Imagine going through life looking like this? Granted you’d probably get a few interesting looks walking around in some very skimpy N2N swimwear all the time and the rest of the time would be spent in the gym but hell, I wouldn’t mind.

Those nipples are the sort of thing you see emblazoned on armoured breast plates in movies like Gladiator, not on real people. Is one for volume and the other one for tuning the radio? Tune in to the sweet sweet sounds of dying happy on radio body-2-die-for.

My plans to be a super disciplined gym machine have all been trashed in a mess of bad nights sleep and total lack of discipline as usual. Where do these guys find the motivation? Perhaps in stunning photos of themselves. My consolation to myself is that by not having a chest, it will never turn into bitch tits. Yay for me. A cottage cheese arse is surely more comfortable than the half coconuts these boys have to sit on, the poor things. Maybe he needs a hug to comfort him?

Sportilicious Dane Tilse

Dane Tilse is 200cm of 22 year old grade A footballer beef! He’s another one of the hotties featured in the Naked for a Cause calendar and new matching book “Gods of Sport”. How on earth does someone at 22 get that amazing body?

How would you describe yourself in a personals ad? A fun-loving, easy going, down to earth and active guy.
What three things do you look for in a partner? Easy going, caring and good sort I spose! No… just a genuine and easy-going person.
What would you do on your ideal date? Beer and pizza probably! Um, no say dinner and drinks … that sounds better.
Sex or Football – what’s better?Sex. Football is harder and painful!
What’s it like getting naked in front of a camera? I was nervous because I’ve never done anything like that before but I relaxed and everyone made me feel really comfortable so it was fine. The photographer gave us tips, like do push ups to pump up a bit.
Your favourite part of your body is?My arms, they’re big!
If you were meal, what would you be? T-bone steak … no idea why. I’ve never really thought about that …
Tell me something most people don’t know about you: I try to wear the same pair of underpants every game for luck. I don’t wash them all year – No, I’m joking! I do wash them, but I left my luck ones in the shower somewhere and lost them. I’ve tried to get rid of my superstitions now, they mess with your head too much.
What’s your favourite…
Movie: Top Gun
Place: The beach … it’s pretty nice in Canberra. I’m joking. My grandparents have an apple orchard with a lodge in Elliston, I like it there.
Music: Ministry of Sound and Red Hot Chilli Peppers
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
 Every weekend when I go out on the grog! Or maybe doing this shoot …

Hilariously disturbing

What comes to mind when you read the following advertisement that accompanied the above images. Note I’ve blacked out his eyes.

“JO on rails – 48 (philly)
Want age 25-70 guy to come over and jo in my model train room. Mutual touching and stuff but nothing more than that… i’m not gay. It’s all HO scale. Then after you finish you can stomp around and kick the trains and buildings like a monster (don’t break they are my sons) we can do thus until 4 am or until we get tired. Also I have lots of imitation crab meat in my freezer that I need to get rid of so you can have a bunch when you leave. It’s all perfectly good we just got too much!!!”

I’m all for people exploring their fantasies but a few issues strike me about this ad. Mutual touching but he’s not gay? How is he going to explain a trashed train set covered in cum to his son? Why would you buy huge amounts of imitation crab meat and is this how we pay hookers these days?

Bri poses for Walter

Every now and then I wander through my links and revisit sites and photographers I haven’t seen for a while. Walter Kurtz has photographed this hottie, Bri. Growing up on the beach like I did, one develops a taste for tanned golden skin. Bri is not that tanned surf god, but equally hot without question. Just hot, plain hot.

BIG Brother

Every year or two on Big Brother Australia we have a housemate that delivers the goods when it comes to the shower. This year it’s Rory. He’s a 21 year old bricklayer with blonde dreadlocks and size 13 feet. I don’t think he’s going to win any Rhodes Scholarships but he’s a bit of rough trade that could keep me warm on occasion.

They’ve put some interesting characters in the house this year. Firstly there’s Cory, the young guy that got a lot of press for throwing a party that 500 people turned up to and assaulted the police. Dumb as a post. Rebecca, a personal trainer and very pretty but, dumb as a post. She’s destined for the cover of an airbrushed men’s magazine about an hour after eviction.  Brigitte, heart of gold, but more at home bumping and grinding behind a  coin operated two way mirror. Dumb as a post.  Travis swears he’s straight and is a total virgin. He was going to kiss a girl with tongue once but he thought he’d catch something. Gayer than Christmas. There are others, but they aren’t that interesting yet.

