First day of freedom

Today marks my first day of three weeks off. We finished up work for the year yesterday and I have been dying for this time off. It’s going to be a busy but fantastic three weeks with a few photo shoots lined up, hopefully lots of beach time to work on my tan and relax, as well as some study time.

Yesterday I realised that I’m getting better at having the courage to ask guys to model for me and I hit a guy up who lives in Brisbane. It turns out that he will actually be coming through Sydney twice in the next week and a half so we are doing TWO photo shoots. On Monday morning we are doing a beach shoot which may or may not end up being very creative but it should look beautiful. The model is a dancer who has beautiful boy-next-door looks and a lovely body. When he comes back through Sydney next week we are going to do a dance based shoot in the studio.

One of the other shoots is a model who will be in Australia from Barcelona and actually approached me to do a shoot while he’s here. We are keeping his shoot fairly simple and classic. He has only done a couple of shoots with professional photographers in the past so it will be a studio shoot in underwear, jeans and nude with gorgeous lighting to capture his gorgeous looks.

I just need to focus on my marriage celebrancy course as well. I only have two months I calculate before I need to get it done so that I have time to allow for the approval and registration process which can take a few months.

So my summer holidays won’t all be naked relaxing on the beach but they will be for some of it, that’s for sure.

UPDATE: I just found the video that this gif is from. Watch “Dylan” enjoy some time on the nude beach then spend some quality time alone on that log here.

The first Snow Angel!


Two days ago I posted a new winter based challenge. The challenge was for my northern hemisphere counterparts to send in nude snow angel photos! You can be fairly modest depending on whether you are face up or down but I think it will be fun to see if we get many entries.

Marrku is a long-time reader from Finland, home of the Finnish Smoke Sauna. The tradition with Finnish Sauna’s is to sit and sweat it out for a while, periodically beating yourself or your sauna buddies with leaves until you get nice and hot, then run outside and either jump in a damn cold lake or roll around in the snow. Marrku tells me he was at the sauna and outside it was minus 30 degrees celsius when he was rolling around in the snow. So how did he celebrate? He took a photo and we love him for it. Marrku is the photo above. Thanks for getting he ball rolling mate! Now who’s next?

I’ve provided some winter nudity inspiration. Look at all these people out in the snow enjoying it’s therapeutic benefits in the nude! Go do some snow angels!

Just a dip

The last two days here in Sydney have been 35 degrees celsius or over. So last night and the night before a few guys I know and I met up for a cheeky skinny dip.

On Tuesday night it was still really warm at 9-9.30 when we were there and there were still people around but it was dark enough that they didn’t see that we were nude or they didn’t care. In fact one of my mates was rinsing under the shower there, still nude when a couple of guys who were there with a girl walked up and showered as well and didn’t mention a thing. By the time we dipped last night, we’d picked up an extra couple of guys for the group and the rain had come in but skinnydipping in the rain was really lovely.

The place we go to has some pontoons that we swum out to and were jumping off into the water. There was still one small group of people at the end of the little beach and if they saw 6 naked men walking around they certainly didn’t say anything or show any offence. To be honest you’d be hard pressed to see that we were nude. I have no desire to cause offense but a cheeky skinny dip in summer is pretty much an Aussie rite of passage.

A Greek Odyssey?

Sometimes when you are having a rough day or you’re a little bored, something will come along and perk you right up.

This video did that for me the other day. It is the end of the year and I’m ready for some time off and this week has been dragging on and on until we finish up and close the office on Friday for three weeks. So, with my Greek adventure next year 6 months down the track taunting me, it seemed appropriate to take some time to look at and enjoy these beautiful Greek men not wearing much or anything at all.

As you can see, these guys are all shaved down completely. I always think of Greek men as hairy but this will do me just fine. I’m quite partial to a smooth man after all. So if you are into your Greek men and your calendars, you might want to order this one. Maybe when I’m in Greece next year I’ll find some guys like this to show me around. I plan on hiring a quad bike at least on Naxos so whoever he is, he’d have to hold on tight.

