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Not for your ego

Every now and then someone approaches me to ask about modeling for me. As I’ve done more and more photo shoots and got a bit more publicity around them, that has increased. Some of the guys that approach me are absolutely stunning and I’m happy to do a shoot with them. An interesting demographic of guys that approach me are guys that may genuinely believe that they want to be a model but really, you can tell it’s about validation or making them feel attractive. There’s a guy in Sydney that has thrown out the line “You’ve never asked me to model so I must be hideous.” Um no, but we’ve never met and I don’t ask everyone. This guy at one point invited me to like his page on facebook which was entirely devoted to selfies of himself. Mostly from the same angle.

I generally approach guys that I think I could photograph well or that I think will bring something interesting or fun to a collaboration. I’m not here to stroke someone’s ego by asking them to model for me. A guy messaged me this week asking if I would be interested in helping him boost his portfolio. I asked to see photos and asked where he was. Turns out he lives in Seattle. I said that I don’t live in the U.S. so it probably wasn’t going to happen. Either he’s terrible at geography or he just really wanted to do a shoot. He kept asking what I thought of his photos and eventually I was honest. He had a lot of work to do on his body if he was going to be a model and even then I don’t think he’d get any paid gigs. Sometimes it’s a harsh industry but I’ve been messed around too many times doing shoots with guys who have then changed their mind about letting me use the photos.

Feel free to approach me about collaborating or commissioning me to do a shoot but don’t expect me to beg you to model just to satisfy your delicate ego.

Six weeks today

My production manager at work is driving me (and others) nuts and generally I’m not having fun at work. Having said that I only have six weeks, or 42 days, until I fly out of Sydney. Bring on the nakedness, sunshine, relaxation and fun.

There’s an art to it

There have been a few people I’ve featured on the blog over the years who are talented in the art of the sensual self portrait. Mikel Marton, Lars Stefan and now I’m adding another to the list. Reese. I have no idea of his last name, nor have I contacted him but I found him on tumblr a couple of days ago and was quite impressed. Some of the shots are pretty sexy with a nice hard on etc but they still don’t look like porn. The lighting and the delicate hand he uses to create his images make them more than porn, even if it’s just Reese in the bath with a boner.

I’ve often wondered with these guys if there is a need for their ego to be stroked like the muscle heads on instagram whose every picture is a selfie but I don’t think so. I think this is a pretty genuine expression of who they are, open, honest, maybe a little tortured artist but genuine. I’ll be following Reese’s adventures in nakedness.

Fitness challengers update

The guys are struggling. It’s tough when you set out on a challenge like this to get fitter and more in shape, to keep in mind that lasting change takes time. Anything that gets you quick results probably won’t get you lasting results. The guys are struggling with motivation and seeing results after a few months.

Sam (left) is optimistic. He is in a challenge at his gym as well as with us and is tracking his food. He’s feeling better and can feel his body changing which is exactly what this is about.

Sean here is really struggling. He says he hasn’t hit his targets at all and wants to mix things up and try some more high intensity training instead of weights. Sean, to the rest of us you are looking good. Keep up the hard work.

Barak has declined to send in a photo this month. He’s hit the wall hard with motivation and doesn’t feel like he’s getting anywhere. I’m sure it’s not the case at all but I understand the struggle.

As yet I haven’t had a progress update or photo from Dermott but I’ll keep chasing.

More than I thought

This weekend I’ve realised just how much I need my upcoming holiday. With yesterday’s flake online and a bad attempt at hooking up today I’ve realised that there is no point trying to kick start my mojo sometimes. It’s better to ride out the slump and see how I go at the other end. I’m also tired and run down after a very busy month or so at work with a layer of constant pressure or stress to meet deadlines and keep my disorganised production manager happy. This weekend I’ve had a couple of really flat moments. This afternoon I thought I might even try and watch a movie that would make me cry to try and just get it out, but that didn’t work either.

Then I came across these photos of two good looking guys relaxing naked on a yacht. I’m not sure if they are brothers, lovers or just friends but whatever the relationship they look really relaxed and happy. The sun-bleached hair against the tanned, even skin looks so good to me and I know when I’m naked in the sun, especially surrounded by 18-20 other naked guys on the yachts in Croatia, followed by the beaches in Sitges and wherever in Copenhagen, then I’ll probably get a bit of life back in my mojo and I’ll definitely be able to relax.

It’s only 45 days to go.

What’s up with SUP?

When I first saw the term SUP written I had no idea what it was but when I learnt that it was an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding it made sense that it’s been shortened. That’s quite the moutful.

