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A mini break

Tomorrow morning I leave to fly to Adelaide in South Australia to spend a few days down there before going to the wedding of some very dear friends. I met these boys on a cruise several years ago and because of the distance I don’t get to catch up with them anywhere near enough. They are having a very small wedding and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have been able to go with their limited invite list. The very dear boys though have asked me to photograph the wedding which saves them a lot of money and also means that they can have me at their wedding.

The pressure is on though as I usually take photographs that are very different to wedding photos. There have been several threats made, by me, that if it’s all going badly I’ll be getting everyone naked and bodypainting them, mother of the groom and all!

As a tragic romantic, I can’t wait to see these boys get married, even if our stupid government is lagging way behind the rest of the developed free world and it’s not legal.

So I will be silent on the blogging front for nearly a week. Keep yourselves entertained and play nicely while I’m away ok?

Tribe is coming!

After starting photographing this series in July 2013 and doing the last shoot in October last year, Tribe is ready to happen. As I’ve said previously, the option of printing and framing and doing a traditional gallery exhibition just wasn’t available to me this time around. It’s just too expensive. This forced me to get creative and in just over a month, #brentonparrytribe will be launched as a live twitter conversation over the space of a couple of hours.

Lots of artists and photographers show their work online and some traditional galleries now sell more of their work online than they do in their physical gallery. So why not have a twitter conversation and release Tribe to the world? The logistics of being on the other side of the world to the majority of the world and the people that read this blog means that timing had to be carefully thought out.

At 7am Sydney time on Sunday 12th April, it will be 11pm Saturday in Berlin, 9pm Saturday in London, 5pm Saturday on the U.S. East Coast and 2pm Saturday on the U.S. West Coast. That’s a whole lot of different time zones encompassed and I realise that 7am on a Sunday isn’t ideal for those people in Sydney but it’s the best I could do. I’m looking forward to sharing the final images with everyone.

Over for another year

Each year there is some kind of bitching and moaning about the parade from within the gay community. People cry that it unfairly portrays us as promiscuous, drug taking party people who will never be accepted by the straight world. The parade will never ever represent everyone in the LGBT community completely. Never. Because there are a hundred or so floats and there are way more diverse groups in any community than one hundred. Sure, some floats are a bit sexy and slutty but that’s what Mardi Gras has been about for DECADES!

Before I came out I went to see the parade and I saw men in leather sitting astride a 20 foot long giant pink penis. To me the parade is nowhere near as edgy or in-your-face as it used to be and that’s both good and bad. Good because it shows how far we’ve come that we are so embraced and we don’t have to fight so hard. Bad because it’s possibly outshining how far we have left yet to fight.

Each year the 78-ers go past and I get emotional. Those are the camp old gays and tough old lesbians that marched up Oxford Street as a protest when being gay was illegal. They got arrested and possibly roughed up a bit. They had their names published in newspapers and lost their jobs and possibly families for the fight for the rights that the young gay people take for granted while bitching and moaning that the parade doesn’t represent them. No it doesn’t. It represents people willing to put themselves out there, even in times of acceptance, and say this is who I am and fuck it if you don’t like it.

How to sell handbags

When you want to sell handbags to a female audience, most designers shoot beautiful women holding them. Big labels shoot big celebrities with their product. Whoever this is took a very different approach. They took a blank white catwalk, and sent their product down the catwalk with male models. Completely nude male models. I love it. It’s completely absurd but when will I ever complain about a dozen or so good looking completely naked men?

8 de junio libran las modelos, 8th june the female models are free, Madrid 2005 from Alicia Framis on Vimeo.

Sydney Mardi Gras 2015 Tribute video

Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade is on this evening, followed by the huge after party. This year’s party features performances by Dannii Minogue, Nick Jonas, Courtney Act and DJ sets by lots of amazing DJ’s including Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters.

In what is becoming a new tradition with Mardi Gras, led by DJ Dan Murphy, a hoard of dancing volunteers along with people like Matthew Mitcham, Rhys Bobridge and Joyce Mange, Mardi Gras are commissioning a tribute video. Last year it a Cher tribute which the legend herself endorsed. This year the late great gay icon (closeted) is Freddie Mercury. The video was shot in one unedited take. Of course Sydney’s weather always plays up at this time of year making shooting difficult but the result is fantastic!