If you want to see more pics of Rory and a link to download the video of him in the shower, head on over to All Aussie Beef.

Where, Why and How?

Abercrombie’s new Quarterly magazine is only going to be released in Europe for a rumoured $200 per issue. Now I know the old ones are highly sought after collectable items, but doesn’t this just smack of commercialism? Granted, there will be a load of people that buy it, especially since they’ve allegedly stuck to the successful formula of having lots of hot naked men running around, perhaps looking for their clothes?

The cover of the first issue is a fold out cover, featuring the beautiful artwork of Mark Beard. Do we think they are aiming squarely at the gay market? Perhaps.

Let’s welcome Bryce

This specimen of youthful beauty and perfection is Bryce Durfee. It’s this kind of youth  and flawlessness that makes me feel old, haggard and fat. Actually, is it possible to feel fat and scrawny at the same time? You know what I mean, you look in the mirror and there’s a layer that has started to insulate everything, but there’s still not enough muscle underneath either.

I really like these images. The colours are beautiful and the projection of images of Bryce over himself is very nicely done! Yum.

Get out into it!

After watching the Scenic Boys latest video of another camping excursion I really want to get out into nature. The break on Fraser Island was a little tease of how nice it is. I would love to go camping and rough it and just breathe in the fresh air and sounds of nature with a few mates. I’m going to have to do some research on places that it might be possible to get out of the way, not run into other people and enjoy it.

The idea of a camping ground isn’t really my thing at the moment. A secluded place, out in the bush, with a nice river or creek to skinnydip and bathe in would be ideal. There are a few issues, like me not owning a tent or camping equipment at all, but those are easily overcome.


I’m bored with all my photos at the moment, most of them are close to a year old now and I am not very patient or inspired when it comes to doing self portraits. Are there any local aspiring photographers who need practice? I can’t afford to pay a photographer and most aspiring photographers can’t afford to pay models. Could be mutually beneficial!

No need to ask, no need to tell

Every now and then you click on a link that just takes you to a place that opens your eyes a little bit wider. I found this video on youtube of a hot military boy deepthroating a banana. I have to ask why? Why does a straight military boy in an army that doesn’t tolerate gays, feel the need to go along with a video that makes him look like he’s done gay things before? There’s no sign of a gag reflex, lucky bastard. Why, in the list of related videos are there a bunch more straight boys deepthroating bananas? I’m baffled, but oddly aroused.

Who is this Modelicious guy?

The patient man has been lusting over this guy for a while and I have to say, while he’s clearly very young, he’s also very hot. Cheekbones you could cut paper with, a strong jaw, soft kissable lips and a chest perfect for covering in… kisses.

Does anyone know who he is?

Bunch o’ Butts

Yesterday managed to escape from my clutches before I could manage to post anything I’m sorry. I was working all day and then had to eat and do some other bits and pieces before trapeze class where we learnt some moves that if I have my way, I will never use in a show because they just hurt to freaking much.

So to start my Tuesday here at Aussielicious I’m providing you with a bunch-o-butts to peruse for a bit. They are in spectacular form, all round and perky and full of loveliness. I can’t work out why that guy in the second shot from the right is climbing a lamp butt naked, but his butt is pretty darned good so we’ll let him do that.

The Naked Vlog Challenge

Surfing from link to link on youtube I came across this Naked Vlog tagging challenge that is going around. The idea is to post a vlog or video blog but you have to be naked, it’s been going around the world with heaps of people doing it and I thought it fit pretty well with Aussielicious and it’s nudity challenge roots. I’m tagging Matt, the guys from Frisky Frolic and thinking about it I’m also adding Chris and Tony to that challenge! Are you up to it boys?

Cool photo for Sunday

This photo really appeals to me for some reason. The guy is really hot but in a non-conventional way. I’m sure it’s from some kind of modelling shoot like Abercrombie where they don’t actually have the models in their clothes, which works fine for me. At first I thought it was from Burning Man, but the background kinda kills that idea.

Can you imagine living somewhere like this? Somewhere that riding around nude wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. Now that would be great. (Click to enlarge the photo)

Gotta get serious


The last couple of months have been very hit and miss with me, with me missing the gym a lot more than I’ve been hitting it. I’ve just been very very slack and I’m getting angry at myself. Last week I had a bit of a cold so I didn’t go and the week before that I was on Fraser Island so couldn’t go then, but I’m too good at making excuses. The same goes for my diet.

If the scenery around my gym was like in the photos above I’d be built like a greek god because I’d ALWAYS be in the gym.