Training inspiration

My usual batch of Youtubers all seem to be posting a little bit less frequently at the moment so I’ve been finding myself searching for other things to watch. Of course when you watch one thing you get bombarded with suggested videos of a similar nature. I posted a video of two hotties doing kilted yoga a couple of weeks ago and then all of a sudden I was recommended to go and watch The Kilted Coaches. So I did. If you like your men muscled with a cheeky grin, a beard and in a kilt then these guys are for you. They have the most gorgeous Scottish accent and you frequently see their bums. It feels like their channel is still finding it’s way but it’s got lots to offer in terms of sex appeal and genuine workout options.

One of the videos I watched the other day is their Cardio P.I.S.H. video which has a circuit style of workout. One of the boys was facing down wind doing burpees which makes for entertaining viewing even though you don’t get to see anything really. It’s also quite funny to watch them try and preserve their modesty while they do crunches. True Scotsmen indeed.

This is the style of workout I’m trying to do. Pushing weights just isn’t really doing it for me at the moment and I’m almost enjoying getting my sweat on and my heart rate up. Now, can I do it with these two lads?


On the mornings that I go to the gym I set my alarm for 5.35am. It goes off, I swear at it then turn it off. From there I stumble to the kitchen and make my pre-workout drink because I’m not training without something to wake me up. Then it’s in to the bathroom to have a pee then clean my teeth. Then I get dressed and head out the door. Now there is a radio breakfast show that starts at 6am so I don’t get to listen to that until after the gym but this morning the hosts were already on as I drove up the street. It turns out I’d set my alarm for 6.35am instead. I was meeting a friend for a quick coffee as we usually do at 7am after the gym so today it was a quick duck into the gym straight into the shower and get dressed again.

There was a perk. I got to see the hot tall new guy who isn’t shy as he was towelling off. Meaty beautiful uncut cock and a gorgeous chest with great big flat nipples. Mmmm tasty.

All that means that my plans to do a good fat burning, cardio interval workout went right out the window. The pre-workout combined with a coffee 20 minutes later means that not only was I wide awake but I think i could hear colours and see noises. It was a slightly jittery start to the morning. Yay for the meaty uncut cock and great nipples though.

Just don’t

Today I saw something that shocked me. Not in a “where is the justice in the world” level of atrocity but more of a “wow, sit down and shut up buddy” kind of thing.

A photographer that I’ve not long been following on Instagram posted a screen shot of an exchange he’d had with a model. The model was essentially asking the photographer to cover at least half of a plane ticket if he was going to travel interstate (in the U.S.) and pose nude for the photographer. Apparently that was deeply offensive to the photographer. He said he wasn’t that bloody desperate and the model was ugly anyway. All of the photographer’s followers were applauding him.

Unless I missed part of the conversation I am quite disgusted by the photographer’s attitude. If the model is flying interstate and posing nude for you, it’s not unreasonable for them to expect some compensation. I can’t really afford to pay models but I have done and if they ask I politely explain my situation and see if there is a compromise. I don’t act like a spoilt white frat boy living in his parents basement when a girl turns him down on Tindr.

To try and shame the model for having the self respect to ask for some compensation for his time and body is outrageous.

Eleven down!

Facebook is a fun and scary place at times. All the usual political posts are now too depressing to read most of the time. Every now and then something pops up that makes me smile or intrigues me. Someone recently shared this article from about the 13 things you should do nude before you die. Those of us that are comfortable nude and can be found without clothes on a regular basis have done most of the things listed. Nearly everyone that goes nude and even those that don’t regularly have tried skinny dipping or at least sleeping naked.

There is only one that I’ve definitely not done out of these 13 and that is riding a horse nude. I haven’t ridden a horse in ages and don’t have access to riding one nude. Can you imagine the potential damage to your balls? I’m allergic anyway so it wouldn’t be very much fun being nude but sneezing and having itchy eyes the whole time. Naked dancing is the only other one that I don’t think I’ve done. Given that I’ve cleaned the house nude I probably had music going so may have shimmied around the house while doing that but I’ve sadly never had the opportunity to go to a nude nightclub or anything.

