Eggs, Buns and beers

I’m back after four days away with my family and some family friends for our traditional Easter getaway. I’m still to discover why, in non-religious families we celebrate good Friday in the traditional way by eating only seafood and not meat. On the beach on Friday morning all we could smell coming from the cafe next to the beach was bacon and eggs rolls and they smelt so so good.

Our Easters are so much fun with lots of laughs, lots of Easter Eggs and lots of good food alongside people I’ve known my entire life. They are genuinely good for my soul I believe. You really can’t beat quality time spent laughing with people you care about and that’s what this weekend was about.

There are some downsides on a personal level. As the only single person of my generation there it was driven home once again when I was sharing a room with my 14 year old nephew and the family friend’s 10 year old son. It’s not the first time I’ve shared a room with these guys and it’s not a problem but one year it would really be nice to take a partner of my own along.

The coastal town we’ve been going to for several years is full of young families which is nice to see but definitely not my regular world. Having said that it does also mean there are some good quality DILFs around. How do some guys manage to stay so fit while being a father when so many get a dad-bod quick smart?

Is that all it takes?

Given how paranoid most guys are in gym locker rooms about anyone seeing their junk you’d be forgiven for thinking that they go to the beach in neck-to-knee swimwear from an era long gone. You’d be wrong. Apparently all it takes for guys to feel comfortable is a tiny little piece of fabric covering their genitals. Australian’s all around the country are fans of speedo style swimwear. Sure there are guys that wear boardshorts but, especially in Sydney all the guys that live in the gym and get changed under a towel are the same guys wearing the skimpiest, tightest swimwear around. More often than not that same swimwear is designed to emphasise the exact area that they never show.

All of the popular brands seem to have a “pouch” style of swimwear designed to highlight and thrust forward your junk. I get that it makes it appear a bit more impressive than it really may be but it’s not going to turn a 4 incher into a 12 incher is it? Speedo style swimwear and even boardshorts when they are wet really don’t leave a lot to the imagination so it’s amazing that it only takes that little piece of fabric to not only preserve our modesty, barely, but also to give us the confidence to walk down the beach feeling great.

This video from AussieBum a few years ago shows just how non-modest a lot of modern swimwear is. Maybe it’s just the slight bit of tease and hint of what may lie underneath that makes it sexy?

aussieBum – NYLON SWIMWEAR from aussieBum on Vimeo.

The Q&A Vlog

A week or two ago I asked you all to send me questions that I would answer in a vlog. That vlog is now live! There were only a handful of questions and that’s probably a good thing because the video already goes for 10 minutes! If I’d been flooded with questions I might have had to do a mini-series.

Yesterday I realised that I hadn’t been out of the house all day and my housemate would have wondered why I was talking to myself if I’d done the vlog at home so I took myself for a walk down to the local park/football field expecting to be able to mix up the locations a little bit. Little did I know as I set off that there was a football match on yesterday. Oops. So here I am talking about my first forays into nudism and the taboos of erections in art trying to keep an eye out for people walking by.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, head to my youTube channel and subscribe. Hit the like button on the video over on YouTube too!

A whole lot of beautiful, and bootiful

Perusing blogs full of photography, art, travel and general “stuff” as I do, the photos above by the fantastic Rick Day caught my eye, as you would expect them to. Dmytro Paladii is a ballroom dancer now breaking into the modelling world and doing it very, very nicely. Now based in New York, Dmytro is of Ukrainian and Greek origins and I have to say that I find that mix to be working very successfully for him.

Dmytro’s facial features are a stunning combination of chiselled masculinity but a gentle sensitive look as well. Can you imagine kissing those lips? Of course his body, being a professional dancer and aspiring fitness model is pretty much perfection. Of all of the photographs I have seen on a quick google search it appears that most photographers don’t really want him wearing many clothes and the reason why is pretty apparent. Mr Paladii is the lucky owner of a beautiful backside and from the underwear shots, a pretty good front side as well.

