A country retreat

A very good friend of mine is going through some pretty serious medical issues at the moment and this week, while his partner was away for work we organised that I would go and look after him for a couple of days. Thankfully, given I’m no medically trained professional, he didn’t need any real care. I just cooked and made sure he was ok.

In one of his sleeping times, I decided that it was time to take advantage of the isolation and privacy. Whenever I’m out there they know that if I’m in the spa enjoying the sunset I’m sure as hell not wearing anything. To be fair, a lot of people are exactly the same in that spa.

This time I was trying to get some different photos. This shot is a lucky one I got with the self timer and the tree swing. I did forget to get the shot on the giant chess board. Next time.

Argentinian Beef

Back when I first posted the photo shoot with Jorge it got a great response and the video (below) has been watched over 20,000 times. So I thought I’d put together another digital download for sale on my website from that shoot.

Jorge’s body is absolutely ridiculous but in a really, really good way. It doesn’t hurt that he also has a cheeky personality and a twinkle in his eye. He’s so much fun to work with and we are trying to coordinate another shoot shortly after Christmas.

Don’t forget you can also buy the other two digital downloads at my website as well as fine art prints. In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy Jorge!

It’s never easy

For the last three nights, my circus school has been hosting their annual end of year show. Thankfully I was performing as part of my class group. Performing is something that I find very challenging. I love the back stage camaraderie and the actual performance part is kinda fun but the pre-show nerves for me get way out of control.

On Friday evening I had a little bit of a nervous vomit out the back door of the venue but that helped. On Saturday evening I wasn’t nervous because, irresponsibly, I had been out on the harbour for a friend’s birthday having too many champagnes. I was sober by the time I performed but I skipped the nervous bit which was refreshing.

Unfortunately none of the three shows were perfect. As I said, I get nervous and it resulted in me forgetting a trick completely last night and making some silly decisions the other nights. Oh well, it’s a very amateur show. There have been talks of doing a more adult show at some point which I’d love to do as some of the school shows can be a bit cheesy to cater for an all ages audience.

"Entangled" Dress Rehearsal from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Still can’t believe it

On Thursday afternoon, shortly before 6pm, Australia legalised Same Sex Marriage. Once the public vote results came in on 15th November it feels like it’s all happened very quickly.

There were only four members of Parliament who voted against the bill and a few more than that who abstained. One of those abstainers was our gutless former Prime Minister who instigated the idea of the public vote, Tony Abbott. His own electorate voted 75% Yes in the vote and yet he campaigned long and hard against equality and then campaigned hard for religious freedom amendments. He had said it was crucial to have democracy and let the people have their say but when it came down to it he chickened out of representing his electorate’s wishes or even having the backbone to vote with his own opinions.

As of today, LGBTIQ couples can fill out the Notice of Intent to Marry form which means that on 9th of January the first same sex weddings will occur in Australia.

As a wedding celebrant I have already confirmed two same sex weddings and possibly another which may even be a nude one. I can’t wait!

More of this

Today is looking like a very big day.

Firstly all the little normal stuff. It’s a beautiful day here today and normally I’d hit the beach with my junk out as soon as I could but a mate wants to come with me and he’s not available til midday so I’ll collect him around then and we’ll head down for a few hours this afternoon. That is probably better with the tides.

So my morning will be spent doing job applications, looking for other avenues and getting all that sorted. Then this afternoon it’s more naked in the sunshine time like I did last Friday. What a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

This afternoon it is looking increasingly likely that the Australian Parliament will finally vote in the final stage of the Marriage Equality Bill. There are enough members who like the bill the way it is who are planning on blocking all the religious freedom (i.e. discrimination) amendments. If one or any of those amendments is successful it will mean the debate goes on and on and round and round which won’t happen until next year. Thankfully it’s looking like none of them will be successful and the Bill will be passed as is today.

Fingers crossed by the time I go to bed tonight, Australia will have Marriage Equality and I’ll be an equal citizen in the eyes of the law. I’m expecting more tears.

