Treating myself

Some might say that a month’s holiday is treat enough and to an extent they’d be right. But in the last couple of months I have bought things to take on the trip to Europe. One of those things was a PRVKE 21 camera bag and backpack combo from WANDRD. Now I’m not sure if their kickstarter campaigns didnt raise enough for enough vowels in their names but it raised enough to create a great backpack. It’s not a cheap little purchase especially once you factor in shipping to Australia but it arrived last week and it is going to be brilliant. Everything else I’d found up to this point was either a great backpack but rubbish for cameras or the other way around. Check out their page and see for yourself.

Today was another little splurge. I had toyed with the idea of buying a cheap selfie stick for the trip so that when I’m vlogging, taking selfies or just taking video that I could do it a little better. Then I watched a video from Peter McKinnon, my new favourite vlogger who gives great tips and tricks for photography and video. In this video Peter reviews the Smooth Q stabilising gimbal for smart phones. Looks I’m fully aware it is 10 times the price of a selfie stick but it is going to increase the quality of any videos that I do way more than that. A few times the footage that I’ve shot of models for behind the scenes videos has been a bit too shaky to use. This will solve all of those problems for me. Fingers crossed that one arrives in time to go to Europe.

It’s three months today until I fly out of Sydney and I can not wait! In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful video of Iceland.

Midnight Sun | Iceland – 4K from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

It’s over to you!

Every now and then I have to admit I struggle to find things to post about on this blog. When work is busy and I’m coming home with not a lot of brain space left or too tired or frustrated about whatever, trying to string coherent sentences together doesn’t always work. Normally I would revert to posting some photos of a beautiful naked man for you to all enjoy.

Tonight I’m taking another approach and handing the reins over to you, my lovely readers. As you might know I’ve started a youtube channel and have been a little slack with doing any vlogs or behind the scenes videos. To kill two birds with one stone I’m going to do a Q&A vlog where I answer questions from you guys. As you all know, I share quite a bit on this blog but there might be things you have been wanting to know but it hasn’t been mentioned on the blog. Keep it polite. It doesn’t have to be PG rated but I will be using my discretion to decide which questions I answer.

If there is something that I feel is important or interesting enough it might get a vlog of it’s own or a blog post of it’s own but I will try and answer quite a few in one video.

SO. The floor is yours, leave your questions in the comments section or tweet them to me @aussiebrenton with #askbrenton and I’ll compile the questions.

A touch of contradiction

My neurosis, fence sitting and general indecision has been chronicled a lot over the 11+ years that Aussielicious has been torturing you all with my ramblings. Not one to put a huge amount of stock in star signs, my Libran tendencies do however seem to be very strong and cliched at times. There are times when my mother, the only non-Libran out of my immediate family gets incredibly frustrated with our lack of decision making skills.

As an example of my self-contradictory nature, I have written in the past year 8 month or so how I’ve arrived at a place where I’m comfortable being single. In fact I’m almost determined to be single on my trip to Europe where I plan on trying to kick start my pathetic sex life with gusto in Berlin, a city most suited to slutty fun behaviour. However on New Year’s Eve and a couple of brief instances since there have been distinct pangs of loneliness. Not that I feel alone at all in this world. Great family and friends see that that is not a problem. Romance and affection is where I’m lacking.

Yesterday I was reading a blog post or a news article about people’s last wishes before they die. One old man’s grandson smuggled his favourite beer into his nursing home. Another woman had a frail slow dance with her husband of 50+ years. I won’t know what my dying wish would be until the time comes and only then if I’m aware that the end is imminent but I can tell you one thing that has always scared me. Not spiders, open spaces, small spaces or things like that. No, I’m most afraid that I’ll never get to experience a great love. Sure, I’ve been in love but I’ve never been in a relationship where I’ve wanted to be with them for life. Where I would do anything for them and we’d forge into the future a united and equal team.

I can’t see it happening to be honest. I might be too cynical, neurotic and carrying too much baggage these days to be able to “do” a good relationship. We’ll just have to wait and see if it ever happens but the die-hard romantic in me thinks it would be wonderful to experience that magic. Relationships are hard and not always fun but my parents have been together for 47 years and still have fun adventures together. When I see my dad at 70, pinch my mother on the bum as he wanders into the kitchen and give her a kiss on the cheek it makes me smile, and a little wistful.

