I wonder

A few weeks ago I went on what I thought was a second date. It turns out it wasn’t. The guy didn’t feel a spark and he thought he’d given me the impression that it was just a mates catching up kind of scenario. I really liked the guy and was interested to see if it would go anywhere. Clearly I found out sooner than anticipated.

I actually dreaded telling friends that there had been yet another dating disaster. Whenever I have to tell coupled up friends that I am shit out of luck once again, I find myself bracing myself before I do. There are all the comments that mean they love you and want you to be happy but they don’t really help. “Why can’t these guys see what a catch you are?” Maybe I’m just not that much of a catch. Most likely it just wasn’t a match. It’s hardly unheard of to have a one sided attraction.

It’s the “It’ll happen when you stop looking” that I struggle with the most. My life is busy and fun. Sure there are a lot of things I would love to share with someone but I’m not out there stalking and hunting guys down. Right now it actually feels like I’m becoming used to the idea that it just may not be in my future. If it is fantastic. A romantic like me would love it to be, but I am quite used to being single and the freedom that it brings with it.

Intimacy would be fantastic though. On the weekend I did get to have some great non-sexual, fully clothed cuddles with a dear friend just snuggled on the lounge. It was a very content feeling.

Instalicious – Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson is a model and photographer and I believe actor as well. He’s based in New York and is prone to wandering around looking sexy as hell. He also seems to be quite comfortable nude. Bless. If you do a search on tumblr for Daniel Robinson you’ll also see that he’s bordering on unrecognisable without his beard.

A lot of Daniel’s images are self portraits. He’s a talented boy. It’s bloody hard work to take a self portrait that is technically well done and where you are happy with how you look. Well it is for me anyway. If you want to see Daniel’s Instagram account, click here.

It’s all in the planning

With at least 15 months until I go to Europe next year I haven’t booked anything and am a long way off booking anything. Half of the fun of a big adventure is planning it and having it to look forward to. Having a big holiday in Europe to look forward to means that when I’m on my lunch break at work I’ve started doing research about what to do and where to go.

Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions on Greece. I threw out a suggestion to a close mate of mine that he should come and meet me in Greece and we should do another Saltyboys nude sailing trip. He thinks it’s a great idea. We’ve both done Saltyboys trips before, me in Croatia and him in the Whitsunday Islands here in Australia.

This afternoon I was reading a post by a guy who had driven himself around Iceland in a camper van for a week and it sounded fantastic and exactly what I had been thinking of doing so I posted the link on Facebook. Putting it out there sometimes really does work. Within half an hour a friend had said “pick me, pick me!” So now we are catching up next week to chat about it.

The danger with getting so excited now means there is a danger of peaking too early. The same thing happened a few years ago when we decided to go back to Burning Man. Countdowns were started (not by me), Facebook groups were created and much enthusiasm was shown. Then it all died down for a while and as the day got closer, the excitement built up again. Europe made me feel so welcome last year that I just can’t wait to go back.

ICELAND from kaco on Vimeo.

Imagine that

Venfield 8 is a photographer who does some pretty sexy work, with series called Candy Ass and Designer Dick where he blends male body parts (you can guess which ones) with designer brand labels and bling.

He’s done a collaboration with Seth Fornea, ginger go-go god. Now Seth has shown his goods before, even doing a jack off video for Colt Studios but this I find even sexier. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to see someone like Seth wandering down the street naked as the day he was born without a care in the world. It’s safe to assume that Seth isn’t shy but my goodness this would take some confidence. He does look amazing though and he’s such a sexy guy in a very non-intimidating way. Of course I don’t know him and I could be wrong but he always has a smile at the ready and he doesn’t look like he’d give you attitude.

Venfield 8 does videos as well but sadly I don’t think there is footage of Seth strutting his stuff down the streets of L.A. with his junk bouncing around

Any tips?

As I posted recently, I’m aiming to get back to Europe next year to see places I haven’t seen. One of those places is Greece. I know very little about Greece apart from Mykonos allegedly being the gay island and Santorini being beautiful. Sadly Santorini doesn’t seem to be very nude friendly.

If any readers out there have good tips for Greece then I’d love to hear them. I’m even considering another nude sailing trip. Who knows? Could be fun and it would be a great way to see a few places and work on that all over tan. I’ve thrown the idea to a friend and he seems keen so we may go sailing naked through parts of the Greek Islands and finish up with a few days in Mykonos. Has anyone stayed at the Geranium Hotel? It has a great looking clothing optional pool and terrace.


Another fun shoot

A few weeks ago a guy got in touch on Instagram and offered to model for me. Laria is former U.S. Military and now living with his wife here in Sydney. He’s done a bit of modelling from time to time and loves the process. Of course, looking like he does I jumped at the chance to collaborate with him. He is in amazing shape and is very comfortable in his own skin so doesn’t have many inhibitions. In fact tonight he’s doing two gigs as a waiter for hens nights. One is topless and the other is nude. You could say he’s not shy.