To everyone partying this weekend, and to those marching in the parade, have a great time. Play safe, celebrate diversity and for goodness sake, be inclusive! Have fun!

Stunningly preserved

Blake Little is a photographer that has caused me to get lots of comments and messages online of late. We’ve never been in touch but because he seems to have a tendency to cover his models in honey, at least for this series called Preservation, everyone thought I should enjoy his work. The name came from the look that the models take on when covered in gallons of honey, like they’ve been encased or preserved in Amber. Blake has photographed a wide variety of models drenched in honey, 900 bottles I believe. The models included a 1 year old and a dog. They are beautiful photos, enjoy.

It’s the March update!

It seems that the challengers are struggling to see results at the moment despite hard work. I can understand what they are saying but sometimes we are the last to notice the changes in ourselves.

Barak feels like he’s plateaued with his results at the moment and is discouraged rather than inspired by the hot guys at the gym. Dermott has noticed some increased size in his biceps and has lost some body fat and increased muscle which is great news. Sam has lost three kilos and is doing nicely and Sean is tracking along nicely with losing weight etc but again doesn’t feel like he’s moving as quickly as he would like.

To be honest I think this is more of a marathon about changing lifestyle rather than fast results. Keep up the hard work guys. You are doing a fantastic job!


Last night was the world premiere of the movie Drown. This movie was based on a stage play that was first performed in Queensland, Australia. Queensland is beautiful but not very progressive in it’s thinking and the play had a lot of walkouts. After seeing the film last night, I can see why.

Len is the 5 time “Lifesaver of the Year” at the local surf lifesaving club and is a hard-partying larrikin with a strange obsession with the size of his mate’s cock. “Meat” is that mate who does whatever Len tells him. When Phil turns up at the club as a new member and promptly wins the club championship race, Len is put out. When he finds out that Phil is gay, that’s when things turn sour.

The three lead actors have done an amazing job. Both characters of Len and Phil are played by straight men and while Matt Levett as Len is very believable as the bullying, self-loathing Len, Phil played by Jack Matthews doesn’t flinch in his portrayal. He doesn’t over play the gay, but nor does he over butch the character and there was no obvious hesitation in the love scenes that you so often see with straight men playing gay.

What follows is some hard drinking, bullying disguised as mateship, self-loathing, violence and tragedy. The film is well worth a watch. There are two more screenings in Sydney and the film is available now on a new service called TUG where you can almost crowd-source a screening in your local cinema.

The film isn’t perfect, there were some slight timeline issues that bugged me and I’m not sure the people that should see the film will, but I hope it gets a mainstream release.

DROWN (2015) -Trailer from jj splice films on Vimeo.

The Europeans are at it again

This video, from my understanding is from French TV and while presumably extolling the virtues of Winter holidaying and skiing, shows two completely nude guys coming from a sauna to roll in the snow. One of the guys gives a very blatant view of his goods from behind as he slides on the snow and the other one runs around with his equipment bouncing around for all to see.

If any of my French readers can tell us the general gist of the video that would be very much appreciated as I have no idea what they are saying. WHY can’t Aussie tv lighten up and show some naked men?

My March Fitness update

It’s March 1st and that means it’s time for the monthly fitness challenge update. The challengers will get their shots to me this week and I’ll post those when they come it but for now, here are mine. I’m not unhappy with how things are going at this stage. This week was a bit slack at the gym but my food was pretty good. The diet is a constant evolution from the rubbish that I was eating before to what I need to be eating now but changing it over time is easier to maintain than a massive change all at once.

Once again I haven’t actually lost any weight but I’m thinking some new muscle is hanging around and some of the fat has move out. Here’s hoping anyway. Maybe by the end of this I’ll be brave enough to do one of those douchey selfies in the locker room at the gym instead of my home bathroom.

Chatting to the right people

In the past month or so I’ve decided that I really should be trying to make more of my photography. There have already been a couple of paid photo shoots in the past few weeks but I didn’t charge enough for those so the rate will be going up a bit to factor in all the time that needs to be spent after the shoot, downloading, adjusting and retouching.

