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A gorgeous man

When I posted about the Tub Time With Tate series a few days ago, I mentioned that I’d found him through a model on Instagram. Kim David Smith is that model. He’s a gorgeous Aussie guy living and working in New York. He’s a singer, cabaret performer and of course, model who fills his instagram with his modeling work. I’ve been lucky enough to chat with Kim briefly and hopefully when he’s in Sydney we’ll be able to collaborate on a shoot.

To be able to capture Kim’s classic good looks and stunning physique would be a real pleasure and I’d like to thing we’d come up with some great images. His look is so striking and classic you can almost imagine him stepping out of a fighter jet in a World War II era film and sweeping the leading lady off her feet.

The images below are just a few from Kim’s session for the Tub Time With Tate series.

Soaking in beauty

Instagram has become quite a playground for discovering talent for me lately both the eye candy and the photography variety. There is a model I started following a while back who poses for painters and photographers and following one of his links I stumbled across a photographer called Tate Tullier. He is working on an ongoing series called Tub Time With Tate and anyone is eligible to model for the series. If you are going to cross paths with Tate and you are willing to get nude and wet and sign over the rights to the image, you are in.

The series has a beautiful array of gorgeous people in various bathtubs in a few different cities in the U.S. and they are absolutely beautiful and intimate. For me, being in water whether it’s the ocean, a shower or a bathtub is a relaxing experience and even though there are some familiar faces on the website, they are unlike any other photos of that person. Maybe it’s the relaxing familiarity of bathing that inspires everyone to let down their guard. None of the photos are full frontal but they show a vulnerability in their subject.

If I was anywhere near Tate I would put my hand up in a flash.

Is good not enough?

It could be a problem stemming from social media or just an evolution of society but it seems that good is no longer enough. Facebook will show you that even though you can “like” something with a push of a button, saying you like something or that it’s good, just doesn’t cut it.

A “Like” button makes it so easy to flatter someone when we really can’t be bothered that it’s diminished the meaning even though people crave “likes” as a validation and without enough of them you aren’t enough of a person (allegedly). Reading the comments on any particular post on just about any form of social media, every single one of them is a complete over exaggeration of any emotion. No longer can we say we don’t like that or it’s not our taste. We have to now say that it’s the worst ever or the ugliest thing ever seen.

The same goes for good comments. That’s really good or well done just doesn’t seem to give the right impression of adoration for someone you don’t bother communicating with in the real world. Photos are “amazing” or “the best thing I’ve ever seen”. Nowadays you can’t be just a bit excited, you have to be “OMG I’m totally dying right now”.

On Model Mayhem the comments are quite amusing to read. Terrible photos get a “great capture” or “amazing shot” just because the guy in the photo has his cock out or something about the photo tickles the viewer’s fetish bone® even though the photo itself may be absolutely horrendous from a technical perspective.

In the real world my good friends, you know the ones whose opinions should really count, are the ones that will tell me honestly that I’m being an idiot or my photos are ok but this one’s a bit shit. That’s the good stuff. They’ll give me a pat on the back when I deserve it and a kick in the arse when I need that too. Can we dial down the drama and stop buying into social media validation please?

P.S. If this post doesn’t get like a gazillion comments I’m going to be so totally devastated.

Amazing, simple and beautiful

This video is an antidote to the depressing nature of the last post. I saw this video last week and even though it’s nearly 8 minutes long, it had me mesmerised. Michael Grab is an artist that has developed an amazing skill for balancing rocks in seemingly impossible arrangements that defy gravity. There is no trickery here. No glue, strings or other deception keeps the rocks balanced, just skill and I imagine a lot of patience.

According to his website it started for Michael as a whim in 2008 and has become his form of meditation because of the peaceful surroundings and the patience and calmness that is needed. The arrangements are beautiful and he’s also filmed and photographed them beautifully.

A trail of destruction

Is it human nature to want to destroy things if we can’t have them or don’t want them anymore? Today I was talking to a guy that I don’t really know very well about relationships. I’d been told he is pretty much that guy that is determined to be single. After today’s conversation that is definitely true. He had been very happy being single for years but not long ago ended up in a relationship that hasn’t worked out. Today he was calling himself “damaged goods” and determined to never be in a relationship again. Thankfully for him, he is a very sexual guy and more than happy to have a lot of casual sex and get his emotional stuff from friends.

My emotional bruising from a relationship several years ago had the opposite effect. He wasn’t ready for a relationship so rather than take the healthy approach and have a discussion, he decided that crippling my sexual confidence was the way to go. That was a long time ago and while it’s still a problem, it’s slowly getting better. Unlike my friend, being hurt has for me only reinforced my knowledge that I want an affectionate monogamous relationship. Maybe part of that is because in my head it will prove that I’m “Good enough” which is something I haven’t felt in a long time.

Back to my question at the start of this post. Is it human nature to have to hurt someone when we break up with them or to avoid being with them? Or is it something we learn because people have done it to us? This is why we can’t have nice things.

I’m always a little envious of those people that end up with their first love because they never have that baggage from horrendous dating and breakups. Can we all agree to just treat each other nicely from now on? Please?

