R U 4 MEN?

The guys over at the online lifestyle mag U4MEN.com have just posted a profile of me, my photography and my blog on their site. Thanks guys!

Fraser Island – the video

I put this together today. It’s 4 minutes of images and short videos of our trip away last week to Fraser Island. I have to say it was a really good short break and so beautiful.

Thank you!

Every now and then I come home to find a package waiting for me or a delivery notice in my letterbox saying I need to collect something. Despite what you all think, I don’t have a compulsive online shopping habit. No, I have some very generous readers who take their time and hard earned money to buy me something from my Amazon Wishlist which is so kind. I really don’t expect that kind of thing but I do like surprises!

One kind reader even clicked on the “Donate” button on the right and sent me money! Given my current erratic earning power, donations are always welcome but I’m actually just really happy any of you bother to read this blog. So I just want to say THANKS to those people who send me things, gave me money or even just write nice comments.

This is what I aspire to

This guy’s performance is beautiful. Of course, there aren’t many places to perform that have the systems to raise and lower the performer but his strength and some of the moves are things I want to learn!

Kylie X Tour rehearsals

I seriously hope she announces an Australian leg soon to this tour. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing show. There are rumours flying around that she’s coming in September or November… fingers crossed.

Modelicious Didier Cohen

Perusing the pages of Chadwicks Models website, as one does, a face struck me as familiar but I couldn’t work out where from. This is Didier Cohen, one of those guys that has that intriguing combination of pretty and wholesome along side dirty and rough. He’s also one of those rare guys that can carry off long hair or a shaved head. Let’s not even get me started on his sexy full sleeve tattoo. That’s actually what jogged my memory as to where I’d seen him before. Didier is the face of the Industrie Denim campain and his tattoo works just as hard as the rest of him in those images and works so well.

Hot Hawaiian Bodywork

In this video by Massage Made Simple, I can’t work out who is luckier. Alika seems pretty lucky to me, being able to run his hands all over the gorgeous Lance Lama’s body for hours on end working his muscles deep and strong. But then Lance also seems pretty darned lucky being massaged by the sexy Alika.

I’m a sucker for a massage, so I’d probably take Lance’s place. Imagine being the model for a massage video where you had to lie there and get a massage for hours and hours while they did different angles, wide shots, close ups. Such a tough life.

All American intimidating hotties

Just a bit of a quick video post from those hot guys over at All American Guys. I’m not a member of the site but they always have such hot guys with amazing bodies. I’m feeling a bit under the weather today so this has cheered my morning up a bit, even if it has made me feel guilty for eating all the rubbish I’ve eaten in the last week.

I’m back

We were up early this morning to get our flight back to reality. The last few days have seen us 4WD-ing up and down the coast of Fraser Island, lazing by the resort pool, enjoying $7 Daiquiris, eating a load of unhealthy food, watching spectacular sunsets, skinnydipping in Lake McKenzie, seeing one wild Dingo and having a really lovely break.

It’s going to be a rude shock to the system going back to work tomorrow but I need the money. I’m hoping to put together a little movie, a la Scenic Boys, of our time away. Stay tuned.


Ever since aussieBum launched their Valentine’s boxers I thought they were a really sexy shape but didn’t want them with the love hearts etc. Well, now they’ve released these sexy “Pillow biter” boxers with “Booster Jock” technology.

They look so sexy and the guy in them is pretty darned hot too!

A few days away!

Tomorrow morning, I’m meeting at a friend’s place at 5:45 to get a cab to the airport. 6 of us are flying to Fraser Island, the southern hemisphere’s largest sand island til Sunday morning. It’s going to be a nice, if short, relaxing break. Sadly I doubt that there’ll be any nudity, but I’ll hold out hope for a cheeky skinnydip.

So there won’t be any posts from me til I get back. Enjoy the break.

New online gay mag


Those clever folk at DNA Magazine have just launched their online magazine DNA Mobi. It’s 75 pages of easy to navigate profiles of photographers, artists, hot men and in the case of the blonde guy leaning over the sink, a touch of testicle. I don’t know that I can handle another site to religiously follow, but I know I will.

Some new tricks for this old dog

This is a new combo of tricks with a new one at the end that we’ve been working on for the last two classes at pole dancing. SO scary the first couple of times you do it, but quite ok now. Just need to make it all a bit smoother and prettier now.

Simply stunning

This was one of my major inspirations for starting aerials classes. I’ve always loved Cirque Du Soleil since I first saw Saltimbanco live in Sydney several years ago but these guys just blew me away. Sadly I missed seeing Varekai live when it toured here not too long ago.

The fact that they are hot twins certainly doesn’t hurt their cause.

I’d turn for her

Over the last few years, one of the things some friends and I’ve discussed, in various groups is people you’d turn for. Whether from straight to gay or gay to straight. One of the women on my list is Michelle Pfeiffer, in a heartbeat.

It all started with this movie. Batman Returns from 1992. I’m not into latex or whips or anything, but damn she just looks so freaking hot. And a woman in a killer pair of stiletto boots, absolutely!

Who would YOU turn for?