Any tips for me?

In exactly one calendar month, I board a plane bound for the other side of the world and a big adventure.

In the planning stages, Greece took a lot more of the energy than other parts of the trip with a fair share of hassles getting accommodation sorted. Iceland was the initial priority and source of excitement given that it was the bucket list destination that I’d been thinking of for 15 years.

With all of that, apart from booking accommodation in Germany and organising to meet up with a friend in Cologne, I don’t really know what I’m going to do. I’ll be exploring Cologne with my friend who has promised to take me to a big German sauna (not the gay sex venue kind) for a big communal naked experience.

Berlin is a different story. I’m there for four days and apart from the Holocaust Memorial, sunbathing naked in the Tiergarten just because I can and probably a slutty visit to the Laboratory Sex Club, I don’t know what else I should be doing.

So I’m throwing it open to you guys, my glorious readers. What are your tips and tricks for Berlin? I was there many years ago in Winter but expect it to be quite different this time around. I’m not sure that the famous Berghain is really my cup of tea. Another friend has suggested the Kit Kat Club. So many options. Impart your wisdom my lovely people.

Outdoor winter pool in Berlin (Badeschiff) 1 from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

Just don’t bullshit me

Over the years my photography portfolio has increased and in recent years that has happened at a faster rate than ever. As a result I’m constantly approaching guys to model for me. Some guys get nervous about the nudity of my work and others don’t.

There are guys that turn me down for that reason and others who don’t  want to just give me weird excuses.
I have no problem with guys saying no. There is nothing worse than trying to photograph someone that doesn’t want to be there. You don’t get good results and I hate the idea that someone is uncomfortable. They’ll only resent me anyway.

One thing that really pisses me off is when guys give me a total bullshit excuse. Recently a Sydney dancer turned down the approach to do a the shoot that ultimately happened with three dancers. He said he’d had someone try and use his nude shoots against him somehow so he was wary. Over the weekend just gone he did a performance at a gay dancer party barely wearing anything that was from the report I just received, quite sexy. My friend even said the performers, while still “clothed” were clearly enjoying the performance.

Now that feels like a bit of a ridiculous double standard to me. Getting a boner on stage, albeit disguised in a tiny outfit is a lot more raunchy than a beautifully lit photo shoot with nothing more than a butt on display. This same dancer routinely posts photos from nude beach days with his butt out. Now I’m not criticising that at all but if you are going to hand me a “wary of nudes” excuse not to do a shoot, you’d better stop posting your own. Right?

If someone doesn’t like my photography or for some reason doesn’t want to work with me, that’s absolutely fine. Just tell me straight.

Whoa Mr Kelley

Some time ago I found the middle image above on Tumblr. It turns out, unlike a lot of Tumblr that the model posted the image himself. Greg Kelley is that model and judging by the image of him naked in a bathroom with another very hot man and the content of his own Tumblr, that he is indeed on our side of the fence. Mr Kelley’s instagram isn’t a very extensive collection but there are some nice images on there.

Interestingly, I’ve just stumbled across an interview that Greg has done discussing his sexuality and how his agency told him to act straight and not like a “little girl” when around clients and out in public. It’s such a shit that we are still facing these kinds of attitudes especially in the fashion industry which is renowned for having a higher than average percentage of gay people.

Stay you Mr Kelley. Stay your very sexy, often naked self.

Should I give it a try?

With only five weeks today until I land in Iceland, the excitement is really starting to build. While we don’t have a long list of musts to do while we are there, apart from the penis museum in Reykjavik (yes, there is one), I am starting to think of things I’d like to do. Yes it goes without saying that there will be nude selfies on the black sand beach with blocks of ice around. There will hopefully be a beer enjoyed while sitting in a natural hotspring somewhere with my friends, preferably naked and I’m starting to think that if I’m naked on a beach with blocks of ice on it, I should have a go at a very brief polar plunge.

Growing up I swam nearly every day through Spring and Summer and as soon as the water was cold I complained and hated it. However as I get older I’m starting to believe that when life hands you a rare opportunity you really should grab it by the balls and go for it. Having said that I’m sure that after a millisecond in that temperature water my balls will cease to exist.

In the spirit of swimming with ice, here is a video of Kirill from Active Naturists and his friends “enjoying” an ice plunge after a Banya.

Banya with an ice hole at the Moscow River from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

My first response

Yesterday after my morning gym session, I was waiting to cross at a set of traffic lights on the way to my car when a guy approached me. He was young, I’m guessing his early 20’s and was smoking, looked like he’d rolled out of bed, thrown on some old track pants and a t-shirt and gone outside. He asked me if I would buy him a coffee.

Why did I say no? I was standing right outside a damn cafe and had the money. Quite often I find myself thinking I should do more for people. I can’t afford to donate heaps of money to charities but I could certainly afford a $4 coffee for someone living rough. I don’t like myself for it but I think my cynicism stems from hearing urban myths about people begging for money and making a really nice comfortable living from it and living in a nice apartment somewhere all while pretending they are homeless.