More showering wrestlers

This time the boys make sure all of their buddy is clean. Even though these guys wash each other’s balls and cock I still feel like they come across as completely straight. These guys have beautiful bodies and I’m just a little bit jealous of them having a hot shower buddy. Fooling around in the shower is one of my favourite things to do.

SHOWER AFTER MATCH Gladiator 1 from ADRIAN TAUGA on Vimeo.

Something’s missing.

Last night I went to a post-wedding celebration of some friends that got married in New Zealand last weekend where it is legal, leaving Australia behind in the land of inequality. The celebration was really relaxed and fun with lots of laughs. I know one of the grooms from my days in the Lifesavers Mardi Gras float and it was great to catch up with some of the others from the float that I haven’t seen in a few years. My newlywed mates looked very happy and relaxed and as we all know I’m a sucker for a romantic story.

Also there last night was a guy from the float with his partner of 10 years. They are two lovely guys raising their gorgeous 3.5 year old son that they had through an egg donor and a surrogate (different women). Of course when you see a relationship from outside, you don’t know the daily ins and outs of the relationship but it seemed like they had it all together and very happy.

Now I’ll admit, the idea of a boyfriend has been playing on my mind lately as I’ve mentioned before. I’m not being a crazy desperado but I’ve been thinking how nice it would be to have someone to spoon with at night. It didn’t go unnoticed last night at the celebrations that there were a grand total of three single gay men in a room of about 150 people. Three. That’s it. The three gay men there all knew each other and had no romantic or sexual inclination so that left us shit out of luck for meeting anyone. Aren’t you supposed to meet the love of your life at a wedding or does that not apply to us gays?

After the celebrations last night, another friend getting married yesterday and my parents celebrating 45 years together just a couple of days ago, I should not have watched show about women going bridal gown shopping. Pushed all my sappy romantic buttons and dammit I wasn’t even drunk.

Challenging times ahead

It’s time to step my fitness program up a notch. Tomorrow night is the first class of this term of circus school and I’ve been talking about doing a routine at the end of term for several terms now. This term is the one. There is also the motivation of looking good and feeling great for my holiday to Europe in June/July. If I’m going to be sailing naked through Croatia and seeing friends in Spain for the first time in 9 years, I want to look good.

What does that all mean? It’s fitness challenge time. I’ve held fitness challenges in the past on Aussielicious and we are going around again. I haven’t worked out what the prize will be or even if there will be one other than the health benefits of getting fit. I’m going to put the finish date of the challenge at June 1st. So, starting now, if you want to be a part of the challenge, send in a photo of yourself now and then another photo at the 1st of each month until the end. If you want to supply statistics of what weight you’ve lost or whatever you are measuring your success by, then do that too.

Sharing ideas and tips on what you are doing to achieve your transformation is great too. Stick to healthy options please. No silly Lemon Detox diets. Change your eating, introduce cardio, lift weights, swim. Whatever you can do and want to do to keep it enjoyable. Maybe at the end of this I’ll be one of those cocky bastards taking a selfie in the locker room at the gym.

My “before” shots are above. I’m not unhappy with how I look now but want to tone things up a bit, put on a bit of muscle and increase my definition. Email your “before” photos to

Two such different stories

The story in the last week of the poor transgender teen that threw herself in front of a truck because her parents wouldn’t accept her has created a lot of publicity around the globe with Dan Savage even saying her parents should be charged. While I agree it’s a devastatingly sad situation, you have to feel for her parents a bit. There have been reports that have said they only heard from their child about being transgender a handful of times and very recently. Is it not possible that the feelings of isolation and sadness when combined with the fairly typical teenage dramatic response to not being understood might have been a tragic combination? Teenagers are always overly dramatic to everything. I’m not saying that this isn’t horrible for a second but these parents have already lost their child. Do they also need this condemnation for being fairly normal, if religiously conservative parents? They didn’t handle it well but they certainly didn’t kill their daughter.

That sad story was beautifully contrasted by a story that popped up on my facebook feed this evening. This story was one about a father dropping his teenage son off on what was very clearly a date as told by a witness to the scene. The father was judged by the author and the author got it wrong. A traditional, masculine father dropping his gay teenage son off on a date and being beautifully supportive of it made me smile. There are a lot of bad coming out stories out there, but there are a lot of great ones too.

The wrestlers take a shower.

I recently posted a video of two guys wrestling nude that I wasn’t quite sure about. I liked it but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be turned on or enjoy their sporting prowess. Well now I know what I’m thinking of these guys in this new video of the two of them showering together. It’s hot. They are pretty obviously completely straight but also completely unselfconscious about their nakedness in the shower together.

There has been a real resurgence in the popularity of hairy men in the last few years and I think that’s great. If you have it and want it, keep it. Lumbersexuals unite! For me, there are some guys that just look really hot completely or nearly completely smooth and this guy with the shaved head is one of them.

Shower Gladiator nr 2 from ADRIAN TAUGA on Vimeo.

Still one left!