If you peruse Dmytro’s Instagram you will see that he does get to model some fashion as well and he does give some serious portrait goodness as well. As a photographer I would dearly love to work with someone like him. As a gay man, well I won’t go into detail but I’m having some thoughts.

Between a cock and a hard place

In the past I have written a few times lamenting the modesty of the models here in Sydney. In the last year or so I have actually had a few models happy to do full frontal. It’s a nice change and adds  a little flexibility to what can be shot.

A model that I have worked with in the past year is up for the challenge of doing something even more challenging. He’s done some straight porn before and was going to do some work with Sean Cody, gay for pay, but that fell through. My challenge is now how to do something beautiful and creative but also erotic or sensual. He is more than happy to be photographed with a boner. I don’t want to do it for the sake of doing it. Without bragging, I’m actually really proud of the quality of the work I’ve been producing lately and I don’t want the to diminish the artistic nature or technical quality of the image just to include a raging boner.

Quite often gay erotic art loses the art. I see it in the Pic Of The Day competition on Model Mayhem every day when photos get lots of votes that are absolute technical and compositional disasters but they have a guy with a big wang in them so people vote for them in droves leaving the much more accomplished photos languishing. I want people to respond to whatever I create with this model for it’s aesthetic finesse, not just a throbbing boner. I have no problem with porn and I have even shot some and may do again, but that’s not what the aim of this project is.

Simple but powerful

In the early hours of Sunday morning, two young gay men were brutally attacked in the Dutch city of Arnhem. Five teenage boys and one 21 year old have been arrested in connection with the attack which left the two men with multiple injuries. In response to the attack two members of the Dutch Parliament (above, centre image) decided as they arrived at the Hague, to enter holding hands as a show of support for the gay couple and a protest against anti-gay violence.

From there, a Dutch journalist Barbara Barend tweeted out a call for all men in the Netherlands to take up the cause and hold hands in the street as a public show of support and well, it worked. All over the Netherlands the hashtag #allmennenhandinhand was being shared with images of men, straight, gay or whatever holding hands as they walk down the street, on tv or just going about their business. I think it’s brilliant. We as a society are still confused by men showing affecting in a non-sexual way. We may be getting better with gay rights and acceptance but as soon as straight men, or men not romantically involved show affection people are uncomfortable. In Arab, Asian, African and other cultures it’s not unusual for men to hold hands as a sign of friendship. In our Western cultures we look at that with generations of conditioned thought projected onto it and believe it’s “gay”. It’s not.

Thankfully we are changing. Two weeks ago I had lunch with a gay couple and a straight couple. The straight guy insisted on a hug and a kiss on the cheek when we were leaving. Not in that jokey way that some straight guys do but just because he is damn comfortable with it. Exactly as it should be.

So gents, go out there and hold hands!

My Typical Monday – A new Vlog!

Vlogging is a strange beast and one I’m not entirely sure I’m able to tame but it’s fun to try. As yet I’m not comfortable talking into a camera as I walk down the street and it gives me new appreciation for all the vloggers that I watch who do that constantly on a day to day basis. Drawing attention to myself is not something that I like to do out in public but I’m assuming that it is something you just get used to doing.

There are no grand plans for me to become a daily vlogger like Mr Ben Brown (used to be) or any of the big names. It appears that it’s a fast track to burnout and to be honest my day to day life isn’t wildly interesting. I will endeavour to do a vlog every week or so. That should be achievable.

With that in mind, on Monday I did walk around talking at my phone and filming myself throughout the day. Coffee did feature a bit but I’m surprised it wasn’t more. There were a couple of coffees that weren’t filmed. After all, coffee is life (for me anyway, I love the stuff). So head on over to my YouTube channel and watch the vlog. If you like my videos hit the subscribe button and the like button and I promise I’ll make more.

Remember. Life is an adventure, go enjoy it!

