Just not cool

Getting a number of gay men together to hang out nude is always a tricky thing. Back in the early days of my friends and I having nude drinks there were times when it got sexual even though that wasn’t the aim. Now we’ve settled into a groove with the right bunch of guys who know what it’s about and we are all friends anyway so for most of us those lines don’t get crossed.

If the mood is right, the crowd is right and everyone is on board the sure, sex is great and even sex with the right friends is great but you do need to “read the room”.

Next weekend I’m heading away for a weekend with a group of guys from the Naked Werewolves Instagram page. The guys that run the page are adamant that the weekend isn’t about hooking up but if you do, do it discreetly and appropriately. One of the guys who is coming has allegedly said that he loves masturbating and no one can tell him he can’t do it, whenever and wherever he likes.

Guess what buddy? You’ll have a bunch of guys telling you to stop, get dressed and go home. I am not one of those people that subscribes to the notion that “we are all gay men, don’t be uptight and just have some fun.” No. There are appropriate and inappropriate times and places for a good old wank, and over dinner with a bunch of people not interested is NOT the time.

Fingers crossed whoever he is, he behaves himself and enjoys the weekend for what it is.

Shake it up

With all the aches and pains my body has been giving me of late and a general feeling like I’ve been going backwards rather than progressing at circus class I’m going to shake it up a bit.

A few years ago I did a short, three week term of static cloud swing. It’s an apparatus that is somewhere between silks and a trapeze. I enjoyed the apparatus but didn’t like the teacher, who I’d also had as an instructor for silks at one point. A good friend has offered to give me a private class or two. It’s an apparatus that I’ve been interested in seeing ever since I saw Briefs for the first time many years ago and saw the very talented Mark Winmill do this routine (below) on the cloud swing.

Looking at the routine now it’s pretty simple and I can without being arrogant say that I could likely do most of this routine. Maybe this could be my new thing?

Get your Tribe

When I needed to get a bunch of downloads ready to go for the weeks I was staying at my sister’s place, I went through some old shoots and I decided that the Tribe exhibition could do with the download treatment.

The Tribe series was originally released as an online exhibition, shared via twitter. Now you can have a pdf of all the images from the “exhibition” plus some extras that didn’t make the official series. This is dedicated to Fabien, the cover star of this download who sadly passed away a couple of months after we did this photo shoot.

There were 11 shoots and 12 models that made the twitter release of the series but this book also includes another shoot that didn’t really fit the vibe of the series but it I was very happy with it regardless. Get all the downloads at my online shop here.

That felt good… sort of

Growing up, I learned to swim at about 3 years old and then swam pretty much every week day from the start of school years for about 5-6 months a year. By the end of high school we were doing 3-4km a day (2-3 miles) and I was so comfortable in the water. Through my years of life saving at the beach I was obviously in the water a lot but didn’t do lap training.

In the past couple of months I’ve had sore shoulders and a lot of tension in my neck so I thought this morning I’d haul my arse out of bed and go for a swim. Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve done laps and I am not swim fit at all.

To say I didn’t swim for long would be an understatement. It was only a 500m swim but the shoulders and neck were sore but it definitely helped. Even though it is a glorious sunny day it is still technically Winter so the pool was very quiet, perfect for swimming, rubbish for perving.

This is scary

The search for social media fame and approval has become so formulaic that you can now predict what photos you will find on a popular Instagram page or sequences you’ll see on a popular Youtube page, especially in the realm of travel “influencers”.

This article that I saw the other day grouped together collections of all the Instagram cliches. It’s almost become like a game of Instagram Bingo. Feet dangling off a cliff over a river, tick. Girl in hat looking towards sunset, tick. Edge of infinity pool, tick.

I would actually add another one to the mix for the gays. A group of muscle guys in expensive speedos at a pool party holding a cocktail, tick. Funny thing is the caption is usually something like “best day ever” but no one is smiling because that causes wrinkles. It kinda terrifies me. Can’t we find our own adventures? Take a photo from a different angle? I know Instagram is rarely reality but shouldn’t it have a bit more variety?

Now that would be good

A good night’s sleep is always a very enjoyable thing. If only we could go back and tell our younger selves as children that they should embrace all the naps they are told to have rather than fighting it. As adults there are rarely enough opportunities for delicious naps. The other day, even after a good night’s sleep I was feeling tired and I wondered if this was my new normal.