How many of the things on the list have you done?

I’ve got the blues

Today I’ve been thinking that I may as well have been high on ecstasy over the weekend for the way I’ve been feeling. It’s like the come down from a drug high but without the twitchy feeling. I’ve been grumpy and really quite sad for no apparent reason. Sure I’m probably still catching up on a bit of sleep but I actually think it’s something else.

After all the lead up and all the rehearsals, even though we had fun walking up the street, it wasn’t what I was expecting and I don’t feel like I’ve had the pay off that I need. It was a little bit anticlimactic in the end. That is absolutely no criticism of anyone or a complaint about the situation. These things happen and we are not the first float to lose our sound in the parade and we certainly won’t be the last. I had been so looking forward to dancing that routine all the way up the parade, even if I did have to shimmy at my own butt all the way.

Around the world Mardi Gras takes on different forms. In places like New Orleans it seems to mean getting your dick out to score some shiny beads that you’ll never need again and I’m perfectly fine with that. As you can see in the photos above and more over at Cocktails and Cock Talk, there are a plethora of hot looking men getting some lovely cocks out.  This sort of thing should be encouraged, don’t you think? I’d probably have the blues after that kind of Mardi Gras too because hot men weren’t lobbing their cock out in the street any more.

A little bit uncomfortable?

My housemate is one of those “straight acting” or “masculine” gay men. He doesn’t understand camp guys and actually judges them quite a bit. That attitude kinda pisses me off so I love making him squirm a bit. Since it was the Mardi Gras parade last night and our outfits were white but we were allowed to accessorise and add colour I decided to go and get my first ever manicure and get my nails painted in different colours from the rainbow. When I showed my housemate he sort of frowned and laughed awkwardly. Then it was time to really pushed his buttons.

He loves a hairy guy, almost to the point of the hairier the better. So I said if my nails weird you out I’m about to really make you uncomfortable by shaving my legs. In his head there is no valid reason for a man to want to shave his legs unless there is an elite level sporting requirement. “Why would you want to do that he said?” looking at me in horror. Um… because I can, I want to and it’s my body. It’s not like I’m trying to turn him on anyway.

Gay men really don’t do themselves any favours with such narrow minded thinking. Sure we want equality and we need to end discrimination but there is no chance of doing that if we are the ones discriminating against ourselves.

In terms of the parade last night, it didn’t all go to plan. Our speakers blew out after about 150 metres of the parade that goes for about 2.5 kilometres. So instead of our choreographed routine we were reduced to smiling and waving. Not quite the impact we had planned. It was still a lot of fun and I’m very glad to have been a part of it.

Acceptance or cashing in?

Something I’ve been thinking about in the lead up to Mardi Gras is how many companies are now supporting Mardi Gras. Years ago it would have been almost impossible to get a company to sponsor a float but now it seems like every store in Sydney has a Mardi Gras display. I love that it’s now so visible and acceptable to support the gay community but are they doing it ethically and financially or just visibly?

A large chain of hardware mega-stores here in Australia has even had rainbow arches in some of it’s Sydney stores and I’d be pretty comfortable betting that they haven’t done anything financially to support Mardi Gras or LGBT rights. Other companies such as the ANZ Bank do a lot for social equity and are big financial sponsors of the parade.

This ad from Coca-Cola is a very amusing take on their hot tradesmen genre. In this case a brother and sister are both lusting after the pool boy and there is no difference in the treatment of the boy from the girl. We need more of this kind of advertising I say!

Fun, sexy and inspiring

There is something about young men that makes me cringe and inspires me in equal parts. Men in their early twenties have a sense of invincibility that defies all rational thought but at times I think it’s good to hang on to that in a measured way as we get older. I’d be so much better at aerial silks if I had that feeling of indestructibility but that is not to be. As we get older we naturally get more hesitant and that’s probably because we can put our back out with a good sneeze or a bad night’s sleep.

