Happy Valentine’s Day

Here in Australia, it’s already that very conflicting day, Valentine’s Day. Where single people are a little bit glum, new couples are smug and over the top and couples that have been together for a while are over it and don’t care.

This Valentine’s is a weird one for me this year. For the first time in my adult life I’m single and perfectly happy with it, but I also have a date tonight. It’s a very low pressure pub meal with a guy that I’ve chatted to on Grindr. Interestingly we met for a coffee about 8 years ago but it never went anywhere for some reason. I have very low expectations and I’m going to be perfectly happy one way or the other, whether it goes anywhere or it doesn’t.

In a conversation this morning with my boss, we were discussing how in straight relationships it’s always the women putting the pressure on their man to do something impressive for the day. Why is that? Why can’t men be wooed by their women? We gay men are a bit luckier really on days like this. When you break some conventions just by being a gay couple, the rest of the rules go out the window.

It feels appropriate to share this Marriage Equality video yet again. It was time 5 years ago when this video was made, and it’s still time. Hurry Up Australia.

Counting down.

Last week my last two flights were booked for my trip around Europe. A short jump from Cologne to Berlin and from Berlin to Mykonos. Now all I have to book are the ferry trips between Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos and then back to Athens. It’s getting exciting now. I’m sure I will drive the readers of this blog a little crazy with talk of the holiday but I’ll try not to bang on about it too much, instead sharing as many adventures and photos along the way as I can.

It is 130 days until I leave. That sounds an awfully long way away to me but it’s not really and I’m sure there will be lots of things happening between now and then to keep me busy and distracted. In the meantime I’ll just keep watching videos like this one that make me want to travel NOW. Travel videos also give me a good idea of what I want to achieve with my videos and photos while I’m away and in general. Obviously I don’t own a drone so I can’t do videos like this one but it does serve as inspiration for the style of editing and colour treatment etc.

This video is of Crete and I’m not going to Crete but it is such a nice video that I thought I’d share it with everyone anyway. Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are suffering through wintery weather and five days a week I sit in the office looking out at beach weather wishing I was tanning my butt.

Not today…

My last boyfriend had a real issue with my nudist tendencies. He couldn’t shake the feeling that nudity and sex are intertwined and to an extent he’s right. For me sex should be naked but being naked doesn’t equal sex. There are days when lying naked in the sun and seeing naked men walking around gets me in the mood for some fun but by and large I go to the nude beach to relax. If I do get in the mood for something I would and have taken myself around the rocks to see if anything is going on. Sadly not all beach goers are as considerate.

There are always one or two guys at the nude beach who keep themself a bit semi hard and usually wear cock rings. It’s always the same guys at my beach. Firstly I do not understand a cock ring for a nude beach. It’s not “just jewellery”. It’s a sex accessory. Today, one of the regular guys with the semi and cock ring combo deal crossed a line for me. The beach was crowded and at one point he stopped almost right in front of me a few metres away. He had more than a semi hardon going on and it was no accident. He was even flexing it to make it bounce a bit. After a minute he walked away which was lucky for him because within two or three metres of him, playing were a little brother and sister of about 3 or 4 years old. Thankfully they didn’t see it.

Unfortunately about half an hour later I look over to my right and about 10 metres away, there he is in the water up to his thighs openly stroking his hard cock next to a group of three women. I couldn’t help myself. I charged over and called out to him. He tried to avoid the confrontation but I followed him into the water and splashed him to make sure he stopped. “Stop fucking masturbating on the beach! Stop walking around with a boner. These women don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it and there are fucking children here you asshole!” I kinda let him have it. He just said “yeah yeah, I’ll stop” and drifted further into the water. A few minutes later he walked out of the water, no boner to be seen. He then moved his chair to a quieter part of the beach. I was LIVID. One of the women said thank you to me making me wonder if they would have felt like they could say something if I hadn’t. Would anyone else?

It’s that kind of disgusting disregard for everyone else that gets nude beaches shut down. From now on I won’t stay quiet around those creeps.

There are no requirements

A couple of years ago I posted a poll here on Aussielicious asking what it was that stops people going nude. A lot of guys responded that it was the size of their cock or their general body issues that stopped them. We all have moments like that. Last week my nudie mates and I had a nude drinks night at a mate’s place and one guy didn’t come because he wasn’t feeling confident enough. To be honest I’d contemplated not going as well because I’m feeling out of shape but I went and I’m glad I did because my friends don’t give a shit.

Nude beaches are generally populated by older people in less than amazing shape. Obviously there are people of all shapes, sizes and ages on nude beaches and at clothing optional venues but there is a reason that the cliched nudist isn’t a men’s health cover model.

There are no requirements to being a nudist other than taking your clothes off. I am always amazed by the guys that spend hours in the gym every day who are shy about their bodies. Sometimes I wonder if the more time you spend on it, the less secure you are about it. So guys, don’t worry about the size of your dick or your love handles. Just drop your pants and get out there.

