Single leg hang

If, a year ago, someone had said the term “single leg hang” to me, I would have looked at them quizzically and thought they were going nuts. A year on, I now know how to do a version that applies to pole dancing, silks and trapeze. Guess what. They all hurt in some way, but they all look pretty cool. Especially this one!

Fairy tales

When it comes to relationships and the politics of dating I’m absolutely useless, especially if reading between the lines is necessary. I like the fairy story kinda deal, Princess is in an awkward predicament she probably could fathom a way out off, Prince rides up, says “I’ll save you because I love you”, does exactly what he says and then rides off into the sunset with his beloved knowing exactly where she stands, or sits, or bounces up and down.

My fairy story seems to be written by someone working with codes for the Nazis in WW2. I’m having to read between the lines and when that happens Snow white doesn’t get woken by a kiss from her Prince, the Prince instead shows all the body language of wanting to kiss her and even talks about waking her with a kiss but somehow, despite making eyes at her, thinks he might have to think about the pros and cons a bit more and get the dwarves to watch over her a bit longer.

So good to see

In these times where Christian fundamentalism and religious bigotry are leaving their mark, I think it’s very important that shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters are showing regular guys, being gay and god forbid even kissing. I think the conservative parts of America and Australia and other countries around the world need to see stuff like this to prove that gay men are everywhere, and in every walk of life. And personally, even though this is scripted television, I’m a sucker for a romance.

This made me mad

I’d heard about this from reading blogs but just watched this report in full. It’s so sad that people still use the word “sissy” and trot out that old line, it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. The fact that the woman called the Emergency Services hotline because two guys were kissing shows remarkable ignorance and bigotry but I guess on a positive note it shows that Baltimore was having a quiet crime day. Perhaps the most disturbing part for me was the guy who said he believes in carrying a gun and that people should be “put down”.


This guy has taken a photo of himself every day for a year. Check out the physical transformation of the guy. He’s really got himself in shape. Very impressive, but there is one thing that concerns me. Unless he’s taken the background out in photoshop in EVERY photo, he’s been in the same place every day for 365 days of the year. No holidays? Great work though mate.
I found this video over at Dude Flesh.

HNT – Cocktails

I haven’t participated in HNT for a LONG time but I thought it was time. This photo isn’t the best but it sums up the time we had on Fraser Island. No I don’t mean we were drunk all the time but we just went with the flow and chilled out a lot which I think we all needed. The drinks are the $7 daiquiri slushies. The Fruit Tingle ones were a bit too sweet by the time you got to the bottom but the Mango ones were delicious!


Anthony Larrisey sent me through these images yesterday of this series he’s been working on for a while. Anthony is a brilliant bodypaint artist that has been seen on the pages of Aussielicious a few times before. I can’t imagine how time consuming it must be to paint fishnets on a guy.

This has reminded me of something I saw on a profile on manhunt. Some guy had written “If you wear low v-neck t-shirts and have a drag queen for a friend then we won’t get on and I’m not interested.” Are some guys still so threatened by their own sexuality and full of self-hatred that they can’t chill out and have a bit of fun. I thought as gay men, we’d earned the right to express the feminine side we are supposed to be in touch with, even if it is for a laugh. Personally, I’m fine with the fact that I’m not the most butch thing in the world, nor the most camp and I love a bit of genderfuck theatrics if they are done well.

Do straight guys?

Something I’ve noticed going to nude beaches in a largely gay friendly city like Sydney is that the gay population is probably over-represented in numbers on nude beaches. Are gay men more comfortable nude than straight guys? Is it because we’ve already broken a huge taboo in being gay in the first place, so getting your cock out is nothing by comparison?

Obviously there are countless straight guys and girls who enjoy social nudity but I’m curious as to whether the straight guys would hang out nude together so much if there weren’t women around to affirm their sexuality, even in a non-sexual environment.

To the straight guys that read this blog, and I know there are a handful, do you and your straight mates feel comfortable nude in front of each other? In what context?

Consistently beautiful

Francois Rousseau would have to be right up there alongside James Houston as my favourite contemporary photographer. His work is so rich and luscious, the men are gorgeous, locations sublime and beautifully presented.

Francois has just released a new book called “Ora” that he shot in Polynesia and as usual it’s exotic and totally sublime. Check out the “making of” video below. For some reason I can’t find the book on I know it’s available on the french version of the site but I can’t add it to my wish list there so I remember where to get it.

R U 4 MEN?

The guys over at the online lifestyle mag have just posted a profile of me, my photography and my blog on their site. Thanks guys!

Fraser Island – the video

I put this together today. It’s 4 minutes of images and short videos of our trip away last week to Fraser Island. I have to say it was a really good short break and so beautiful.

Thank you!

Every now and then I come home to find a package waiting for me or a delivery notice in my letterbox saying I need to collect something. Despite what you all think, I don’t have a compulsive online shopping habit. No, I have some very generous readers who take their time and hard earned money to buy me something from my Amazon Wishlist which is so kind. I really don’t expect that kind of thing but I do like surprises!

One kind reader even clicked on the “Donate” button on the right and sent me money! Given my current erratic earning power, donations are always welcome but I’m actually just really happy any of you bother to read this blog. So I just want to say THANKS to those people who send me things, gave me money or even just write nice comments.

This is what I aspire to

This guy’s performance is beautiful. Of course, there aren’t many places to perform that have the systems to raise and lower the performer but his strength and some of the moves are things I want to learn!

Kylie X Tour rehearsals

I seriously hope she announces an Australian leg soon to this tour. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing show. There are rumours flying around that she’s coming in September or November… fingers crossed.

Modelicious Didier Cohen

Perusing the pages of Chadwicks Models website, as one does, a face struck me as familiar but I couldn’t work out where from. This is Didier Cohen, one of those guys that has that intriguing combination of pretty and wholesome along side dirty and rough. He’s also one of those rare guys that can carry off long hair or a shaved head. Let’s not even get me started on his sexy full sleeve tattoo. That’s actually what jogged my memory as to where I’d seen him before. Didier is the face of the Industrie Denim campain and his tattoo works just as hard as the rest of him in those images and works so well.