Gregory Capra in U4Men

Gregory Capra appears to be the French fitness boy du jour. These photos were taken a few months back and have just been published on U4Men, the site for Contemporary Male Culture.

There’s never been any doubt that Gregory is cute, and I have to say the glimpse of his perky li’l butt is nice. I’m guessing Gregory is another one of those guys who has a little more discipline than me with what he eats.

Into the Wild

I’ve just watched Into the Wild on DVD and am kicking myself that I never got around to seeing it on the big screen. Emile Hirsch does an amazing job potraying Christopher McCandless in this true story of Chris’ adventure that sadly leads to his death.

The cinematography is absolutely stunning and Sean Penn has crafted a beautiful movie as director. McCandless obviously had some issues, people don’t just take off into the wild, literally burning money and avoiding the real world if they are totally on an even keel. A very telling moment in the movie is when he tries to start making his way home after over 100 days in the Alaskan wilderness but finds himself trapped by the wild that he initially wanted to experience. He writes in a book, with tears in his eyes, “happiness isn’t real unless shared”.

Beautiful freedom


I’ve always been a bit of a water baby and love swimming. I don’t do laps anywhere near often enough but love going for a swim at the beach, night time skinnydips etc. It’s an unusual concept to me, as much as I love swimming, that you can feel so free in the water and glide beautifully weightlessly yet being a human in water, you can’t be totally free. There is kinda a relatively critical need for oxygen. Until we evolve gills, which isn’t looking likely, we are just going to have to keep coming up for air.

Italian delight

Francesco here popped into my inbox by way of Gregory Capra. Where does one buy a chest like that? So not fair. I’m guessing he might have a little more discipline than me in the gym and the kitchen. Oh well.

Stop! Naked Police!

An off duty policeman in New Zealand hasn’t let the fact that he was totally naked stop him from getting his arrest! Check out the full article here. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any related images. :(

Naked man running

I wonder how many complaints VISA had about this? I saw this recently but a reader sent it to me again and I thought I’d post it. It’s a great advertisement based on that old story of a bachelor party gone wrong.

My day yesterday


You know when you were a kid, you always wanted to have a food fight but knew you’d get in too much trouble? Well yesterday I got to have one and at first it was hilarious fun but after a few hours of being caked in chocolate mousse, ice cream, whipped cream, pasta, having a paw-paw mashed in your face etc, it gets a little tiring. This was for the music video we shot yesterday. It got pretty raunchy too and I can’t wait to see the final result. My clothes are in the wash now. Fingers crossed it all comes out. In the photos above, the little girls on the right have about the same coverage, the two in the middle aren’t even trying.


Today is going to be a bit different for me and I’m a little excited. It’s going to be lots of fun, hopefully. I’m going to be in a music video for Seany B today. I won’t tell you what we are doing but will save that for when the video comes out. Let’s just say that it involves 3 guys and 3 girls.

Seany B is probably best known (so far) for being the vocalist for the TV Rock song, Flaunt It. Check out that video, below.

I have some questions

Every now and then you listen to something and it raises a question or two. Nothing earth shattering but more like a little statement or something that just niggles at you.

Madonna, Justin and Timbaland. Three of music’s powerhouse figures at the moment. With that much power and cred why did they call the song “4 minutes to save the world” and then release a radio edit that is 3 minutes and 12 seconds?

The Carly Simon classic “You’re so Vain” has always annoyed me. “You probably think this song is about you, don’t you?” Well clearly it is about him. Duh. If you are going to write a song about someone, don’t get stroppy with them if they think it actually is about them.

Leona Lewis is a new face/voice on the scene, but her song “Bleeding love” has been played to death here on the radio, and I wanna know just how long someone can keep hemorrhaging and still have the strength to sing about it?

Hanging with friends


Friday night saw 8 of us get together for our second nude drinks night on Friday night. This time we were smart enough to include food in the mix. It was a really nice bunch of guys and the people that had been totally intent on an orgy situation last time weren’t invited back. The mood was chilled, conversation flowed easily and it was a great night. Sadly the weather is getting colder here in Sydney so I don’t know how many we’ll have in  the next few months, depends on the heating I guess.

