I hope he’s ok

We’ve all been in dating situations that are doomed but whether we can see that or not, we dive in head first and fall hard for the other person.

A friend of mine entered one of those situations earlier this year and it didn’t work out and he’s really struggling to let go. The other guy just wasn’t in a position to give him what he wants. Essentially they are at very different stages of their gay stories. One has been out for half his life and is ready for a serious relationship and wants monogamy. The other has only been out for a handful of years and is really not ready for that.

Neither guy has done anything wrong and while one of them might feel a bit wronged he’s just hurt that it didn’t work out. We’ve all been there. I’ve definitely fallen hard for guys that weren’t interested, weren’t emotionally in a place to be in a relationship or just weren’t right for me. It hurts. Fingers crossed my mate will be able to let go soon and move on.

Slowing it down

It’s probably fair to say that I’ve done more photography this year than I have in all the previous years combined and I’ve loved it. The response to the downloads has been amazing and it’s very nice for my hobby to be paying it’s own way instead of costing me a lot more than it brings in.

Having said that, releasing a download a week on top of a full time job and being a wedding celebrant is getting pretty exhausting so I have decided that the pace will slow down a little next year. It will still likely be at least one per fortnight and depending on what I have ready to go there may still be some periods where it is weekly. But I wouldn’t bank on it.

Who knows. After a couple of weeks break over the Holiday season I may change my mind and keep up the weekly pace. I do love doing photography and photographing beautiful nude men is hardly a chore.

Probably not

The new(ish) feature on Instagram where you can have your followers ask questions is both fun and dangerous. On Sunday I let followers throw some questions my way on my photography account but not before stipulating that they couldn’t just ask for dick shots of my models. That’s not happening.

One of the people said they would love to see more body size diversity in my shoots. To be honest it’s probably not going to happen in the way they most likely meant. Most of my models are quite athletic and have various amounts of muscle. Not all of them have six packs but they aren’t exactly soft by any stretch of the imagination.

I photographed all sorts of body shapes in the My People My Tribe series and I still believe that everyone can look beautiful in a nude photo but my photography isn’t so much about bringing out the beauty in the average person. It’s about using someone beautiful to create beautiful images and I don’t really believe that is something I should apologise for. Each artist has their niche and in an ever increasingly politically correct world the danger of offending people for not being inclusive enough of other types is a real one. If he were around today Picasso would probably be hounded on social media for not being inclusive of women whose facial features were in the right place.

There are actually quite a few photographers out there celebrating the sexy aspects of the “every man” and I’m content to leave that up to them. In the meantime I’ll keep photographing the men that I choose. If I wanted to shoot regular guys I’d do self portraits.

Being “Watched”

If you had just come home from work, taken off all your clothes, poured yourself a wine and were just starting to relax when you felt a pair of eyes on you what would you do?

In this week’s download “Watched” that is exactly the scenario I explored with the absolutely lovely Stuckatzero. Luckily for me he was in town for a few bookings and was keen to work with me. In this voyeuristic/exhibitionist fantasy, when he found that he was being watched, he decided to put on a show. First up in the shower then on the bed, before making his way back to the lounge room to grab his wine and himself.

Thank goodness for amazing open-minded straight guys like Stuckatzero. If you want to see the full series, you’d better head on over to my store by clicking here. Don’t forget there are limited edition prints and a lot of other downloads available there as well.

Which is it?

We all know I’m an emotional guy and my love life gets me down from time to time. There are some things that set it off more easily than others.

Weddings are a good example and this weekend I was at the wedding of two of my dearest friends out at their country property (now also available for weddings or weekend escapes).

I was sharing a glamping tent on a nearby property with a friend and people were joking “What if one of you picks up?” My response was that my friend is Australia’s most closeted man and I know pretty much every single gay man going. Apparently not. My closeted friend (only out to a handful of friends) ended up with the phone number of, and sharing a dance with the one single local in the area.

Obviously I have no problem with my mate meeting someone. I think that’s fantastic. He is a fantastic person and I’d love to see him happy with someone. My problem is my completely shit love life. How can I go to a wedding full of gay men, or any event and still not meet anyone new, let alone anything more? Most gay men seem to either be single and enjoying slutty freedom, happy in a relationship or happily being slutty in an open relationship. Why do I feel like I’m the only one that barely gets laid nor has any romance?

It’s times like this that I get very frustrated because so many people say “you might meet someone at the wedding” and the world feels like it constantly tells you that happiness isn’t possible without a partner but then all those same people who ask if you’re dating at every given opportunity, turn around and say “it’ll happen when you stop looking.” Honey, pick a side.

