Burning hot men


I’m starting to do research about Burning Man to get organised for our trip next year. I found a photographer called Patrick Roddie who has gallery after gallery of different aspects of Burning Man from the last nine years. Conveniently, he has galleries set up of the men. Thanks Patrick.

If there are lots of hot alternative type hotties like these guys walking around, I will be loving it. Even better that lots of people feel the urge to wear not a whole lot at burning man. God knows I won’t be wearing much. These photos are really cool too! Patrick’s photography really seems to capture the mood of Burning Man.

Nude weekend away

In two weeks time here in Australia we have a long weekend for the Queen’s birthday. No, I’m pretty sure it’s not her actual birthday but who cares? We get a public holiday. In honour of the event, some mates and I are off to a place a few hours north of Sydney for a nude weekend away. We’ve rented a house for the long weekend and, while it’s going to be winter and too cold for much nude outdoor action, the place is heated well and has a fireplace, so we will be playing cards, board games, settling in with our favourite DVD’s and enjoying good company. I dare say there will be a few wines enjoyed too! A couple of mates have pulled out because of other commitments but we have at least 4 of us, and hopefully we’ll get another two to fill spaces. Should be fun.

Did drugs kill the slowdance?

At dinner the other night for a friend’s birthday, a girl asked the question “What happened to the slowdance?” Remember when you were at the school dance at the end of the night there was always a slow dance and everyone would be pashing (snogging) their boyfriends/girlfriends and dancing that awkward teenage side shuffle with their arms around each other. Even in movies from the 80’s they would show slow dances at the end of the night in nightclubs.

Where did the slow dance go? Did drugs kill the slow dance because no one can actually slow down? Are gay men capable of the slow dance? My theory is that yes, drugs mean people can’t physically stop themselves dancing, or there’s no room for two in a K hole. The other theory is that if gay men slowed down on a dance floor and stopped waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care, then the groping would start and the slow dance would end up quite horizontal with 100 participants.

My retro day

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time downloading songs that I loved in my teens. I was in a nostalgic mood and I tracked down a few of my all time favourites. The first one I wanted to find was this one. Lisa Stansfield’s “All around the world”. Sadly youtube doesn’t have a version of the official video to embed here but this is a live performance. I can listen to this song for hours.

Now I don’t know if the 80’s fashion revival thing is happening all over the world, but surely videos like this with the guy in the multi-coloured panelled jacket should have put us off bringing it back at all?

Oh god yeah

I have to admit that I’m usually not that turned on by the mega muscled kinda guys but something about this guy really pops my cookies. He’s Brazilian Carlos Tomaiolo, winner of the 2006 Garato Fitness Contest and new cover boy for A Capa in very nearly all his glory. He appeared to me in a vision this morning, well, on Made In Brazil anyway. I would feel very comfortable curled up in his arms.

Being Brazilian, I can only hope that the next step is for him to pose nude and hard for G Magazine. Fingers crossed, legs open!

And the winner is

David Cook has just taken out American Idol 7, in what could be seen as a bit of an upset win over David Archuleta, but if he’s going to sing as well as this all the time, he’s going to be great. It’s a brave man that tackles a U2 number. U2 fans are very passionate purists and don’t like people messing with their stuff, but I think he did a great job.

Modelicious Bandwagon – Eric

This is Eric Bivoino. He’s with Major Models and after seeing him on the cover of Tetu magazine all over the gay blogosphere I decided to go have a look at his other photos. He certainly is a delightfully handsome young fellow isn’t he? The kind of sweet apple pie kinda guy you could take home to Mum. And you could just use his chest as a pillow! Now that would be sweet dreaming!

Waterfight boys for Playgirl

These photos found my way into my email this afternoon and I am pretty grateful! They are so sexy. A bunch of hot muscled athletic guys running around squirting all over each other and literally ripping the underwear off each other. The guy in the middle is just spectacular, YUM.

Now, I believe that Playgirl usually goes nude and full frontal with it’s guys and even erect. If anyone has any shots of these guys after the underwear has been ripped off, please email the shots to me!

I’m on a mission

So far, two mates and I are seriously talking about aiming to get to Burning man 2009. This video is a long one, just over 30 minutes but damn it’s good and it shows just how cool I think the experience would be.

How sexy

I don’t have a lot to say today I’m afraid. I’m in a bit of a flat mood. Nothing bad, just quiet and contemplative. So I thought I’d share this video that I found. It’s from Big Brother Norway/Sweden from two years ago. I love how casual these guys are with their nudity together, even quite openly looking at each other, in a completely non-sexual way. I may be totally way off beam here but I genuinely believe a lot of Europe is much more comfortable with nudity than say the U.S. the U.K. or Australia.

The lawyers don’t like my butt!

A while back I posted about appearing in a music video for Seany B. Basically the video was pretty raunchy with two couples engaging in a bisexual food fight orgy. It appears Sony’s lawyers have decided that it’s a bit too provocative to be released. We are hoping that they might allow it on youtube or something, just not on the commercial TV stations.

I still haven’t seen it, but the guy that directed and filmed it says it looks fantastic. I’m hoping to see it in the next few days, but I won’t be able to post it until all the legal stuff is sorted, if ever.

So freaking typical

Isn’t life just cruel? I’ve been really stressing about the fact that I’m not getting enough work lately and I’m going to go broke very quickly, but because of the lack of work I had organised¬† to have some seriously hot and heavy fun with a guy today that I met over a year ago.

So we were all organised for him to come over around midday, get naked and wild together. At 9:15 this morning my phone rings from the agency that gets me work and I’m needed at some place for the day, and possibly tomorrow. Today was my shag’s only day off and I can’t afford to turn the work down! DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!

Beefy guys being punched in the ring

Joe Oppedisano has a new DVD and Calendar coming out called Knockout. It features two brothers, some hot models and even a COLT model. Centred around mixed discipline martial arts and ultimate fighting it’s pretty dripping in testosterone. Check out the trailer. Source: Towleroad

So achingly beautiful


These images turned up in my email this morning and I absolutely love them. I have no idea who took them, nor who the guy in them is but I do know he’s got a killer body and the setting is stunning.

I’ve often thought, since the possibility of performing silks entered my head, of the logistics of performing over water and these photographs have just proven that it can be done and it can look amazing. If anyone knows who the photographer and/or model are, please let me know!

Going blind

Hear that noise? Exactly. That deafening silence is the response I’m getting online for some action. I haven’t had sex in months because I’m more in the headspace of romance rather than raunchy action but every now and then a man needs some flesh on flesh contact and today I’m in one of those moods. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a fuck, just some fooling around with a sticky wet ending.

Murphy’s law seems to be that when I’m in the mood no one else is. Sure it was ten in the morning but when I was online, the people I was interested in weren’t responding or weren’t available. So, as usual I’ve just had to send myself blind with one hand. Watch the sexual tumbleweeds on the way out. My bedroom is full of them.