These two guys, Jaan Roose and Tauri Vahesaar are clearly still in the prime of their fearlessness. It doesn’t hurt that they have some mad skills when it comes to trick-lining, being sponsored athletes for Gibbon Slacklines. It also doesn’t hurt that they are both very good looking and fit guys hailing from goodness knows where in Europe. Tauri’s website has language options in English, German and I think Estonian?

This video is so much more creative than most of the slackline videos you see online. It’s way more bold and edgy than this video that I posted a while back. These guys must have sustained some bruises in making this but it looks like they had a lot of fun. Film maker Mart Madison has taken the time and clearly has the skill to shoot a really successful video. Just how tired do you think these guys were by the end of filming?

Just don’t understand

On the weekend I was looking for a little fun to be had on Grindr or Scruff and started chatting to a hot guy that lives around the area somewhere nearby. It was very quickly made clear that he likes to be dominated. He’s got a boyfriend who isn’t really into the dominating thing so he gets that elsewhere with the knowledge of his boyfriend. He sent me a few photos and while it was a lovely looking cock, it was small but that had become part of his submissive identity.

He loved the idea of me and a friend or friends all fucking him and totally dominating him. He even said in one message “Let me be just a guy with an open hole and a small useless cock”. In a different message he also said “willing hole and a small soft useless cock.” I don’t understand. Does he like to be dominated so much that all of his pleasure is from satisfying whoever is just using him as a hole? Does he get off at the end of this interaction or is his orgasm not important either? I know I can be a bit vanilla at times but I’m far from totally innocent but this kind of mentality really confuses me. It goes to show that sex is quite often at least in the mind as much as the physical.

It’s one of those situations of Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Did he realise he has a small cock so start from that and become a sub? Or did the sub thing lead to the useless cock talk? SO many questions.

My niche market?

As I get nearer to the end of my Marriage Celebrancy course I’m now into the elective subjects about business planning and financial planning etc. Given that being a Marriage Celebrant is only going to be a bit of pocket money and not my main business I get to have a bit of a laugh to myself. Obviously I’m taking the course very seriously but last night I was doing a SWOT analysis of my business as a celebrant. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Doing some research it would appear that a lot of celebrants get asked if they’d be willing to officiate at a nude wedding. A lot of them said they would officiate at a nude wedding but not nude themselves.

This all started for me when a mate became a marriage celebrant. He and I have hung out nude on several occasions, one skinny dipping etc so we both decided that we would happily perform ceremonies nude. Maybe this is my unique selling point as a celebrant? I wouldn’t focus on it but a couple of advertisments on nudist sites or in nudist magazines could turn up a bit of business. I would have no qualms standing up in front of a nude wedding audience and performing a ceremony at a nude wedding. I would find the whole politics of nude family members quite entertaining.

I just need to finish getting qualified!

Note: I tried finding photos of a gay nude wedding, given the audience of this blog but I had no luck!

I’m very lucky!

This weekend I’ve spent up an hour or so North of Sydney with my family. Christmas 2015 my sister and I gave my mother and father a gift voucher for a zip lining adventure up there. We were all going to go and do it last October but there was some damage to the zipline in a storm so it was delayed until this weekend. My parents have always encouraged my sister and I to be fairly adventurous. When we were little they would take us to amusement parks and they said we could sit and mind the bags or come on the roller coasters with us. So we went on them. As a result I’ve been bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting, skiing, scuba diving, jet boating and now zip lining. Most of them with my family.

When we went out for dinner last night my sister and I were talking about, when we hear of other people not getting on with their brothers or sisters, we think about how lucky we are. When my family gets together, including my brother-in-law we all sit around and have a really good laugh. We get on really well and it’s a low pressure easy catch up. Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves like most people but generally speaking I feel really lucky to have them.