On the upside, I got to watch two amazing friends have their absolute dream wedding and I got to dance and laugh the night away with a bunch of really great people.

One month to go

Every year I plan on being more organised for Christmas and getting gifts for my family with a bit more time so that it’s not rushed. Of course that never happens. With one calendar month to go today, I have ordered one gift but there’s no sign of it arriving as yet. Everyone else I have nothing for yet. Oops.

Thankfully I have a very chilled family and there are no weird pressures to get amazing gifts but we all still try and find gifts that are thoughtful without breaking the bank. Fingers crossed I find some inspiration in the next few weeks. I have one pretty fun joke gift planned for my niece and nephew. Our family can aren’t adverse about taking the piss out of each other or pranking each other a little from time to time but that gift is just going to be a secondary one.

Christmas Day itself is lovely and low key. We spend Christmas Eve at my sister’s house and wake up there for Christmas Day, exchanging gifts, eating too much, probably having a sleep and quite likely drinking too much. It’s only my immediate family 99% of the time so there aren’t any awkward dynamics at play either.

How are you all preparing for Christmas? Has anyone actually had a nude Christmas?

Have you?

Chatting to my Danish friend Mikael this evening, he tells me he’s just been to Istanbul and went to a beautiful Hamam, called Kilic Ali Pasa Hamam with a friend of his. Now Hamam’s have been on my radar for a long time as they fit the communal bathing, relaxing scenario that I enjoy so much. Just like Onsens in Japan and Saunas in Germany. All of these forms of communal bathing stem from an era when houses didn’t have running water and private showers.

Mikael did say that the only person he saw completely nude was his mate as they were getting undressed as the typical Hamam way is to wear a little towel wrapped around you. From what he was saying the experience was exactly what you expected. There’s no sex going on and it really is just a way for men to relax and bathe, get a massage and a scrub then relax some more.

Turkey is a part of the world that I haven’t seriously contemplated visiting yet but it has an appeal. The more I travel the more I want to and experiencing local traditions like Hamam are high on my list. Of course, given it’s me we are talking about, the nudity aspect doesn’t exactly hurt.

I’d be curious to hear from any of you out there, my delightful readers, of any Hamam experiences you might have.

Haunting self portraits

So many talented artists have embarked on the challenge of taking self portraits. From the old painting Masters to modern photographers and it is a fantastic, challenging skill to be able to let go of your own self-consciousness and explore the art. I’ve contemplated it for a while but I get stuck at the self-consciousness part, thinking “when I get myself in shape” which is clearly yet to happen.

Franklin Liranzo is a professional photographer and latin dancer, originally from the Dominican Republic. If you want to find him on Instagram he is known as TheNudeYorker. I found out about his work through a profile on Wasemag where he was featured and in upcoming instalments will be sharing some behind the scenes and an interview by my friend, Melbourne Photographer Ross Spirou.

This series of self-portraits was taken in Franklin’s “favourite place in earth”, Iceland. Having been to Iceland in summer and still being bloody cold, I admire Franklin for his dedication to being nude and probably freezing. He’s managed to brave the cold, move past being self-conscious and take some beautiful images.

Beach Love…

It’s not easy to find guys willing to pose in erotic situations, let alone with a guy they haven’t met before but a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a beautiful duo shoot with two models I’d worked with before. Aaron from the Wired download, and Laria from the Home download.

We hit the nude beach early in the morning, both for good light and for privacy. We got the good light and for the most part, the privacy. I’m always amazed at how early people go to nude beaches. One older gentleman was definitely enjoying the show and while it was a little off putting having him sit there touching himself watching from a distance, I can’t really say I blame him. It was a very sexy shoot and we were in public.

If you want to see all the sexy shots of Aaron and Laria, head on over to my shop by clicking here.

Feeling lucky

Some people would say that just by having a hobby where I get to see beautiful men nude all the time should make me feel lucky and to a certain extent they are correct. It’s not always a struggle. There are times when it goes better than others and this weekend was one of those.

Yesterday the lighting was a bit tricky for the shoot in my apartment with a beautiful French guy, visiting Sydney but he was absolutely lovely to work with. He’d been out partying the night before and only had three hours of sleep but he was bright eyed and ready to do the shoot. He had a cheeky sense of humour and was so easy and relaxed.

Today I did two shoots with one model, or two locations and hung out with the model all up for four hours or so. Again, really easy to work with. Having a relaxed vibe with a model where you are on the same page creatively or even just with attitude, it makes it so much easier. I’ve said it before but in the 14 years that I’ve been doing photo shoots I’ve been incredibly lucky that I’ve dealt with models that are attitude-free 95% of the time.

