Prime Minister under gay pressure

KEVIN Rudd has been presented with his first major challenge on gay law reform from within his own party, with ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope challenging him to allow gay and lesbian civil unions in the territory.

Mr Stanhope said the Prime Minister – a self-described social conservative – should allow the move, arguing that if Mr Rudd could demand China respect the human rights of Tibetans he should defend the rights of his own citizens at home.

Read the full article here.

Random nakedness for the day

Wednesday morning here in Sydney has dawned wet and gloomy, again. I’ve heard nasty viscious reports of this being one of our wettest winters in ages and I’m not happy. So I thought I’d start the morning with some random naked guys. My day is going to be long and tedious. The office I’m in at the moment seems to have some kind of magic productivity system that extends the last two hours of the day into at least four.

The photos above show a bunch of things that I think it would be fun to do. Being outdoors naked at night, possibly in places you aren’t supposed to be, at Burning Man, I’ll get there one day and surfing nude which I still haven’t managed to try!

Confidence comes naturally?

Discussions with a friend last night and often with other friends are always a source of surprise. Everyone makes assumptions about people we meet based on how they look, as to how they should act. Last night’s dinner companion surprised me when he told me he gets intimidated in certain situations, which shouldn’t surprise me as other close friends are always chastising me for not being more confident. They perceive me as being good looking and therefore I should be totally confident. The truth is I don’t like going out on the gay scene, not just because it’s shallow a lot of the time, but because I feel like I walk into a club and everyone’s thinking “he’s not all that”.

The one thing I’ve realised and I’m working on is that we all have to find our own source of confidence and contentment. Find it within, not from what other people think is important about you, and run with it!

I’ve always loved this photo. Sure the guy has all the physical reasons to be confident with an amazing body and beautiful face, but I reckon a smile like that comes from a fair way inside.

Workout weird

Last night after a really nice night having a takeaway indian dinner with a new acquaintance that I’d like to see become a good friend, I came home and set my alarm for 5:40am to get up to go to the gym as usual. At some point during the night, when I was feeling like I wasn’t having a restful sleep, I  changed my alarm to 7am thinking my training partner wouldn’t be too annoyed. So when my alarm went of at 5:40am I realised that I had been having some very realistic dreams. Thank god the other one wasn’t true… it was bizarre and disturbing.

Superhero love?

I found this the other day and thought it was pretty funny. It’s another video like the one “How Gay is Top Gun” where they’ve edited footage from Smallville and put romantic music over the top. Enjoy

A change in the air?

For about the last month or 6 weeks or so, I’ve been going through one of those really flat phases. Just lacking direction, enthusiasm and hope really. Nothing drastically wrong, but just not feeling like I’m heading anywhere. I’ve noticed though, in the last week or so that the tide seems to be turning. Things are coming together. I don’t have a job yet but it’s not stressing me that much, I’m still getting enough work to get me by.

I’ve been working on a “dream job” project. I don’t have it, but I’m going after my dream job, or one of them and what I need to get done isn’t far from being done. I’ve got other ideas for photography and other projects that I want to do. People that just faded from my life have come back into it, another one who hurt me badly has been in touch saying they’d like to apologise and explain what happened if I’ll let them. I’m excited, for the first time in a while.

Jonathan Thurston – Naked for a Cause

Jonathan Thurston is one of the guys right at the top of the tree in NRL Football here in Australia. He won the Dalley M Medal which is the top award and just keeps playing great Rugby League. He’s also part of a history of great Aboriginal sportsmen, especially footballers and… he’s hot.

These shots are by Pedro Virgil for the Naked For a Cause calendar and soon to be released book.

Team: North Queensland Cowboys
Age: 26
Height: 187cm
Star Sign: Sagittarius

How would you describe yourself in a personals ad? Desperate!
What three things do you look for in a partner? Looks, Personality and a good sense of humour
What would you do on your ideal date? Try not to screw it up so she comes back!
Sex or Football – what’s better? I’m hopeless at Football so sex! I think that’s meant to be the other way around!
What’s it like getting naked in front of a camera? Very nerve racking!
Your favourite part of your body is?The tattoo on my forearm
If you were meal, what would you be? T-Bone with potato mash and vegies!
Tell me something most people don’t know about you: Family before Football …
What’s your favourite …
Movie: Any Given Sunday
Place: Mum and Dad’s house
Music: Hip Hop and R&B
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? This photo shoot!
Hometown: Brisbane

GI Channing


So it looks like they are making a movie of GI-Joe starring Channing Tatum. Channing is one very sexy guy and I’ve posted about him a couple of times before, but when I think of GI-Joe, action hero superstar savior of the world, I think of someone a bit beefier. I’m sure he’ll do a great job and he’ll definitely look sexy. Who would you like to see as GI-Joe?

Kylie – All I see

It’s not often you’ll hear me say something I don’t like about Kylie, but this song is my absolute least favourite on the X album. To me it’s like watered down diet Janet Jackson from 12 years ago. Having said that, I think she looks good in the video and having Marco Da Silva standing around with his tatts out looking hot doesn’t exactly hurt the cause.

New pendants from Esculpta

Nikias at Esculpta sent me these images a day or two ago of his new designs. It sounds like his business is starting to take off which is great. He’s a talented (and good looking) guy.

This is my friend, he’s naked.

It seems that all my buddies that I hang out with nude on the beach are all coming together. Over the course of the two nude dinners we’ve had, I think almost all my nude friends have met. In June we have a long weekend and a few of us have decided to go away for the weekend up to the Central/North coast. A nude friend that has just moved to Sydney wants to join us, so 3 of us are having a nude dvd night tomorrow night. All my non-nudie friends think it’s very strange but I think it’s great.

I still don’t get why we can’t get nude in front of our friends who should always be more kind than any stranger.

Teamm8 Champions and a new range

It’s time once again to head over to Teamm8 and vote for your favourite of the four “star players” to see who goes through to be the face of the next round. I can’t decide. Can I have all of them? Vinny and Jason have also both been on the cover of DNA in the past and were both very popular. It’s a tough choice.

Kylie glows in German Vogue

It seems that so far, this is the only shot that has leaked from Kylie’s shoot with German Vogue. She looks beautiful and more natural than the severe wig/haircut thing she’s been sporting lately. A couple of years ago when the Kylie exhibition was in Sydney, there was one wall with a long, long line of different photos of Ms Minogue. It really is amazing how different she can look and how adventurous she is when it comes to collaborating on her look.

Alan Ritchson gets his bodywear out

Here’s part one of the behind the scenes video of Alan Ritchson’s shoot for N2N Bodywear. Alan first gained exposure when he was a contestant in American Idol, then he went on to play Aquaman in Smallville. As long as he looks this good, he is more than welcome to hang around in and out of his undies!