I’m not comfortable

Today was one of the coldest days for 2008 so far here in Sydney. Now by the standards of a lot of parts of the world it would be considered warm, but here a top temperature of 14 degrees celsius (57 farenheit) is considered bloody cold.

Unlike the guy in this photo, I’m wearing way more than I would ideally like to. I’m such a summer kinda guy and the house I live in isn’t toasty warm. Like England is not equipped for summer with airconditioning, most of Australia is not equipped to deal with cold weather.

Francois goes deep

Francois Sagat has posted this video on youtube recently. He’s a very interesting character, with a few demons I think. But I found this video quite interesting and will say that I believe he’s a very creative guy.

Wrestle me up boys!

The annual wrestling competition has happened once more again in the Kirkpinar Arena in Sarayici in the western Turkish city of Edirne a couple of days ago. The competitors are all adamant that there is nothing gay about this competition, despite contestants sticking their hand in each other’s pants to try and get a grip. Is that a grip like on a bowling ball? Never mind their stand on the situation, to us gay boys, whether it’s intended to be gay or not, it looks damned sexy. Up to 1,800 competitors take part in the tournament.

Congratulations Ms Minogue OBE

Kylie Minogue was presented with her OBE the other day and proceeded to set another record and break protocol all at the same time. Prince Charles presented Kylie with her OBE and chatted to Kylie for an unprecedented 33 seconds, a huge amount of time for such proceedings apparently.

Then instead of a quick formal handshake Kylie clutched at Prince Charles’ hands with both of hers, breaking official protocol. That’s nothing new for Australians. One of our former Prime Ministers, Paul Keating, placed his hand on the small of the Queen’s back several years ago causing a huge outrage in the British press.

I think Kylie looks beautiful and relaxed and not the slightly scary Botox face she’s been sporting lately. Congratulations Kylie, although I’m still annoyed with you and scared you haven’t announced an Australian leg to your tour!

Has anyone?

In the quest to find ourselves a new house mate, some friends brought around a mate of theirs who is looking for somewhere to live. He has had to turn the room down because his furniture won’t fit in the room. My house mate commented as soon as he’d left that he’d make a better date for me than flat mate. He was pretty nice, I have to say and cute too.

Her comments got me thinking, a mate from school just got married to a girl he started sharing a place with as housemates at uni but more developed and then they were in love. Would you let something more develop if you were sharing a house with someone or would you keep it platonic because of the proximity?

Back to the gym tomorrow

Last week, even after all my inspiration and enthusiasm to train hard, last week I only made it to the gym twice. I missed one day because of laziness and another because I had worked really late and needed to sleep in.

This guy must have had to train hard at his chinups. He’s naturally carrying a whole bunch of weight in front before he even starts. My lordy that thing must get in the way, but it is pretty.

Tomorrow is chest and calves day at the gym and no doubt I’m going to be in a world of hurt afterwards. If there are any personal trainers out there, feel free to send me and my training partner a new program. We’ve been doing our current one for a while and need to change it up a bit.

Do you?

A couple of my mates are working out together occasionally and one of them is quite comfortable, as one would expect in my opinion, stripping off and changing in the locker room after the work out. The other one goes on about not wanting to see his friends junk and calls the other one an exhibitionist.

I don’t get what the fuss is about. Most of my male friends have seen me naked at some point and while I realise that some people are more modest than others I don’t get why being someone’s friend makes them someone you want to avoid being seen by. So, my question tonight to you all is, are you comfortable with your friends seeing you naked, in the shower, gym, beach or anywhere?

I love these photos of groups of guys just casually showering nude together even out in the open. Personally I think it’s how things should be.

The hunt begins

One of my flatmates is moving out in a week or two. We’ve known for a few weeks but in our typical fashion, not done anything about it. Oops. So we are on the hunt for a new flatmate. The girl that is leaving is very quiet and pretty much hides in her room, doesn’t use the kitchen and we never see her. So it’s going to be a shock to the system when we get someone in that actually wants to participate in the household.

PS. the picture isn’t really representative of the household.

Oh hell yeah

I know Robert Buckley is a bandwagon that a lot of gay bloggers would kill to jump on, repeatedly, but I’m more than willing to count myself one of that crowd because he’s just too smoking hot not to. There isn’t nearly enough of him in this video for my taste and I know I wouldn’t be resisting him like she is. I LOVE a shower with someone special. Oh Robert…

JP’s cool heat

I’m a bit blurry-eyed this morning after my long day yesterday so I don’t have a lot of brain power going. Here’s some pics of the gorgeous JP Calderone. Reality TV regular from his days at Survivor and now the Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency. He seems to handle himself with dignity and grace, even with the crazy high-energy Janice up in his face. JP’s body is just amazing. He’s got one of those long-limbed, broad-shouldered hotness that I have always gone for.

What a day

Yesterday was a long long day for me. I’m freelancing in an office and working on a catalogue. We are a week behind schedule at the moment, which isn’t bad because the client is THREE weeks behind in giving us content.

After I went to the gym yesterday morning, getting up at 5:30 as usual it was off to work and I didn’t get out until 10 O’clock last night. So I  apologise for not posting yesterday but it wasn’t going to happen yesterday.

Separated at birth?

Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between the new hottie on the block Robert Buckley (above) and the guy that should have been much more famous than he is, Scott Speedman (below)?

Robert is scorchingly hot and has a body to die for and I think I might get addicted to Lipstick Jungle just to keep perving on him some more. Scott sadly doesn’t seem to be very busy… They both have the kind of smile that melts hearts and means they get away with all sorts of naughty. The twinkle in their eyes is like a giant mirror ball at Mardi Gras. Maybe I’ll try and dream of them tonight.

I’m intrigued now.

There is a guy at the gym that has me thoroughly intrigued. He’s not model good looking or stunning but definitely very cute in my books and from what I’ve seen, totally the kinda guy I could see me introducing to my family.

The intriguing bit kicks in because I get the odd smile and more recently hellos have been exchanged in a very casual way. It’s a kind of very mild flirting but he has a wedding ring on. I’m never the guy that straight-but-curious guys flirt with and test curiosity so I’m finding it quite amusing, knowing full well there will most likely never be an answer to the mystery. It’s a fun little intrigue to add to motivation to get to the gym so early.


It was a big struggle to get out of bed this morning and get to the gym, but I’m determined to be good and get myself into the shape that I want to be in. I didn’t sleep very well last night again because of strange dreams. Not necessarily bad dreams but not that thoroughly entertaining either.

This guy is today’s inspiration. I don’t want to be this big but I’m inspired by his discipline that he obviously has to get in this shape. I don’t think anyone of you out there is going to complain either.