Winter wonderland

We haven’t had a winter nudity submission for a while now. It can’t possibly be that warm just yet in the northern hemisphere!

Something disturbing is happening

Something happened in early spring, maybe even late winter here in Australia as, untrained as I am, it appears to be breeding season. There are pregnant women everywhere I turn. Even on the rare days lately when we haven’t had rain, I check to make sure any public seating isn’t wet from some poor woman’s waters bursting all over the place.

It’s just as well I haven’t had any sex lately, because I’m sure, even with physiological improbabilities one of us might end up knocked up and I’m not ready to be a father yet, or a mother!

This would fix my day

A good long session of kissing someone lovely would make my day so much better. I don’t know if it’s the Valentine’s effect or just that I’m out of whack in general but I’m in the mood to slap someone silly. A friend wants to go couple slapping (only partly seriously) and find couples being romantic and go slap them.

VD is here again

Like that itch that just won’t go away, Valentine’s has flared up again in a rash of commercial sentimentality across Sydney. The symptoms are everywhere, blotches of red roses, cards and shiny wrapped chocolates everywhere, men are looking stressed and women anxious. What says I love you without her expecting a diamond? Will he send me anything or is it another year on the shelf?

This year my immunity is up and I don’t seem to be hit with the VD blues… yet. It’s funny how, as a single guy, even though it is commercial bullshit, the whole thing can get you down. This is the millionth year in a row that I’ve not had someone to snuggle up to. Being the total romantic that I am, it’s those little things I want, someone to make coffee for, someone to cuddle when I get home, someone to sit silent with on the lounge, experience all those great things that are better shared. I have loads of friends that I love, but no one I’m in love with.

To everyone that’s feeling the same, and to everyone that’s briefly flitted across my romantic radar this year, and to everyone that reads this blog happy Valentines day!

We are sorry

Today, the Australian Government did what they should have done a long time ago. They apologised. They officially said sorry to the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for the Stolen Generations. For decades, Aboriginal children were taken from their families and forcibly assimilated into the white community. This apology will hopefully be a big step for reconciliation.

The photo is Casey Conway, Aussiebum model and Native Australian.

I love a good speedball!

No I’m not advocating drug abuse! The speedball is by far my favourite trick that we’ve learned so far at silks class. Charlie videoed this for me and I don’t think he was entirely paying attention, but the light behind me disguises some of my dodgy form. No I wasn’t meant to kick the trapeze next to me on the way down but it didn’t actually hurt. A little bit later I went on and did a double speedball which means I roll further but we didn’t get that on video!


Ok, it’s time for an update on the shorts. I’ve been told that dSquared is stocked in Sydney at a store called Mood, so I called them. Sadly they didn’t get all of the range that the shorts were in and don’t have those ones apparently. So despite the kind offers of a couple of people to send me money towards them, I can’t get a hold of them.

So I’m going to have to go with plan A, which is dye the ones I’ve bought and have them taken up.

it’s iMazing

Every now and then I do something really dumb. I know I’m blonde and it really shows from time to time. Yesterday I learnt a valuable lesson, which could have been a very expensive one. I left the headphones to my iPod in the pocket of my shorts and realised that said shorts had just finished being washed and dried… So now I have some very curly headphones but the amazing thing is that they still work perfectly! iMazing!

I want what I can’t have.

Not having an unlimited supply of wealth at times puts a few limits on one’s life, which isn’t always a bad thing. I’m sure with vast sums of money at my disposal I would have a massive collection of trivial stuff, especially of the shiny and fun variety. I saw these shorts on a certain male model (click the pic to see who) and decided they would make the perfect outfit for the Mardi Gras after party, yet beind dSquared I couldn’t afford them even if I could find them here in Sydney. So my mission to find small short short short red shorts began. When I get something particular in my head I can’t accept a poor substitute but unless one of my loyal readers happens to be one of the Caten twins who make up dSquared, I’m going to have to. I’ve found a pair of shorts in a vague approximation of the right style and I’m going to have to try and dye them red and have them shortened. Fingers crossed.

Chad’s Attitude

New photos of Chad White are always a blessing, and when I discover them on a Sunday morning, it’s almost like a little slice of my own religious affirmation.

This time Chad is working to make a black and gold sequinned hood look hot, and somehow still does it. I’d make him work a lot less hard and just have him nude of course, but that’s just me.

First rehearsal!

Here is the first pic from our rehearsal on thursday night. The pace has definitely been wound up from last year’s march with a more energetic routine, albeit with a similar flavour, we are lifesavers not dancers after all. I for one, am really pumped to be in the parade again and this year I’m not making the mistake of going home afterwards, I’m going to the party and skaking my groove thing all night.  Last year I went home and lay in bed so wound up I couldn’t sleep all night, instead I lay there still doing the routine over and over with Bonnie Tyler telling me she was still holding out for a hero.

Check the bruises on my left arm from silks on Tuesday night. I got a little tangled doing a trick. Oops. Some have said it makes me look tough. I disagree, I look like a $5 crack whore who’s pimp wasn’t satisfied.

For those still yet to join our float who are eligible, head over to Life Savers With Pride and register.

The beer fairy hurt me!

Last night we had our nude drinks at my friends house and by and large it was a raging success. There was four hours or so of really relaxed chat and good company and laughs which was great fun. Unfortunately FAR too much alcohol was consumed by a lot of us, me included which has made my day today very unproductive, and my pole dancing class this afternoon a particular challenge.

The guys at the party were all guys who have hung out on nude beaches with friends or alone definitely enjoy nudity. Unfortunately there was one or two guys that had strong urges that they were determined to act on and late in the night things did get out of hand, at which point I left. I think with less alcohol, and eliminating the guys that came with the intent of making it a sexual event, it would have calmly ended without incident. We are definitely having more!

Thursday bits ‘n’ pieces

It’s nearly ten o’clock on Thursday night and I’m about to go to bed so I can get some sleep before getting up for the gym at 5.30 in the morning. I’ve just got home from the first of our rehearsals for the Mardi Gras parade in a few weeks time. It’s looking like we’ll have about double the number of participants in our float of last year for this year’s float. There are even a few guys that read this blog in the float! Check out our float’s blog here.

Tomorrow night a friend is hosting a group of around 7 or 8 guys for drinks, nude. I posted that we wanted to do this a few weeks back asking whether we can do it without it becoming sexual and I think with the guys we’ve got coming, definitely. They are all guys that enjoy being nude for the enjoyment of the freedom, not for sex. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I won’t be posting photos!

Chi Chi says “Safe sex is hot sex”

It’s so good to see people in the porn industry speaking up about safe sex. I’m all for people making their own informed decisions about their own sexual practices but it has to be informed and I just don’t think all the 18-20 year olds just hitting the scene have got the message. They seem to think they’ll be ok to go to a gang bang and bottom for ten guys without condoms.

Chi Chi has made a public service announcement video for Safe Sex is Hot Sex.