A guilty pleasure

Everyone has their little guilty pleasures which may or may not every be spoken of. I freely admit I happily watch the Kardashians when I need to not bother thinking, a cheeky beer after a long day or walking around without any pants when I’m home alone. None of those would come as a surprise to anyone that knows me.

A new guilty pleasure of mine, which may not get discussed with friends, is Harry Styles. The former One Direction member was always the most interesting member of the group in the way that Robbie Williams was in Take That. Harry always seemed a bit naughty, cheeky and just fun.

He’s been in Australia recently and performed at our Music Industry awards, the ARIAS. There is something so intriguing about Mr Styles. He has the fashion flair of David Bowie, the swagger of Mick Jagger. Combine that with his famous sexual ambiguity and you have quite a lot of sex appeal.

We are in an era where hyper masculinity is held up as the ideal and the only masculinity that is attractive. People like Harry Styles just doing his own thing and doing It so well is a great thing to see.

cybEROTICA is now available!

If you are looking for 28 pages of artistic erotic goodness, then head on over to my shop to purchase cybEROTICA. All the images created for QAMA Technology, many never before published. The magazine only had five images in the publication and here we have many more. Dave was such a great model to work with and ready to do what he had to do to achieve the images that I had in mind.

I’m still getting used to creating erotic imagery and asking people to get an erection in front of my camera. It’s a very fine line to walk creating imagery that is both beautiful as well as erotic. Thankfully so far I think we are managing it.

You can buy cybEROTICA at brentonparry.com as well as (DON’T) LOOK if you haven’t already bought that. Over time I will be adding more and more of these digital downloads to the store. Don’t forget that limited edition hand signed and numbered art prints are also available.

If anyone knows any hot guys that you think I should photograph and they are live in or near Sydney, or are planning to be here please send them my way!


The Harvey Weinstein scandal has given a lot of sexual assault victims the courage to finally come forward with stories of a huge number of other sexual predators. This morning I heard of another one which has made me very sad.

Bruce Weber is a legendary photographer, published in countless high end magazines and largely credited for creating the Abercrombie and Fitch look and in particular their famous quarterly magazine. Given the content of those magazines and his style I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear that he is being sued by a male model.

This article outlines what he is being accused of. I found out from a Facebook post from a model friend in the US who posted that he was waiting for this one to come out. Apparently, like all the other guys Mr Weber has a long history of this behaviour.

I do my best to be respectful on my shoots towards my models but I keep hearing stories of other photographers touching and being very suggestive towards models so I’m going to be extra careful now. It’s just disgusting behaviour.


My personal Instagram has been a bit low key of late. I’ve been focusing on posting more on the photography account and just putting the occasional image on the personal one. Yesterday I posted one of the more modest shots (above right) from the rope bondage shoot I posed for a couple of weeks ago for @gatsbykinbaku. Next thing I know I look at Instagram and I have heaps of likes. WAY more than normal.

Today was the first day of summer here so I met one of the models from my erotic shoot last weekend at the nude beach and it was heaven. The tide was out so there was plenty of beach, the sun was blazing, the water was clear and the beach wasn’t busy. Heaven. So I got @peaks_and_cheeks2.0 to take some pics. The one above left is a mid cartwheel photo and I was surprised at how neat it was so I threw that onto Instagram as well.

In about 6-7 hours it’s had nearly 250 likes as well. I’m gobsmacked. The last image to get a lot of likes like that was the one I reposted of me on the bucking duck, naked at burning man.

What am I gathering from all this? All the people that follow me on Instagram, and likely here are just thirsty for nudes. I’m very flattered. If you are interested there are less modest versions of the bondage shot on my two Tumblr accounts.

They’re at it again

Those lovely boys from the Warwick Rowers are back for 2018, once again doing an amazing job raising money for Sport Allies, a program designed to fight homophobia in sport.

