It’s happening

It’s taken a long time but this weekend the photo shoot with the aim of blurring the lines between art and porn is happening!

My mate Troy who has featured in my photography a couple of times lately has some porn aspirations and he was keen from the moment I mentioned it. We did have another guy lined up but then he changed his mind so the hunt was back on.

A month ago a guy who lives in a different country threw his hat into the ring and it was just a matter of when we could coordinate him to be here. Well that time is this Saturday! I’m quite nervous about getting the quality of image that I want and not getting caught up and distracted by two hot naked men fucking in front of my camera.

My goal is definitely still to do full on fuck and suck photos but do it artistically and not do regular porn. Fingers crossed we get it right and the boys have fun while they are at it. Let’s see how we go.

Where are you headed?

A reader of this blog recently got in touch asking if I’d ever heard of the e-books from Gay Naked Destinations. I had to admit that I hadn’t but after a quick search I found the site and promptly bought the e-book that covers Southern Europe and Israel since that covers parts of the world that I’m going to.

There are five different books to buy covering different regions of the world and they are all full of information about where to stay and what to do in those areas all while leaving your clothes behind. We all know travelling and being nude are two of my favourite things and they are best done at the same time.

I’ll definitely be scouring the pages of these doing my research for this trip and any others I decide to do. Finding opportunities for nakedness in Europe isn’t too hard but having a resource like this makes it very easy.

If any of you have any travels planned or just in mind, head to Gay Naked Destinations and buy one or two of the e-books to help with your planning!

Bunker down

There are a lot of models out there in this magnificent world that I’d love to work with. When it comes to the vast majority of them, they are on the other side of the world and not practical to collaborate with.

Every now and then, one of those hot international men comes to town. Bob here was recommended to me by another model of mine and I was on a list of photographers that people had given him to approach. That’s very flattering!

When someone like Bob turns up at the age of 55 looking absolutely spectacular it makes me excited to photograph them while at the same time making me nervous I’ll do their hard work justice. He was absolutely fantastic to work with and there will be a second download released in the next few weeks.

To buy BUNKER, this week’s download, just click here and enjoy the sculpted goodness that is Bob.

It’s not happening

It’s often said that people meet their future partners at weddings. From recent personal experience I’m killing that statistic. Since most of my weddings as a celebrant have been for people that I know or am connected to in some way I’ve been invited to several of the receptions after the ceremony which is lovely.

Last night I got to enjoy a reception for a very fun couple that I know through my circus school. They are a straight couple but there were actually several gay men there. Sadly, none of them were available. Even at the weddings that have had a single gay man (there’s never been more than one) I have already known the person and they’ve been considerably older than me and neither of us were interested.

The happy couple last night did sit me next to a gorgeous gay friend of the groom’s who came from Denmark for the occasion. Scandinavians and the Danish specifically are particularly attractive to me but of course, he has a boyfriend. Sure, they have an understanding but he’s only 30 and goes for younger guys. Being 45 I don’t fit his target market at all.

One day I might be lucky enough to go to a wedding and meet a lovely single man who is actually available. You never know.

Cleaning out…

It’s fair to say I’m no minimalist. Sure, I’m not a hoarder and when I moved last year I threw out some stuff I’d been moving from house to house for 20 years. This week I started clearing out some of the digital trash.

I have been a member of and for a few years and I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone directly through the sites and on the occasions when I logged in I was either approving or declining friend requests, clearing notifications, occasionally responding to a message then logging out. There was no real interaction.

Snapchat is next on my list. I just need to figure out how to delete my account because you can’t actually do it through the app.

A bunch of my friends have said they are moving the Facebook app to another screen on their phone to minimise their usage of it. Maybe the world is starting to shift a tiny little bit to more real connections? Fingers crossed.

Just so beautiful

There is a quote that I have been led to believe was made by Mark Twain but I don’t know for sure. It says “Travel is the antidote to ignorance.” Whoever said it, I completely agree. The excitement is starting to build for my trip to Europe which is just over 4 months away.

Today I discovered a new inspiration on Instagram. Inspiration both for photography and travel. Morten Rustad is a photographer from Norway who travels a lot and does absolutely stunning videos and time-lapse photography of his travels.