There is a couple that take turns sitting outside a store up the road from my house. They always look like they are high as hell and the woman always has her nails done and I once saw her open a purse FULL of money. Not coins, but lots of folding cash.

I hereby make a promise that if someone asks for a coffee or a sandwich I’ll do it and if I can, I will sit and chat with them and hear their story. It’s different to asking for cash to blow on cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.

I can only hope

My housemate owns the house we live in and he’s decided to do some renovations. Now I have no real desire to live through renovations but he is actually trying to time it to happen while I’m away on holidays. It seems unlikely that the whole thing will be done in the month that I’m away but I can hope.

In the event that I’m here for at least part of the renovation (new bathroom and kitchen) I am holding out hope that our tradesmen have a really poor occupational health and safety policy in terms of their work wear and that they turn up to work dressed like the guys above. The Aussie male culture doesn’t seem all that ready to get naked most of the time but if it is to make a joke, or when drinking is involved then guys seem willing to drop their pants in the blink of an eye.

I don’t know that I will ever understand the straight men of the world but my god sometimes they are fun.

Dodged a bullet

Yesterday I was perusing Scruff looking for a little bit of fun, as you do. I started chatting to a guy and he seemed keen so I asked where he was. He just kept coming back with more dirty talk, never giving an address. This went on for too long and I just ended up saying “Sorry, but if you were really keen you’d have given me an address.” Then I turned off Scruff and put my phone down and got on with life. After a while I turned it on again before bed to find a few really snarky messages calling me a time waster along with a meme saying “You’re so fake Barbie’s jealous.” To be fair that line did make me laugh but it was the snarky level of pettiness that shocked me.

It reminded me of all the stories you hear of women being called a slut and a whore when they turn someone down. Very contradictory in that example but terrifyingly common. Why do people react so aggressively to something so unimportant? It was just a casual hookup and he was the one being a flakey bitch so I called him on it and got serious sass about it. People need to lighten up.

I get that when you’re horny and online things are exaggerated but a little decency and courtesy really wouldn’t go astray. I think I dodged a crazy bullet by not hooking up with that guy.


These photos have been around for a while. I have a feeling I’ve seen them a few years ago but I couldn’t go past sharing them here this time. With all the bodypainted nudes I’ve done in the past and have been doing recently it obviously holds an appeal to have a stunning model bodypainted so beautifully.

The model in this series is Oliver Lewis and it was a shoot for Fucking Young but the photographer Paco Peregrin. I love the evolution of the painting from just some mess on the hands with the blue hair to hands, blue shoulders and arms, white face and the hair. It’s just beautifully done. It goes without saying that the model is absolutely stunning with a body to die for. An excellent canvas to work with.

Collaborations like this make me so happy. If anyone has a link to Oliver’s instagram or something, let me know.

Only to be polite

Two years ago on my last European adventure I reacquainted myself with the glory that is the Scandinavian man. The last time I’d been to Sweden and Denmark before that had been in 2002 and in Winter so although I witnessed the glory that is their cheekbones, that was about it. It’s too cold in those parts of the world to be lying naked in parks or going outside in anything less than 45 layers of clothing.

In 2015 however, it was a different and much less clothed story. In the streets the men were all impeccably dressed in that effortless style that the Danish do so well, fostering my love for navy and white striped t-shirts as well as glorious cheekbones, flawless skin and just general spectacularity.

This year the Danish will have to find another tourist to torture into feeling unworthy because the Vikings of Iceland are going to be subjected to my requests for spooning, kissing and a whole lot of drooling. The guy with the tattoos in pictures 1 & 3 above came to my attention on the gift that is Tumblr. I’m trying to work out who he is to send a formal request for spooning. The other guys are just more fine specimens of the men of that region. That’s making a wild assumption. They could be anywhere but they fit the bill.

Great inspiration

Behind the scenes with Venfield 8 and Bruin Collinsworth from Olivier Lebourg on Vimeo.

After working with Chris on the erotic shoot on the weekend part of me is very keen to explore the realm of erotic art more.

Someone that does erotic imagery in a really clever and beautiful way is Venfield8. I have no idea of the real name of Venfield8 but that isn’t imprtant. A lot of their work is sexualised interpretations of high end consumer advertising with their tongue firmly planted in their cheek. Penises abound in various states of arousal but it’s never JUST about that. There are strange bedazzled storm trooper helmets in several of the videos and photos and lots of designer handbags. It’s beautifully done and never gratuitous or blatantly porno. It’s definitely where I’m looking for inspiration, maybe not for actual content but for tone and sensitivity.

Above is a new behind the scenes video from Venfield8 featuring Bruin in a setting that reminds me of luxury Miami, lush and green with a touch of camp. Below is a storm trooper video of dancer Brandon Anthony. Very cool stuff.

MOONR8KR : Of the night from V E N F I E L D 8 on Vimeo.