Strangers in Berlin

No, that’s not the official name of my time in Berlin this year but it might unofficially be. Instead it’s the theme of a photography project by Martin Gabriel Pavel and Marek Kučera. One person took a nude portrait of someone else, then handed the camera to that person who photographed someone else, then handed the camera to them. So on and so forth until it circled back around and the initial photographer became the final model. Unfortunately the article that I saw doesn’t explain how the models were found but the portraits all seem to be taken in the model’s own home environment.

I’m in two minds as to whether being in their own environment would make the models more comfortable or instead feel more vulnerable. It could go either way. What it has resulted in is a series of fairly intimate portraits. They aren’t wildly creative but they are honest and raw which is more important in a series like this. Should we do a Sydney version?

Lucas in Ropes

When I do a photo shoot, I am usually really excited to come home and start editing straight away. Lately I’ve been so busy on weekends and in the evenings that I haven’t had any time to do editing. Just over a month ago I did a photo shoot that was one of the most demanding shoots both for myself and for the model.

Sydney was in the midst of a heatwave and on the day of the shoot it was about 40 degrees celsius (104F) and the shoot was happening in a circus training space that a friend runs. That training space has a tin roof with no insulation. When I finally get around to editing the behind the scenes video you’ll see that my shorts looked like I’d wet my pants, dripping wet from sweat. My model, Lucas was sweaty and hot as well but he also had the burden of getting some rope burns from dangling from the roof.

By the time I got home I think I had mild heat stroke and I barely moved from the lounge all evening. The shoot itself isn’t one that is going to make me famous. I wasn’t in great form with the lighting and it wasn’t something I could take a long time to get right under the hot conditions and with the model in pain. Ultimately there are a handful of shots that I’m happy with though so I’m calling it a mild success.

Running with horses

Back in June last year I posted about Nick Turner and his beautiful self portraits, lots of the with horses. Nick has now been profiled by art website Twyla exploring the connection he has with horses and his affinity with Iceland. Needless to say when I’m in Iceland in a little over three months I’ll be running around nude but not with the horses like this.

Nick’s face is one that tells a story. In this profile he talks about feeling more comfortable with the horses in Rural America where he grew up than with the kids in his class. There is a soulful sadness in his eyes that sucks you right in. He is physically in great shape and he looks like Iceland’s answer to Tarzan running so nimbly through the fields with the horses in the video below.

I hope my photos and videos from Iceland are as beautiful as some of this imagery. Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Nick running wild.

Beefy Bisexual Goodness

When we think of wrestling we think of high camp, totally fake made-for-tv spectacles that are filled with straight guys right? Not necessarily. This beefy slab of goodness is Anthony Bowens, a professional wrestler in the U.S. At 93kg (205lb) and 5’10” he’s not as massive as he looks but I’d say he’s pretty solid.

Anthony recently came out as Bisexual in a column on Outsports after a video (below) he did on youtube with his boyfriend was seen by some wrestling colleagues. In the video his boyfriend casually refers to Bowers as his “boyfriend” and at the time Bowers didn’t think anything of it. Some other wrestlers saw the video and one of them texted Anthony asking “Why didn’t you tell me?”

From there on out the response from friends and other wrestlers has been nothing but positive. Exactly as it should be. The bisexuals of this world need more recognition instead of being told they don’t exist.

Your double standards are slipping.

There is a guy here in Sydney who has earned himself a reputation as a bit of a crazy troll. He and I were friends on Facebook for a while but I deleted him after getting a whiff of his crazy. There are some people who are high functioning crazies and there are others, like this guy, who reek of it like cheap aftershave.

He’s been posting very nasty, barely literate rants full of judgement at other gay guys he knows. He throws around a lot of religious grand-standing and moral superiority. Particularly high on his hit list are people in open relationships. Using his religious “morals” as a battering ram to drive home the classic slut-shaming message of someone filled with internalised homophobia.

Now I’d cope, albeit confused and troubled, if he just ranted and lived the life that he claims but no. Just like your toe-tapping-in-a-bathroom-stall Republican conservative, he’s awash with double standards. There is at least one video of him on Tumblr outing himself as a hypocrite. I have found countless photos and videos of friends on Tumblr, innocently naked or being decidedly not-innocent and I love it. Get your slut on if that’s your thing, just don’t judge others for doing it.