Yesterday I was at the Ross Watson exhibition opening enjoying his beautiful artworks when I spotted Andrew Creagh, the editor of DNA Magazine. I’ve met Andrew a few times before and he’s lovely. He runs a tight ship over at DNA and I wanted to get a word with him beyond just social chit chat. Having my photography on the cover of DNA has been on my list for a while now and I wanted to get his advice. We discussed how far in advance he likes to book in photographers/shoots for the cover, what he needs from a cover and what kind of guys sell covers. Of course Andrew made no promises but he was very helpful and was keen to see if we could find a suitable model for me to work with and see what we come up with.

I like it when people who are in a position of power take their time to give advice to people that need it. With a magazine like DNA it makes sense to nurture new faces and names to get some fresh ideas into the magazine, so he benefits as well. Let’s see what happens.

Interesting development…

After a dinner on Sunday evening I am now in an unexpected position of being able to answer the question “what if?” with someone I met nearly a decade ago. What is a “what if” guy? I posted about my two “what if” guys a while ago. It turns out that my second “what if” guy thinks I might just be one of his “what if” guys as well. We caught up for dinner on Sunday night and as I am rubbish at keeping things in, I laid my cards on the table and said that I had been wondering “what if” and he said he’d had exactly the same conversation about me with one of his friends.

As a result, he suggested we commit to a proper date. Yes we are both “date” kinda guys rather than just shag kinda guys. Timing being what it is though he’s leaving the country for business shortly so the date can’t be for a few more weeks but that gives me something to look forward to and, lets face it, something to over think and stress about. Honestly though I feel very comfortable with this and even if it doesn’t go anywhere at least we’ll both have an answer.

At our ages (he’s a little older) we both have baggage from previous relationships and dating experiences but I’m going to make a very concerted effort to make sure mine fits in the overhead locker rather than needing a shipping container.

Ross makes a return to Sydney

As is tradition, Ross Watson is having another exhibition in Sydney for Mardi Gras starting this weekend. As is also tradition it will be full of beautiful paintings of gorgeous men including a mate of mine, Nathan and the always sexy Jamie.

This time around Ross has also sent a video of the two models talking about their experiences and what it’s like modeling for Ross to be included in his exhibition.

Etiquette for the modern homosexual #34

In ye olden days of the Salem Witch Trials, when one was suspected of being a witch they had a rather foolproof but silly test to find out if one was indeed filled with witchery. They pushed one off a cliff or burnt one at the stake. If you were indeed a witch you could free yourself or save yourself, but oops, one got away. If one wasn’t a witch they, oops, killed an innocent person.

The dating world is a touch like the witch trials of Salem. One must not mention that one wants a relationship for that is guaranteed to scare everyone away because no one wants to be in a relationship with someone that wants one. One must instead remain tight lipped about one’s desire for domestic bliss and that is the sure fire way to find it. No one will ever know it is what you want. Nor shall one ever know that it is what anyone else wants and therefore you shall find blissful harmony. Sounds logical doesn’t it?

Just like my earlier installment of EFTMH making sure you don’t seem interesting so that you will garner interest, no one wants to actually let on that you have romantic tendencies. It is not unusual for people to want to play with bondage, but a relationship with strings attached is way too crazy.

Frustrating as hell

My car is not a new car. My car is not a fancy car. Whatever it’s short comings it’s how I get around and I like it. Last night on the way to class it started chugging and then randomly revving really fast. On the way home the engine light came on. Given that it was late and I was tired I risked driving home and thankfully made it home. This morning I dropped it off at the mechanic up the road and I’m hoping to hell it’s not going to cost me a fortune. Four months out from my holiday I really don’t need to spend a lot of money that I don’t have on a car that isn’t worth much.

It’s times like this that I wish I was one of those people that lived right in the city and never used a car but sadly I drive to work every day and love using my car for the freedom of being able to get to the beach, to class, to do the shopping and visit friends.

The mechanic called and said it looks like it’s a computer problem but they aren’t sure what’s wrong. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.