It’s magical entertainment

When you think of a magic show we typically think of cheesy moves, a token bimbo assistant and some hopefully amazing trickery. I’m sure these guys deliver some elements of that but they also deliver nudity. According to their website “This boisterous R-rated magic show strips away the top hats and capes, promising full-frontal illusions. Left without sleeves or pockets, their saucy magic is baffling and entertaining, bringing a new meaning to “now you see it”.

They are about to tour Australia and bring their very cheeky brand of performance and their pretty sexy selves to the stage. I’m not sure what their typical audience is but I’m guessing it’s hens nights and mostly women. I wonder what they think of their gay audiences?

A quick google image search does suggest they get men in their audience and they pose nude for photos with the audience members after the show. I love it! It’s no surprise that I’m quite tempted to buy tickets.

Learning lessons…

It was merely three days ago that I posted about my new job. It’s an exciting time. The stability very much suits my temperament. As much as I love the idea of racing off in a converted van to live on the road and explore Australia taking photos and video, having a steady income and somewhere to be every day makes me feel secure. That’s not to say the van life won’t win out one day. You never know.

On Friday night however, my plans to treating myself to a drone may have taken a slight hit. At the wedding I was taking photos at as well as being celebrant, my camera started doing a lot of weird things. The built in flash no longer folds and stays down and quite often I started getting error and “busy” warnings which is not at all ideal. Photography may not be my primary career but of late it has earnt me some pretty good pocket money through the occasional sale of prints and through the sale of the digital downloads.

I had been thinking about upgrading my camera as it is several years old but up until Friday night it has been doing everything I have asked of it. Can I afford a new camera? Not really. I could get the new version of the camera I have (Canon 7D) for $2,150, or take the step up to a full frame sensor in the 6D for $2,600. From there if I want to go up to any one of the 5D models it’s $5,000. Ouch. If I want to do more commercial work a full frame sensor is going to give me more image to work with but the 5D feels a long way off in terms of my budget.

My mind went in to panic mode when the camera started to play up as it naturally would. My camera has helped me create some great images and work with some beautiful people and they are not cheap to replace as you can see. I even thought about a Kickstarter program and who knows, I might still do it. It’s not like I’d actually just be asking for money. I’d be selling prints etc as the “rewards” for the program. So much to think about.

First stop though, is to see if I can just get this one fixed.

Home Alone

Looking for photo shoots to turn into pdf downloads to sell is giving me opportunities to reinterpret old photo shoots. I finished making this one “Home Alone” featuring the delicious Scott, @strapsandlines on Instagram, when I noticed that I did the shoot exactly one year ago tomorrow.

Scott had just broken up with a girlfriend and was living in an almost empty apartment. It had beautiful soft natural lighting coming in and we decided that it would work really nicely. Scott is not a shy man and he looks beautiful nude. He’s been performing straps in various circus environments around New Zealand and Australia and the work he has put in really shows. He’s also completely hairless from the neck down, something that won’t please those of you that like your men furry but those of us that like a bit, or a lot of grooming will find it very sexy.

I hope you’re all enjoying these digital downloads. I think this is the biggest one yet at 54 pages and yes, for all of you who like a bit of full frontal in your downloads, this one has it. It doesn’t have any erotic content but it does serve up some full frontal for you. So click here to visit my shop where you can by “Home Alone”, now one of eight different downloads for sale, or maybe even one of the limited edition, hand signed or numbered prints available as well.

New start

For the last five weeks I’ve been freelancing at an agency here in Sydney. There was always a chance of a full time role going but the term “over qualified” had been used to describe me which I think ultimately translated to “too expensive”. They did some interviews for the role but a couple of weeks ago they asked me if I was interested in staying on for longer than the initial freelance booking and they’d test me out before crunching numbers.

Today they offered me a permanent role. The money isn’t quite what my recruiter was hoping to get for me but it’s not a step backwards so I’m happy.

The great part is that they now have someone with more experience and a broader range of skills than the person I’m replacing and we are already talking about some great ways to make the most of that which will not only help them but it will be great for me as well. I tend not to start a job thinking about it as a stepping stone to other jobs but if this doesn’t work out this role will look great on my resume and give me some much needed diversity in my portfolio after 9 years in my previous job.

Now that is sorted I can start thinking about other parts of my life that need to change. I think it’s time to start looking for somewhere new to live. There is also a strong chance that I’m going to treat myself to an “employment” present of a drone. Exciting times.