I kinda miss it

While I was away last weekend I saw some surf boat crews training off the local beach and it made me miss the action. This video from aussieBum, great sponsors of the action, shows the fun, adrenaline, the excitement, thrills and spills of surf boat rowing. If it didn’t take over your life, I’d be back into it in a flash. It’s also a bloody good perve

Boy about town TV #3

This is the third episode of Boy About Town TV with Michal Nichols. This time he’s enlisted the help of Brendan Burt, who was one of the hotties in last years livesavers Mardi Gras float. He also happens to be a total sweetie.

Lacking discipline and motivation

The last several weeks I’ve barely got my sorry arse to the gym at all and it’s frustrating me just how little discipline I can have at times. Maybe now that I’ve got a few weeks off trapeze and silks I’ll have a bit more energy to get out of bed in the mornings.

Aussielicious Interview – HIV Doctor


A good friend of mine works as a doctor in the area of sexual health in the UK. He was kind enough to answer some questions on misconceptions and thoughts about HIV for me.

Clinics are now saying 6 weeks is the length of time after infection that a positive result will show up. Can it take longer?
The traditional ‘window period’ for testing after a specific risk is 12 weeks. However a large number of people who contract HIV have developed antibodies by 6-10 weeks. This has been known for ages. The test that we are discussing is the antibody test,however a viral load test can be positive within a week of the virus infecting someone.
The advice is the same as it always has been
1. HIV test but wait 12 weeks after the risk
2. Occasionally if someone is very anxious can do the HIV antibody test after 6-10 weeks as long as they know to come back at 12 weeks for a repeat test if the first test is negative
3. If someone is having a seroconversion illness we do a Viral load test which is different to the hiv antibody test and not done routinely.

I’ve been told that you will know when you are sero-converting by one person and by another that he didn’t have any idea. Does it affect different people differently?
Studies suggest seroconversion illness occurs in approx 20-30% of patients but the symptoms are very non specific and easily mistaken for a flu/sore throat/diarrhoea ie very common symptoms…which is the problem ,at their most infectious ,most people dont recognise or know they have HIV.

What is your opinion on the theory that there are people who are “immune” to HIV? I do occasionally see people who are having huge risk or long tem partners of known hiv infected partners who never got the infection themselves.

People are living longer and healthier without medication these days. Why do you think that is?
Hmmmmmm not sure we can make a general statement like that….people in Africa may not agree! Patients may be getting tested earlier and so,appear to live longer post diagnosis. In the early days of the epidemic,people were diagnosing in very late stage (AIDS) disease and die shortly after.

How many different strains of HIV would you estimate there might be out there now?
Apart from HIV 1 and HIV 2 , HIV 1 is subclassified into subtypes or clades,the list of wich is growing as different clades recombine and produce what we call recombinants. At the moment approx clades A-G exist plus an endless list of recombinant clades wich have not been classified as yet.

People still think it’s nearly impossible to catch HIV being the “top”. Do you have any statistics on infection rates for the varying sexual roles?
Check the following resource from and click the second link under HIV to download a pdf.

go to table 2

Table 2 The risk of HIV transmission following an exposure from a
known HIV-positive individual
Type of exposure
Estimated risk of HIV
transmission per exposure (%)
Blood transfusion (one unit) 90–100
Receptive anal intercourse 0.1–3.0
Receptive vaginal intercourse 0.1–0.27
Insertive vaginal intercourse 0.03–0.09
Insertive anal intercourse 0.06
Receptive oral sex (fellatio) 0–0.04
Needle–stick injury 0.3 (95 CI 0.2–0.5)
Sharing injecting equipment 0.67
Mucous membrane exposure 0.09 (95 CI 0.006–0.5)

Is there any data on the percentage of the gay population currently living with HIV? Seroprevalence in london suggests 15-20% of all gay men london are positive. Not too sure in sydney…check the ASHM website

To be scene and not heard?

It’s funny, writing this blog I think I’m giving a fair representation of myself. There are elements I will leave out for privacy reasons and others so I don’t bore you  to death.

I had an email while I was away, that I’ve just read, from a reader “Tom”  who said that I was going to have to get out of the scene before I meet anyone and that it seems like I’m quite wrapped up in the gay scene. I’m actually surprised by that statement as my friends are always trying to get me out on the scene more. I don’t feel comfortable in the gay scene all that much so rarely venture into the more popular gay bars. Sure I’m doing pole dancing at a gay bar with gay men and most of my close friends that I see regularly are gay but that is actually a big change for me from  a couple of years ago when most of my close friends were straight couples.

It’s fascinating that people can get such a different impression of me from my blog than I think I’m giving and different to what I think is accurate.