So you think you can date?

Coming up for nine years ago I started auditions for the first series of “So you think you can date” and after nine years the producers and I thought we might have got down to at least the semi-finals by now, but it would appear that we are still putting together those audition episodes where the people with no clue show up thinking they are Mr Right.

There have been a few with serious talent show up over the years but they’ve stumbled in the auditions or given it their all too early and burnt out quickly. There have been others that would have been serious contenders for the title but at the last minute they’ve decided on an alternate competition or we’ve discovered a pre-existing contract elsewhere.

One or two others have showed up and a bit like those cranky-hungry girls on America’s Next Top Anorexic have thought they already had the title and were out shopping for jewellery and a picket fence when our audition bus hit the accelerator and left their deluded arses behind.

It’s funny that as I get older some things that were on the list as mandatories are now not at all important but other things have stepped up to replace them. One day we’ll find a winner, hopefully and we can settle in for the ride.

Burn baby burn

One thing that I want to do in the next couple of years is go to Burning Man. It looks like such a wonderfully diverse crowd full of open minded people. The fact that there are lots of people wandering around naked or very nearly naked makes sense given the heat. I don’t know when I’ll have the money or the chance to go but it’s high on the list.

Getting Muddy

I have no idea where this is but I’m sure these guys were just using the mud for it’s mineral content and the benefits for their skin, right? Surely! Guys don’t just get nude and muddy for a laugh do they?

It’s a shame they left their shorts on for the mud application, would have been cool to see them completely covered in mud, but their white butts do look funny this way I guess.


Apparently there are constantly people out there who don’t get the way I write, and I understand that’s going to happen. Someone has taken deep offence to my very tongue-in-cheek post about pregnant women being everywhere at the moment.

Personally I think pregnant women look amazing. Sure they have days where they are over carrying the extra belly around, and they are sore and tired, but I know your average father-to-be adores his partner’s shape. While I’m not asking that men be able to carry children and give birth I think it is a beautiful thing to behold. So to the reader who somehow took my post and derived an opinion that I was attacking pregnant women from it, I apologise if you got the wrong impression from my writing.

A little of little me

A while ago I posted a photo of myself at about one year of age that I had found at my parents place. This time I’m posting probably my favourite ever photo of myself. I don’t know how old I was at the time but I would say about 18 months old or so. I just look so happy. Don’t you wish life was that care-free as an adult?

Shoot me in the shower


When I see photos like these ones, my second response, after finding them hot, is to wonder how I would react if someone walked into the showers that I was in with a camera. While I’ve posed for photographers nude several times now and also had friends snap photos at the beach, shots like these are always going to spread around the world these days very quickly.

Would you let yourself be snapped in the shower like this? I love that these guys do and are so comfortable with it. It actually also gives me hope that younger generations aren’t ALL growing up to be prudish.

Who do you pick for the Team?


Last night I had the pleasure of chatting to Michal, the brains behind Teamm8 underwear, host of Boy About Town TV and singer, who very pleasantly surprised me by being very down to earth and chilled out.

There’s still a bit of time left to go and vote for your favourite Teamm8 to go head to head  with Jason, our favourite from the last Teamm8 photo shoot (main pic, left) from the other 6 finalists. So head on over and do your thing!

Do you like to watch?


It’s a sad thing that gang showers seem to be going the way of the dinosaurs these days. There is something so sexy about a bunch of men standing around together all wet and soapy, even when nothing sexual is going on.

There are hundreds of “hidden camera” shots out there of guys in public showers being photographed without their knowledge which is really dodgy but there is obviously a huge demand for these shots. Personally I find it hot when I can watch someone in the shower and they don’t know I’m watching, like if they haven’t closed their door on the shower at the gym properly, and I kinda like the idea of someone enjoying watching me too, if I’m feeling good that is.


This woman is amazing. She doesn’t resort to all the big dramatic drops which look fantastic but she does everything beautifully proving the simple things are often the best.

Winter wonderland

We haven’t had a winter nudity submission for a while now. It can’t possibly be that warm just yet in the northern hemisphere!

Something disturbing is happening

Something happened in early spring, maybe even late winter here in Australia as, untrained as I am, it appears to be breeding season. There are pregnant women everywhere I turn. Even on the rare days lately when we haven’t had rain, I check to make sure any public seating isn’t wet from some poor woman’s waters bursting all over the place.

It’s just as well I haven’t had any sex lately, because I’m sure, even with physiological improbabilities one of us might end up knocked up and I’m not ready to be a father yet, or a mother!

This would fix my day

A good long session of kissing someone lovely would make my day so much better. I don’t know if it’s the Valentine’s effect or just that I’m out of whack in general but I’m in the mood to slap someone silly. A friend wants to go couple slapping (only partly seriously) and find couples being romantic and go slap them.

VD is here again

Like that itch that just won’t go away, Valentine’s has flared up again in a rash of commercial sentimentality across Sydney. The symptoms are everywhere, blotches of red roses, cards and shiny wrapped chocolates everywhere, men are looking stressed and women anxious. What says I love you without her expecting a diamond? Will he send me anything or is it another year on the shelf?

This year my immunity is up and I don’t seem to be hit with the VD blues… yet. It’s funny how, as a single guy, even though it is commercial bullshit, the whole thing can get you down. This is the millionth year in a row that I’ve not had someone to snuggle up to. Being the total romantic that I am, it’s those little things I want, someone to make coffee for, someone to cuddle when I get home, someone to sit silent with on the lounge, experience all those great things that are better shared. I have loads of friends that I love, but no one I’m in love with.

To everyone that’s feeling the same, and to everyone that’s briefly flitted across my romantic radar this year, and to everyone that reads this blog happy Valentines day!

We are sorry

Today, the Australian Government did what they should have done a long time ago. They apologised. They officially said sorry to the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for the Stolen Generations. For decades, Aboriginal children were taken from their families and forcibly assimilated into the white community. This apology will hopefully be a big step for reconciliation.

The photo is Casey Conway, Aussiebum model and Native Australian.

I love a good speedball!

No I’m not advocating drug abuse! The speedball is by far my favourite trick that we’ve learned so far at silks class. Charlie videoed this for me and I don’t think he was entirely paying attention, but the light behind me disguises some of my dodgy form. No I wasn’t meant to kick the trapeze next to me on the way down but it didn’t actually hurt. A little bit later I went on and did a double speedball which means I roll further but we didn’t get that on video!