Sometimes it just takes a while for things to fall into place. Steven is a young guy I chatted to on Grindr probably 18 months ago. He’s a bit of a nudie and at one point was going to come to one of our nude drinks nights but that never happened.

We’d also talked about doing a photo shoot and like the drinks, that didn’t seem like it was going to happen. Then a couple of months ago we started chatting again and I mentioned the shoot and he was right up for it.

So one day in December we headed off to the National Park to a nice private spot that I’d been to before. I managed to get us a little bit lost a couple of times but in the end, there we were, nude by a stream in the sunshine in the Australian bush.

Steven has a wholesome boy-next-door look and these photos felt right to me in black and white. He could almost be a returned World War II veteran on his time off relaxing in the sun shine.

Steven, the download not the man, is now available from my shop. Click here to buy that download or any of the others!

Slow start

My body image issues have been a recurring theme on this blog over the years and right now is no different. I have no problem being nude with my mates or nude on beaches and in the locker room in general but I see photos of myself and really don’t like what I see sometimes.

I remember years ago a guy I was rowing surf boats with complaining that as he hit his 40’s he had a bit of fat on his lower back, kinda love handle area that he had never had before. He said it was almost impossible to shed.

Now I know what he’s on about. When I take photos nude for instagram, they are mostly from behind and that is the angle where I see my problem areas.

Sadly, with the new year I haven’t been blessed with a new sense of motivation or inspiration for training and eating. The eating is marginally better than it was but my “fitspiration” at the gym seems to have stayed missing. How on earth are all those people who are good at training, so consistently motivated?

Fingers crossed as I move into the new year I’ll build up some momentum!

One x Two

This week’s download is “one x two”. One man, photographed two ways.

Chris is one of the most classically handsome people I’ve ever met. 1950’s Hollywood would have cast him as the leading man in every big movie.

The shoot was broken up into three parts, but for the purposes of this download I’ve used two of them. One of them has been thoroughly re-worked with colour overlays and “glitches”.

The second is classic black & white. Sometimes you just can’t beat the classic look. If you want to buy this week’s download or any of the others, click here.

A great finish

While the first week of my break went really slowly and deliciously, the second week has FLOWN by. While I’m not entirely convinced I want to go back to work tomorrow I have had a great finish to my break.

On Friday morning I picked up two mates and their camping gear, squeezed them in to my little car, along with my own camping gear and drove to River Island for a couple of nights of naked camping. We spent Friday swimming in the river and finding any shade we could to try and escape the scorching heat. Yesterday morning (Saturday) five more guys joined us and we had an amazing day exploring the river, swimming in the “cascades” and playing card games until nearly midnight. We decided at that point that we’d had enough and we were tired, tipsy and very happy.

Early this morning I got up along with one of the other guys to do a photo shoot. Doing a photo shoot for me usually means the model is nude and I’m clothed but if we are nude camping and it’s one of my nude mates that I’m photographing then I’m not bothering with pants. One of the other guys joined us mid photo shoot and took this cool “behind the scenes” shot (above).

So tomorrow morning my gym training and re-vamped approach to eating starts hopefully with a lot more enthusiasm than I had at the end of 2018.

Not very impressed

It wasn’t the best start to my new year in a couple of ways. Being sick was one of them. The other was receiving a message from one of my models all in a fluster because someone had sent him one of the full frontal images on twitter.

Apparently he hadn’t really thought it through when he agreed to pose full frontal with no pressure from me, and signed a release form for these images to be released. Not only did he say it felt like a violation of privacy if someone buys the download and puts it online but he also said that selling them for “$6 is not art but… selling like a bakery sell bread”

There is a language barrier and I don’t think he meant to be offensive but Fuck. Right. Off. Telling me I’m selling my work like bread is damned offensive. If I charge more, nobody buys it. No one is buying the limited edition prints because they are too expensive and people get to see all the images they want at a cost effective price.

Even though he has signed a release form and I technically didn’t have to remove the download as he requested, I have. I don’t want my models hating me but this has left a very sour taste in my mouth.

If you own the “Bohemian” download, you are now the owner of a limited edition download.

P.S. I have used an image of Jorge, but it’s not him. He’s awesome.