Snow bunnies and snow angels

Tonight is predicted to be the hottest December night since 1972. At the moment outside (at 1.30pm) it is 37 degrees celsius. Climate change sceptics must really have to work hard to justify constant record breaking weather. So tonight a bunch of guys, including myself are meeting for a cheeky skinny dip to escape the heat.

So while it’s heating up down under, it’s also cooling right down up there in the Northern Hemisphere. My blog buddy Damien has already experienced snow in Kansas but only a light dusting so far. I told him that once it gets more substantial he owes me a nude snow angel. That got me thinking about another challenge for the blog. It’s been a long time since I opened up the prospect of a nudity challenge. There has been a winter nudity challenge several years ago but this time I’m specifically asking for a snow angel, naked.

This gives people the option to be face up or face down. If I find any good snow in Iceland next year I will be doing it for sure. Imagine coming out of a delicious Finnish Sauna, all hot and sweaty, steam rising from your body only to lie down in the snow and do a snow angel! That would be so much fun. Sure there will be shrinkage but it’ll come back out after a minute in the sauna.

Go on guys, I dare you!

Naked hiking in winter from alw84 on Vimeo.

Argentinian Beef

You know you are in for a fun shoot when in the lead up to it, you ask the model how to pronounce his name. I’d only seen Jorge written and I don’t like to offend anyone. When I asked, he replied “almost like you’re saying hello to a prostitute, “whore hey”. I laughed a lot when I got that message.

Sadly this time around I didn’t get a chance to organise anyone to film the shoot so we had to make do with me doing before and during bits on my phone and filming other bits and pieces with my camera between shots. To be honest it is one of my favourite behind the scenes videos. Jorge was so much fun to collaborate with. He’s only done a handful of photo shoots and the photographer that introduced us said to be careful about asking to do nudes too soon just in case it scared him off. Well there really was no problem. When you watch the video below, you’ll see that he’s really quite comfortable in front of the camera. If I had worked as hard as he has and looked the way he does, I would be very comfortable nude in front of a camera too.

In the video you hear me say that he can’t go too far out in the water because he can’t swim. That wasn’t a joke. He really can’t. As an Aussie that is such a rare thing to hear but the world is a big and diverse place isn’t it? That’s what makes it so special.

Enjoy the photos and video of Jorge and his Argentinian beefcake.

Everyone needs a hobby

This afternoon someone messaged me on Grindr. I don’t spend much time on Grindr nor do I get a lot of messages on there. This one though was from someone that has messaged me before. The message wasn’t one expressing an interest in me or getting to know me. It was basically warning me off. It was a very snarky message asking if I was still fucking around with young guys and mentioned some guy named Mitch. Now that’s how I knew it was the same guy that has messaged before.

My best guess is that this anonymous (aren’t they always) person has a friend called Mitch that is cheating or being cheated on and they have somehow got me pegged as the “other guy”. I don’t know anyone called Mitch and I’ve never lived in the area that they are saying I do. No amount of reasoning seems to be working and when I got frustrated with being abused and told them to fuck off they got even more threatening. So, yet again, it was a nice quick “block” and that will be the end of it for a month or two until they get bored of their new target and come back.

Whoever I’m allegedly cheating with/on… I didn’t do it. Take your silly messages somewhere else and do your research.

Not the Scandinavians!

This morning on Instagram, my friend and model in Denmark, Mikael posted a photo of himself in a communal shower at the gym with a long comment. The story goes that the Scandinavian news has reported that teenagers are skipping showers after sports etc because they are feeling anxiety associated with being seen naked and showering by friends. Now growing up here in Australia, it was perfectly normal at my school for people to just get changed after P.E. and not shower, but for the Scandinavians to be reporting that is sad. They have such a long and rich history of communal bathing and an natural ease when it comes to the human body and nudity

I would argue that teenagers are not a good barometer of the general population when it comes to anxiety. We all remember feeling that every little slightly bad thing was the worst thing to happen in the history of the world and if you felt mildly uneasy about something then it was extreme anxiety. We are becoming overly delicate about feeling anxious. Sometimes it’s actually healthy to let yourself feel that discomfort or anxiety and face it head on rather than avoid it all together. That leads to a situation where you just can’t deal with something that could easily have been sorted out early on by just getting on with it.

