idolising the traditional views of masculinity. To me that traditional view of masculinity feels outdated. Why can men only be muscular, gruff, hairy and emotionally stunted? To the gay men that are total tops because of some warped view of masculinity, does that mean you think the men you fuck are less masculine or even just “less than” you?

David Bowie was fairly well renowned to be bisexual and played enthusiastically with an androgynous image especially in his early years. We really did lose a pioneer earlier this year with his passing. Prince was a legendary ladies man, bedding all sorts of gorgeous women but his image was perhaps one of the most camp out of the three. How does that sit with everyone’s notion of masculinity? George Michael looked way more camp in his closeted days at the beginning of his career. In later years he was all about sharp suits and sophistication.

There are no rules to masculinity and I would say that I see being truly masculine means being yourself without regard to what is expected of you and your image. I’ve done drag and I’ve rowed surfboats. Two activities about as far apart on the scale of traditional masculinity as it’s possible to be but they are both very comfortable aspects of me.

Thank you to these legendary men for being brave enough to do things your own way.

Jorge and Andrew

The response to the photos of Jorge and his behind the scenes video has been fantastic. It’s no real surprise. We gays do love our sexy muscle boys. It also didn’t hurt that Jorge is cheeky and a really genuinely nice guy as well. Last Monday I photographed him again, alongside the photographer that put us in touch. I was doing a shoot of Andrew and Jorge had some time off and since they are good mates he came along. Once we’d done Andrew’s shots we (quite easily) talked Jorge out of his clothes and got him to join in.

These shots are moody and to me, very sexy. They were a bit nervous about being nude together for the first time but that passed quite quickly and I think we got some really nice shots. It’s a brave man that gets naked for photos alongside Jorge but I think Andrew held his own. The mood is very sexy and has a bit of homoerotic tension to it. Love it.

Merry Christmas

In a few hours I’ll head off to my sister’s place for some quality family time. We have a low key Christmas Eve and then do the traditional Christmas Day over there and even then, it’s still only 8 of us in total and pretty laid back. I’ve been tasked with some nibbles tomorrow so I have been cooking up a storm and have a little bit more to do.

Christmas can be a bit of a dark time for those people without families or those who just aren’t in a great place so take some time out and reach out to someone who might be struggling this holiday season.

When I wish people a Merry Christmas, that is my way of essentially encompassing all the different religious festivals and observations that happen at this time of year. I’m not educated on all of them so I stick with what I know. To all the people not celebrating at this time of year, thank you for keeping the world turning a bit while the rest of us eat too much, drink too much, laugh as much as possible and probably take an afternoon nap.

Have a great Christmas (or your celebration) and be kind to everyone! I hope my Christmas stocking is full of beautiful men that look like this. A boy can dream.