Landscape photography is HARD. I find it scary and intimidating and that’s why I shoot people but this video really makes me want to do more landscapes. I also looked at parts of this and thought a cheeky nude selfie in that location would be awesome. Everyone finds their own motivation right?


There are a lot of big personalities at my circus school. That’s not meant in a bad way at all, just to say that perhaps it takes a certain boisterous nature to dangle from the roof and defy death. Who knows? There are also some quite shy people who do it as their moment in the spotlight.

There are times at class when people might be feeling flat and we feed off the more upbeat energy of some of the others. Last night we were all in a hilarious mood. It’s very common for some pretty filthy jokes to fly around at times and watching someone crack up laughing while they are dangling upside down trying to learn a trick is a lot of fun.

It was one of those nights where we were all in the same happy, crazy, dirty, fun mood. Thankfully we share the space with another class who tend to be about the same.

Most of us have been training at the school and have known each other for a minimum of a few years so there is a certain level of comfort. That’s handy when you are stuck in an awkward position in lycra. Here’s hoping there are many many more nights like it ahead.

Timothy is Draped

So far I’m keeping pace with releasing a download every week. To achieve that this week I went back to my archives to one of my favourite photo shoots. I had taken a more brave step than usual and approached a model that I didn’t think would do a shoot with me. Turns out I was wrong.

Within two months Timothy was coming through Sydney on a road trip and we did two shoots. Draped is the resulting download from shoot number two. Timothy is an absolute joy to collaborate with. A classically trained dancer he knows his body, how to move it and how it looks it’s best.

Sadly I will be out of town with my family when Timothy is here for Easter so another collaboration will have to wait.

If you want to see the whole shoot of Timothy, click here to buy the download, and check out the behind the scenes video below.

Making me happy

This weekend was a busy but very fun weekend. It was one of those weekends that is good for your soul.

On Friday night I had a spontaneous night of a few wines and some pizza with some very good friends and a couple of their friends that I’d never met before. It wasn’t a late night but it was great.

Yesterday morning started very early for a photo shoot of a very hot man with a ridiculous body who was also great fun to work with. Stay tuned for the first half of those photos to be released next weekend. Then I was the marriage celebrant at the wedding of some friends and had another great night celebrating. Today we all caught up for a post wedding pub lunch.

In between all of that I’ve binge watched the new season of Queer Eye and cried happy tears a lot. So it’s been one hell of a weekend.

Last week I found this video on Youtube about sharing happiness and it made me smile while I was watching it. You can certainly find happiness by yourself but sharing even the smallest moments with friends or loved ones makes it even better!

Do I risk it?

As a single man with a love for travel, most of my travel has been done solo. Sometimes that’s fun and sometimes it is less than idea. There have been moments when I’ve been somewhere beautiful having a great time and wishing I could turn to someone, friend or lover, and just grin at the fun times. At other times it can be amazing travelling alone. Feel like being lazy or doing something random? Sure. No one to explain yourself to.

When I put the call out to facebook asking if anyone wanted to join me in Iceland I was lucky. The friend that first volunteered turned out to be a fantastic travel buddy. We had no dramas sharing a camper van, splitting money etc and it all just worked.

So looking ahead to August, part of me wants to ask if anyone wants to join me at any part of my trip. Once again there will be camper vans involved and lots of nudity (hopefully) so it would have to be a carefully considered situation. How do I tell someone I think it’s best they don’t join me if they are keen but I’m not convinced?

Less than five months to go!

That was rough

Yesterday I was having a conversation over facebook messenger while I was on the train on the way to work with someone I know. They are not someone I know well but over the course of the day I came to realise that they don’t seem to have any/many close friends at all.

As I got to work the conversation started to take a dark turn. He was drinking heavily before 8am and very upset over an incident with his wife. Shortly after 8 the message that really rang alarm bells came through. “Part of the journey is the end.” From there it spiralled to very clear suicidal talk. I have absolutely no experience with this so I ran out of the office and up the road to the police station. They took screen shots of the conversation and all the information I had. They found his address, which I didn’t have, and got people to go and check on him.