If people have body image issues, which most of us do then surely exposure (no pun intended) to a wide variety of normal body shapes and sizes is going to be a healthier option than everyone covering up so that the only people we see are models with ridiculous bodies and porn stars with appendages that we can’t and shouldn’t aspire to having, because we can’t do anything about the size of our cocks. Let’s get rid of all the shower cubicles and revel in our ordinariness, whatever the shape or size we are.

So beautiful

There has always been movement in my life. Growing up my sister and I swam every day, lap after lap. We had tennis lessons. I surfed. I did gymnastics and later on I did a lot of rowing. I’ll always be grateful for that kind of activity as I credit it for my relative good health and decent shape now that I’m in my forties.

One thing I’ve never done is dance. While I’m far from a dance aficionado I have the utmost respect for the way dancers can control their body to do such amazing things with incredible grace and fluidity.

Dance photography is also another thing that I haven’t done but I’m working on changing that. One of the guys I photographed for the #barenakedtruth project is a dancer and has agreed to do a shoot with me. He likes my work and trusts me even though he’s not really done any nude photos other than the #barenakedtruth. It’s going to be fun to create some beautiful imagery and see if I can capture that sense of movement and grace in a still photo.

This video is one I found in my regular perusal on vimeo. This dancer has a beautiful body and some beautiful moves.

Carli Hermès | Spierfonds from Unit c.m.a on Vimeo.

Go ahead, share away.

It seems that straight men are sending dick pics to their mates as often as they are sending them to women, if not more.

This article explores vaguely why this is now a thing.

The article isn’t exactly in depth and doesn’t really turn up any answers on why this started or why it’s become popular but I know a group of mates that includes straight and gay men who all send each other nude snap chats and photos.
My guess is that in this day and age where everyone sends nude pics to potential shags or boyfriends/girlfriends that we’ve finally cottoned on that a nude photo is nothing to be ashamed of. Just the other night I was helping  a friend organise a bunch of photos for something and going through his hard drive with him next to me I saw countless photos of his boner, his butt and generally him nude. He apologised a couple of times but I just laughed and kept going. It’s what you call a non-issue.
I can completely understand why women don’t want to be sent a dick pic by a strange guy that she’s never met before he’s even said hello. It puts me off a bit when on scruff someone unlocks their private album before they’ve even said hello and they consider that enough communication to warrant a fuck. That said, the idea of a bunch of straight mates, who have probably been drunken skinny dipping, tag team shagged a girl or just seen each other changing at the gym, all sending each other silly nude shots is really entertaining to me. Why the hell not?

So Proud

Last night was a launch party for the Sydney Mardi Gras season where a lot of the key events are announced. The other thing that was officially announced that I’ve been dying to talk about is that the My People My Tribe imagery is an integral part of the theme for Mardi Gras 2017. Creating Equality is the overall theme and the portraits we created for the project are used in the imagery. The lettering with our images have also been turned into huge free standing letters which I believe will be going up the Mardi Gras Parade route.

To have such a public recognition of the #Barenakedtruth project and overwhelming support is very satisfying. Josh worked so hard putting the project together and rallying all the people together to take the brave leap of faith and pose nude for the first time. I spent an exhausting but incredibly satisfying five days photographing all the volunteers. It makes me very proud to see that they will get the visibility that they deserve. The stories of all LGBTIQ people should be heard as it’s one of the most effective ways to combat discrimination and hatred and this project presented the stories in a beautiful way.

Cheeky peek!

Fellow photographer and friend Ali Choudry was invited behind the scenes on a fashion shoot recently, for designer and stylist Daniel Moore. The models, photographer and designer are all based in Brisbane so naturally they had great weather. Of course shooting fashion the boys were actually wearing the fashion but from time to time on a fashion shoot, there is a need to get changed.

