Beautifully tragic

I’ve just got home from seeing a film that I’d never heard of until this afternoon. A friend asked me if I had anything to do this evening. He’d won a couple of tickets to see “Film stars don’t die in Liverpool” and neither of us had any idea what it was about. It turns out it wasn’t the romantic comedy my mate anticipated.

It turns out it is a beautiful but sad and true story of Gloria Grahame, an American film star who passed away in 1981 after a huge career including an Oscar win in the 40’s and 50’s. I’m not sure how faithfully the movie tells the story but in the movie she is in love with a British man younger than her children.

The story is beautifully done in the way that only British Films can be. The visual style and the story is just beautiful but at the end I sprung a leak from my eyes so I might have missed some of the story. Not sure what happened.

The orgy update

Well, as I posted yesterday I was quite nervous heading to the orgy last night. My friend had bailed on me due to illness and I was heading in alone.

As it turned out I was very pleasantly surprised by the night. All the shenanigans were very respectful. People seemed to understand who may or may not be interested in them and no one took any rejection of advances as anything personal.

Of course it was bound to happen that I saw a few people I knew but no-one that caused any awkwardness. In fact one of the guys I’ve only met twice and I’d seen him in the locker room at the gym and it was a very pleasant surprise to see him in action.

Ultimately it was a little too crowded for my tastes with about 70 people in a two bedroom apartment. There was fucking in the kitchen, bedrooms, laundry and all over the lounge room. I think I’ll go to more of their events.

Is it nerves?

In three hours from now I’m supposed to be going to an orgy. There is a group that organises them every few months and a couple of friends have been and said they are fun.

Right now I’m not sure I’m going. My friend that was going to go with me and has been before has just pulled out (pun intended) because he’s sick. So now, not only am I hungover and not feeling wildly horny, I’m also going alone.

The only time I’ve ever been to a big organised orgy I hated it. It was many years ago and it was way too crowded with 200 guys and very very few of them my type. This one is a different group and I’m led to believe about 50 guys.

Part of me wants to bail out. I can’t work out if it is nerves or the hangover/tiredness. I’ve been curious about these events for a while now though so I am going to shake it off, get myself all ready and go. Fingers crossed I’ll get caught up in the vibe of it all and if not I can always leave.

The Iceland Roadtrip Vlog

Three months after I got back from the amazing trip that was my European adventure this year, I’ve had time to finally start editing footage from the trip. Naturally, as I did with photos, I’ve started with Iceland.

Going through all the footage just made me think about how much fun we had exploring that wild, cold, beautiful place that is Iceland.

So if you have a spare 9 minutes, check out the video below. Feel free to also subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the like button on all the videos.

From unexpected places

Creativity is a very subjective thing. There are lots of pieces of art that other people love that I really don’t. Everyone responds to art and photography in different ways. Gay Sydney being the small world that it is, there is a fairly small network of gay photographers and we have all shot many of the same models.

One friend is great at finding sexy travellers to photograph while they are in town, another is great at photographing identities from the local scene. We all do our own thing and for the most part, we support and celebrate each other. For the most part.

Today I found out that a fellow Sydney photographer who I thought I shared a mutual respect for each other with, has called my photography crap and a waste of good models. He has said all the dust, clay and paint is crap, that I can’t do outdoors and my work is cheesy.

Well then. I guess he’s not a fan. It’s a shame that he’s been slagging off my work to third parties but I guess that’s just his opinion and he’s entitled to it.

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

How on earth?

Being a single man with typical single man urges, I’m known to be on apps and sites to sort out those urges.

There are people I’ve seen on those sites like dudesnude for many years. In particular for the purpose of this post, a guy I met up with and fooled around with at LEAST 10 years ago. Probably 12. Not long ago I saw his profile online again and somehow, he’s using the same photos as he was 10-12 years ago. He’s not the only one. There are several profiles I’ve seen of guys that I’ve had conversations with who are still using photos a decade old or more.

What happens when they meet up with someone? Are they real life vampires that don’t age? I’m sceptical.

Conversely a guy has been trying to add me as a friend on true nudists and his profile says 42. That’s two years younger than me. Not exaggerating I would put him at TWO DECADES OLDER. Yup he looks over 60. He has Santa-white hair and everything. Who the hell does he think is believing that?

I swear it was an accident

Last night I needed to catch up on some sleep and sensibly set my alarm ready to get up and go to the gym. This morning I woke up before my alarm and was really ready for a good workout and to try and get my training back on track. it’s been pretty mediocre ever since my holiday in Europe but I’ve been back for 3 months now and that’s not good enough.

Unfortunately when I woke up I noticed it was a bit lighter than I expected. It turns out that I’d set my alarm for 6.40 pm instead of 6.40 in the morning. When I looked at my phone to see the time it was nearly 8am and I had no time to go to the gym.

I’ll have to make up for that tomorrow morning and do my circuit with a bit of extra oomph.

Out of practice

Last night I wasn’t the only person in my bed. A guy I met recently came over for dinner and some other activities as we gay men are inclined to do. He also stayed the night.

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared my bed over night and I have to say, I barely slept. Clearly I’m well and truly out of practice. Every time I rolled over I was worried about bumping into my guest or just disturbing him in general.Then of course there is the change in temperature that having another body next to you causes. That I have no problem with but it also contributed to my lack of sleep.