Until we all belong…

This new promo from AirBnB made me smile today. A lot of companies feel like they are jumping on the bandwagon of marriage equality, but an ever growing number genuinely believe and are fighting for the change that will finally see Australia legalising gay marriage. AirBnB is one of those companies that is doing good work, really promoting acceptance. The new “Until we all belong” campaign tells a nice simple but powerful message. I’m not a jewellery wearing kind of guy but I will be buying one. The cause still has a long way to go here in Australia I feel, even though we have all State and Territory leaders backing marriage equality and the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader doing the same. It makes it feel so ludicrous that we can’t just get it done.

There are a few videos in this campaign telling the stories of different family members of LGBT people. Check them all out on YouTube and head to to get your ring.

Behind the scenes with Jorge!

As you all know, last weekend I did another shoot with Argentinian Beefcake Jorge. Yesterday I had a day mostly to myself so I decided I’d edit the video together of all the behind the scenes footage. It’s amazing how quickly you can lost an entire day when you are editing footage. It was so much fun. I’m obviously still learning but having a lot of fun picking up new little tricks and ideas along the way.

If you haven’t yet done it, head on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe. Give the video a “like” and feel free to comment, just not a comment about how tired I look. Wow. I need to pick my lighting better for vlogging, especially early in the morning. We had a great time on this shoot and a big thanks goes out to my lovely buddy Tim for coming along and filming again.

Coffee with a dash of insecurity

This morning I went and met up with a guy that is going to model for me in a part of Sydney that could easily be described as the Gay Ghetto. It’s a lovely leafy harbourside suburb filled with cafes and boutiques. I could never live there because it’s way too overpopulated with “the gays”. I love my suburb full of all sorts of people, the good, the bad and every colour of the rainbow.

Having said all that it was great to go there for brunch this morning and seeing all those beautiful A-Gays was good for my morning eyeball workout but my god it’s a way to amplify any feelings of inadequacy. These boys do NOT skip leg day as the official fashion item seems to be really tight denim shorts filled with heaving quads and perky buttocks. In one of my typical displays of contradiction I have never been part of the “cool crowd” and while I would love to be considered cool and hot, I also have no desire to spend so much time and effort creating that look and the lifestyle. I am too fond of beers with my friends and unhealthy but delicious food to look the way these guys do. Besides they are all in their 20’s and disciplined with their food and exercise regime. Good on them but that ship has sailed for me a long time ago and I never bought a ticket.

I’m also get intimidated in that environment because, of course there are “normal” people in the area but it does feel like you need to show your workout results to get in. I’m also just not a “cool kid”. Never was, never will be.

Such a non issue

There is a model that I have worked with a couple of times over the years who has done some acting and dancing as well as modelling. On shoots he tends to wear a modesty sock over his junk to make sure there are no photos of it. He’s never even taken a dick pic himself to send to potential hookups. His reasoning? He wants to be a famous actor and is convinced that it would hurt his career. I thought we’d moved on from that?

These days it seems like every male celebrity has sent a dick pic to a potential shag only for it to end up on the internet. In years long gone it may have harmed a career. But in 2017? Half the Teen Wolf cast have had their dick pics and videos leaked in the past few months along with Olympic Diver Chris Mears and just about anyone that has ever been on reality tv. In just a quick search through the archives of OMGBlog I found all the guys above in about 5 mintues. From left to right we have, UK Rugby player Danny Cipriani, US Rapper Lil Romeo, America’s Next Top Model contestant Marvin Cortes, Empire actor Jussie Smollet, UK Diver Chris Mears and actor Jamie Foxx.

These days when a celebrity nude appears from a leaked selfie the only place it really registers are gay blogs. Orlando Bloom’s naked shenanigans only made such headlines because it was such a public display and because, like Bieber’s the photographer had to use a long lens to intrude on his day. I fully respect my model’s right to choose who sees his junk and who doesn’t but to worry about it affecting his career is hopefully a bit of an outdated notion.

