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The places you turn up

The very beautiful Nathan that I have posted about recently is over in Europe at the moment and just this morning he has posted an image on my Facebook timeline that he took in Berlin. While he was at Comet Club in Berlin they must project images on the wall, three stories high as he tells me and lo and behold this image popped up. I haven’t been able to ascertain whether they played the video for the Aussielicious Men book or they’ve taken a still from it but apparently Aussielicious was credited which is great. It’s great to see that people like my work enough to project it in a club on the other side of the world!

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Impressive but crazy?

David Fusté is a rock climber aiming for the most pure form of climbing. Allegedly that is a very common philosophy amongst climbers, to keep it simple and pure but David seems to be taking that thought very literally. In this video you see the lean, athletic climber doing his thing, way up high with no ropes, no harness and completely nude. Sure, it doesn’t look like the most technically difficult climb but my god that’s a long way up. Good on him for doing it but he might just be a little nuts.

A change of pace

On my last day in Copenhagen a guy I had met here in Sydney and through friends over there, took me to a place called Amager Faelled. It’s an out of the way piece of parkland that is all long grass, reeds, trees and men cruising on the trails and in the long grass. I’ve done my share of cruising over the years but not very regularly at all these days as it’s usually a lot of effort for little reward.

My “tour guide” told me all about it before we went. You can lie in the long grass in the spots that have been flattened before by guys and just sunbathe and relax or you can have a bit of a wank and be seen or you can join in. It all sounded lots of fun.  Let’s just say I had my fair share of fun in the sun that day, but that’s not what this post is about.

There was one guy there that I was really keen to have a bit of fun with but he’s not what a lot of people who know me would think of as turning me on. He was maybe a few years older than me and while far from obese I would describe him as cuddly and not wildly attractive in the face but I was drawn to him. He was completely shaved and looked great lying there in the sun. Of course it didn’t hurt that he had an absolutely beautiful meaty uncut cock and huge low hanging balls. Sadly he was just there to enjoy the sunshine and do some people watching.

A lot of people have made assumptions that I only go for beautiful model type guys because of the guys I photograph and the guys I post on here but that’s not the case. Not exclusively anyway. The guys in the photos above are a good indication. Both are pretty beefy and apart from not being hairy, they’d probably be described as bearish and I want to get it on with either or both of them. Maybe it’s the meaty goodness they have on display between their legs. Who knows.

Beautiful Manscapes

John Bortolin has spent the last couple of years working towards the goal of publishing his own photography book and with Manscapes, he did it and did it beautifully. The 152 page book features 25 different models all captured beautifully around the Byron Bay Shire in Far Northern New South Wales.

I had seen bits and pieces about Manscapes online early this year and then saw the stand that John had set up at Mardi Gras Fair Day and I wondered how he’d done it. John and I were recently put in touch by a mutual friend who has recently been photographed by John, who thought we could benefit from each other’s experiences. One thing that I’ve struggled with as a photographer of the male nude is the constant reluctance of guys here in Sydney to go frontal. It’s not something I have to do with every shoot but as a photographer sometimes it’s limiting when models won’t pose frontal. John has clearly had no problem with that as just about all the guys in the book have gone frontal.

I’ll be doing an interview with John about his creative process, his photography and the men he photographs in the next couple of weeks but in the meant time, enjoy these beautiful photos of stunning men. You can also go and order your copy of Manscapes by visiting

Hockey Player’s nude bet

Australia is generally a warm country and even in our Winter months it’s not very cold by the standards of other parts of the world (I still complain a lot though). Countries like Canada have a climate much better suited to sports like Ice Hockey. It happens here in Australia but there are only a handful of indoor ice rinks around so it’s not very widely played.

Canadian Ice Hockey player Andrew Bodnarchuk is not someone I’d heard of before but a little while ago I saw these images on tumblr. I’m assuming he’s at least mildly well known in Canada so somewhat of a celebrity. It’s always fun when a celebrity gets naked and puts it on the internet. Sure, this is a fun, harmless rear nude but it’s still fun. Losing a bet that involves nudity is always a great thing. I’m also assuming that Glenarbour is not a warm place to swim.

Awesome prank

Now I get that this may offend some people but if I was the “victim” of this prank I’d be doing what this woman did and laugh a lot.

It would appear that Rémi Gaillard is a serial prankster with his own youtube channel. Clearly there is some good money behind these pranks and especially this one. Setting up fake elevators is not cheap. If anyone can enlighten me on any more details about this guy or the setup (is it for a tv show?) I’d appreciate it.

Can you imagine walking in and the elevator opening and having a completely nude guy there taking a shower? Hilarious. I love it, but then I love seeing naked men just about anywhere, especially when it’s not in the normal context of a locker room or a beach.

Is this a thing?

We are all quite aware that I’m a fan of doing things nude if it’s possible. Still yet to make a nude surfing day happen sadly but camping, sailing, the beach, sitting around the house, you name it and I think it’s better done nude where possible, and safe. No point putting your valuable equipment in danger while cooking.

If you believe these photos, there is a whole group of gamers who prefer to play nude too and that seems to be a great idea. Sitting around with mates having a good gaming session if you are a gamer would be more comfortable done nude. It could actually be a fun penalty situation for the loser of each round or level having to take something off.

I have a sudden interest in Athletics

Sven Knipphals is a name I haven’t seen before but now Sven is firmly etched in my memory. He’s tall and broad shouldered and has those beautiful chiselled features I so enjoy. He also puts on an impressive display when he’s sprinting down the athletic track, in more ways than one. Sure there is his speed and form but even the camera man seemed to have something else on his mind as Sven ran, no bounded, down the track. Enjoy, it may hypnotise you.