The rowers are selling their calendar and the behind the scenes films of the photo shoots for the calendar, as well as other merchandise. They do such a great job on the calendar and the films. Each year the shoots get better and better and I think it’s safe to say the boys have de-throned the Dieux Du Stage calendars as the best around.

If my current financial situation was a bit more stable I’d be buying a calendar or the films for sure.

WR18 Viral Video from Warwick Rowers on Vimeo.

Being debated today

Two weeks ago tomorrow, Australia voted YES to marriage equality. The very next day a bill to legalise same sex marriage was tabled to Australian Parliament. Parliament is focusing on that bill this week and today the amendments to the bill tabled by the conservatives arguing for greater religious freedom, i.e. the ability to discriminate, are being debated. No doubt there are also amendments to the exact wording of the bill etc being debated as well.

I have no idea how long amendments and the bill itself are going to take but our Prime Minister, for the time being, has said that if the Yes vote won he expected the bill to sail through Parliament and the issue to be resolved before Christmas. God I hope so. The conservatives for some reason believe that if they defeat this bill (they won’t) then the LGBTIQ community will give up their fight for legal marriage equality. The LGBTIQ community has never backed down from a fight and the equality movement has only gained momentum in the last few years.

The video below is Sarah Hanson Young, a Senator in the Greens party giving a very emotional speech backing equality.

THETA: A novel

“There are those walking amongst us who pursue our protection without us knowing. There are those who have extraordinary abilities, given to them by the smallest of genetic variations. There are those who seek to destroy humanity by unleashing the deadliest of plagues. But we have a group to stand in their way. Theta”

A dear friend and now-retired blogger, Damien is writing a science fiction novel and unlike a lot of sci-fi he’s not staying away from gay characters. I’m just about to dive in to Chapter 1 this afternoon. Head on over to Damien’s THETA site and start reading!


I shot Mr Gay Brazil 2016

I’m notoriously good at procrastinating and procrasturbating but I’m making concerted efforts to not do that and last week I was put in touch with Mr Gay Brazil 2016, Rafael. He is in town for a few months having adventures. Normally I’d suggest a catch up about a shoot and it would take ages but right now I have free time and we made plans for a shoot a couple of days later. Thursday morning I picked Rafael up at 6.30 am and we had him nude on the beach by 7.00.

Maybe I just need to focus on international guys visiting Sydney if I want to do full frontal. Rafael had no dramas with going frontal even though he was a little cool and said he wasn’t as impressive as he should have been. He still didn’t care.

I’m hoping that we get to organise a studio shoot with him while he’s in town as well and do something a bit different. He was so easy to work with and even though we had some language barriers we still had a really fun shoot with some good laughs. His English is really good but heavily accented which is understandable and after only one coffee maybe I wasn’t fully up to speed.

QAMA Technology is out!

I’ve been talking about the erotic shoot I did with the fantastic David early last month. Finally I can show you some of the results. QAMA Technology is out now. It’s interesting to see how other artists explore the same theme in such different ways and those different viewpoints should be celebrated. These days with technology giving us social media, too often other people’s opinions are very quickly vilified.

With this series I wanted to explore the idea that it is quite often the porn or sex industries that champion new technology. Video changed the porn world forever and now the internet is used enthusiastically for porn use. Now people are using quite lifelike sex dolls to get their rocks off when they don’t have someone else handy to play with. At a time when people are expressing concerns over artificial intelligence I wanted to play with the idea that sex robots could develop their own urges while at the same time referencing how detached from humanity and emotion we are becoming around sex with Grindr etc making it so easy to get our rocks off without connection.

These images are quite unlike anything else I’ve done with the digital manipulation. Please click on the image above to see the images at full size. There are details that will be missed at the smaller size. David was so great to work with. It’s rare to find a model so willing to go this far and to put his faith in your vision.

Because of the adult content, to view QAMA Technology you will need to create a login for the issu site but it’s free and easy. You can also download the full document from there.