Zach D for Timoteo

I’m having a lazy day today and kinda enjoying it. I might try and leave the house at some point, but it’s hard to do that when you keep finding videos like this to waste some time.

She does it again!

Madonna has gone and done it to us again. According to DNA Magazine, when asked if she would include Australia on the Sticky and Sweet tour Her Madgesty replied “It’s the least I can do.” Apparently it’s not the least she could do. The least she could do is not bother once more to show her appreciation to the hundreds of thousands of Aussies that have supported her ego through all these years of musical ups and downs and mutton dressed as lamb fashion choices.

I’m sure she’ll come up with a sterling reason for not coming this time. The reason the Confessions tour didn’t make it was because her children needed to get back to school. Yeah right, like those spoilt indulged brats aren’t home schooled anyway. We may not have a huge population down here but every other tour manages to make it down here, although we are still waiting for news on Kylie… tick tock tick tock.

Tough start to the morning

My head is a little sore this morning from a few beers last night at a friend’s housewarming. So this morning all I feel like is a good strong coffee but cruel fate being what it is, I’ve run out. I’m about to duck out to the shops and get some more. I don’ like the caffeine in my blood stream to get too low. It’s just not a pretty thing.

It seems I’ve infected a couple more of my friends with the Love Ebola. I don’t know if this one will last but they do seem to enjoy each other’s company. There were a few nice guys there last night but for some reason the vast majority of them smoked!

DNA Model Search

DNA is running an online vote for a coverboy search. I have a bit of a problem with this. So far, all the guys are in the U.S. Sure they are all very hot but DNA is an Australian magazine and has quite an Australian feel to it in my opinion. WHY are they recruiting all U.S. guys? We have plenty of hot Aussie guys here? Wouldn’t it be more suitable (and cheaper?) to recruit and cast in Australia. I really like the magazine but this one isn’t sitting well with me at the moment.

Scorching Aussiebum summer 2008

I just saw this new promo for aussieBum Summer 2008 (northern summer). It’s got some hot footage of hot boys as usual. I love their products and their videos. The guys are always so damned hot.

To shoot and then shoot?

In a couple of weeks I’m doing a photo shoot of this hot muscle bear jock guys who runs a gym in Sydney. He’s a sexy tall guy who loves exhibitionism etc and wants some horny shots done. We are even going to be able to do the shots in the gym after hours. It’s going to be a shoot full of sexual tension.

The question is, would it be unprofessional to do something about that sexual tension once the camera is away? Part of me says yes, it sets an unprofessional precedent between photographer and model, but the other part of me (typical libran, seeing both sides of any argument) says that hell, we are both consenting adults and I would never pressure anyone into sex, it’s just not my style. Either way, the shoot will be hot fun.

Staying afloat


I haven’t had much work the last few weeks and regular calls to my agency that gets me work are starting to drive them mad I’m sure. They are great people and have always seen me through but things are getting tight at the moment. If anyone is feeling generous, please feel free to click the donate button on the right to help keep Aussielicious afloat!

A friend’s DNA

I got my new DNA in the post yesterday and didn’t get a chance to look at it properly til today. I’m flicking through the pretty pictures and reading bits and pieces when I come across the “Lazy Sunday” spread. The model is Christopher Bailey, an internet friend and aspiring model that has featured in the previous incarnation of Aussielicious. He’s a sweet young guy but I have to say these photos don’t do him justice. I’ve seen many hotter pics of him. He still looks good in these ones but not as good as I know he can look.

Happy Birthday Kylie!

For those of you on the other side of the world, it’s already May 28 here in Australia which means it’s the 40th birthday of Ms Kylie Minogue. Kylie has long provided the soundtrack to my life and yes, I know, I should have realised I was gay a lot earlier. I can’t explain the connection between Kylie and gay men, but for me she’s fun, escapist, cool party music.

In honour of Ms M’s birthday, I’m posting one of my all time favourite songs. From her 1990 album Rhythm of Love, this song is called Shocked. Friends do get a bit concerned when I bust out and sing along to the rap bit in the middle. The hot guy in the video is a guy she was dating at the time. He is a south african model called Zane O’Donnell.

Man on man chat show?

Every week on his Sunday night show, Rove asks his celebrity guests who they would turn gay for at the end of their interviews. Most laugh, some nervously, and others quite eagerly join in the game and come up with someone. On Sunday night he had the boys from “The Chaser” a comedy show on and this video is the response to the usual question. It’s hilarious. All these boys are straight! Thanks to Emackinations for bringing it to my attention.

Burning hot men


I’m starting to do research about Burning Man to get organised for our trip next year. I found a photographer called Patrick Roddie who has gallery after gallery of different aspects of Burning Man from the last nine years. Conveniently, he has galleries set up of the men. Thanks Patrick.

If there are lots of hot alternative type hotties like these guys walking around, I will be loving it. Even better that lots of people feel the urge to wear not a whole lot at burning man. God knows I won’t be wearing much. These photos are really cool too! Patrick’s photography really seems to capture the mood of Burning Man.

Nude weekend away

In two weeks time here in Australia we have a long weekend for the Queen’s birthday. No, I’m pretty sure it’s not her actual birthday but who cares? We get a public holiday. In honour of the event, some mates and I are off to a place a few hours north of Sydney for a nude weekend away. We’ve rented a house for the long weekend and, while it’s going to be winter and too cold for much nude outdoor action, the place is heated well and has a fireplace, so we will be playing cards, board games, settling in with our favourite DVD’s and enjoying good company. I dare say there will be a few wines enjoyed too! A couple of mates have pulled out because of other commitments but we have at least 4 of us, and hopefully we’ll get another two to fill spaces. Should be fun.

Did drugs kill the slowdance?

At dinner the other night for a friend’s birthday, a girl asked the question “What happened to the slowdance?” Remember when you were at the school dance at the end of the night there was always a slow dance and everyone would be pashing (snogging) their boyfriends/girlfriends and dancing that awkward teenage side shuffle with their arms around each other. Even in movies from the 80’s they would show slow dances at the end of the night in nightclubs.

Where did the slow dance go? Did drugs kill the slow dance because no one can actually slow down? Are gay men capable of the slow dance? My theory is that yes, drugs mean people can’t physically stop themselves dancing, or there’s no room for two in a K hole. The other theory is that if gay men slowed down on a dance floor and stopped waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care, then the groping would start and the slow dance would end up quite horizontal with 100 participants.

My retro day

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time downloading songs that I loved in my teens. I was in a nostalgic mood and I tracked down a few of my all time favourites. The first one I wanted to find was this one. Lisa Stansfield’s “All around the world”. Sadly youtube doesn’t have a version of the official video to embed here but this is a live performance. I can listen to this song for hours.

Now I don’t know if the 80’s fashion revival thing is happening all over the world, but surely videos like this with the guy in the multi-coloured panelled jacket should have put us off bringing it back at all?

Oh god yeah

I have to admit that I’m usually not that turned on by the mega muscled kinda guys but something about this guy really pops my cookies. He’s Brazilian Carlos Tomaiolo, winner of the 2006 Garato Fitness Contest and new cover boy for A Capa in very nearly all his glory. He appeared to me in a vision this morning, well, on Made In Brazil anyway. I would feel very comfortable curled up in his arms.

Being Brazilian, I can only hope that the next step is for him to pose nude and hard for G Magazine. Fingers crossed, legs open!