Thankfully not. Being in the new place is proving good for sleeping at night. Quiet, comfortable and content. One thing that I have become very aware of over the years is that if my body temperature isn’t right, if I’m too warm particularly I will have some pretty amazing dreams. Amazingly weird sometimes.

After complaining about the freezing temperatures in my sister’s house the new place is really lovely and warm. On the weekend I had a pretty vivid dream that was definitely weird because it was a situation that I’ll never find myself in but it was awesome because I was hanging out with Chris Evans. Yep, Captain America himself. We were hanging out on a movie set that we were both acting in. I told you it was weird.

Apart from being quite happy to be hanging out with Chris for very obvious visual reasons, in the dream he was also as lovely as you’d hope, but I was very concerned about my own physical appearance doing shirtless scenes and standing next to him. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how it all turned out because I woke up but let’s just assume the movie was awesome and Chris and I became firm friends for life. Let’s just assume that. Please.

I’m trying

Do you ever look at your Facebook feed and think “seriously?” That’s probably an overwhelming yes on many many levels for a lot of us so I’ll clarify. In the past few months it feels like I’ve seen every single person I’ve ever gone on a date with or had a crush on has found the “love of their life” and they are getting married, moving in together or getting a goddam puppy.

Then there are the people who have been in long term relationships that have ended but they’ve gone on to find a new love within 6 months or so and it’s going brilliantly.

Trying not to be cynical or jaded but I’m over here thinking “when the fuck do I get a turn?” To borrow a line from the beautiful gay coming of age moving Love, Simon “I deserve a great love story” but I’m very much doubting it will ever happen. I’m trying to stay positive and I’m just getting on with enjoying my life but there are days when I just want to reach through Instagram and slap a couple upside the head.

A good friend asked me a couple of weeks ago if I’d been on any dates lately and I honestly can’t remember when I last went on a real date. That’s a bit fucking depressing.

Getting back to Nature

Sometimes it just feels good to get out into nature and take your clothes off. Andrew and I had been trying to organise a photo shoot for a long time and finally we made it happen and getting him naked in nature is exactly what we did. Andrew has a bit of a hippy dude vibe but with a bit of big city cool and regular bathing and grooming.

People have accused me of perpetuating unrealistic body types in the past and I admit that I usually photograph muscular guys but Andrew is one of those slim guys who really have sex appeal. He looked so at ease the morning we shot, sitting in the sand, walking nude up the river in the early morning light. Sadly we had to abandon plans to shoot in a beautiful, glassy lagoon at the location because two Muslim families turned up early to set up for their big picnic in the park and we didn’t think they’d respond well to a nude man nearby.

“Nature” is the new download available from my shop, along with all the previous downloads. Head on over there now to get your copy.


It’s been a long busy weekend but my god I’ve been adulting so hard. Yesterday and today I’ve been setting up flatpack furniture that I needed to get set up. Word of advice. Don’t buy furniture from Kmart. It’s dirt cheap and barely worth that money. A small bedside table with drawers that I bought wouldn’t actually go together. So I smashed it to vent my frustration.

A trip to Ikea this morning sorted out just about everything I needed. Although I’ve now bought two packets of light globes and neither of them fit the lamp that I have bought for my bedroom. So there have been frustrations.

All the frustrations are more than balanced out by how nice it feels here and sitting on the living room floor naked putting together furniture listening to good music is a definite plus. The apartment also gets beautiful sunshine so it’s delightfully warm, even nude in winter.

Tonight I also fulfilled a friend’s wish by opening the blinds and standing there nude so that he could finally see someone nude in the apartments. I see it as a community service. It’s unlikely that he will be the only one who sees me nude in the apartment from the street.

I’m IN!

I may have given my old housemate notice 11 weeks ago and had to stay at my sister’s place for 5 weeks but it has finally happened. I’m in the new apartment and 90% set up.

It feels so good to be here and I’m very pleased that I pushed through and got nearly everything organised yesterday. It was absolutely exhausting but having everything in it’s place on the same day you move in is a very worthwhile exercise. Last night I was so tired that I was in bed and sound asleep by 8.30pm and slept solidly for just over 10 hours. It was bliss to be back in my queen size bed.

My bedroom is quite small but since I only need my bed in there and a bedside table it’s absolutely fine. My housemate has said I can set up an area just inside the front door as my study area and that effectively doubles my space.

This morning I got up and walked naked to the bathroom and walked back nude. When I came out of my bedroom my housemate and his partner were standing nude in the living area checking out the new view. It’ going to be a good place to live.

I just need to find a bedside table and a chair and that’ it. All set up.