Once again.

Each year there is a battle in society that wages. It may not look like it but it’s a fierce battle between those that love Valentine’s Day and those that see it as commercial bullshit.

Mostly couples that have been together for at least couple of years are the ones fighting the system and trying to claim that romance can happen any day of the year. They’d be right but how often do some of them actually make romantic efforts with their partners? Conversely most of the people saying they love Valentine’s are the ones in very loved up, fairly fresh relationships.

There is a third army in this battle but they don’t see a lot of active duty. The singles. We are the people torn between picking sides a lot of the time. We see the day as the commercial money making scheme that it is and don’t want to buy into it but then we would also love to be one of those smug couples holding hands and sharing an ice cream after a romantic dinner. Society tells us that we can’t be happy without someone and February 14 is full of over priced cheesy reminders that we don’t have anyone so no matter how happy we are single the day still stings a bit.

To make my day much happier though, I’m actually doing the most romantic thing I’ve ever done on Valentine’s in my life. I’m performing my first same sex wedding ceremony tomorrow night. It’s a very small, brief “make it legal” kind of ceremony but it will definitely bring a smile to my face.

Measuring up

Over the weekend I went camping again at the clothing optional campground that I go to at least once a year. The friends I went with are all people I’ve hung out with nude before and they are all lovely guys.

There was an even split between cut and uncut guys out of the 8 of us. The thing that I noticed was that the four guys who were uncut were also the guys blessed with bigger than average appendages. Out of all the guys that I was camping with, I have had sexual encounters with only two and many years ago.

I found myself feeling a little self conscious about size in comparison to the four heftier guys which is silly, I know. There’s nothing I can do and since I’m not sleeping with any of them what does it matter? It doesn’t. That’s the overall message of nudism in general. We are all still human though aren’t we?

Does anyone else find themselves doing this?

Uncomfortable conversations

There are uncomfortable conversations going on all over the world at the moment. The #TimesUP movement and the treatment of women in general, the incompetency of Mr Trump and a lot of other ones. They tend to stir up fiery passions. It feels like these days it’s no longer possibly to have different points of view and have a conversation. You have to condemn and argue with the other person

On a smaller scale but on a more personal level, talk of relationships or wanting one is a conversation that makes people very uncomfortable. Of late when discussing dating or meeting people I’ve started being fairly honest and saying I’d love it to happen but I just don’t know if it ever will. Part of that is to express that sure, it’d be a shame but ultimately I can’t do anything about it so I’m just enjoying life until it changes.

When you say there are no guarantees that you’ll ever find love it freaks people the hell out. “Don’t say that! Of course you will!” they say. Oh really? How can they know? They can’t. This is why people get sad about being single. Society is so constantly saying that we can’t be happy on our own and only through a relationship can you be truly happy. WRONG!

Guess what? No!

When you make a decision, consciously or subconsciously to start sharing elements of yourself online, no matter what you share people will want more.

It may not be rational but I seem to have very firm ideas about context and what is appropriate for sharing on various platforms. Sure, my Instagram is full of my naked butt which may contravene their guidelines but I’m far from alone on that one. Tumblr seems to me, to be the way to go if you want to be more graphic in your sharing. I’ve shared frontal images of me on there and even on this blog so I’m not claiming to be shy in any way.

What I don’t understand is when I get messages on Instagram with no chat beforehand, no sense of connection or even just a sharing vibe. Those messages are “can you send me a dick shot?”
Guess what? No! These usually come from people who have no photos of themselves in any recognisable form on their own feed but they figure because they can see just about every other part of me on there I’ll be willing to share a colonoscopy video and a blood sample.
Maybe I’m being unrealistic or naive but surely they can’t be that desperate to see my cock? There are millions of photos of way bigger and beautiful porn star cocks online. Go find a thousand of those.

New celebrity Crush

Just over a week ago the new season of “I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here” started here in Australia. As usual there are a lot of people that half of Australia had no clue about.

There are some regular types that they put into the jungle and one of those is an AFL player. For those outside Australia, AFL is Australian rules Football and it is nothing like Rugby Union or Rugby League. It is a game I’m not familiar with but I do know the players are incredible athletes. The “Centres” run an average of 14km (9 miles) and they run the least of anyone on the field.