The one video I have seen he is literally gagging on his double standards, disguised as the enormous cock of someone in an open relationship. The very thing he’s most fond of judging harshly. Maybe he was trying to suck the bad behaviour out of the guy?

A good boy scout

The cliched motto of the boy scouts is to be prepared. Now I’ve never been a boy scout and quite often I’ve been very unprepared. Never disastrously but not always to my benefit either. For the last three months I’ve been what you could say is OVER prepared.

Like a lot of other gay men in Sydney I’m taking part in the clinical study of PrEP, also known as Pre-exposure Prophylaxis. One of the brands is Truvada and in the early days of PrEP in the U.S. people wore shirts with Truvada Whore on them because of the slut shaming that seemed to go hand in hand with being on PrEP.

Now I will admit it seems that a lot, or most gay men on PrEP seem to use it as a way to ditch condoms which is not how it’s supposed to be used but that is entirely up to them. When I went on it a couple of friends got very judgemental looks on their face and started to lecture. The concern is appreciated and I understand where it’s coming from. Other STD’s are on the rise but as one friend said, “you can get all of those from oral and no one is using a condom for that”.

Whether I use condoms or not along with PrEP seems to be of little concern and the judgement seems to be a touch premature since in the three months I’ve been on the trial, I’m yet to actually have anything more than oral sex. It seems to have cemented my celibacy rather than eradicate it. Even the doctor running the trial this morning at my 3 month screening said “I hope the next three months is busier for you”.

I’m being encouraged to be more slutty by a middle aged straight man running a sexual health trial. Something tells me I’m not being a gay man very well.

Training inspiration

My usual batch of Youtubers all seem to be posting a little bit less frequently at the moment so I’ve been finding myself searching for other things to watch. Of course when you watch one thing you get bombarded with suggested videos of a similar nature. I posted a video of two hotties doing kilted yoga a couple of weeks ago and then all of a sudden I was recommended to go and watch The Kilted Coaches. So I did. If you like your men muscled with a cheeky grin, a beard and in a kilt then these guys are for you. They have the most gorgeous Scottish accent and you frequently see their bums. It feels like their channel is still finding it’s way but it’s got lots to offer in terms of sex appeal and genuine workout options.

One of the videos I watched the other day is their Cardio P.I.S.H. video which has a circuit style of workout. One of the boys was facing down wind doing burpees which makes for entertaining viewing even though you don’t get to see anything really. It’s also quite funny to watch them try and preserve their modesty while they do crunches. True Scotsmen indeed.

This is the style of workout I’m trying to do. Pushing weights just isn’t really doing it for me at the moment and I’m almost enjoying getting my sweat on and my heart rate up. Now, can I do it with these two lads?


On the mornings that I go to the gym I set my alarm for 5.35am. It goes off, I swear at it then turn it off. From there I stumble to the kitchen and make my pre-workout drink because I’m not training without something to wake me up. Then it’s in to the bathroom to have a pee then clean my teeth. Then I get dressed and head out the door. Now there is a radio breakfast show that starts at 6am so I don’t get to listen to that until after the gym but this morning the hosts were already on as I drove up the street. It turns out I’d set my alarm for 6.35am instead. I was meeting a friend for a quick coffee as we usually do at 7am after the gym so today it was a quick duck into the gym straight into the shower and get dressed again.

There was a perk. I got to see the hot tall new guy who isn’t shy as he was towelling off. Meaty beautiful uncut cock and a gorgeous chest with great big flat nipples. Mmmm tasty.

All that means that my plans to do a good fat burning, cardio interval workout went right out the window. The pre-workout combined with a coffee 20 minutes later means that not only was I wide awake but I think i could hear colours and see noises. It was a slightly jittery start to the morning. Yay for the meaty uncut cock and great nipples though.

Just don’t

Today I saw something that shocked me. Not in a “where is the justice in the world” level of atrocity but more of a “wow, sit down and shut up buddy” kind of thing.

