Um, ok then.

Someone added me to a gay Sydney Facebook group a while back and for the most part I pretty much ignore the notifications. Quite often it’s about parties or things that aren’t really my cup of tea. There are often posts from guys newly arrived in Sydney looking to meet friends in a new city.

In the past month or so I’ve noticed a few messages from people that have made me think “Wow, that feels a bit desperate.” The messages are from guys looking for a partner and sure, maybe things are getting lost in translation but while I might put a call out on Facebook to see if anyone knows of a job going or even somewhere to live, I’m not going to just shout out to random strangers for a husband.

I have 27 years, im brazilian and im looking for relationship in australia
“Hi I am André and I am looking for a Life time partner kisses from André!
“Single, Anyone
“Can I find my partner here?
Those are the messages that really caught my notice. Now I realise that there are possibly some cultural differences involved and I dare say one or two of them might be looking for a ticket out of wherever they are now and a Visa for here but wow.

Five, six, seven, eight.

You could be forgiven for thinking that dancers were never taught to count from one to four, skipping straight to five. On the day we did this shoot there was a lot of counting from five to eight, even though I’m not a dancer. To be honest I should have asked them why they don’t use the first four digits in dance because I am very curious.

This was one of my biggest shoots ever. Three models, a friend filming, three different looks and a WHOLE LOT of mess. It took about threee hours to do the shoot and about a week for my boss to stop complaining about the mess I’d made of the studio after all the coloured powder went EVERYWHERE.

I’ve decided to release a few more older shoots in amongst the newer ones as downloads over the next month or two. It not only helps me keep up with the weekly schedule while it’s freezing cold here in Sydney and not photographing as much but it also helps me share more images with you all. Before releasing these downloads I was only sharing a handful of images from each shoot and now, if you buy the download you see 40 or more usually. Talk about good value!

This download, JUMP is now available for you!

Pretty impressive.

It may not be my kind of music but you can’t deny that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have make intelligent, thoughtful and to a lot of people, cool music. I’m not their target market so I’m not worried about them being upset at me not buying the new album.

Beyoncé has proven with her two mega-successful visual albums that she has a really keen eye for music videos with strong imagery and even stronger messaging. If I’m honest I’m not sure what they are trying to say with this music video to “Apeshit” but I love the video.

In an era when making money from music is getting harder and harder, the budgets for music videos is usually pretty hard to come by but when you are as wealthy as these two, there’s enough to get a hold of the Louvre in Paris for a full shoot with dancers, many costume changes and a whole lot of style.

It’s great to see this commitment to style. Being a very visual person this really appeals to me and if you are struggling for imagery, why not use centuries worth of artwork from the masters?

What is it with this Island?

The British version of Love Island, predecessor to the absolutely awful Australian version currently on our screens, seems to be the place to go for uninhibited people. OMG Blog seems to be sharing nudes on an almost weekly basis of a hottie from the show. Let me be clear, while I’ve never watched a full episode of the show, I wholeheartedly endorse their casting. Desperate fame whores with big cocks and a complete lack of modesty/shame should always be a requirement for these kinds of shows.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Geordie Shore and it would be a pretty strong indication that the Brits who go on this style of reality show are obsessed with the gym and showing off all the hard-earned results. Bless them.

This gorgeous hunk above is Mitch Palmer, another Love Island alumni and serial nude-selfie taker. For that we should be grateful because, well, look at him. I’m not sure he’s making any great scientific, political or cultural contributions to society but he’s making a lot of men and women’s eyeballs very happy. Bless him. Thanks Mitch.

QAMA Cliché is out now!

QAMA Magazine is an online art magazine that a friend started last year. It’s been the instigator for me to start exploring erotic photography which I hadn’t really done before. My series (Don’t) Look was the first series I submitted for QAMA, followed by CybEROTICA. Next up was the RED erotic duo series.