Of course I decided to continue my paper theme for some of the shots that I started with paper planes and the origami birds. There are plans to try again with the origami boats that failed a few months ago, learning from my mistakes. So this morning Laria and I headed to Sydney’s Cobbler’s nude beach and created some great images.

There really aren’t very many black models in Sydney so it was nice to be able to take advantage of the opportunity. We already have plans on two more shoots together that will be totally different to this shoot. It feels so god to have my photography mojo back a little bit.

Shooting Stephane & Ben

Two weeks ago, the day after I photographed Tim, I got up at 6am on a Sunday morning to go and do another shoot. Stephane and I had met up to talk about doing a shoot several months earlier but I had procrastinated on finding a location. Eventually I just said let’s do it and I know of a spot that will work.

So I picked up Stephane and his husband Ben before 7am so we could drive the 40 minutes down to the Royal National Park then hike for 20 minutes to the location. It’s the same location I photographed the three guys four years ago for my Freedom exhibition. Since we have had a very dry couple of months before the shoot, there wasn’t as much water as I would have liked but the morning was beautiful and the shoot was a lot of fun.

Getting the chance to photograph a real couple and try and capture their genuine affection was fantastic. I think we managed to capture it. There are still a few images to retouch but the difference in their skin tones, contrasted against the green of the bushland really worked well for me. The boys were also happy to go along with my current obsession of origami so red origami birds it was.

Tomorrow morning I’m up early again to photograph another guy with the early morning light caressing his nude skin. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Well said.

This week was a bit of a rough one for Wentworth Miller. A blog posted a meme making fun of his weight gain a few years ago but what they didn’t know was that the photo in question was taken at his heaviest and emotionally lowest point. Wentworth has been very open about suffering from anxiety and depression since his childhood. Whether it relates to his sexuality or not hasn’t been discussed but the photo was taken before he came out publicly a few years ago. The blog in question obviously had no idea about his mental health issues and have subsequently taken the post down and offered what seems to be a very genuine apology.

What troubles me is that this kind of meme that we have all laughed at, me included, is fine to post as long as everyone is healthy and emotionally ok. Not sure that’s the way to approach it. I love a good joke and some memes are bloody hilarious even when they are poking fun at someone. There are people like Donald Trump and the Kardashians that seem to contradict themselves and say stupid things setting themselves up for meme worthy attention. The culture we have at the moment of tearing celebrities down at any given opportunity is not good.

Does it stem from social media giving people a level of anonymity? I believe it does and the problem is that it’s not just celebrities. People are violently horrible to each other almost for sport on social media and it’s leading to more and more deaths. Thankfully Wentworth is old enough and strong enough to turn the suffering into a positive. “The first time I saw this meme pop up in my social media feed, I have to admit, it hurt to breathe. But as with everything in life, I get to assign meaning. And the meaning I assign to this/ my image is Strength. Healing. Forgiveness.” Read his full response here.

Those crazy Germans…

Those German’s have done it again. This is an ad for what I presume is a fitness app called FitMit. I can’t be sure as when I google it all I get is links to Fitbit activity trackers.

Anyway, back to my main focus of the ad. There’s a cute guy working out nude in the gym. He looks good nude and should stay that way but as he works out, he ends up completely dressed. It seems like a wasted opportunity here. Surely the app makes you fitter and therefore look better nude so he should end up nude and he should have influenced the rest of the gym to end up nude too.

I’ve posted about how much I’d like a nude gym in the past and a few people talked about the issues with practicality. None of them seem insurmountable to me. I don’t run on the treadmill so that’s not an issue for me. There are places in Europe that have nude sessions and there is a nude Personal Trainer in London. Why not here?

Getting reacquainted

Today I drove home after a really nice weekend away with family and family friends that I’ve known for basically my entire life. The younger generation are all growing up into great kids. My nephew is in his second year of high school and it’s doing him well. Watching the kids get more freedom and responsibility every year we go away on this trip is really satisfying.

Sitting around catching up and having a laugh with all the other adults, having some drinks and  shooting the breeze is great. This was a weekend for relaxing.

There is a downside. It’s not a drastic thing but it’s a very real thing. Being the only single one of my generation this year and for the last couple of years (the other single guy from the other family hasn’t been for a couple of years) means that I sleep on a single bed in a room that I share with my nephew and the nine year old son of family friends. They are great kids as I’ve said but as a grown single man I’m not used to holding out for four days. In this crowd you never get any time alone.

So tonight I will be having an early night and getting reacquainted with myself thoroughly while perusing tumblr before I go to sleep.