Hold Tight

One of Australia’s banks, the ANZ has been a long supporter of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and LGBT rights in general. Yesterday they released a new campaign in the lead up to Mardi Gras called Hold Tight. It highlights just how far we have to go to feel equal. We still don’t have marriage equality in Australia and people are still not always safe holding hands in public in a same sex relationship. Thankfully I have never really experienced any harassment or discrimination myself but I know people who have.

So moving

If you have 20 minutes spare, I ask you to watch this video. It’s not flashy and it’s not sexy so it breaks from the norm for this blog. It’s difficult at times to watch but it is necessary. It tells the story to Tom and Thordis, and their road to closure after a teenage romance turned to rape. The world needs more of this kind of thing. More women like Thordis to teach other women that they can overcome the trauma of rape and more women like Tom who are willing to step up and wholeheartedly accept responsibility for their actions.

Women are taught to stay safe, dress appropriately, don’t go to certain areas all in an effort not to get raped. Why aren’t we teaching men not to rape instead? It would do so much good if men were prepared to be uncomfortable and admit the horrible truth that we do not own women’s bodies, they do. We do not get to take women for granted or do what we want with them. The vast majority of readers of this blog are gay men and I realise that it may be the wrong platform but we all have mothers, we all have sisters or aunts and should all understand that women deserve so much more respect than the world affords them.

Read the article here and watch the video below.

Update: I’m sorry. The video seems to have been removed for some reason. The video is on the TED page here.

Keep your business.

Anti-discrimination laws exist for a reason and although it feels like Mr Trump seems hell bent to allow religious based discrimination in the US at this stage it’s illegal. Reading a story online today about a gay Canadian couple who are naming and shaming a wedding photographer who refused them on religious grounds, I just found myself thinking “why would you want them to photograph your wedding if they are anti-gay?”

In a city like Sydney or any decent sized city there are options and alternatives when looking for a business to deal with so it wouldn’t be a problem. In rural areas or small towns there may not be that luxury so a bakery refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, or a photographer refusing to shoot a gay wedding would cause problems. This is where the anti-discrimination laws really help but would the anti gay bakery or wedding photographer do a good job especially if they were legally being forced to do the job?

I’m certainly not saying that people should be able to hide their bigotry behind religion but I’m not going to take someone to court to make them take my wedding photos. People do a good job when they want to do it. If someone hates my “lifestyle choices” or thinks I’m going to hell, they aren’t really going to do their best work taking my photos are they

A little Argentinian beauty

You might all remember my recent shoot with Jorge the sexy Argentinian. Yesterday he shared this video on Facebook and I really liked it so I thought I’d post it here as part of my ongoing quest to share beautiful things and provide a little distraction from the world’s disastrous political state and just all the other crap going on in the world. Jorge said to me yesterday that he’d shared the video because he never knows what to say when people ask him what Argentina is like. I don’t know that all of it is endless roads disappearing into gorgeous horizons but it’s a good start.

ROADS OF ARGENTINA from Guillaume JUIN on Vimeo.

Consistently not…

Any good personal trainer or nutrition expert will tell you that consistency is the key. Consistency in diet and training will help you make progress. Sadly that is where I fall in a heap unless you are talking about consistently not being consistent. That’s me in a nutshell.

I’m the guy that buys a bunch of vegetables etc for healthy eating then gets invited to a pub meal one night, a birthday dinner the next etc until my vegetables are a revolting liquid in the “crisper” of my fridge. The same can be said about my training. The last couple of weeks have been horrendous for me in terms of my efforts at the gym. I’ve been going fairly regularly but barely training at all. To be fair I don’t think anyone in Sydney has slept well for a few weeks due to ridiculously warm nights and insane humidity. Think about sleeping in the steam room at the gym and you get the idea. So running on a lack of good sleep has left me out of energy and completely devoid of motivation. Until last night.

Yesterday was stupidly hot and sticky once again but I went off to circus class and was really motivated and did all the conditioning exercises and really enjoyed it. After an hour and a half of climbing, swinging, crashing and dragging my fat arse upside down I went home sweaty but happy. After something (full of calories) for dinner I went to bed. It took me ages to get to sleep but this morning I got up and hit the gym, again oddly motivated. So a circuit style fat burning workout it was and about half an hour later the floor was covered in my sweat, my shirt was soaked and I was done.

Let’s see if I can’t maintain this level of enthusiasm. I’ve got 4.5 months to get myself in shape to catch the attention of the Icelandic Vikings, Germans with big sausages and sexy Greeks.

Same same but different…

My time in Denmark in 2015 taught me a few things. The Danes are the most beautiful race of people I’ve ever come across, or perhaps it’s a Scandinavia wide blessing. They have life pretty sorted. The  city of Copenhagen works well, people escape to the countryside and the simple pleasure of riding a bike around is incredibly popular. The men all seem to have three legs. Obviously that is a bit of a generalisation but I did see several Danish men in an unofficially nude part of a park and in showers at a public pool who all seemed to be more than blessed. Cheekbones like that AND a massive penis? I guess it’s compensation for the weather.