Cody and Ryan are a gay couple with a strong sense of travel and adventure who came up with the idea for Nomadic SUP tours in New York State about 5 years ago as there were no commercial SUP ventures in the area at the time. Now the two of them run Nomadic SUP in Key West Florida and started there two years ago. They run a variety of tours through the eco systems of the Florida Keys for small groups including everyone from those who have never tried SUP before to experienced paddle boarders.

One of the main drawcards to¬†Nomadic SUP for me is the fact that they offer “Natural” tours. What are the natural tours? Naked tours. Ryan was a more experienced nudist when the two gorgeous men got together as a couple but it would appear that Cody has taken to it wholeheartedly. At this stage most of their nude tours end up men only but the groups can also be private nude tours so that you know everyone on the tour if that makes you more comfortable. The naked tours weren’t originally in the plan but the two guys would go paddling nude together and then friends would ask to come along so they opened it up as a tour option to the public too.

Fakers and flakers

It’s been a very busy week for fakers and flakers this week. A guy added me on facebook a week or so ago through the Facebook event for the Croatian nude sailing trip that I’m doing. All of his photos that he has shown me feel like I’ve seen them a million times over many years on the internet. There’s something about him that just doesn’t ring true. There are no candid shots, all nude modeling shots which I suspect are different people. He’s the guy that inspired the post about “real nudists”.

Last night I came home and had a quiet night to myself and was feeling a bit lonely. I would have loved some cuddles, but instead I took myself off to bed relatively early and had a great night’s sleep. This morning I had a message from a hottie on Grindr and we organised for him to come over and fool around. He was only 800 metres away and sent a message saying “On my way”. That was the last I heard from him. So, unless he’s been abducted or hit by a bus en route then he’s another flakey Sydney queen who goes online for compliments and an ego boost.

I’m not sure why either of the guys, or any online faker, feels the need to do it and it makes me feel sorry for them that they need to do it for whatever reason. Today, it’s just left me mad.

I’ve actually had guys online try and use the photos of both the guys above, Derrick Davenport and Joseph Sayers. One of them actually claimed to be Joseph Sayers. Sad.

This week’s gymspiration

As much as I’m struggling with motivation for the gym etc at the moment, I also really struggle with the body culture at the moment that is such an obsession with guys in the teens to thirties at the moment. If you haven’t instagrammed a workout or meal prep then you may as well be obese. Granted there are health benefits to eating “clean” and doing regular exercise but the level of importance that people are placing on it is too much. Being able to sit through a longer than average movie without setting an alarm to eat is a good thing, right?

In typical Libran form though, I admire their dedication, no matter how disfunctional it is. Who wouldn’t love to look like some of these guys? I know I would, but I’m never going to and I don’t mind. There are too many delicious hot chips and ribs meals served with a beer to be enjoyed. When people say everything in moderation, that includes gym obsessions.

All that aside, as well as feeling and looking good for Europe, my gym is to stay healthy and keep strong and fit so I can do things I love like circus classes. To aid in getting my sorry arse out of bed in the morning, here is a compilation of beautiful men who never eat anything fried, or let body hair grow.

UMBRELLA ft AAG – DB from Diversidad Brutal on Vimeo.

Been a rough month

The last month has been really rough as far as work and that’s impacted my diet and exercise. It’s also turned cold quite quickly in the past few days here in Sydney so getting out of my snug bed has been more challenging than usual. With my naked European holiday in 48 days and only about a month left in this challenge it’s time to stop making excuses and get into it. Taking the update photos at the gym has been a bit of cheeky fun and a bit of extra motivation. The scales at my gym however are another story. Two days ago I weighed myself and I was 83.7kg (185lb) which I was happy with. Today I weighed myself and I was 85.7kg. I very much doubt that I put on 2kg in two days. The scales have always fluctuated pretty wildly so who knows what I am.

The other boys are still getting their photos and progress updates in to me and I’ll post those as soon as I can.

Real or pretend?

Over the last couple of days I have been chatting to someone on Facebook who describes himself as a “real nudist” and is quite particular about it. I get that there are different attitudes towards nudity and different levels of nudism in a way. This guy talks about how he “lives nude”. I consider myself a nudist even though I’m not really a fan of that word, mostly because most non-nudies use it with a certain tone that implies judgement. With the term “real nudist” being used it sounds as if there is judgement going both ways.

Am I just pretending at being a nudist because I don’t walk around the house nude all the time regardless of whether my housemate is home or not? Am I less of a “real nudist” because I have to dress to go to work? I hope not. I’m the kind of nudist I find comfort and enjoyment in being. When I can and it’s practical, I’m naked and I enjoy it. Weather, people around me and other factors all influence whether or not I bother with pants. There are guys I know who enjoy being nude but it’s just the occasional beach visit and probably around the house at home with their partner. Most of my friends would consider me quite the nudist since I’m going sailing naked around Croatia and I’d much rather be nude sitting in a hot tub or at the beach than wearing anything.


