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It’s a fine line

We all know lot’s of people in relationships. There are guys that are in and out of relationships all the time and others who stay in relationships for ages. Everyone acts differently in relationships. You have to. For most people it’s small compromises on both sides of the relationship and it keeps things going in a healthy and happy way.

Every now and then you see someone who completely sacrifices huge chunks of their life to keep their partner happy. I’ve seen guys give up things they love doing so as to not rock the boat with their boyfriend. Surely if you have to give up things you love to keep someone happy then they don’t really love you for who you are? Of course there are exceptions. If you love doing heroin or being a serial killer, I’d say there are benefits to abandoning those habits.

As someone who hasn’t really had a long term relationship I haven’t had to do much compromising. My last boyfriend couldn’t get his head around my nudist tendencies at all but he never asked me to stop and nor was it really involved in the breakup of our relationship. If we’d stayed together there may have had to be more discussions. As with most relationships, each couple has to find their own balance.

I’m not sure why I’m posting about this tonight but as a single man looking at relationships from the outside it’s interesting what you notice that someone inside it may not.

Two more self portraits.

Regular contributor to challenges and regular nudie David has submitted this hotel room self portrait for this challenge. Nudes aren’t a requirement but there is certainly no issue with them.

Scott sent in this self portrait which he’s taken all the colour from as he feels it represents the loss of his husband of 23 years. Sorry for your loss Scott.

A successful shoot!

Today was almost certainly the last shoot for the tribal series. Greg and Marty came along with open minds and a sense of adventure. Neither of the guys had met me before, as with lots of the guys I shoot. They know each other but had never seen each other nude before. When Greg arrived, Marty was already nude and covered almost head to toe in clay. The awkwardness didn’t last long at all and the guys were a genuine pleasure to work with.

This shoot has been in my head for months and it’s a real relief to have it turn out well, to remember all the poses I wanted to try and to get what I think are very successful shots. It’s also great when you work with models that you are keen to work with again and they are just as keen. Greg has a really chiseled and imposing presence. He’s tall, ripped and a genuinely nice guy. Marty is shorter, with a bubble butt that seems to defy gravity and a cheeky grin.

I’ve mentioned a potential stand alone piece for the exhibition which I’m now thinking could be related in theme and imagery but will be a self portrait of sorts. Doing that would go well with my journey to rediscover my self confidence and mojo.

Here are the first self portraits!

The self portrait challenge is off to a good start with the first two submissions arriving in my email overnight. I’ve posted about Curtis Speer’s photography before on Aussielicious and he’s submitted images in the past for challenges and just because. His work is varied, beautiful and moody. Beautiful and moody apply to this self portrait sent in by Curtis for this challenge as well. It sums up his work beautifully.

Kelly has submitted in the past for challenges before and he’s back with this simple nude on his bed.

Just a reminder for those submitting images, it is one entry per person. I don’t really want to take responsibility for someone not being happy with my choice.

You want me to what now?

A few weeks ago I was chatting with a model in the U.S. on model mayhem. He has an album on his portfolio that is password protected. Obviously I was going to ask him about it. Apparently it contains his nudes. I asked about having a look to which he suggested I could “tribute if I really want to.” I asked what on earth he meant and his reply was “you are supossed to tribute. Which means pay me for my amazing looks. People worship me. Seriously.” That is a direct quote, including the spelling mistake. Now worship, to me is reserved for religious figures and idols. Not celebrities, models, or even unknown wannabes like him.

If people worship him, how come he is a complete unknown? There is a growing trend online with people calling themselves “the official ….” or “THE ….” Really? I get the theory of faking it til you make it but I’m also a firm believer in humility. Genuine celebrities tend to get a lot of allowance for bad behaviour but people like Hugh Jackman never seem to forget where they came from and are very down to earth. THAT is class and much more worthy of worship.

Pretenders, keep pretending. If you make it big, I’ll be surprised.

Time for another Self Portrait challenge

It’s time for another photography challenge here at Aussielicious. Inspired by the things I have on the horizon and the introspection that goes along with making changes in life, I think it’s time we revisit the theme of self portraits.

The photos above are by the amazingly talented Alex Stoddard. Alex grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and began taking self portraits at the age of 16 which he’s evolved to creating beautiful works of art. As you can see from his website he’s expanded his view to include other people but I find the self portraits the most enlightening. How people choose to portray themselves in an image, whether it be accurately or not, is fascinating. I always feel that the people who are the most creative and unrestrained are the ones that are probably the most troubled or vulnerable and in touch with their emotions as well.