A few months ago Ali, the friend that started QAMA asked me if I wanted to be the guest editor on the next issue. That was a daunting task but the first step was to decide on a theme for the edition. It took me a while of throwing ideas around but I settled on “Cliché”. What happens when you subvert that cliché? Can you pay homage to a stereotype while cutting it in half? Clichés evolve for a reason. They are an easy way to explain a pattern of behaviour or a lack of originality.

I put calls out to my network on social media and was pleasantly surprised. Along with my own series “Camp” featuring the gorgeous Tate Ryder I received submissions from two other photographers, a couple of illustrators, a painter who did a collaboration with a poet and another friend doing his best to subvert the clichés of tourist souvenirs. Go and sign up for a free account on Issu so you can check out the full magazine (it does contain my erotic series with Tate) and show some love to the other artists involved.

The images of Tate above are just a little modest sample of what you can find in the magazine and in a couple of weeks I’ll be releasing the full download of the shoot which is beautiful and sexy as hell.

Not helping my mood

This time of year is always a struggle for me. Today has been particularly cold here in Sydney and we are having some rain as well. Now I know we need the rain as I don’t feel like we’ve had anywhere near enough this year, but I’m not really coping with it. Of course in a literal sense I am but I would MUCH rather it be warm and sunny.

I’m a solar powered creature and while I can cope with being cold, cold and wet makes me miserable. There are people in the office saying how much they love Winter and I have to stop myself from looking at them like they are fucking crazy. Sure, fashion in Winter is more glamorous and there are so many more options but if I had the option I’d be in a tank top or t-shirt and shorts, if I can’t be somewhere nude.

One of the guys in the office is off to Bali next week. I’ve been to Bali and don’t think I’ll go back but being somewhere warm and enjoying beers while naked in a private villa is exactly what I’m in the mood for. Now that I’ve decided that a European adventure is on the cards next year, all going to plan, that is keeping me going. It’s always good to have something like that to look forward to.

This week is the Winter Solstice here and even though we have more cold weather in the couple of months to come, knowing that the days are going to start getting ever so slightly longer and longer from this week on is a glimmer of light on my solar powered horizon.

How do you spend Time Alone?

Mirco is an Italian guy that I found through the Instagram of another photographer friend. When you picture an Italian guy it is more like Mario and Luigi from Mario Kart than the blonde, blue eyed almost Scandinavian look that Mirco has but apparently it’s not unusual in some parts of Italy. He also has the exact accent that you imagine. It sounds fiery and passionate even when he’s just saying hello and I love it.

We took over the rooftop terrace of a friend’s newly renovated house for this shoot and Mirco was fantastic. He lay precariously along the top of the terrace wall above a little back street. Heaven knows what the neighbours would have thought if they’d looked up.

This download is all about that lazy day you have at home, wandering all over the house, pottering around naked. A nap in the sunshine streaming into the terrace, capturing the last rays of the day. When we are at home alone we are our most un-guarded and free. If you feel comfortable in your own home on a nice day, why would you bother wearing anything? Mirco certainly looks beautiful doing exactly that. Get the download now, along with all the others. There are men for all different types in the 25 downloads now available.

As good as a holiday?

“A change is as good as a holiday.” At this point in the moving process I beg to differ. It’s widely accepted that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do and even though this process for me is going quite smoothly it still sucks. Over the past week I’ve been putting things into a storage unit to bridge the six-week gap between moving out and getting access to the new place. All in all it’s going fine but I am noticing that I’m not sleeping well.

As much as I hate having to impose on my sister and her family by staying with them for so long I am hoping that it will be a nice change of perspective for me. Being single it can be very easy to get wrapped up in yourself. Being at my sister’s house with her and her husband and the two kids will shake me up and make me more aware that there are people with a lot more responsibility on their plate than just work and rent.

One of the weeks I’m there I will be alone so that will be nice as well. I can’t wait to get settled into my new place though. It feels like it’s been a long time coming.