With this year’s Company of Men exhibition coming up in two weeks time, I still have one large print left from last year’s event. These images of Matteo covered in talcum powder have proven to be very popular with people that see them and this final image is one of my favourites. It makes quite an impact in the size that it’s printed which is 60cm wide x 90cm high (2′ x 3′). All of the other three prints from that exhibition have been sold to various people as far afield as Texas!

If you are interested in purchasing the print, shoot me an email and we can discuss it.

This year’s Company of Men opens on Wednesday 21st at Brightspace gallery in St Kilda, Melbourne. A lot of artists from last year’s exhibition are making a comeback for this round as well as a bunch of new talent so if you happen to be in Melbourne you should definitely go and have a look. If you time your visit right you may just catch another sexy performance by Rogan Richards.

Where did we lose the innocence?

There is so much visual documentation of communal male nudity in the middle of last century and it being so completely relaxed and comfortable. There are entire books full of wartime groups of men in their down time that show some guys nude, others not and none of it being an issue.

I wonder if more recently part of people’s reluctance is the fact that the internet has come along and images just don’t go away these days? Having said that, all those vintage photos are now scanned and online anyway, it’s just that the men in them aren’t here any more or they are too old to give a rats arse about it. A straight nudie friend sometimes gets nervous on the nude beach for fear that people are taking photos with their phones so he may or may not strip off.

Another theory that I’ve floated at times is the visibility of gay men in society. Gay men have been much more visible and open for a few decades now but acceptance has been further behind and we all know that a lot of straight men feel very threathened by the fact that gay men may objectify them the way they do women so they may remain more modest for that reason.

Whatever the cause, it’s a shame that people are so wary of being seen nude. This vintage video of a bunch of naked men in a sauna, running out into a plunge pool and to roll in the snow from 1947 shows just how natural it was for men to be nude together at the time. I love it.

Sauna (1947), vintage Newscast-SD from javu on Vimeo.

Didn’t see that coming

When a Lynx commercial comes on tv you can expect some quirk. Usually there’s a guy that isn’t your stereotypical lady-killer being chased by hordes of gorgeous women just because he’s sprayed on some Lynx deodorant. They play for cheap laughs but they are memorable and they make me smile. Do I use Lynx? No.

Lynx have now entered the world of hair product and this ad serves up some unexpected as well with a gay twist that I certainly didn’t see coming. I like it. Some gay men will feel like it’s just blatant targeting of the pink dollar but guess what? That’s what marketing is. That’s why McDonalds advertises happy meals during the day when kids are going to nag mum and dad for a toy. That’s why eHarmony makes you feel like you won’t ever be happy unless you find a significant other.

I say market away to your hearts content. While companies like Lynx are bold enough to risk turning the conservatives away, the more used to gay people kissing the rest of the world gets, little by little. Well done Lynx.

Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual #33

The invention of geographical proximity based hookup apps is one of the most important inventions for the homosexual community ever because we all know that the only impediment to anal penetration amongst gay men is geography. If you are physically close enough for your penis to reach someone’s anus, then as gay men we are morally and geographically obliged for that to happen. Physical attraction, conversation and compatibility are all null and void and best saved for those pesky heterosexuals.

I’ve often marveled at the messages online saying “If only I/you were closer.” Yes, because given the oath we all took as homosexuals to tear at the fabric of society through legally enforced anal penetration, if we were in the same city then we’d have shagged by now. These messages are clearly a very nice compliment but the implication that because one has received a compliment, one’s sphincter has immediately relaxed and lubed itself is a little baffling.

One has been in the the proximity of a huge room full of other homosexuals and not penetrated or been penetrated by any of them. How is this so? Aren’t we supposed to as gay men want sex with every man we see? Or is that just the fear of straight men everywhere?

Is that even possible?

Yesterday lying in the blazing sun at Obelisk nude beach, I was chatting to a friend that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years when this guy that could only be described as beautiful arrived. Overhearing a conversation between he and some gorgeous Dutch guys in the water a bit later I found out that he was indeed Australian. To look at him you would have picked him as raised by pure blood Viking royalty. He had white-blonde hair and milky pale skin and the kind of sculptured bone structure that is a gift from a higher power.

At most this Nordic God would have been 24. At most, but he stood at about 6’3″ with shoulders wide and square tapering to the kind of lean waist that is wasted on the young, all perched atop two long, lean but strong legs. Yes, I know I’m gushing a bit but he was the kind of gorgeousness that you rarely see this side of Photoshop.

My mate uttered the words “Too Perfect.” Those words may both be in English but in that order and that combination they make no sense. I understand what he was trying to say but while he was so young, chiseled and gorgeous that it was almost asexual and more artistic, there is no such thing as “too perfect.” Having said that, I can certainly see the appeal increasing with a well placed (slight) scar or ruggedness.

Whoever he is, I have a feeling I’ve seen him on Instagram and if he isn’t actually modeling full time he bloody well should be. He has a look that would make him lots of money in high fashion modeling, or with Bel Ami.

Don’t ask what his junk was like. As with all the hot guys especially under 25 he didn’t get nude.