The photo above is all of us after doing a 300m and a 1,000m zipline that looped around trees and weaved it’s way through the forest. It may have been raining but it was so much fun.

First rehearsal done!

Tonight we had the first rehearsal for our Mardi Gras float. The My People My Tribe project is the theme of this year’s Mardi Gras and we are the official lead float of the parade. I haven’t done the parade in about five years so getting back into learning a dance routine has been a lot of fun this evening. At times we were chaos but by the end of the night we were doing really well.

Thankfully we aren’t dancing up the street in swimwear like I did with the Lifesavers With Pride all those years ago. This old boy ain’t what he used to be and I wouldn’t feel comfortable in speedos in front of that many people right now.

Being the first official float, only preceeded by the Dykes on Bikes, Indigenous Australians and the original protesters from 1978 it means that we will be done quite early so that I can duck back up the road to a friend’s place where he is having a party to watch the parade and have a few glasses of bubbles. It’s only 10 days away!

In honour of the occasion of me getting back into the parade I thought I’d dig up this old video a friend put together of me in my very first Mardi Gras parade in 2007, the first time the LIfesavers With Pride marched to Bonnie Tyler’s I Need A Hero. I was so much fitter then. It is so much fun dancing up that parade route. Bring it on.

That’s kinky?

It’s always fun to see where chatting to someone on Scruff or Grindr might go. Conversations can easily go from pleasant to thoroughly odd in a heartbeat. A couple of weeks ago a friend messaged me on Grindr while I was at circus class. I opened it up to reply and therefore popped up online in the area. One guy messaged me and asked what I was doing and looking for. I said I was busy and not looking so he threw a tantrum asking “why are you online?!” Okay sunshine. Calm down.

There is a guy from interstate who has been chatting with me on Scruff over the last week or so and yesterday I’d said I would much rather be lying naked on a beach instead of in the office. His response today? “Wow, Kinky!” Really? I know different people have different comfort levels with being seen nude but to call lying naked on a beach kinky seems to be going a bit far. Fisting? Yes, that’s a kink. Public sex on a nude beach with people watching? Yes, I’d call that level of exhibitionism kinky. Spanking someone who is wearing a tutu and calling them a dirty little princess? Totally kinky. Weird even.

We all know I despair at the level of prudishness the world seems to be heading towards and how shy everyone is but I challenge anyone to look at the image above and tell me it’s kinky. Being naked in the sun is one of life’s most simple pleasures, alone or with friends.

He did go on to clarify that he uses the word kinky almost in exchange for sexy. So it made a little more sense.

Sign me up

I’m not one to go for fitness fads. Crossfit passed me by mainly because it looks too hard and because I was convinced that I would hurt myself.

Many years ago I used to go along to the nude yoga class in Sydney and I really enjoyed it. To be honest, I should go back to doing some yoga or at least some intensive stretching as my body seems to be tightening up as I get older. That’s perfectly normal I know but why not do some beneficial stretches.

Just after thinking about some stretching, putting it out to the universe, this video pops up in my feed and damn if it doesn’t look sexy with these two guys doing yoga in kilts. It really can’t be that practical and I’m sure it’s just a bit of fun but why not? There is a cheeky butt shot at the end of the guys and I’m sure there is plenty more footage that couldn’t be used on youtube. Where is that footage I want to know?

So much beauty

Doing a lot of photography I get to see a lot of beautiful men and I look at a lot of beautiful men online as well. So it takes a pretty striking guy to get my attention. Scott Neslage did that. Scott is a Californian guy with origins that I’m yet to ascertain but whatever genetic path has got him to where he is, it was a golden path.

I actually think I’d be a bit stumped as to how to photograph someone like Scott as he is just so damn beautiful. Would I stick to some beautiful classic lighting and do a simple but gorgeous portrait? Possibly? it would seem a shame to cover him in fabric, clay or powder like I have done with some of my models. Scott is a 6’3″ ripped specimen of gorgeous who is also allegedly proficient in Sign Language. Some guys…