A missed opportunity

This morning I was having a bit of a quiet morning on the lounge before getting all the stuff done that I needed to when the doorbell rang. It’s rare for anyone to ring our doorbell on a Saturday morning when we aren’t expecting visitors. Sadly it wasn’t anyone hot to come and inspect my plumbing. It was an older lady in her 60’s and a young man in his 20’s asking if we were looking for answers in life.

Years ago I heard of a colleague answering the door to the Jehovas Witness door-knockers in just some old underwear. Apparently without him even planning it or realising, one of his testicles had dropped out of his underwear and the woman took off very quickly with the guy following quickly behind. If I’d known who was knocking at the door I would have gotten nude and answered the door. As it was I realised instead of just saying we weren’t interested and closing the door quick smart, I should have just said we were about to have a gay orgy. Such a missed opportunity.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people having a faith but please don’t come and bother me on my Saturday morning to force your ideas down my throat. Isn’t it that sort of indoctrination that the anti-gay people are always banging on against with gays having kids?

It’s cathartic

In my time in Sydney I have moved many times. I’ve lived in ten different places since I moved out of home, at one point moving three times in twelve months. No one likes moving but sometimes you just have to do it. This time around, particularly because I have to stay at my sister’s for six weeks I am putting things in storage and being rather ruthless in my culling process. All the magazines I’ve been carting around for years are in the recycling. Even all my photos from when I lived in London and did my first real travel have all been thrown out. They were taken on a shitty camera, are old school printed photos that take up way too much space and I just never looked at them.

There is something to be said for photographic evidence of your memories and events but hanging on to things you never look at is pointless. These days I try and put my travel photos into books that you can so easily put together and get printed. They take up less space and I personally believe you are more likely to look at them.

Once you take a step back and look critically at the things you own it’s quite easy to get rid of things. There have been sets of bed sheets, a couple of blankets and lots of clothes donated to charity this time around as well so at least not everything is going to waste. It’s nice to be able to do even something small to help people.

It’s unlikely my life will ever be completely devoid of clutter, both physical and emotional but it’s nice to clear a bit of breathing space from time to time.

Hey Stud

There are times when I see a model and an idea comes to me almost immediately about how I want to photograph them. Eamon is one of those models. I’d seen his work with a bunch of other Sydney photographers and it took a long time for us to arrange a time to actually get the shoot done. On the actual day he was a bit nervous because of a bit of a skin breakout but that we can deal with in photo shop when necessary.

His full sleeve tattoo suggested something edgy and nothing is more stereotypical edgy and rock’n’roll than tattoos and studs. Nothing is more rock’n’roll than being a stud. Eamon is beautifully built and has the muscles and the equipment to be a stud. So studs it was. I promise they are only glued on. There was no piercing done for this shoot despite how it looks. Several people have commented that they look like actual piercings.

“Stud” is now available as a download pdf to buy from my shop along with all the other pdf’s full of gorgeous nude men. There is quite a collection of downloads to choose from now with men for all tastes!

Found it!

The process of packing to move house has begun. Because of the necessity to store things between moving out of this place and moving into the next, for about 6 weeks is encouraging me to be cutthroat in culling the things I don’t use. For years I’ve been carrying around a collection of old photography magazines full of celebrity nudes. I always thought I would treasure them and thought wistfully that they might become collectors items. They haven’t and even if they have, they now sit in my recycling bin. I realised I don’t care about them any more.

Before I threw them out I went through them one last time looking for a particular image. The image was treasured in my memory banks from the 18-20 odd years ago that I bought the magazine. This morning when I went looking for it to find out the name of the photographer and see if I could find the image online, I was surprised that it is slightly different to how I remember it but as you can see above, still beautiful.

The lines of the figure in the water are beautiful. So many times I see underwater images where the model looks awkward, like they are trying to stay underwater or not “fall over” in the water. This male nude looks like he’s made to glide through the water. The artist, Craig Holmes, is based up on the sunshine coast of Queensland, mostly shooting weddings and portraits but thankfully he had this image that I so fondly remembered on his website.