There are lots of videos of dancers online and there are lots of videos of performance art pieces as well. Lots of them include nudity but very few of them make sense or are visually beautiful. Maybe it’s me but a lot of performance art makes me think “what is this shit?”

Francois Rousseau first came to my attention when he did the very famous Dieux Du Stade calendar several years ago. He’s done it a few more times since and each time has been stunning. He seems to be doing more and more video work and this is a dance piece that uses low lighting to emphasise the muscularity and beautiful movement of the dancer, intercut with some gorgeous footage of powerful looking horses. This is how to do a dance video.

ETUDE III: BATURO, THE DANCED FIGURE from François Rousseau on Vimeo.

Learning made fun

Ever since the hot teacher Pietro Boselli took over the internet a few weeks ago, people have been sharing images all over the place of him and his beautiful body. Apparently Pietro was complaining that people don’t take him seriously because of how he looks, to which a friend of mine commented “my heart bleeds”. While I understand that it must be frustrating to not be taken seriously, on the plus side, he looks like that.

The Gaily Grind had a post that is also doing the rounds, inspired by Pietro, full of hot teachers. I’d seen images of the guy second from the right going around but the entire collection is quite something to behold. We certainly didn’t have any teachers that looked like that when I was at school. The only teacher that was anywhere near this was a Mr Kay. He was pretty classic Aussie surfer athlete guy. Tall, blonde, square jaw, broad shoulders and he made an impression on me even though at the time I didn’t know why.

Can you imagine these guys walking into your classroom when you were a horny hormonal teenager? I might have paid more attention, but then I’d be daydreaming about them instead of listening to the lesson.

I’ve done it again

I don’t know about the rest of you but I can fall in lust/crush at the drop of a hat. We all see people in the street that we think are hot but you know those times when someone just really takes your fancy and you find yourself getting all giggly like a schoolgirl or mumbling like a fool because someone’s reduced you to a nervous mess? That was me today. I think I kept myself together but I caught up with a girlfriend a bit later and couldn’t stop talking about this guy that I’d just met.

Of course he’s unavailable. I don’t just mean he’s taken. I mean he’s 14 years younger, very very hot and well, completely straight. A friend of friends that I’d asked if he’d wanted to model for me came over to talk about the photo shoot today and he arrived after a cafe lunch along with his girlfriend and my never-to-be-husband. As I said to my girlfriend, if you were to take a photo of my ideal guy, it’d be him. His body is beautiful but it was just his face and general demeanor that got me. He had a wicked sense of humour too. I do love the cheeky ones.

Basically what I’m saying is, today was a perfect example of my tradition of only being smitten with guys I can’t have. If you have any one of a few factors, in a relationship, lives too far away, emotionally unavailable or straight, then I’m hooked. If you blend a few or all of those elements then I’m going to fall totally and hopelessly in love at first site.

A country escape

Work has been really full on with insane deadlines for several weeks now. It’s the nature of our industry but we have a new client that just doesn’t have realistic expectations and that’s on top of our already disorganised existing clients. Next week is looking exactly the same unfortunately but hopefully things will return to a more manageable level after that.

I know I have a big European holiday to look forward to in 55 days (who is counting?) but I’m thinking I might need to head to my friend’s property three hours out of Sydney to have a very lazy peaceful weekend doing absolutely nothing but reading a book, relaxing in their outdoor spa with beautiful views across the landscape for miles and drinking nice wine, or beer.

There’s only so long people can keep up this pace at the office. It’s not like I’ve been working ridiculous hours although there have been a couple 14 – 16 hour days but the level of pressure and anxiety from constant deadlines is starting to take it’s toll. A weekend in fresh air doing just about nothing would suit me down to the ground.

Anyone tried it?

With less than 24 hours in London I’m planning on trying to relax. A while ago I blogged about the New Docklands Steam Baths, an old school Russian Sauna complex in East London. Someone has pointed me in the direction of Rios “London’s leading naturist health spa” and from what I can work out it’s not too hard to get to. My only concern is the photos on the website do make it look a little like a swingers venue with a lot of emphasis on the women with big boobs posing sexily.

I have no problem relaxing naked in a mixed gender environment but relaxing is all I want to do. If I was after a sexual environment then I’d just go to one of the big Chariots saunas. Has anyone been to Rios at all? If anyone has I’m curious to know what it’s like.

I’m also taking other tips on what might be around to do in London to relax. Obviously I might just wander along the Thames and through town reminiscing about my days in the beautiful city. Who knows, but I’m thinking a naked spa and sauna could be just what I’m looking for after a long haul flight.

P.S. I see the irony in using sexy photos of men relaxing with this story but I know why you guys come to Aussielicious.