I have no idea of if anything will happen with this guy or not and it’s not important but it was very nice to have someone there next to me. I’ve said it before on this blog, having skin on skin contact is good for the soul.

Trying to work it out

I just wanted to apologise for the ongoing troubles with leaving comments on the blog. It’s driving me crazy too that I can’t interact with you all.

At the moment my blog host doesn’t seem to be contactable for me to work out if it’s a problem with the servers and I’ve also done all the updates I can at my end to see if that helps. Fingers crossed we have it all sorted out soon.

It’s Manscapes time!

Aussie photographer John Bortolin earnt himself a great reputation with his Manscapes book that he released last year to great acclaim. No wonder too, it is full of beautiful men all nude in the beautiful Australian landscape.

He followed it up late last year with a Calendar which was released to raise money for Men’s health and to prevent suicide after one of the models took his own life.

Now it’s time to go and buy the 2018 calendar, again to raise money. Right now there is also a great exhibition in Brisbane. Sadly I can’t get to see the exhibition but I think I might just order myself a calendar. Order it at Manscapes.

Not normal enough

In the past week or so I’ve posted about sexual behaviour at a nudist event on Saturday night and about sexual behaviour causing problems at a nude beach.

I completely understand that sex is a very natural part of life and I don’t by any stretch believe that sex and nudity are always separate. But I’m curious as to why the connection between nudity and sex is so immediate? When I was in Berlin and went to a lake surrounded by nudists sunbathing and swimming in the middle of a forest, a location that would have been perfect for cruising if it was here in Sydney, there was not a trace of sexual behaviour.

It was the same at the mix gender sauna with literally hundreds of people sharing baths, saunas, pools, steam rooms and even locker/change rooms with no sexual behaviour at all.

As a friend pointed out, it’s just not normal enough here. Sure we have nude beaches and there are probably hundreds of thousands of nudists in Australia but it’s just not normalised the way it is in places like Germany, the birthplace of modern nudism.

Communal showers are all but gone, no P.E. classes shower after class anymore and everyone thinks it’s weird to be comfortable nude. Let’s take a leaf out of the German’s book and drop the pants.

Sailing Croatia from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

There’s always one

At the nude party on Saturday night I was very pleasantly surprised at the variety of guys there. Unlike last time I went many years ago there were guys of all ages there.

What wasn’t a surprise was the behaviour of some of the guys. The host designates a single area for shenanigans that is out of the way of everyone else who isn’t partaking. Some guys didn’t really respect that and while it wasn’t full on it wasn’t ideal.

There was one guy there who I’d met several years ago at the other event who back then couldn’t seem to get into his head that I wasn’t interested. On Saturday night he was leering at people as he wandered around. At one point we were all in the shallow end of the pool which was a bit crowded. He walked past behind my friend and had plenty of room but for some reason felt it necessary to drag his big cock right across my friend’s shoulder as he went past. That sort of thing just pisses me off. It’s just not appropriate.

Before anyone comments that it was probably just accidental, it clearly wasn’t. There was a foot of space behind him and it was very deliberate.

Giving it another go

Several years ago I went to a party held by the Sydney Gay Nudist group called Sunboys. It was known by another name at the time. It was at a large private home and I didn’t know the guys well that I went with. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the experience. The party was skewed to a much older crowd and it felt like a large portion of them were just waiting for sex to kick off.

A number of my friends have been in the last couple of years to their parties and say they have really enjoyed them. Apparently they have managed to attract a younger crowd as well as the older guys that make up the staple of nudist events.

So tonight a group of us are going to another one of the parties, being held at the same place I went to years ago. Let’s see how it goes. At the very least, with a group of friends I’ll have people to chat to.

That’s equality

In the 18 years since I came out to my family, every now and then I’ve been a little put out that my mother never asks if I’m seeing someone or how things are going. Then I realise, she doesn’t do that with anyone.

My mum is pretty old school. She has very strong opinions about things but she keeps them to herself. She’s not one to make waves nor is she one to air her dirty laundry. Last night I was chatting to her and they are off to my cousin’s wedding and they are sharing a house with some family friends. One of those friends is a woman who is just a few years younger than my parents, so late 60’s. My mother referred to her partner as her “friend” John.

It was then that I realised that not only does she not ask me about my private life, she doesn’t ask my happily married sister, nor anyone. She is no doubt assuming that the family friend and her “friend” are a couple but it’s none of her business as to the nature of the relationship or what to call it.

It’s about as equal as you can get really. Treat everyone the same and I’m fine with that.

I beg your pardon?

Not too long ago an acquaintance sent me a text message saying “I’ve just been watching porn and saw you. When did you do that?” Um, I beg your pardon?

My mind started racing. Like a lot of people I’ve filmed some home made bits and pieces and I’m probably not as judicious as I should be when it comes to sharing some of the images I’ve taken. Had someone I’d shared a short video with shared something online or had one of my fellow “performers” posted something? It was unlikely I thought.

With baited breath the acquaintance went off to find a screenshot from the porno. It turns out it is a guy who lives or lived in Sydney and was in the porno I did some photography on many years ago but it wasn’t me and in my opinion the only similarity was skin colouring and a scruffy unshaven look. It wasn’t me.

It just goes to show, when you put something out there it can always come back. If I did porn I wouldn’t be ashamed but you have to expect that someone will see it.