Ticking off your dreams

A friend of mine is a life coach and is one of the best examples of “practice what you preach” I’ve ever come across. I interviewed Don a while back on Aussielicious as he’s Australia’s only Aboriginal opera singer as well. Next week at the second match in the 3 game State of Origin Rugby League competition, Don is singing the national anthem live in the stadium. It’s been one of his dreams for years to sing the anthem live in a packed stadium. He’s a constant source of inspiration to some, and should be to many many more. Congratulations Don!

Learning curves

Last night was an education for me. It was the farewell party for my trapeze teacher who is off to Europe for 10 weeks. We started at a nearby pub with a very mixed crowd but then 5 of us headed to the Sly Fox, the nearby Dyke Bar. The three teachers from my aerial school are dykes from 23 to 35 and I have to say listening to them changed a whole lot of ideas.

The stereotypical view of lesbians is that they move in and live happily ever after in monogamy town for life while we gay boys are supposedly out fucking everything that moves. Two of the girls are in relationships that are pretty rocky and the single one has had two disfunctional monogamous relationships and they were all kissing other people last night who were not their girlfriends, and two of them pashed each other. So much for the U-haul and the beagle.

I challenge you… again!


It’s been a while since we’ve done what gave this blog it’s initial notoriety. So for the northern summer of 2008 I’m bringing back the public nudity challenge. The first run of the challenge was the most successful and most fun and it’s time to do it again. There are loads of examples in the archives of the old version of the blog including me nude on the Opera House steps.

For new players, the idea is to get a photo nude in a public or unexpected place. I won’t publish any erection photos. With my current financial situation, I won’t be giving a prize this year unfortunately and I’m leaving the creativity up to you. If there are any sports teams that want to do a group shot I’d love it, or even some families/brothers?  Keep it fun, and I take no responsibility for any arrests!

Email me your entries to brenton.parry@gmail.com

Change of plan

The other day I posted about doing my silks routine at the end of term to Shakespeare’s Sister. That’s all out the window for now. I still think it would work really well and may aim to do it at another point but as a class group a decision was made to have a theme for all our performances. That theme is Animal Kingdom. So I’m doing my routine as Tarzan using the song “Jungle Boogie” from Pulp Fiction. I think it will be cool. It’s in another 3 weeks, so I have until then to track down a loin cloth and I might have to get some of the animal print undies from aussieBum. I’ll video the performance too.

Paint your naughty in fluoro

The naughty boys at Vilain Garcon have a summer special edition of shirts for you all to brighten your summer. That is for those lucky enough to be coming into a long northern summer. We down under have just started winter with rain for the last few days. Not impressed.

The summer edition of shirts from the boys are in a riot of fluoro fabulosity to shock the senses of the stuffy boring folks. Get over there and get yours, don’t forget your sunglasses!

Another first step

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) has just had a quiet but landmark civil union by a homosexual couple. New laws allow same sex partnerships to recognise civil ceremonies but sadly the ceremony still isn’t legally binding. The identity of the couple hasn’t been made public but they have been together for 25 years. I love that stuff! Congratulations to the men.

Read the full article here.

Why do we love the bad guys?

My previous post about good versus evil got me thinking about why we like bad boys. The dark character in that video was the one that always appealed to me more.

Boys with an edge are so sexy for some reason. Tattoos used to be the domain of bad boys but now that just about every second queen has one it’s lost its effect a bit. Is that why tattoos are getting bigger? Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club, to me represents the idea perfectly, that every one of us has a bad boy inside, it’s just a matter of how far down they are buried. Falcon porn studio has made decades of films and millions of dollars out of wholesome boys next door getting down and dirty and living our fantasies out for us when we might be scared to ourselves.

Do nice guys really finish last? I’ve met loads of really sweet guys, but if there isn’t any kind of edge to them, no matter how small, I lose interest. For me, the trick is finding a nice guy who’s got an edge that he’s willing to show me, without that edge cutting me.

Potential song for routine?

A while ago I posted about having a bit of a retro moment and downloading songs from my teenage years. This song by Shakespeare’s Sister, a side project of one of the girls from Bananarama in 1992, always appealed to me in a bonkers tale of good versus evil, love conquering death kinda way and it’s dark and brooding love story. After listening to it several times over the last couple of weeks I thought it would make a cool song to do an aerial silks routine. Some good contrasts in it and dramatic moments to time with a cool drop trick. What do we think?

Five naked gymnasts

We may never know what inspired this video, yet we should be very grateful that it was taken. Five gymnasts each take a turn doing a tumbling routine then fling themselves of a mini trampoline, all nude. It sure looks like fun though!

The start of a great thing?

Matthew Mitchum, 20, has become the first ever Australian to represent his country at the Olympics as an openly gay athlete! There was no carefully orchestrated PR release. Nor was it a response to threatened blackmail from a spurned lover or bitter rival. No, Matthew just casually slipped the information into the conversation while talking to a reporter about the upcoming games, probably unaware of the milestone he was setting. Check out a full report in the UK press here.

Congratulations Matthew. Aussielicious sends you all the support in the world.

Sexy, wet acrobats

OK, so you find one video on youtube and you keep following link after link after link and today it’s a constant stream of flexible athletic contortionists. I have no idea what Les Farfadais is but it’s sexy. Now if only they were really nude!


Usually when people are really strong they aren’t that flexible and when they are very flexible they aren’t really strong. Every now and then you see someone that breaks those conventions. This performance is so beautiful. Dima is obviously incredibly strong and incredibly flexible and the performance is just so elegantly executed. So jealous.

Zach D for Timoteo

I’m having a lazy day today and kinda enjoying it. I might try and leave the house at some point, but it’s hard to do that when you keep finding videos like this to waste some time.

She does it again!

Madonna has gone and done it to us again. According to DNA Magazine, when asked if she would include Australia on the Sticky and Sweet tour Her Madgesty replied “It’s the least I can do.” Apparently it’s not the least she could do. The least she could do is not bother once more to show her appreciation to the hundreds of thousands of Aussies that have supported her ego through all these years of musical ups and downs and mutton dressed as lamb fashion choices.

I’m sure she’ll come up with a sterling reason for not coming this time. The reason the Confessions tour didn’t make it was because her children needed to get back to school. Yeah right, like those spoilt indulged brats aren’t home schooled anyway. We may not have a huge population down here but every other tour manages to make it down here, although we are still waiting for news on Kylie… tick tock tick tock.

Tough start to the morning

My head is a little sore this morning from a few beers last night at a friend’s housewarming. So this morning all I feel like is a good strong coffee but cruel fate being what it is, I’ve run out. I’m about to duck out to the shops and get some more. I don’ like the caffeine in my blood stream to get too low. It’s just not a pretty thing.

It seems I’ve infected a couple more of my friends with the Love Ebola. I don’t know if this one will last but they do seem to enjoy each other’s company. There were a few nice guys there last night but for some reason the vast majority of them smoked!