Random naked swimming guys

I’m still a bit cloudy from the vodka last night and not enough sleep. So I’ll have to attempt to write something more profound later this afternoon, or maybe I’ll just write some more random stuff. This blog isn’t one of those carefully planned strategic things. It pretty much represents my thought patterns, which for the most part are a bit random and largely occupied with thoughts of hot naked men.

The things you learn

Last night I was out on the scene dancing for the first time in ages. We were at a venue in Sydney that is renowned for being the anti-glamour venue. The people are all just regular guys and the music is pretty darned random. Last time I was there I saw a baby gay dancing with his top off to Lionel Ritchie’s “Dancing on the ceiling”. Last night was no exception. There was the usual mix of old Kylie , Madonna and Mariah but then Dolly would make an appearance and then came the clanger… Footloose. Now it’s been some very very long time since I’ve busted out any moves to that old classic but I learnt last night, that you can’t dance to that song like you can to all your other pop music. You HAVE to dance like Kevin Bacon did in the movie because NOTHING else works.

Spinning frustration

Let me first say these shots are not of me. They are my teacher James and another guy Paul who does the shows with James. Today’s class was going along pretty well today and I was doing ok but every now and then lately I seem to be getting frustrated with myself, which of course means the tricks get worse and worse, which makes the frustration worse. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been doing this for so many months now and I’ve plateaued or I’m just expecting too much of myself. I can do, or at least have done all the tricks in these photos above, but for some reason I felt like I was messing everything up today.

Watch out!

This is the trailer to a new movie called “Watch Out”. Matt Riddlehoover plays a guy who is basically in love with himself to the exclusion of all others. I know a few guys in Sydney like that, I wonder if they have blow up dolls with their photo on the face?

I found this over at Ethan Says!

Splice it up boys!

Yes I spelt that correctly! Summer Splice is the new range of swimwear from aussieBum. I couldn’t decide just yet which of the sexy pics they sent me to put up so I thought I’d put the video. Hell, it kept me entertained for a while with all those bright colours, sunshine and that hella sexy model they keep using, Toby. I just got my latest aussieBum order in the mail too, dammit.

Challenge 08 – “Will Daremore”

This is a guy that goes by the name of Will Daremore, he’ll drop his trousers at any and every given opportunity, lately a lot of the time for those lovely nude guys over at Frisky Frolic. Don’t forget to get your submissions in for the ’08 Public Nudity Challenge. Get naked somewhere unexpected, out of context or downright public and send them to me for the blog. No erections please!

Clothes on, clothes off

In a follow up to my earlier post about xray vision these images were sent to me, some of the same guy. Essentially they are the two shots that were used to make the xray shot. As Homer Simpson would say, clothes go on, clothes come off, clothes go on, clothes come off. Ah the intellect of the big yellow fella.

I love seeing what a guy is like under his clothes.

Ajaxx63 knows HOT

Want a hot fashion shoot? Take one buff gorgeous model, put him in your clothing, but not much of it. Add some underwear or maybe not, then shred the shit out of whatever he’s wearing and get him sweaty. Take the photo. It’s really simple.

These are some shots from the Spring campaign for Ajaxx63. Not sure who the model is but he’s welcome over at my place any time.

Oh My GOD!

The strength and balance of these two is just amazing. What a great show. For me, and I know it’s not practical in a performance, it would have made more sense with the gold body paint, if they had been totally nude. It would have given the impression of statues come to life a bit more reality. But that’s just me.

For good, mostly

Someone has spent quite a bit of time with photoshop with this image and done a very good job of it too. I often wonder what people look like under their clothes and think it would be cool to have x-ray vision sometimes. Yeah I know there would be all sorts of issues with invasion of privacy etc, not to mention all the dirty perves walking around with a hard on and dribbling everywhere. What intrigues me is, if we all had x-ray vision, would we bother with clothes as much given that everyone would probably be looking straight through them?

Update: Sorry guys, you can now click the image to make it bigger

World NEARLY naked bike ride?

Well from the flood of World naked bike ride pics that are coming into my email from various yahoo groups, I’m guessing the northern hemisphere had their turn just recently. Sadly here in Australia we can’t actually get entirely naked from what I understand, which kinda defeats the purpose. Australia’s not quite naked bike ride doesn’t quite have the same impact. I’d love to hear that I’m wrong on this one. I’d also love to see less cars and more cyclists on Sydney’s roads.

My fantasy is still that

This last weekend I was supposed to do a photoshoot of this hot muscle guy in a gym, and we were almost certainly going to tick off a couple of fantasies of mine and shag in the gym and lockerroom. I don’t know what happened but I sent text messages and emails trying to confirm the time etc and got no reply. So my fantasy of having sex in the gym and lockerroom is just that. A fantasy.

Time to vote again!


It’s time to head on over to Teamm8 and vote for your favourite of the current guys vying for the role of Teamm8 Team Captain. These are just a sample of the latest entrants. Personally I think Peter is my favourite but Piers looks like the hot cheeky guy next door that gets into trouble but gets away with it because of the grin, and I have to say Denham has a gorgeous smile. Yum.