On the beat

In my office there are only a handful of people who have access to control what music is played around the office. That’s probably a good thing since I have a habit of listening to something over and over again and I’d drive my colleagues crazy.

In lieu of listening to the stuff that my colleagues put on, when I’m not loving it that is, I have been logging into soundcloud and doing some random searches or following links here there and everywhere and it’s lead to some great discoveries of great remixes. I’m finding myself listening to the radio less and less, especially now that I’m on public transport to work. In the car is about the only place I put the radio on and I don’t want to really lose that. It’s the way I’m staying in touch with new music.

Getting older is interesting and I will always cherish early Kylie, Madonna, and everything else I listened to in my “younger days” but I have no desire to turn into one of those old men who can’t understand or hates anything released in the last 5 years. Granted with some top 40 stuff that is already the case but there are some really cool artists around.

Having said all that, I don’t really have any desire to be on a dancefloor in a nightclub any time soon.

Warm and comfortable

It was a cold winter’s morning when I turned up at Denis’ doorstep for our photo shoot. We were keeping it really simple and photographing Denis in his own apartment, naked and relaxed.

When I got into his apartment, I was surprised to see a guy lying on the lounge tapping away at his laptop. It turns out that Denis has a very liberal household. He was quite content to do a nude photo shoot with a mate sitting on the lounge keeping an eye on things and a housemate who could have walked out at any stage and wants to do a shoot alongside Denis.

Denis then asked if it was ok if he smoked in the shoot and not an entirely legal cigarette. It’s his home and he can do what he likes so that’s how we got to a photo shoot of a hot naked Chilean smoking a joint and drinking a cup of tea.

The full download of “Smoke” is now available from my online shop along with all the previous 29 issues for sale. There is essentially no retouching done on these images apart from a bit of colour tweaking. I love the raw nature of this shoot and I hope you guys do too.


No matter how unsettled I’ve been over the past few weeks, staying at my sister’s place with all my possessions in storage, there is one thing that has become very clear to me. While I love adventure and the idea of living in a foreign country for a couple of years appeals to me very much, I could never live anywhere in a cold climate permanently.

Many years ago I was in Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Paris, Copenhagen and Stockholm in Winter. They were all beautiful but I could not get warm. Today I’m spending my last Sunday at my sister’s place and I’m freezing. I have three pairs of socks on and three layers on my top half.

If I were to live somewhere cold for a year or two it would definitely have to be somewhere that has a sauna culture or some option for being warm. Granted all the places that I would consider cold are all equipped with decent heating but I still like getting outside so I’d need somewhere to warm up. All the places that have a sauna culture also seem to be pretty good with nudity as well so that would be a bonus.

A little scary

It was an unusual night for me last night but on a Thursday night I went out to see some live music and had a ball. It was great fun. At first I was thinking I was going to be one of the older people in the crowd and yes, I would definitely have been in the top 20% but was pleasantly surprised at the diversity in the crowd.

One thing happened though that made me a little scared and sad. There were three women in their 20’s next to us and in front of us was a walk way so lots of people were dancing in that walkway while the band were performing. At one point two guys in their late 20’s, maybe 30 or so, came up and inserted themselves in amongst the group, trying to flirt and dance with them. The one girl that was divided from her friends quickly moved back to the other side of the guys and back with her friends. None of them gave the guys any interest. The guys tried this with varying success with different bunches of girls over the next hour.

Sure, they didn’t persist if the women didn’t show interest but they weren’t walking up and saying hi either, instead opting to put their arm around the women and dance. Watching this kind of uninvited predatory behaviour was quite shocking. Sure I knew it went on but I really thought guys would be more intelligent and less creepy especially since all the #metoo movement.

My god women have to put up with some shit in this world. Imagine going out and having to wonder if you’ll make it home safely, every single time.

Slow Week

After nearly 13 years of writing this blog, there are times when I struggle to keep up with blogging 5 times per week. This week is one of those weeks. It doesn’t help that I’m in a bit of an emotional slump at the moment, feeling old and out of shape, unsettled still staying at my sister’s house and still nursing this stupid shoulder injury.

On Saturday I was supposed to go on a hike with the Get Naked Australia group but none of my friends could go and I couldn’t work up the confidence to go along without people I knew there. It’s stupid as I had met some of the gang the first time I went on one of their adventures.

So I’m sorry about the lack of enthralling writing here on Aussielicious this week. Next week I will hopefully switch to excitement mode in the lead up to moving in to the new apartment on Friday.