Spinning in pink

A few weeks ago a friend who is an enthusiastic amateur photographer asked if I’d model for him. He wanted to get some shots of me pole dancing. Borne from his equipment he’s developed his own style which captures the movement in a really cool way. We did the shots at Slide where I do my classes. What do we think?

I’m much better thanks

Thanks for all the lovely messages yesterday. My post probably made me sound a lot worse than it was, although I did feel pretty crappy. Yesterday afternoon I went and hung out with some good friends for a bit, did some cooking, chilled out and now this morning after a great night’s sleep and a hot shower I feel much more civilised.

All the things I’ve been stressing about are still there, but more in perspective today. I start week two of my six week contract today and I think it’s going to be a busy one.

Who couldn’t feel better after looking at this guy’s spectacular butt. If only it was warm enough here to get out and enjoy the outdoors nude like he is! Click the image and you’ll get to see it bigger.

Crappy day

Today is one of those days for me where I just feel like curling up in a ball and crying in a corner somewhere for no real good reason. It started yesterday to be honest at pole dancing class. I keep meeting all these gorgeous guys that are unavailable and/or uninterested, then at the same time I was doing some photography that didn’t go that well and even though it wasn’t really my fault I’m beating myself up about it. Last night’s encounter with my lust object didn’t help and today I feel like I’m best viewed in low light or from a distance just so your eyes don’t bleed. It’s all tragic and pathetic and I’ll snap out of it soon enough but it’s what’s going through my head today.

This helps

I’m having one of those poor me kinda days. I just got this on facebook and it brought a smile to my face for a little while. Tiny kids laughing is just so infectious.

Which is it?

I’ve just got home from a birthday drinks of a friend where I ran into a guy I was crushing on big time a few months ago. He’d just got back with his ex-boyfriend at the time but is now single again. I’ve long given up hope of anything ever happening but just before my friends and I left, I saw him with his hand on the knee of some guy that was off his tree on party favours. I can’t decide if it’s more of a slap in the face or kick in the guts?

Update: You are all right. I wrote this last night when I was tired and upset. I certainly don’t begrudge anyone finding anyone attractive, physically or mentally. I was feeling ugly and dejected about a whole range of things last night. I’ve taken the word ugly out, because it’s not nice and it shouldn’t have been in there. Apologies. In the past I’ve definitely found guys very attractive for more than the physical and if I ever find someone to settle down with I’m hoping that we’ll have many years together to get fat, saggy and old together but keep making each other smile.

Seeking Shelter?

I watched “Shelter” this afternoon, starring Trevor Wright as Zach an artist who has sacrificed huge things to help his self absorbed sister look after her son. He finds himself in love with his best mate’s older brother who challenges him to go after what he really wants. It’s a beautifully told story and rings fairly true as a coming out tale.

Brad Rowe plays his love interest and does a good job although he seemed to be too hesitant in the love scenes. I cried a few times in the movie, first when Sean kisses Zach for the first time.  It all just seemed so natural and right. As someone that constantly holds out hope for good gay cinema but is frequently disappointed, I was really happy with the way this movie was handled, even if they did use the same footage of Zach pushing his surfboard under a wave about 3 times!

Ahh that’s better, but a little strange

Last night’s little venture into the world of anonymous sex venues was a rare one for me and nearly didn’t happen. I was tired and not very sexy but after having something to eat when I got home and a nice hot shower and doing my grooming I decided I should go. I ended up being quite a tramp which was exactly what I needed. There was one guy that just would not take no for an answer and every time I passed him in the corridoor or steam room he would go the grope. Eventually, after trying to be polite I told him to fuck off.

At the end of my visit I was chatting to a guy I know there who does massage at the venue and the other guy behind the counter, who had seen me walking around with a hard on and stuff, asks me “Do you have a blog?” Damn, that still takes some getting used to, especially in a situation like that. Then I got home and someone a bit later posted a comment on my post about going to the bathouse saying “That was a great shag tonight – cheers.” I don’t know if that is for real or someone having a laugh, but at least it’s a good review, but why not say something at the time? Too funny.

Body’s a temple – Jay Brannan

Not long after Shortbus came out I emailed Jay Brannan asking to do an interview for the blog. He was very polite and flattered but declined saying he’d rather let his music speak for itself. Speak for itself it certainly does. This is his new song “Body’s a temple” and it’s a beautiful song with a simple and beautiful video.


I know I’m a bit late for HNT this week but I thought I’d share a photo of me doing the washing up while I was away with my friends for our nude weekend away.

Will it hurt?

I have a confession to make. It’s been 5 months. Not since my last confession, but since my last shag. I’ve had some fun with guys here and there but it was very early January that I last had any back door action, from either direction.

Tonight I’m taking myself off to the bathouse to get some action. To be honest I’d prefer something with a bit of emotion but Prince Charming is busy packing his emotional baggage and refusing to ask directions on how to get here. A man has needs. There are only so many times you can sort yourself out.

Sorry posting is a bit slow

Sorry posting is a bit slow this week. I have started a 6 – 8 week contract and working 8:30 – 5:30 has been a shock to the system after barely having any work for weeks but a welcome change. Last night I babysat my niece (nearly 3) and nephew (5.5) and for once they were REALLY good for me. Laughing, giving me hugs, doing what they were told and still having fun. Loved it.

Gay Lifesavers on Logo!

For those of you that are in the U.S. the Logo channel is running a special segment on the gay lifesavers and our participation in the Mardi Gras parade. I’ll find out more about when it’s running and keep you posted. 

Water is my therapy

Something I have picked up from my mother, other than matching my wardrobe all the time, is a theraputic connection with water. If I’m stressed, a good soak in a shower, pool, bath, or ocean is just what I need. I think I’ll have a shower tonight before bed. I’m feeling a bit run down and tired at the moment and it will help me switch off before bed.

I don’t know that you’d want to swim too close to the guy on the far left given that he’s actually peeing in the water, but that water does look inviting.