An interesting position

Over the 15 years or so that I’ve been shooting photos of beautiful nude men I’ve only photographed a handful, so to speak, of them in an erotic way. I’ve photographed a few guys for Themaleform with hardons, and I’ve photographed a few escorts for their work promo photos. Sunday’s photo shoot which is for submission to a magazine is really the first time it’s been creatively for myself.

The model, now going by Chris for these kind of shenanigans, was more than comfortable doing whatever I needed him to do. For a large part of the shoot he was walking around masturbating to keep a boner when it was required and partly because I think he just likes to. It’s always my intention to maintain a professional approach to whatever shoot I’m doing. I have no desire to get a reputation for being too hands on but on Sunday I was more hands on than normal. I painted the body paint right into his butt crack and I even had to wipe paint off his cock after he was wanking it with his painted hands,

It’s an interesting position to be in, in a studio with a gorgeous man walking around with a boner wanking himself. Of course I had to look at it. I was photographing it. But as a professional am I allowed to enjoy it or be turned on by it? The act of taking the photos means that I would never enjoy it as much as if I was watching it for the pure enjoyment but I’m only human. As soon as the e-magazine goes live, I’ll be sure to share the images with you all.

Like a fine wine

Way back in the 80’s we could all be excused for making some errors in taste, especially when it comes to fashion. Back in my closeted youth, or more accurately in denial, I would have crushes on male celebrities but somehow rationalise them somehow as if it was just that I thought they were cool or something.

My tastes in men have always skewed towards the clean cut boy next door look. As with food and fashion, as we get older our tastes mature and evolve. Nowadays my taste in men has broadened to include a bit of an edge or ruggedness as well. In the 80’s I was quite guilty of having a crush on the Goss Twins, the more famous two thirds of the pop group Bros. They were the epitome of 80’s cool. Chunky black shoes with bottle tops in the laces, unnaturally high waisted jeans with a white t-shirt. A black leather jacket was the only vague reference to being bad boys.

Yesterday I saw a poster for a reunion tour. They’ve ditched the third member Craig Logan and the twins, Matt and Luke Goss are going it alone after years of doing other things. In the poster the boys look like they’ve aged very well. A quick google image search suggests there might have been a bit of work done but they are looking pretty good. At 48 I hope I look as good.

Dancers in Clay

Today was a big photo shoot that I’ve been coordinating for a several weeks now. Lucas a dancer I worked with a couple of months ago and I were trying to find a couple more dancers to work with on this shoot which proved to be really difficult. A couple of guys had had bad experiences with photographers or someone trying to use their nude modelling work against them so they were reluctant. In the end I paid for Timothy to fly down from Brisbane and a guy I’d not met before, Brodie to fly up from Melbourne. The flights were pretty reasonable and to be honest, after the shoot we’ve had this afternoon, it was worth it.

This very simple clay setup was just one of the elements we shot today. The other parts of the shoot will be shared later on but just the simplicity of the white clay on their skin works so well with their dancers bodies and the beautiful interaction they created.

Working with three dancers is an exhausting procedure. Performers have big personalities but they also have big ideas and it was a fantastic collaboration. After cleaning up the mess in the studio and resetting for tomorrow’s erotic shoot I came home shattered but very content.

Getting closer!!

In seven weeks today, yes 49 days and definitely counting, I board my plane for the marathon 36 hour journey to Iceland. It’s been on my bucket list since I was tempted to go in 2002 when I was living in London but couldn’t afford it on my poor bartender wages. Now, 15 years later it’s on.

One of the things on my Iceland wish list, is to have a soak in their geothermally heated water, naked of course, possibly with a beer and my friends. This morning I’ve just done a quick google search on skinny dipping Iceland and found this video. It’s a vlog from a cute guy called Shawn Kenny and his friends. They hiked 4km into a hot spring area and had a swim but he didn’t have any swimwear so he went nude while his friends didn’t. He’s the sensible one in my books.

I just have to survive 7 more weeks until I go. The question is do I treat myself to a new GoPro for the trip or no?

Saturday’s challenge

I’ve blogged about the challenge I’m facing with Sunday morning’s photo shoot with David where I’ll be mixing erotica and art trying to capture something beautiful and creative while being more sexual than I’ve ever been.

On Saturday I’m photographing three dancers together. Lucas who has modelled for me a few times in the past is coming back, Timothy who helped me create one of my most popular images ever is coming back as well, and last but not least will be a dancer from Melbourne called Brodie whom I’ve not met before. Most of my photography in the past has been fairly static poses but talking with a friend about the image of Timothy that was so popular, we decided that it was the movement in the shot that added so much to it.

Just coordinating and directing three models is unusual for me, let alone trying to work out movement and interaction. Thankfully they are all professional dancers and will no doubt bring their own talents to the shoot. Technically it will take a bit more skill and knowledge but the images, if they come out how my mind is seeing them, will be beautiful and hopefully result in a few more print sales. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful video of three mates/lovers/roommates all dancing and interacting that I found last night. It gave me a couple of ideas.

Bromance from Bertil Nilsson on Vimeo.