There have only been a handful who have caused drama or been problematic and I think that’s a pretty good ratio. If everything goes well 95% of the time, it’s success so I’m feeling pretty lucky today.

It’s nice to hear!

In the years that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve posted several times about being called stupid, crazy or an idiot for wanting monogamy. A close friend who knows that I want to find a monogamous relationship, when he and his partner opened things up told me to just “Steal someone else’s husband”. I didn’t dignify that with a response.

In the past few weeks I found out that a couple who were posting some very hot videos on onlyfans, are monogamous. They have found their way of keeping the sexual chemistry alive without opening things up. Then last night I had dinner with a couple who are monogamous and have no desire to ever change that. Once again, they have their own way of keeping the spice in their sex life.

This is not a criticism of open relationships. People are very free to do what works for them but as someone who aspires to monogamy if I ever find a partner, it’s nice to hear that there are like minded people out there.


We all know how easy it is to click around on the internet and waste HOURS essentially seeing nothing important. A week or two had passed since Kylie had announced the Australian leg of her Golden tour and there were posts about it floating around. I clicked on one that mentioned pre-sale tickets because I hadn’t actually seen when tickets went on sale.

Lo and behold the pre-sale was happening right then! It was 25 minutes into a 2 hour window. So I got myself logged in, got the code and got myself a few tickets! Now it’s a big call to buy $200 tickets to a concert without discussing it with friends but I’d go alone. Kylie as I have said many times is the closest thing I get to religion and people go to church by themselves. A Kylie concert is a hell of a lot more fun than church but also more fun with friends.

A few minutes later I messaged my bestie and of course she said yes, she’s keen. Now I just have to wait four months before I get to go and worship at the altar of fabulousness that is Ms Minogue! 2019 is looking like a good year with a Kylie tour AND a European adventure in the same year!

So chilled

If you are a photographer working in the realm of nudes, either male or female, I highly recommend photographing sex workers. I’ve worked with a few now and I have to say the majority of them are so chilled out.

I’ve just walked in the door from shooting a Brisbane-based male escort who specialises in BDSM. He also does straight up fucking sex work and even though he identifies as straight, he’ll tie guys up and give them the BDSM treatment too. People who have broken down that taboo wall of sex work usually have far fewer hangups about sexual identity than the rest of us.

I don’t know the this shoot will be technically brilliant. We were shooting in available light in an apartment and, semi intentionally, the photos will be very grainy and gritty. But it was very sexy to see him doing his thing, getting into his own body in front of my camera. Fingers crossed when the time comes to release the images you’ll all like them too.

Get yourself Golden

Coming up with a name for each of these downloads each week is getting more difficult. This week’s is called Golden because I painted gold on him. Yeah it’s pretty literal. I nearly didn’t call it that because Kylie’s latest album is called Golden and everyone knows I’m a Kylie tragic. It wasn’t named after her I swear.

Kevin turned up on the day of this shoot, the last of three shoots in the one session and he nailed it. He is experienced in front of a camera, knows his angles and his best assets and gives you exactly what you need. Kevin is also the model I was talking about last week with the enthusiastic fans.

Obviously there is some genetic luck in having a body like Kevin has but there is also a lot of hard work. I admire the guys who have the discipline to do what is needed when I only seem to find the dedication to food and drink.

If you want to buy “Golden” or any of the other downloads just click here.

Mostly good

Through this blog and in life in general I am a pretty open book. I’ve put a lot of stuff here on the pages of Aussielicious in the 13 years I’ve been blogging that a lot of people might not have. The world is a fascinating place and everyone approaches things in different ways. As a result, there are a lot of photos of my naked arse on my Instagram and today there were a couple of moments when I wondered if that was the right approach.

I posted an “ask me a question” on my Instagram Story and throughout the day about 800 people had seen it. I think because I kept answering questions my Story was at the front of the list for a large part of the day meaning it was viewed a lot. A few times I saw people from circus school had seen it, or ex work colleagues, current work colleagues and even my sister. Thankfully everyone knows about my nude tendencies so all the photos of my naked butt matched up with answers to questions wouldn’t have been confronting or a surprise.

Opening myself up for questions also means I got a few questions that were just not appropriate. I’ve posted about my sex life on here but Instagram is a very different scenario. People asking me to show my cock is never going to get a good response on Instagram. Nor is asking if I’m a top or a bottom. Why do people think that’s ok?

Thankfully 95% of people I interact with through the blog or social media are fantastic and that openness about my nude tendencies etc has meant I’ve met a lot of fellow nudies over the years and I’ve also been getting some good tips for my trip to Europe next year.

So while every now and then I feel slightly awkward about my nakedness online, mostly it’s done a lot of good.