A photographer that I’ve not long been following on Instagram posted a screen shot of an exchange he’d had with a model. The model was essentially asking the photographer to cover at least half of a plane ticket if he was going to travel interstate (in the U.S.) and pose nude for the photographer. Apparently that was deeply offensive to the photographer. He said he wasn’t that bloody desperate and the model was ugly anyway. All of the photographer’s followers were applauding him.

Unless I missed part of the conversation I am quite disgusted by the photographer’s attitude. If the model is flying interstate and posing nude for you, it’s not unreasonable for them to expect some compensation. I can’t really afford to pay models but I have done and if they ask I politely explain my situation and see if there is a compromise. I don’t act like a spoilt white frat boy living in his parents basement when a girl turns him down on Tindr.

To try and shame the model for having the self respect to ask for some compensation for his time and body is outrageous.

Eleven down!

Facebook is a fun and scary place at times. All the usual political posts are now too depressing to read most of the time. Every now and then something pops up that makes me smile or intrigues me. Someone recently shared this article from about the 13 things you should do nude before you die. Those of us that are comfortable nude and can be found without clothes on a regular basis have done most of the things listed. Nearly everyone that goes nude and even those that don’t regularly have tried skinny dipping or at least sleeping naked.

There is only one that I’ve definitely not done out of these 13 and that is riding a horse nude. I haven’t ridden a horse in ages and don’t have access to riding one nude. Can you imagine the potential damage to your balls? I’m allergic anyway so it wouldn’t be very much fun being nude but sneezing and having itchy eyes the whole time. Naked dancing is the only other one that I don’t think I’ve done. Given that I’ve cleaned the house nude I probably had music going so may have shimmied around the house while doing that but I’ve sadly never had the opportunity to go to a nude nightclub or anything.

How many of the things on the list have you done?

I’ve got the blues

Today I’ve been thinking that I may as well have been high on ecstasy over the weekend for the way I’ve been feeling. It’s like the come down from a drug high but without the twitchy feeling. I’ve been grumpy and really quite sad for no apparent reason. Sure I’m probably still catching up on a bit of sleep but I actually think it’s something else.

After all the lead up and all the rehearsals, even though we had fun walking up the street, it wasn’t what I was expecting and I don’t feel like I’ve had the pay off that I need. It was a little bit anticlimactic in the end. That is absolutely no criticism of anyone or a complaint about the situation. These things happen and we are not the first float to lose our sound in the parade and we certainly won’t be the last. I had been so looking forward to dancing that routine all the way up the parade, even if I did have to shimmy at my own butt all the way.

Around the world Mardi Gras takes on different forms. In places like New Orleans it seems to mean getting your dick out to score some shiny beads that you’ll never need again and I’m perfectly fine with that. As you can see in the photos above and more over at Cocktails and Cock Talk, there are a plethora of hot looking men getting some lovely cocks out.  This sort of thing should be encouraged, don’t you think? I’d probably have the blues after that kind of Mardi Gras too because hot men weren’t lobbing their cock out in the street any more.

A little bit uncomfortable?

My housemate is one of those “straight acting” or “masculine” gay men. He doesn’t understand camp guys and actually judges them quite a bit. That attitude kinda pisses me off so I love making him squirm a bit. Since it was the Mardi Gras parade last night and our outfits were white but we were allowed to accessorise and add colour I decided to go and get my first ever manicure and get my nails painted in different colours from the rainbow. When I showed my housemate he sort of frowned and laughed awkwardly. Then it was time to really pushed his buttons.

He loves a hairy guy, almost to the point of the hairier the better. So I said if my nails weird you out I’m about to really make you uncomfortable by shaving my legs. In his head there is no valid reason for a man to want to shave his legs unless there is an elite level sporting requirement. “Why would you want to do that he said?” looking at me in horror. Um… because I can, I want to and it’s my body. It’s not like I’m trying to turn him on anyway.

Gay men really don’t do themselves any favours with such narrow minded thinking. Sure we want equality and we need to end discrimination but there is no chance of doing that if we are the ones discriminating against ourselves.

In terms of the parade last night, it didn’t all go to plan. Our speakers blew out after about 150 metres of the parade that goes for about 2.5 kilometres. So instead of our choreographed routine we were reduced to smiling and waving. Not quite the impact we had planned. It was still a lot of fun and I’m very glad to have been a part of it.