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A bit of an update


At the moment I’m two weeks into my holiday, tanned, relaxed and loving it.

The Saltyboys sailing trip through Croatia was exactly what I needed. Joan’s style of being a tour guide is very laid back. The only time there was any urgency was when we needed to make mooring bookings etc but the rest of the time nothing fazes him as all.

The trip was full of lively banter as 19 guys got to know each other, fuelled by lazy on-deck beers in the sun. We weren’t nude the whole time but there was ample nudity and I now have a great tan to prove it.

I can’t recommend Croatia enough. It’s gorgeous. The locals are friendly and it was only the tourists who ever batted an eyelid at two yachts full of nude men.image

Simple and beautiful

This is just a short video that I found online last week and thought I’d share. It’s just two beautiful surfers, one male one female, running down the sand to the surf and going for a surf, nude. Black and white works beautifully with this video and the music is right.

For me there is something really beautiful about surfers bodies. They are usually toned and athletic without looking like they just lift heavy things up and down. They move gracefully and have a litheness that really appeals. To be fair, I think a lot of bodies look great when they are wet so this guy, Jay Button is never going to be anything but hot for me.

If We Die Tomorrow 0.1 from Lagoon on Vimeo.

Finally the time has come!

Today was my last day at work before my big adventure tomorrow. It seems like so long ago that I booked the flights which was seven months ago but on the other hand it feels like it’s arrived so quickly.

My bag is packed and I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be. I have a European SIM card and all the details I can handle. I’ve even packed swimwear just in case my mate in Sitges, Spain joins me at the beach and doesn’t want to do a nude beach. Let’s see if we can convert him.

It was two years ago that I had my last big international adventure to Burning Man with friends. Europe feels like it’s going to be even more amazing and nourishing for the soul. My sense of adventure needs a good workout. I’ve been in a rut and it’s time to shake that off.

I may schedule one or two posts to happen while I’m away but I’ll be largely silent on the blog while I’m away gathering stories and experiences to share when I get back. Thanks for all the lovely emails and well-wishes. I’ll catch you when I’m tanned and relaxed!

Modelicious Michael

Paul Reitz is a photographer that I’ve admired for a few years now. His guys are hot, his lighting is great and the shots aren’t so typical of the hot men genre. I was watching the Bruce Weber video below the other day and there was a male model in it was wandering around in a bunny outfit, sadly way too covered for my taste but he grabbed my attention anyway.

After a little research I found out his name was Michael Heverly and the photos above are Michael captured by the talented Paul Reitz. Generally speaking I’m not into long hair on guys but every now and then there’s a guy that knows how to wear it really well. Michael seems to be very much one of those guys. It’s the blonde surfer boy hair and lean athletic body that I really like. It takes me back to the surfers I used to watch at the beach and not know why I was watching them so intently.

I hope we get to see a bit more (or a lot more) of Michael.

"Hush Lil' Baby, Don't You Cry" feat. Kate Upton from Bruce Weber on Vimeo.

The end of the challenge

As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, the fitness challenge has now ended for this round. Unfortunately two of the guys seem to have dropped off and I know a lot of the guys really struggled with motivation and feeling like they weren’t getting the results that they’d hoped for.

Sam and Dermott are the only two challengers that have sent in an “after” shot. Sam has made the most progress losing a few more kilograms in the last month alone. He’s lost a few inches from his waist measurement overall and, while he knows there is still work to be done he’s feeling a lot better.

Dermott is also feeling good about where he’s at. He said he’s been struggling to book sessions with his nude personal trainer as he’s been too booked up now sadly.

I hope that the guys got something out of it even if it wasn’t quite as much as they planned.

I wonder

This week the organiser of our sailing trip sent us all an email with directions to the meeting point and a run down of what will be happening. The email had everyone’s email addresses visible so that we could network and say hi if we needed to. One couple were the first to message and at the end of their email was something along the lines of “We’re both very open-minded. I don’t know what the rules of our sailboat will be but there’s no reason for people to be shy around us. Take off your clothes and do what you like!”

I have no problems with this at all and I’m open minded as well but it got me thinking about whether people are expecting this to be a very sexually oriented trip. I am not a prude in the slightest and if someone starts fooling around I have no issue with that at all as long as there is consideration and respect for those around them. It would surprise me if some shenanigans didn’t happen.

From time to time as a gay man you hear “Stop being so uptight. We are all guys let’s just do what comes naturally.” Sure if it’s consensual and both parties are willing but I’ve heard that more often than not after saying I’m not interested. Just because we are all gay men doesn’t automatically guarantee I’m interested. There is a little matter of personal taste, attraction, chemistry, respect and situation to factor in. If a couple gets horny over the dinner table I’ll probably take issue with it.

It will be interesting to see the dynamics at play.

Better go back to Darwin

The Northern Territory News is renowned for it’s amazing headlines with most covers relating to a crocodile or a completely absurd “news” event.  Today an article on their website was shared on facebook and it certainly got my attention.

The NT News decided to celebrate a bunch of mates that seem to get nude together and pose for photos whenever they have a drink or two. They’ve done it in Darwin’s famous gay nightclub “Throb” which was very much more mixed than gay when I was there. They’ve done it all over the place and now they’ve started getting photos when they are playing a boozy game of golf for one of the guy’s birthday. We love mates like this. Now, who wants to come to Darwin and find them?

As good as it is going to get

The 2015 fitness challenge has finished here on the blog. It’s been up and down for a few of the guys participating with two of them not sending in final photos at all. The other two I will be posting tomorrow.

I took my “after” photos this morning at the gym and overall I’m fairly happy. There was no stunning revelation of discipline or diet overhall. Things did improve and I did start working out a bit more intensely which was great and I don’t think I look too bad. A few people have commented that I’ve toned up a bit which is good.

