It’s in his kiss

I found this video and thought not only was it a bit hot, it’s very sweet. It’s full of gay kisses through the years from Hollywood. That Westborough baptist bunch o’ freaks is going to be busy picketing some big names for everyone playing gay. In this video we’ve got Tom Selleck, Kevin Kline, Antonio Sabato Jr, Christopher Reeve, Jake & Heath, Brendan Fraser, Hugh Grant, and a stack of others.

It’s all back to front

A friend of mine from the gym and I were discussing the antics and lengths some guys will go to so that other guys don’t see their cock in the changeroom at the gym. It’s hilarious to watch the contortion and gymnastics guys will do to pull underwear on and off under a towel.

My friend however loves the guys that will drop their towel to pull their underwear on but turn away from everyone as soon as they are uncovered. My mate up until his newish boyfriend has been very much a top and is a real butt lover so basically these shy boys are offering up on a platter exactly what he wants to see.

Swimming nude

I  hear talk of a mythical time in yesteryear when men gathered for swimming classes in times before lycra and nylon girded their loins in a futile attempt at modesty and all were free to swing in the breeze and float in the pool as nature intended.

I might have been more keen to do all those millions of laps in the pool at swimming training through school if all the other guys had been nude. I think it’s a fantastic idea and surely, it’s added resistance training? Especially for the bigger boys.

Look at the pretty, hung, muscle man

Leighton Stultz is one very hot man. I’d seen photos of him around a while back and then even saw a full frontal somewhere but thanks to Bentblog I am now fully aware that he’s done a shoot for Playgirl which I think we should all give thanks for.


I thought it was important that for the first nude on the new version of Aussielicious be not only pretty but pretty nicely endowed too!
I’m still learning but you can click on this to see it larger, I tried it to check.

Live on Australia Day

Welcome to! It’s Australia Day here down under. It is 220 years ago today that the first fleet of Australian settlers, largely convicted criminals no matter how petty, landed on Australian soil.

Who would have known that a couple of hundred years later, we’d have treated the natives horrendously, and still do, and become one of the premier tourist destinations in the world.

Australia Day for most Aussies isn’t about recognising our history, but a day to play cricket (backyard, street or beach) drink a fair amount of alcohol, sing tragically and get a bit sunburnt. The Australian of the year was announced last night and was Lee Kernigan. He’s an Australian country singer that most Australians would be hard pressed to name one of his songs. Go figure. We have world leaders in medicine, science, environment and all sorts of other fields and we go and recognise some guy most of us don’t know.

Welcome to It’s going to follow on from where the blogger version left off, with lots of nude men, hopefully some interviews, healthy debates and a lot of sarcasm and fun.