When you are creating your self portraits, try and think beyond just taking a photo of yourself. Share with us something more about you using the image. As usual the aim of the challenge is that your image will be won by the winner of the next challenge so you need to create images that people who don’t know you will find interesting and beautiful enough to put on their wall.

You have until the 9th of November, one whole month to get your submissions in via email at and please, nothing sexual. Nudes are ok but no erections or sexual activity. Keep in mind you need to be able to supply a decent sized print, say 8″x10″ if you win, so good quality resolution. Be creative gang!

Could it be?

This Sunday I’m shooting two guys at once for my tribal series. This will be the thirteenth shoot that I’ve done for this series over all. Two of the shoots won’t be included in the exhibition though. One because it didn’t really end up fitting with the tribal theme which was my fault as I hadn’t prepared for that shoot and fleshed out a concept properly. The other because it wasn’t a strong enough shoot and the model won’t let me use nudes online which is where all my marketing happens.

That leaves me with eleven usable shoots that I’m happy with, if Sunday’s shoot goes well. It will be the only shoot involving more than one model but it’s an idea that I’ve had in my head for a while now. As I don’t have a deadline to finish shooting this exhibition or actually stage it, there is room to shoot more images but once I’ve moved out of this apartment I lose access to the shooting space unfortunately.

I do have an idea for an image in the series that would be a stand alone piece and much larger but that needs more planning and thinking about. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens but it would be lovely if it did. It feels weird to have pretty much finished shooting for an exhibition without having one planned. Money is the issue at this stage but there are ways and means to get around that.

Let’s go below

I’ve never seen the show Below Deck on BRAVO but Kelley Johnson is a hot former marine that is on the show. On the show, Kelley is a deck hand who hails from Texas. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas and after I saw Kelley’s nude shot, I want to go below deck myself. He clearly keeps his rigging all ship shape and tidy, not a hair in sight. I’m quite fine with that, especially on a beautiful piece of rigging like that. He’s 27 and apparently not shy at all. Maybe it’s being out at see on a rocking boat but I really wish he’d hold that damn camera phone straight.

365 smiles

Today I turned 41 and it’s time for some changes. Sitting around catching up with a dear friend over the weekend that I haven’t seen in a few years, he gave me a gentle version of tough love. It’s time to cut the negative self talk, stop sabotaging myself and put myself out there.

My lack of confidence has become my armour. I don’t go out much to places where there are new people because I’m not confident anymore. I don’t have sex because I’m not confident. I didn’t rehearse my circus routine because I’m not confident. That’s rubbish. There’s only so long I can use past hurts as an excuse not to achieve or have a bit of fun. Yes there are very genuine insecurities there but they are holding me back now and there is no reason to let them.

A few years ago I had a conversation with my mother and something came up about me not being confident. Keep in mind that my mother is a firm believer in keeping your feet on the ground and not being arrogant in any way. When she realised that I had lost my confidence in a big way, even though she doesn’t know the ins and outs of why, she was shocked. My mother doesn’t throw compliments around willy nilly but she couldn’t fathom why or where I’d lost it. It was really nice to hear from my mother that she thought I had no reason not to be confident but it was also a bit of a surprise that even she was surprised how lacking in confidence I was.

So it’s time to shake things up. I’m going to do my best to post an instagram photo that makes me smile every day even if it proves rather challenging. I’m also going to do my darndest not to let my negative self-talk be the loudest voice in the room. As an extension of that, I’ve said I would do a performance at the end of next term for the open rig show. Time to get off my arse then! No more “I’m fat”. No more “I’m old”. I’m not. I’m 41, fit and healthy and I have a bloody good life.

Ross and Jamieson

Ross Watson has just released a new work which is another collaboration with actor and model Jamieson Caldwell. The new painting is featured in the middle above with two other paintings of Jamieson either side from Ross’ exhibition earlier this year. I’d not heard of Jamieson before but he’s making a name for himself taking on some interesting and varied rolesĀ  such as the Queen in Hamlet and now a play about an AFL player who likes to dress up as his alter-ego Carmen. Ross also tells me that Jamieson is Elton John’s favourite of all Ross’ models. We can see why Sir Elton might have an attraction.