Good tradition

In a world where people cling to some strange traditions “just because” and others throw them out all too quickly, sometimes you just have to find your own. Our family has been going away for Easter with another family since before I was born. We’ve been going to the same place for the past ten years or so which a few of us would like to change but it is what it is. And what it is, is a great long weekend away with people I’ve known for my entire life.

My parents and the other parents in their generation of the other family I know really enjoy that their children all still come along for a family holiday now bringing their husbands and wives and their own children. We can all sit around and have a couple of beers/wines etc and a good laugh over a shared history and common ground. All of the “children” in our generation are very different people but we learnt to swim together, did countless laps of the pools training together all through school and many holidays together.

So there will be a break in transmission here on the blog for a few days while I’m away over the long weekend. I hope you all have a fantastic Easter, even if you don’t celebrate. Take the time to indulge in some cheeky chocolate and relax. Thanks to Buzzfeed for the images above, check out the behind the scenes shots. They seemed appropriate.

Get up. Stand up!

Over the last few years I’ve been taking my Nephew and Niece for adventures for their birthdays instead of giving them gifts that they will forget about in a few weeks. This year I gave my Nephew a 2 hour Stand Up Paddle Board tour of Sydney Harbour. We are booked in to go in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed this new Autumn wet weather disappears for the day that we go.

Booking a SUP tour reminded me that one day I really need to get my butt over to Florida to meet up with Cody and Ryan, the gorgeous gay couple that run Nomadic SUP in Key West. They do a range of different tours including clothing optional tours. Nude in nature makes a lot of sense to me. Apart from sunburn, why would you cover up when you are on the water and out seeing the natural environment?

The guys seem like great guys who are really chilled and love keeping the environment in it’s best health. The benefit of sight seeing by SUP is that you keep yourself in shape as well.

My Nephew and I will definitely be clothed for our tour. Not every aspect of life can be nude it seems.

Not sure that’s a great idea

A few weeks ago I posted about a very sexy guy doing a very sexy aerial straps routine in a show. Just the other day a guy in my circus class and I were talking about sexy routines etc and I suggested that the performer we’d seen should have done a nude routine. We discussed the pros and cons of the idea, keeping in mind that it might not actually be visually appealing having everything flying about unrestrained.

Just today someone sent me this video of Jonathan Fortin doing an aerial straps routine nude. Now I’m not sure it’s a great idea. Firstly the bonkers improvised look of this video doesn’t really work for me at least out of context of the whole show. The lighting really annoys me too. If I was performing something as difficult as straps I’d want the audience to be able to see it!

Lastly I really am not convinced that the nude thing is such a great plan after all. There is a lot of potential for things to be caught that shouldn’t be. I might have to see some more hotties do nude routines before I make up my mind.

Jonathan Fortin Érotisseries 2015 from Jonathan Fortin on Vimeo.

Could I dare to try?

Last week on Facebook I shared a link to a set of photos of a hot Viking looking model. We all know that after going to Copenhagen last year I’m a little obsessed with Scandinavian Viking men. Tim that I photographed last week and Mikael whom I photographed in Copenhagen both commented that I should go back over and shoot the two of them as Vikings. Then I made a joke about the chance of crowd funding such an adventure… but could I?

There have been some pretty wild and overly ambitious kickstarter programs that have made their target money when no one would expect them to. Would funding a photographer to fly around the world photographing beautiful nude men really be that absurd? When you start a crowd-funding program the people backing you get a reward relating to the size of their donation. The rewards could range from image sets, limited prints, books of images all they way up to… who knows. Hell, if people want, they can fly me to wherever they are to do a shoot for them!

Sydney photographer Luke Austin took off around the world a few years ago to photograph men and met his now husband on the first stop. Maybe this would get me a gorgeous naked Viking husband after all? I can dream.

Creative juices…

After doing two photo shoots on the weekend that I feel very pleased with, I can feel my creative juices stirring again. I’ve reached out to a couple of guys that I want to photograph and one or two others have reached out to me. That always feels nice when someone sees my work and wants to work together.

The timing isn’t great as summer has all of a sudden disappeared here in Sydney and Autumn has hit hard with lots of rain this week. I doubt all the good weather is gone though and there will no doubt be some days warm enough to coax some beautiful men to disrobe for shoots out in cool locations. There are also a couple of ideas floating around in my head for studio shoots.

We are working on a project at work which isn’t for a client but rather a “play” project that is going to be hopefully very well executed to show off the agency. We all came up with ideas and it was one of mine that was selected and as such I’m doing the Creative Direction on it. My own personal shoots are a bit more relaxed. I have an idea of a look and a vibe that I’m going for, find a location and a model and props that work and just play. This work one is a much more planned project and I’m feeling the pressure but it’s really making me flex my creative muscles. I thought I’d lost them to be honest.

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.