What’s your reason?

When I first started out doing male nude photography I struggled to find people willing to strip in front of my camera. I had no portfolio to show them and no models to reassure them that I wasn’t some creep. Thankfully a few people took a chance and when others saw those images more and more people have trusted me. As a result I have about 14 years worth of photo shoots with dozens of wonderful models. 95% of the models I’ve worked with have been fantastic, enthusiastic and there to be part of the creative process and to make some cool images.

There have been a number of guys over the years who post comments on photos that I share saying things like “Why haven’t you asked me to model for you?” or “I must be too hideous to be asked to model.” Then there are others who start off innocently enough but within a few minutes you have photos of their winking butthole and a couple of boner shots accompanied by statements like “You must get so hard during a shoot, do your models get boners?”

If you are asking to model for me to prove to yourself that you are attractive or to validate yourself because you are feeling insecure, you don’t need to do a photo shoot. Firstly my camera is not a therapists couch and secondly if you are feeling insecure I don’t think putting yourself out there on the internet to be compared to the millions of beautiful men on Instagram and Tumblr is a great idea. People are mean and they’ll tell you exactly what they think.

If you are offering to model for me as an exhibitionist outlet to get your rocks off and you think my photo shoots are orgies or sexual shenanigans then as soon as I suspect you are there for the wrong reasons I will block you. Sure a model who is comfortable being nude and doesn’t mind being photographed frontal or even erect could be useful depending on the shoot but if you are too busy trying to get off the shoot won’t work.

Ask any of my models, my photo shoots are fairly quick, relaxed environments where we both work together to get a great result. If you want to validate yourself you can always commission me for a shoot but you’ll be paying.

24 carat support

AussieBum have long been at the forefront of technology and innovation for their underwear. Now they have just launched a promotion that is leading the way in innovation but with age old references. Golden fabrics were the exclusive domain of the rich and powerful centuries ago. Now you can have some 24 Carat support for your “boys” in the form of a very very limited edition, custom made pair of underpants. This kind of special treatment does come at a price but with only 5 pairs being made it’s a nicely exclusive club.

One pair has already been purchased by a long time fan of the AussieBum brand, at the price of $14,695. Who will the other four pairs go to?

aussieBum – 24K GOLD UNDERWEAR! from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Classic sexiness

After our first shoot months ago with Jorge nude on the beach covered in sand, he and I discussed doing another shoot at some stage. Jorge was keen for a studio shoot and he may have made the mistake of saying something along the lines of “the messier the better.” More fool him.

This morning after getting a coffee, Jorge and I, along with a friend Tim who came along to film behind the scenes, arrived at the studio where I proceeded to paint Jorge with white clay. Once we had him painted and the clay dried it became very apparent just how like a classical sculpture he is. Obviously he has more muscle than the Statue of David and is better proportioned in other ways as well, but with his curly hair and his now white skin, it was quite amazing how much he could have been a sculptors muse.

Once we had done the shots with all the clay, we then added some blue paint to the scene. I’d initially wanted to print a blue lace pattern on him but that didn’t work so we went with this running blue paint. To say I’m happy with the shots is an understatement. He is so easy to work with and brings a sense of cheeky fun to the shoot which is very necessary at that hour on a Sunday morning.

Circus sexy

Catching up on my photo editing last weekend I finally got to work on these images of Scott. Scott is an aerial straps performer who I met at my circus school. To do aerial straps you need strength and flexibility and when it’s done well it is beautiful and very impressive to watch. What was also impressive to watch was how at ease Scott was naked in front of the camera. He’s not a shy boy. Why would you be when you’ve worked so hard on your body and your craft?

This was a fairly low key photo shoot in Scott’s apartment so we were working with natural light. We are having chats about a more bonkers creative shoot that we could do together and I’m sure we’ll get some great images from that one as well. Scott has been working on some creative self portraits to teach himself about photography which are all being featured on his Instagram account.