Outta action

I called in sick today. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and today I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. My throat is all mucky, I’m tired and just going nowhere, so I’ve spent the greater part of the day lying on my lounge or in my bed. Fingers crossed I’ll be back on board tomorrow!

White wonders

I love it when mother nature throws up an interesting quirk or anomaly, maybe as gay men we can identify with it or something. I found these images of a white Stag in the Scottish Highlands, a white Killer Whale near Alaska and a white Moose in Montana over at Towleroad and just thought they were cool.

I’m off to bed now, early start for the gym.

Boy about town TV #2

It’s time for the second episode of Boy About Town TV, hosted by the lovely fabulous Michal Nicholas. This episode he’s talking to the Sydney Convicts, the gay Rugby team who won the Bingam Cup last year I believe. They boys from the Convicts also happen to be doing their annual fund raising strip show “Rugger Buggers” at The Shift this coming Saturday night, so get on in and support them.

Black and white beauty

I’m about to crash into my bed after an exhausting silks class but thought I’d quickly share some beautiful black and white photos of beautiful men. Chad of course on the left is always beautiful. I remember the shot in the middle from an early edition of Blue magazine. From memory the guy does lots of voice over for movie trailers. Who knew the man behind the voice would be so hot and hung? The other two are hot fitness models I think. But does it matter? Let’s admire the results of their hard work.

It’ll have to be next summer

With the dismal summer that we’ve had here in Sydney now fading into Autum and my weekends booked up with Easter and other committments it looks like I’ll have to plan a  surfing safari weekend away for next summer. I’ve said before that I’ve wanted to surf nude for years and I’m determined to do it. Unfortunately there are no nude surf beaches in Sydney, so it does mean a weekend away, what a shame!

Le Cock Ring 2

Nikias from Esculpta has crafted this beautiful and very handy new version of his cock-ring. It’s a one-size-fits-all model that is adjustable so if you buy it for your boyfriend you know it’s going to fit!

Young gays, please read!

Towleroad this week had a story about researchers finding a gene that inhibits the development of HIV. That is exciting news but the part that really struck me was the following comment from an HIV positive man.

“After being HIV positive for 20 years, I am running out of medication options. KNOW THIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS, HIV is not some “treatable” disease. Yes, one’s life can be extended and made more livable by medications, but those medications come with a financial and metabolic cost. Do not take HIV lightly! THINK LONG AND HARD (pardon the pun) before you make the life-threatening decision to bareback when having sex. There is no way to fully know the effects of HIV or the treatments for it until you are in it and dependent on the treatments to keep you not just healthful, but ALIVE.”

Gay degrees of separation

We all know the theory that there are only 6 people forming a link between any two people on the planet. It would appear in the gay world that it’s more like 3 or 4.

There is a phenomenon amongst gay men, and not just isolated within a nation but stretching across the globe, that if you meet someone that you find interesting, you only need ask amongst your friends (three will probably suffice) and you’ll definitely be able to find out at least two important things about him. Of course this can be a blessing but it can also be a curse. The fact that in a city like Sydney they are more than likely to know a few of your friends, you are almost certain to get a couple of contradictory stories. It would be nice sometimes I think, to be able to get to know someone without preconceived ideas or impressions built upon heresay.

At what point?

At what point do you just resign yourself to being single and somehow overriding a natural instinct to find a partner, no matter how romantically inclined you may be? That point is getting pretty close for me.

I’ve always aspired to the kind of loving relationship that my parents have, 37 years into their marriage. They’ve worked hard to keep it together but from what I can see it’s been worth it. They still walk down the street holding hands, which makes me quietly smile to myself.

My friends say they can’t understand why I can’t find someone and there have been interesting dalliances but for one reason or another they didn’t work out. It’s been nearly 9 years since I came out and met my first boyfriend and nearly 8 since I purged that nutbag from my life. It’s been over 7 years now since I dated anyone seriously and I think that number is only going to grow.

Why do we still crave relationships when our parents generation and current marriage statistics or a mere quick ask around at the local bar would seem to show that long term relationships seem to fall apart as often as they survive? As hopeless as it feels sometimes, including right now, I can’t help myself, it’s a natural instinct for me to want to cuddle up to someone at night, make them a coffee in the morning, grow old and fat with them and watch a million sunsets.

3rd place Valentine’s post

The guys over at Restoring Love had another poll for valentines day and asked some of the gay blogging world to submit their favourite post about love. The readers have voted and Aussielicious got 3rd place! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Winter Challenge – Greg

Greg here sent in this pic for the winter challenge. He’s submitted pictures to Aussielicious a long time ago and been kind enough to do it again in obviously chilly circumstances! I’m actually not sure where Greg is, but while it looks cold, it looks very beautiful!

Click on the image to see it larger!

QGuide – travel essentials for gay men

I tried posting this a few weeks ago but had technical problems with videos at the time. Those of you who’ve been reading the blog for some time might remember I did some travel writing and photography for a soon-to-be-launched gay travel website, QGuide.com. Well it’s up and running.

As part of its launch, QGuide.com is giving away twelve week-long (6 night) stays at Spartacvs Hotel, a Men’s-only exclusive Hotel on the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. A week’s stay will be given away to two QGuide members every month between March and August 2008.

Miscellaneous hotties

I’ve had a very long day today and I don’t really have all that much to say so I’m going to let a random selection of hot boys do all my talking for me! If a picture is worth a thousand words then lets pretend I’ve written a 4,000 word essay.