Ali has captured the fun mood on this fashion shoot and also given us cheeky glimpses of the boys getting in and out of their gear. These models have ridiculous bodies which is to be expected so it’s always nice to show our appreciation for their hard work and pay attention. Here’s hoping for some more of this kind of thing soon!

Full disclosure

A friend of mine recently met someone and they were hanging out and enjoying a dating-lite scenario. They are keen on each other but not putting any labels on it, instead just seeing where things go. Hanging out before their first “sleep over” the new guy made full disclosure about his HIV status. My friend and I share the same opinion on HIV+ partners in that it’s just not an issue. The man in question is on medication and his viral load is undetectable so the chance of contracting anything is legitimately very close to zero. Nothing is infallible of course so my friend, as an added precaution is enquiring into going into the large PrEP trial that is going on here in Sydney.

My concern with PrEP is that too many men are using it as a tool to be able to have unlimited unprotected sex which isn’t how it is intended to be used, but each to their own. Everyone has to make their own decisions in life.

At the moment here in NSW it is a legal requirement for anyone who is engaging in sexual activity to disclose any sexually transmitted diseases that they have or may have. This is under review and has a very real chance of being scrapped. I genuinely don’t know where I stand on that one. While there is a lot of stigma still associated with HIV there is much less stigma attached to Syphilis or Gonorrhea and they are easily treatable for the most part. As I said earlier, I’m a firm believer in looking after your own health and you can’t just assume someone is free of STI’s just because they don’t tell you so why not protect yourself regardless? With that thought in mind, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to abolish the legal requirement to disclose. If someone wants to tell you, that’s awesome but we don’t know that it’s always going to happen.

Winding down

You know when you get to the end of the year and you are just ready for a break? That’s where I am at the moment. I have had a pretty good year with a trip to Bali, some interesting changes at work and lots of great time with friends and family but I’m still ready for a break. With things being pretty quiet at work and all of us having plenty of annual leave saved up, we are looking like closing for three weeks instead of the usual two. Love it.

Those three weeks, as well as being time for Christmas celebrations with family and lots of time sunning my butt on the nude beach will be used to get a lot of studying done for my marriage celebrancy course and hopefully get other bits and pieces done like rebuild my website etc. Some friends and I are trying to organise a weekend out camping at River Island, the clothing optional campground we go to. a couple of days without any electronics will be beautiful, soaking up the peace and quiet naked in the sun.

By the time I go back to work in early January I plan on being quite tanned and very relaxed.

I think it’s broken

When I came out at the age of 25, I was led to believe that this new found sexual identity would also endow me with an infallible skill of identifying like-minded men. I think when the gay gods handed my gaydar to me they grabbed a recycled, broken-down model that hadn’t been refurbished. It’s jut not a talent that I have.

On Friday night I was working at a function with my work colleagues doing our version of a photo booth. The party was for an alcohol company at a luxury harbourside mansion here in Sydney. Very nice indeed. The crowd was all super cool types including lots of very good looking people. With fashion being what it is at the moment it’s very hard to tell the gay boys from the straight boys and I think that’s a great thing. In the photo booth we had a lot of straight mates that when the photo was taken, one of them would give a surprise kiss on the cheek of his mate for a laugh. At one point I said to one of the guys “We’ve had lots of straight boys kissing tonight” to which he replied “Who said anything about straight boys?” which just got me even more confused. From all their banter together I’m still pretty sure they were just straight mates having a laugh.

Another guy kept coming back with friends to the photo booth and he was very very flirty with me. He made sure he asked my name and told me his, kept giving me winks, high fives and big smiles. In one of his photos he dragged me in and pinched me on the nipple as the photo was being taken but he was definitely a straight boy. The thing these days is so many guys around 30 and under, here in the gay friendly city of Sydney just don’t have any cares about flirting with gay boys. They don’t want to have sex with us, but they just love the flirt. My colleagues and I were pretty sure he and his mates had snorted a few lines of coke and were just having a great fun time.

Until my gaydar gets repaired I’m quite content to have straight boys flirt with me and I’ll happily enjoy their new found love of form fitting trousers that hug their perky buns.