Thankfully within half an hour he was safely in an ambulance having done nothing more serious than drink a lot of alcohol. They kept him in overnight for psychological assessment and he was home again this afternoon. He sent me a message thanking me. I don’t think I did anything more than most people I know would do and I couldn’t have lived with myself if I hadn’t done something. Who knows if it is a real attempt on his own life or just a cry for help?

Please look after yourselves and those around you. It was a very rough way to start the day, for both of us.

The great Dane

My models usually put a lot more pressure on themselves than I do to achieve a certain level of fitness or lean-ness for a shoot. The beauty of organising a photo shoot with a gay man in Sydney a few weeks before Mardi Gras means they are likely to be in amazing shape. Dane definitely was.

As you can see, Dane looks after himself very very nicely. I don’t even want to contemplate the body fat difference between the two of us but his dedication certainly worked for the photos.

Not only did the poor guy have to get up super early to meet me at a location a good 40 minute drive away, he had to do it for a complete stranger in an untested location. We were lucky with beautiful lighting and moody skies too. There were a few fishermen around but they really didn’t take any notice of the hot man walking around nude. The fools.

Dane is this week’s download available now from my online shop. Don’t forget all the downloads are still available (apart from Bohemian which had to be removed at the request of the model), so have a browse and buy them all!

Something to work towards

In the past few years, whenever I’ve said I will perform a circus routine, I’ve either chickened out a week or two before or had to pull out due to injury. Performing doesn’t come naturally to me. Before a show I will be so nervous I’ll be outside throwing up. It feels like I sabotage my chances of performing well by not rehearsing enough or training properly.

Well today my friend and cloud-swing teacher told me that my circus school is aiming to put on a show for the Sydney Fringe Festival in September. So even though I’m only very much a newbie to cloud-swing she thinks I know enough and have time to really work on a routine. There’s an audition process so there’s no guarantee but I like having 6 months to work on it.

Today’s lesson was a lot of fun and I’m starting to feel less panicked up on the apparatus. The way it moves is so different to the apparatus I’m used to, the aerial silks. It has just as much of a habit of bruising and burning though, so at least that is familiar!

Now I just need to get my shit together, practice and build a routine. Obviously the video below is not me but it’s this apparatus. There are not many men doing static cloud swing apparently.

The power of celebrity

Michael Jackson and R Kelly are having rather spectacular falls from grace this week. Leaving Neverland, the documentary about MJ’s systematic abuse of two young boys, started airing here in Australia last night and footage of R Kelly having a melt down in front of a calm Gayle King has gone viral this week.

Both men have had rumours about their behaviour for years but it feels like those years are up. Michael of course has been dead for ten years but R Kelly is panicking. Both men have their supporters. Fans of Michael Jackson refuse to believe that he was capable of such things. It’s like Trump supporters. How far do they have to go to actually cross a line with their supporters? The power of celebrity seems to buy a lot of forgiveness with a lot of people. Just because you love Michael’s music doesn’t mean he wasn’t a manipulative predator of children.

Here in Australia it’s our male sports stars that get this treatment. Cricketers, Rugby League players and Aussie Rules Football players all have huge scandals but don’t seem to feel the full weight of the law even if they glass their girlfriends in the face, have drug scandals, rape scandals. The list goes on.

Why are we forgiving these people just because they’ve released some banger music or played spectacular football? Celebrities are people too and the bad ones deserve to be prosecuted and treated as criminals.

Any ideas?

A man I know and have known for a few years as an acquaintance now is exploring his sexuality. His marriage to his wife isn’t in a good place for whatever reasons and he has told me he no longer puts a label on his sexuality.

He asked me if there were any WhatsApp groups for guys like him so he could chat to other gay/bi men about their concerns, fears, desires etc. WhatsApp didn’t seem like the right forum but I also had no other ideas to help him.

Does anyone out there know of any online groups where he might be able to chat to other guys exploring their desires to have sex with other men? There are a lot of options out there for actually exploring sex with other men but not many forums to talk things through that I personally am aware of.

If people could comment with suggestions that would be very much appreciated!