Below is a video from the London opening of Ross’ exhibition, opened by the incredible Sir Ian McKellen who talks in the video about Ross work, as does the sexy Luke Evans who features in a piece. Luke is about to hit the big screen again as Dracula in the new adaptation of the story. I can only dream of having people of the caliber of Sir Ian McKellen at my exhibitions one day.

Can’t wait!

At the end of this month, Cirque Du Soleil brings their show Totem to Sydney and I’ve been lucky enough to get tickets to opening night. Cirque Du Soleil has spawned a lot of copy cat shows but no one quite does it the same way. I’ve seen several of their shows over the years and my favourite was definitely “O” in Las Vegas. The shows take you to another world and amaze you with their skill as well as the style and presentation. Let’s see what Totem has in store for me. Check out the trailer below.

In other circus news, tonight I’m supposed to be presenting my routine at class. I haven’t rehearsed it at all and am very tired after four nights of staying up late drinking and catching up with my friend that has been in town. Not at all a good preparation for the routine but it’s only for the class and the best I can do is just see how I go. I like the music and I am comfortable with the tricks I’m doing. Fingers crossed.

This gives me hope

Australia’s politicians have been embarrassing themselves with debate over security policy in our National Parliament in the past week or so, even suggesting that women wearing Burkas or head coverings should sit behind a glass divide even though they have gone through security checks to get into the building. Our own Prime Minister the ever embarrassing Tony Abbott has said he finds the Burka confronting.

Thankfully the team behind this video, a staged scenario of Anti-Islamic Bullying in public, has shown that your average Australian isn’t as gullible and ready to believe that all Muslims are terrorists as some would have us believe.


A mate of mine is staying with me visiting from a different state while he does a course here for a few days. Given that I live in a shared apartment and Sydney rental/property prices are stupid, we don’t have a spare bedroom so he’s crashing in bed with me. That’s not a drama at all as he’s the kind of friend that cuddling is definitely an option. There are no shenanigans going on as he has a lovely husband-to-be back at home. It’s been 3 years since I broke up with my last boyfriend and I haven’t had anyone sleep over in my bed since him so while I struggle to get a good night’s sleep with someone in the bed it’s SO very nice to have some cuddles. I am a big believer in touch and physical contact being good for the soul so spooning, while costing me sleep, is doing wonders for my mood.

In the past couple of weeks, with Spring arriving in Sydney and now having some cuddles, I’ve discovered that I’m solar powered as well as cuddle powered. I love it.

Apologies for being very blogging-quiet the last couple of days but I’ve had my mate here and we’ve been catching up so blogging had to take a back seat.

A few sales!

Over the past month I’ve actually sold a few prints. Two of the large prints from the Melbourne exhibition Company of Men have been sold, one to a buyer in Texas and another in Melbourne which is very exciting. The Melbourne buyer bought the image of Matteo from behind standing covered in talcum powder and said he’s hanging it next to a print he has by Michelangelo. That’s quite esteemed company to be next to. It’s fantastic that people are enjoying my work.

The other day a mate enquired about buying a print of Kieran in the pool, above after I shared it on Instagram. So I’ve now sold him a small print of that as well which is great. I’m pretty sure I’ve sold a print of that before to someone else but for the life of me I can’t remember who that was. Isn’t that terrible? If it was someone that reads the blog, send me an email or comment on this post and remind me. I don’t like I’ve forgotten who was nice enough to buy a print.

Evolution of an exhibitionist

Up until a few days ago the name Mike Hoffman had never been on my radar. That was until I saw something on Brent Everett’s twitter about some hot body builder finally showing us the goods after teasing his gay fans for ages. Turns out Mike has been popular on youtube for a while. Flexing and posing up a storm showing off the progress he’s making with his body. Looking at the shot on the left, compared with the other shots, he’s making massive progress. He’s added some ink along the way and now that he’s apparently just turned 18 he decided to post a jack off video complete with him licking the cum off his thumb at the end.

Now I have no idea how Mike classifies his sexuality, if he does at all but if he’s just trying to get gay fans, he’s going a long way to do it and probably doing it the right way. Mike is absolutely gorgeous and has that rocking body that he’s worked so hard on. Turns out he also has a really nice cock and some blow job lips that he does that lip biting sexy thing with. Making a huge assumption and throwing him in with a lot of body builders, he’s probably no genius. On the other hand, this could all be a very carefully planned strategy to achieve fame. Who knows. Keep it up Mike.