This year’s AFL player is clearly one I’m not familiar with but I would love to be much more familiar with is Josh Gibson. He’s a three time premiership winning player for Hawthorn. Thankfully he seems to have taken to walking around without a shirt in camp. For that, I’m eternally grateful.

Digging through Mike’s archives.

Two weeks ago I asked a guy that I’d photographed several years ago if I could use his photos for a digital booklet to sell. Unfortunately he said no. Mike here however, said yes.

Mike is a very sexy guy who has done some porn work for Lucas Entertainment. Now that he’s left that business and is happily loved up I wasn’t sure if he was going to be up for it. Thankfully Mike has no qualms with his past career and is proud of the photos that we took.

When I first set out to put this book together I was going to combine the two shoot that we did into one book but then I realised how many shots I had from each shoot and decided to keep them separate.

If you want to enjoy the 42 pages of Mike and his delicious, considerable assets then you can go to my shop and buy a download. Most of these images have never been seen before.

It was thoroughly pleasant revisiting these images. It’s not hard to figure out why either.

Beach rat

It can sometimes feel really difficult to find a good quality gay movie to watch. There are so many rubbish gay movies out there that make you wonder how on earth they got funding to get made.

Beach Rats is not one of those movies. It’s a beautiful if sad movie about a 19 year old from Brooklyn who is trying to deal with the death of his father, fitting in with his mates and at the same time struggling with his sexuality. While trying to keep a girlfriend for appearances and to do what “he should do” he also trawls webcam chat rooms and hooks up with older men.

The lead actor Harris Dickinson, is in every single scene of the film and he does a stunning job. Not only is he a gorgeous guy but all of his character Frankie’s emotions make their way across Harris’ face. It’s his first film role and even though he’s from London, his Brooklyn accent is flawless. He also deals with some pretty intense but beautifully filmed sex scenes, nudity and an intense storyline.

I can’t recommend this movie enough. It’s fantastic.

Brilliant marketing

A couple of weeks ago a trailer was released for a supposed sequel to Crocodile Dundee and it stars a HUGE cast of Australian superstars, Margot Robbie, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Jessica Mauboy and others.

It looks hilarious but from the moment it aired, people were sceptical about there actually being a movie. It looks like the suspicions were valid and it’s almost certainly a Superbowl ad and the start of a campaign for Tourism Australia. Years ago the original Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan coined the annoying phrase “Chuck another shrimp on the barbie”. We don’t call them shrimps but it was a campaign aimed at the U.S. market and it definitely worked.

Maybe this new campaign will work as well. It certainly has a great feel to it. Let’s see what the rest of the campaign is like.

I wanna go out, Dancing!

Well, a week or two ago Kylie finally released a lead single, “Dancing” off her upcoming album “Golden”. I’ve preordered the album and wait with baited breath. Today the video for “Dancing” dropped and it may not be as incredible as some of her videos from the past but it certainly contains a lot of elements we have come to expect from Kylie. There are sequins, dancers, a number of looks and one or two completely bonkers elements that make no sense. Who the hell are the fluffy cloaked figures she’s dancing with?

Forgotten about this

Sometimes it can feel a bit odd when someone likes a photo in your Instagram that is WAY down in the feed. Sometimes it can remind you of something.

A guy commented on a photo of Kieran in the garage that I did years ago. As you might remember I worked with Kieran again recently, the photos to be released next month (I think). Something was said about the video of the shoot with Kieran and I had completely forgotten about it. It’s nice to be reminded of things occasionally.

Hopefully I’ll catch up on editing videos and photo shoots soon. I bought a new iMac that I collected yesterday so once that is set up ready to go I’ll get back on track!

Aussielicious TV – Episode 3 from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.


I’ve now been back in an office environment full time for the past three weeks. After nearly four months of sporadic work it’s a nice change. Someone once explained that extroverts aren’t necessarily people that need to be the life of the party, rather they are the people that get their energy from being around other people. That’s me. While I like my alone time, too much of it drives me crazy. So having 19 other people around me (plus an office dog at least once a week) has been really enjoyable.

For most of the time I was off work I kept to my routine of getting up relatively early and going to the gym so that hasn’t been a rude shock either.

One thing that I think my body is struggling with is working in a heavily air conditioned environment. My throat has been sore and there have been moments that I thought I was coming down with something but I still have energy to train and generally feel fine so I think it’s just dehydration. Fingers crossed that adjustment happens quickly.