Not quite to plan

Catching up with friends you haven’t seen for 2.5 years, over New Year’s Eve should be a fun filled time. And I definitely loved seeing my friends but my New Year’s Eve did not quite go to plan.

On Sunday afternoon I landed in Geelong and spent the afternoon relaxing at my mate’s house catching up and having a light meal before we went out to Piano Bar. Now Piano Bar is Geelong’s only gay bar but my god it’s fun. A live pianist/singer, plus drag queens and a lot of laughs and wine meant for a fun night. Sadly it was as we were leaving there was the first sign of trouble.

See, the next nearly 48 hours were spent with many many rushed visits to the toilet. On New Year’s Eve I spent the night quietly on my mate’s lounge while they went to the party I was supposed to be at with them (no point them missing out) and I was in bed by 9pm.

All in all though I’ve spent some great time reminding myself why these guys are such amazing friends. It’s always great to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in ages and it’s as easy as if it were yesterday.

What a year!

It’s that time of year. All the best-of compilation posts are out and about. Best song, movie, celebrity feud, fashion statement. You name it and there’s a list for it.

Some of my friends have had a bloody awful year with all sorts of medical, emotional and economic issues to deal with. Thankfully my family have had a smooth sailing kind of year and on a personal level I’m in a good place.

There were no holidays for me this year because it was my first year in a new job and I’ve been saving my leave up for a big European adventure next year. That doesn’t mean my year hasn’t been good. I’ve done the most photography I’ve ever done and even made a bit of money from it. My wedding celebrancy work has been going well and makes the romantic in me very happy.

This year I also ticked off a bucket list sex fantasy. There are still more to go but I’m quite content with that aspect of my life at the moment. A bit of romance wouldn’t be a bad thing in 2019. Let’s see how that goes?

Wherever you are reading this blog and however often you drop by to read my ramblings, thank you. I wish you all the very best for 2019 and let’s see if we can’t do our bit to make the world smile!

Life is an adventure, go and enjoy it!

He’s your Island Boy

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. I’ve been incredibly lucky with my models with very, very few of them causing me any drama. People I often haven’t met turning up and getting nude in places they often shouldn’t for me to take photos. It’s an interesting hobby, that’s for sure.

Taylor is my latest download and the last one for 2018. He is of Pacific and Cook Islands heritage and you can tell with just how happy being in and near the water made him.

He also has a stunning amount of energy! It was an early morning shoot and he was dancing and singing when most of my early morning models arrive clutching a coffee as if it is their only link to being alive.

Click here to buy Island Boy and any of the other downloads and feel free to recommend them to your friends to buy!


For a long time the comments weren’t working on this blog and sometimes I wish that was still the case. To be fair, the vast majority of interactions I’ve had with readers over the years has been fantastic.

When I posted a couple of weeks ago about someone claiming to be XL Hung at 7.5-8 inches I got a comment that perhaps wasn’t meant in a nasty way but it rankled me. “I feel like I live in a different gay world to you even though I am in Sydney also. Not everyone is obsessed with bodies and size. It seems like perhaps you aren’t attracted to anyone smaller than average and I wonder how much this limits you in relationships.”

Maybe I’m being overly defensive about it but that comment comes across as smug and superior, trying to tell me that I’m shallow and superficial. My requirements on body shape are very different in a photographic subject to what I expect in a partner. Commenting on someone’s claims about their own cock apparently makes me obsessed with cock size too.

Sorry, but if you are going to comment do it constructively. I’m sure they think they are doing me a favour by pointing out everything I’m doing wrong in the hunt for a partner but this comment was bullshit.


Churning out a photography download each week has felt a bit unsatisfying at times. Because I don’t have access to a free studio these days it’s much harder to execute some of my more creative and interesting concepts.

Shooting beautiful men nude in the beautiful outdoors is great and you all seem to like it but it’s hard to keep it interesting.

After doing several outdoor releases in a row, or shooting only outdoor things for a while I wanted to release something in a studio setting so I went back to the archives and looked at a shoot that I did two years ago that I hadn’t released as a download. It needed reworking and finally this week I had an idea on how.

David is a stunning human and he’s very content nude so playing with these images again was fun. The download will be released in a couple of weeks but I thought I’d share a few images now with you. As you all know I don’t really do a lot of manipulation on my images but I’m really happy with how these look. It also leads nicely into some of the treatments I’m thinking with the upcoming art-porn shoot.