I don’t have the money or the equipment to take up underwater photography but this image (Male nude, Lake McKenzie) makes me want to.

For f*ck’s sake

My housemate is at his boyfriends all weekend this weekend which also happens to be a three day weekend here in Sydney. On Friday night I was horny and found a guy online that I’d been chatting to about connecting. When we started the conversation he was about 600m away and then he said he was on his way over. At 130m away according to Scruff he stopped. Now sometimes it just doesn’t update properly and next thing you know your gentleman caller is on your doorstep. Not this time. Ten minutes later he was 1.3km (not far from a mile) away.

Today a guy messaged and was trying to organise a bit of a small group for midday. Perfect. At 11am he goes offline. At midday he isn’t 260m away like he had been. No. This one went further away. Thirty-two kilometres. Seriously what the actual fuck is going on? Now, before you all shout “get off the apps, they are a waste of time” I know. They really are but having not had more than a blow job in 6 months things are getting a little ridiculous. I’m not wildly horny at the moment but I’m trying to kick start my mojo. I also find when I haven’t had sex for a while, that is when I feel my most lonely and verging towards desperate for a boyfriend. Which is where I’ve been lately.

Fingers crossed tomorrow I have the fortitude and the mood to take myself off to the bathhouse for a while. At least there I can relax in a steam room, jacuzzi, watch some porn and hopefully get some action. Why on earth do I find it so hard to get laid in Sydney when on holidays I find it much easier. Granted there is a lot of stress going on in my life at the moment and on holidays I’m relaxed but this is getting out of hand. Or sadly, my hand is the only place my dick is getting.

Yass Queen

Now, Yass Queen is not an expression I like, let alone use. It feels like one of those affected things that some of “the gays” do, quoting Ru Paul etc etc etc. We have a little Twinky gay boy working in the office who speaks in meme and instagram language and it drives me nuts. Officially making me feel old, I don’t understand the baby gays any more.

One thing in the gay world that I absolutely love is the new reboot of Queer Eye. They are all great guys and Antoni and Caramo are super sexy and Tan is cool. Bobby the interiors guy could totally hang out and work his magic in my house if I owned one. Then there is Jonathan who I thought was going to drive me crazy but his total over the top camp fabulousness is totally not fake and just who he is. He is fucking adorable and I would nominate myself for them to come and overhaul if I lived in the US.

It turns out the boys are in Australia at the moment an in a moment of pure PR perfection they were spotted filming in the Australian semi-rural town of Yass filming, thus being YASS Queens! I have to say I love that.

I’m not sure if the point of them being in Australia is just a publicity tour but apparently they are making over a pub in Yass and I suspect if that’s the case, they are making over the licensee as well. It’s just so cool! Their new series starts on Netflix in a few weeks and I’m excited!

The question is?

With winter now upon us here in Sydney limiting my options for photo shoots, and the lack of a free photo studio that I was lucky enough to enjoy for several years, maintaining the output of releasing a download every week is getting quite impractical. I have some shoots prepared and ready to go as downloads and a lot of guys tentatively lined up for photo shoots but I am thinking of possibly dropping the releases back to once every two weeks to give me a bit more breathing space.

It sounds like a copout but I have a full time job and it now looks almost certain that I’m going to have to move house twice in the next two months. Once will be putting my belongings into storage and staying at my sisters until we can get access to the new apartment. Unfortunately due to poor timing there is a 6 week gap between the two.

So, how would we all feel about that? I know it’s not going to affect a huge number of people but I want to gauge the response before I decide.

It is a lot of fun doing all the shooting that I have been doing. It’s definitely the highest output of photo shoots that I’ve ever done and it’s forcing me to look at things differently. Fingers crossed you are all liking it.

If you want to buy some of the downloads or limited edition prints, head on over to my shop.