This video from Denmark also proves that they do social conscience very well too. It’s a beautiful video that shows elegantly we shouldn’t judge people on first impressions alone, or at all. To all outward appearances these different groups of people had nothing in common but then they found different common ground ultimately unifying them all. When you watch the video you’ll see one man walking out alone, being the only one to answer yes to one of the questions. It is a question, or perhaps the answer that makes some people uncomfortable but instead, he got a round of applause.

In this very racially and politically fractured world we are living in it’s important that lessons like this are still being learned. Look for the similarities not the differences.

Brenton’s introduction service

This post is going to come across as a bit pathetic and whiny but I promise it’s not meant to.

Several years ago I posted a few times about the fact that I am pretty convinced I’m a carrier for the Love Ebola. I’m only a carrier because I never seem to be infected with love, just seem to infect friends of mine into loving each other. Sometimes it’s just because I find someone attractive and they maybe sense it so they go and end up in a beautiful long term relationship with someone else to avoid the awkwardness. To be honest I thought I’d been cured. There hadn’t been an introduction in a while, accidental or otherwise but nor was I in a relationship. So I assumed I was no longer carrying the love ebola at all. Sadly I was wrong. Although this may just be a lust ebola.

Once again today two people commented on a Facebook status of mine and then both independently messaged me asking about the other one. It makes perfect sense. They are both very hot and very much the others type so of course. It’s awesome to think that I’ve facilitated a few relationships beginning in a small way.

Since none of my friends have ever introduced me to anyone, not legitimately, I can only assume that none of them have ever received a message asking “WHO is that Brenton Parry guy?” followed by a bunch of love heart emojis. The couple of times my friends have tried to set me up with someone they clearly have only been giving it a half arsed attempt. One guy was described by my mate as being “not very good looking but he’s a really nice guy.” The first part was true and the second part was a lie. He was an arrogant arsehole. At another breakfast that my friends have subsequently denied was a setup the guy was so self absorbed that no one else really got to speak so that didn’t work out either. I told them to stop trying.

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon my Facebook comments section is going to be a hotbed of lusty introductions. I can feel it.

Hacked again

I just got notified by another reader that I’d been hacked again. At least the hacker posted an anti Isis message. I’ve just upgraded my WordPress so hopefully that helps. The update did say it fixed some security bugs. Thanks for your patience!

I was hacked

As some of you saw and some messaged me about, I was hacked. I’m not sure why someone would target this little blog but I think that’s what hackers do. They hack things just because they can. As far as hacks go it was a pretty gentle one and I’m very grateful. I don’t know that much about that world but I know it could have been a lot worse for me.

So, now that we are back to regular programming, let me see what I can blog.

Still? Really?

This morning, perusing my Facebook feed I happened upon a post by a guy I know having a bit of a rant, naming and shaming another guy that I’ve known vaguely in an online context for a while. The subject of the rant had (evidenced by a screen shot of a now deleted post) been on a moral high horse about the “sanctity of marriage” and judging up a storm about people in open relationships. Essentially asking “why get married?” but serving it up with a lot of shade.

As we all know, I used to rail against open relationships and even now, for myself I aspire to a monogamous relationship if I ever find myself in a long term situation. My position has changed over the years on open relationships and I know several that seem to work perfectly fine in various forms.

The comment thread on the rant got a bit bitchy and horrible which I didn’t really care for but I am working on the assumption that it was inspired by the person who does have a habit of stirring up trouble and being thoroughly odd. It would seem there is a stunning lack of self awareness but an abundance of self absorption going on with him so of course he can preach all he likes, judging everyone else’s relationship right?

I would have thought as a community that gay men might have moved past slut shaming. Apparently not. To throw around the “sanctity of marriage” line makes him as bad as the suburban “christians” who cheat on their wives or husbands but just don’t give their partner the respect of discussing it first. Surely a healthy, agreed open relationship is a lot better than a miserable marriage where one or both parties might cheat?

Go out, have all the consensual sex you want. Get caught up in that and stop worrying about what other couples are doing or not doing.

Love and beauty

It’s no secret that my friend Joel Devereux is a very talented photographer whom I admire a hell of a lot. He’s recently launched his FOODP*RN book and exhibition in Brisbane and being the incredibly hard working guy that he is, he’s constantly working as well as entering competitions. Joel recently entered the MELT portrait prize with the beautiful image above called “Distance”.

Joel has described the image as “A tale of two cities, the work is glimpse into the world of long distance cross-cultural love. Living apart for most of the year due to work, the image of the couple, Ryan & Julian, was created during a rare moment of togetherness in Brisbane in 2016. After a chance meeting, the work captures the story of an American & Australian embarking on an ambitious journey that would put many relationships to the test. This is a study of hope, trust and love in the modern day.” If you like the image, feel free to click “Like” on the image at this link which means you are voting for it in the MELT competition.

Given the current political climate, a long distance relationship between Australia and the U.S. is one fraught with stresses on top of the usual associated with distance. Here’s hoping these boys make it work!