A gentle nudge

I guess it’s not unusual at this time of year to evaluate what you’ve been doing and what lies ahead for the next year, five years or even just a month.

I’ve just finished watching the video below and it’s given me a gentle nudge to get back into making and posting vlogs and behind the scenes videos. I can’t make a behind the scenes video for every shoot that I do or I’d never leave the house and unless shooting and videos become my full time job, it’s just not an option.

This video reminds me of what I love about travel and video making. It’s so much fun capturing the moments on a trip and seeing if you can express a whole adventure in a 10 minute video through the selection of edits and music.

Captain Potter is a youtuber that has been a bit sporadic in his posting but when he posts I generally like what he’s sharing. I’ve found lately that some youtubers start to lose their magic or I get bored with them after a while. Some, like Ben Brown, lose the plot completely.

For now, enjoy this video.

Trolling the family Christmas

My family is pretty much expert level at keeping each other’s feet on the ground and preventing anyone from developing an ego. If anyone were to get famous in our family I’d be pretty confident in my family treating them exactly the same no matter how famous they got.

So I developed a plan to gently troll my niece and nephew for Christmas. About a year ago my sister took her husband and the kids and herself off to do a family portrait. As far as they go they are nice. There was one photo of my niece and nephew together that just makes me laugh. It’s a nice photo but they are typical teenage siblings and barely sit next to each other, let alone pose for cheesy photos.

So. I scanned the photo and had it put on a t-shirt. Then I wore that t-shirt to Christmas yesterday. The rest of the family were laughing their heads off. The kids thought it was crazy. Little did they know.

I had also had a photo taken of myself in the t-shirt which I then had put on t-shirts for them for Christmas. So much fun. Obviously they will never wear them but their reaction was totally worth it.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas, however you celebrate or not! Lots of love from me here at Aussielicious.

A Boy in Bed

It’s very rare for me to have a guy as beautiful as Kyle in my bed. On this occasion it was purely for photographic purposes.

This was done on the same day as the Blue Skies photo shoot and all very quickly. Both shoots and lunch were done by about 1pm. That’s the thing about the way I work and working with a model like Kyle who is a complete professional and knows exactly what he’s doing. There’s no messing around. Not to say we didn’t have a laugh on the shoots but we sure as hell didn’t waste any time.

Boy In Bed is the latest download that I’ve just released on my website. Click here to go to shop for this and all the other 51 downloads now available. This download does contain full frontal imagery.

Different priorities

My lack of a sex life is largely my own choosing. I do have my own insecurities just like everyone else does and mine are about sex and it definitely contributes. But even before those insecurities appeared I wasn’t one to prioritise sex too highly. I do have a decent sex drive but there are so many things in my life that need attention too.

I find it fascinating how different we all are in that regard. My fuck bud has a very high sex drive. To the point where he called in sick the other day (it was the last week of work for the year) and had lots and lots of casual sex all day. I very much doubt I’d ever do that.

Having had some sex in the last week, which is a very pleasant change I definitely see why people prioritise it I just don’t know how. Between keeping up with editing photo shoots, circus class, seeing friends, the gym, wedding celebrant stuff and a regular job I’m exhausted at this end of the year. Add regular shags and the effort they take to organise and I’d never sleep!

Found them?!

Asking people to be photographed nude is confronting enough for some people and it’s taken me a long time to get to the stage where I am, with a back catalogue to rely on and the confidence to just ask. There’s no harm if they say no, right?

So asking someone to be photographed not only nude, but having actual sex is a big challenge. Last week I posted about the art/porn shoot that I have been thinking about doing for a while. Over the weekend I found one model willing to do it and today I think, with the help of a fan of my work, I’ve found a second model.

We’ve been chatting for about an hour about it and he seems to be fully on board and my understanding is he is DEFINITELY equipped for the challenge. Let’s make art/porn happen! The pressure is on now.

As I’ve said before I have no desire for my work to be actual porn. There are a lot of people doing that and doing it well. My aim is to make something with graphic, full sex beautiful and where the image is the focus, not the size of the cock and the penetration. Let’s see how we go.