Given that today was likely the last day that I will get a chance to work out, this is the body that will be sailing nude around Croatia in just over a week. Whether I would like it to be better or not is irrelevant now and to be honest, that’s perfectly fine with me. This holiday is a much needed escape and adventure. As a friend of mine said recently, if you can’t tone it, tan it and that is what I will be doing naked on a boat with 20 other like minded naked men.

Getting so close

The weather in Sydney, after weeks of very mild winter, has turned to shit in the last two days and it’s predicted to last another five days or so. The rain is coming down hard outside at the moment and it’s doing nothing to discourage me from going on my naked European summer adventure.

It’s only six days until I go. Three more working days. I’m not built for winter at all and Australia doesn’t even have real winters compared to most of the world but it makes me grumpy. With the holiday looming so close and the weather turning cold and dark I’m finding that I’m getting irrationally grumpy in the office. With the shortest day of the year only three days away we can start thinking of summer beach days and camping trips but for three and a half weeks, while Sydney gets rained on I will be soaking up as much relaxation and sunshine as I possibly can working on my all over tan.

The guy in the photos above clearly isn’t in Australia, but that’s a pretty good representation of how the weather feels to me at the moment. I wouldn’t be smiling about it though.

Book it in!

The very talented and lovely Joel Devereux is coming to Sydney in just over week and still has some bookings free for photo shoots. If I were in town I would be booking a shoot myself even though I’m no model. Joel is a very creative young man who does a lot of photography in the Burlesque world and has shot some gorgeous men including my mate, the very sexy Marty.

Personally I think having professional photographs done by a photographer whose work you like is something we should all do at some stage in our life. Having that record is a great thing and it helps people see themselves the way others see them. Joel will definitely show you in your best light so quickly, get in a book a shoot! Book in through Joel’s website or through Facebook.

Blake and his universe

Blake Lawrence is a photographer and artist and traveling free spirit who lives in Sydney. I found him residing in the wonderland that is tumblr when I came across his photos bathing under waterfalls and enjoying the freedom of nature as is best done, nude. With lots of his photos on his tumblr, I couldn’t work out if he was in them or had taken them. Now it appears that it’s some of both.

Blake seems to have that slightly hipster, very alternative aesthetic with his photography. There are lots of aged looking images and abstract photos of feathers etc. I hope he keeps posting because the images are lovely and have a free-spirited honesty about them.

A nice mix

The organiser of our sailing trip has created a Facebook event for the trip and today a few more of the guys had accepted and were visible on the page. So far half of the guys are visible and it looks like a nice bunch of guys with a good spread of what appears to be guys in their 30’s and 40’s.

While it would be great to have some gorgeous guys wandering around nude on board for some eye candy, with 20 regular guys there won’t be any worries about not feeling hot enough and hopefully no one will feel self conscious. I only have nine more sleeps until I fly out of Sydney and it can’t come soon enough. Bring on the nakedness, the relaxation, eating good food, a few drinks on deck watching the sun set and good company.

Shooting Nathan again

Nathan is a guy I’ve known for a couple of years now. I knew of him before I actually met him and then we met before Burning Man two years ago. He was in another Aussie camp that was going and we’d all catch up for pub chats about the adventure. Then I photographed Nathan last year for my Tribe series after also bodypainting him in the window of a gallery a few months earlier.

This shoot took place a few months ago at the tail end of our Summer. The idea had been to tell a story of someone stranded on a beach and to do a video along with the series of photos but to be honest I haven’t done a great job with the photos and the video footage isn’t very good either. It’s something I really want to work on more and clearly I need the practice. Thankfully Nathan is a lovely guy and was happy to do a shoot “just because”. There are a handful of shots that I’m happy with but overall the shoot wasn’t a huge success and the blame is squarely on my shoulders.

Durban deliciousness

This is a photo that I came across on Tumblr, that magical land full of educational goodness also known as porn and nakedness. Apparently it’s a singer from Durban, South Africa called Nic Billington.

I did a quick google of him but all the images were either wearing way too much or they were really small images so I thought I’d just showcase the one image that caught my attention. I have no idea if Nic’s music is any good but I do know he was discovered on Youtube. Seems to be the way that people go these days. Once you’ve been noticed on youtube the next step is to take some sexy nearly nude photos. Seems to me like he’s well on his way…

Dear anti-equality bigots

I know you don’t consider yourself homophobic or bigots because you don’t agree with marriage equality but I’m sorry, you are. Let me clear up a few things for you… Marriage is not a one-in one-out situation like an overcrowded nightclub. By allowing we homosexuals to get married not one straight couple will be forced to divorce. Nor are “the gays” trying to destroy any nation by asking to be allowed to be married. We are not tearing, or even mildly fraying, any fabric of society. We don’t even want to fade the fabric of society.

There is a “christian” couple here in Australia who are threatening to get a divorce if marriage equality becomes legal because it will redefine and diminish the meaning of marriage. I hate be the one to break it to them but if they get divorced surely that’s going against the true spirit of marriage “til death do us part” and all that. I don’t believe the vows state “til a couple our narrow minded views don’t agree with” tries to get married and we throw a tantrum.

I know there are lots of conservative crazies out there saying we homosexuals are trying to force straight people to enjoy anal sex, or forcing kids to be gay etc etc. No. Statistically men who identify as straight are many many times more likely to be pedophiles than men who identify as gay. Your precious religious leaders are way more likely to fuck your children up for life than we homosexuals.

We mean no harm. We come in peace. All we want is the right to pledge our commitment and love to another person as you’ve been doing for many years. We’ll probably do it better.