Il corridore e il pacco rimbalzante. from River Blog on Vimeo.

How did we get here?

It’s fairly common knowledge that drugs like meth are a real problem these days. It’s also no surprise that sex on drugs is also incredibly common. As someone that has done some party drugs but has decided they aren’t for me, it’s not a situation I can relate to. I have had sex on G once and get the appeal but for me, sex is pretty darned fun sober.

There are lots of guys out there having so much sex on meth that they are now afraid to have sex sober. A friend of a friend let his guard down in a conversation with me once probably two years ago and told me that he hasn’t had sober sex in 7 years. From other conversations I had while travelling it seems that it’s not unusual.

What I’m even more terrified about is the fact that drugs are so ingrained in the world of sex now that the act of taking them has become sexualised. If you follow any of the non-vanilla tumblr blogs you are almost guaranteed to see photos or videos of guys slamming (injecting) meth with comments and reblogs all talking about how hot it is. There are even blogs devoted to guys smoking while fucking.

Are we now so bad at real, genuine connections, that we have to be off our head to have sex and sexualised the act of getting off your head so you can actually have sex? It’s so sad. I have my sexual insecurities but there is so much fun to be had without a needle in your arm.

And here is Lenny Kravitz’ penis!

It’s no secret that Lenny Kravitz is all kinds of cool. He’s also pretty chilled when it comes to getting his gear off for a photo shoot. That’s a very different scenario to what just happened to the super cool Mr Kravitz in Sweden. Lenny was rocking hard on stage when his leather trousers didn’t quite hold up to the rocking that he was giving them. Oh, and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Thankfully someone has blessed the internet with a gif of the incident.

In the full video, Lenny stands up pretty quickly, without missing a beat, rocks his way across the stage before he apparently disappeared to go get some other trousers on. So when someone says Rock out with your cock out, Lenny takes it literally.

One small bump in the road.

All in all my trip to Europe was everything I wanted it to be. It was relaxing, after all you can’t really do anything but relax when you are sailing naked around Croatia can you?

After a week with 18 other guys in Croatia then catching up with a great friend in Spain I hit Copenhagen and for the first time I was travelling alone. Mikael was an amazing tour guide and we hung out several times over the 5 days I was there and I caught up with a couple of other people that I knew as well.

On the Wednesday night I had dinner with a couple of these guys then we went our separate ways as they had things to do so I took myself to the Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park in the centre of town. It’s a beautiful place but possibly not the right place for a guy travelling alone. I paid my money to get in and started wandering around enjoying all the lights, gardens, fountains etc when I started to notice that everyone else there were families or couples and it hit hard that I was travelling alone. It’s far from the first time I’ve travelled alone and it won’t be the last unless something changes in my love live. I’m certainly not going to sit at home wishing I could see the world but not doing it just because I’m single. There are perks to being single when you travel but there are also times when you just wish you could share it with someone.

Needless to say I didn’t really hang around in the Tivoli that night. Instead I took myself back to my accommodation and had an early night ready to start afresh the next day.

More Mikael

I thought I’d share a few more of the shots of Mikael that I took that day in Klampenborg. If Mikael and I are ever in the same place again I will definitely be doing another shoot. He loves being nude so there is a real ease to shooting him. There’s no problem shooting guys that are a bit more modest but when a guy is comfortable nude then he’s naturally more relaxed on the shoot.

All of the Vikings

Being on holiday you aren’t distracted by the day to day frustrations that you are in your real life and that gives you the space to fill your eyeballs with the local sights. ie. hot men.

The Croatian men for my personal tastes were a little hit and miss. When they were good they were really good. They had a bit of a cockiness to them and seemed a pretty good mix between the Mediterranean guys and the Eastern European guys of say, the Czech Republic but with more of a tan from better weather. When they were nude on the beaches I certainly was appreciative.

When I got to Spain I remembered how sexy they are. It’s a very blatant sexiness with the Spanish. It’s all smouldering brooding bedroom eyes, thick dark eyelashes and full lips. Their gorgeous tanned skin is very sexy, especially when it’s not covered by anything as they wander around nude in the sun with their lovely meaty appendages swinging in the sun.

For me though it was Copenhagen and the delicious Scandinavian men who really best fit my “type”. My type is broad and not confined to skin colour or race but those damned Vikings had me nearly walking under traffic and into the harbour. Their cheekbones were blocking the sun. They rock a blonde man bun better than anyone I’ve ever seen and there is a casual elegance to their sexiness. It’s not preened or as strived for as other places. The Danes are just a relaxed, stylish sexy. If I could find myself a Viking husband I’d be back there in a flash.

Men Of Scandinavia – Winter from Men OF Scandinavia on Vimeo.

The video is a bit of the photographer's Franz Fleissner winter work diary. Showing Swedish male fitness models in "The great outdoors"
I have always been fascinated by natural surroundings, light settings and the different seasons of the year. That’s why I am especially fond of location shoots in the outdoors and, like many classical artists, uses this to get more exciting and dramatic reactions. Especially with the Swedish climate, which can be icy cold and windy, forcing both model and photographer to concentrate under extreme conditions. The best Franz

Travelling shenanigans

Before my trip I joked with a friend that if I couldn’t get laid on a boat full of naked gay men then I should put myself down. I also blogged about my concerns I had about some guys expecting an orgy on board. Neither concern turned out to be an issue. The couple that had sounded like they were up for an orgy were lovely and were basically just saying that people shouldn’t worry about offending them, which was pretty much the attitude of everyone. On board I saw a few boners and a couple of cheeky discreet blow jobs but no one made a big deal of anything or drew attention to it.

I had a bit of a holiday fling on board with a lovely Swiss guy with lots of kisses, sleepy cuddles in the sun and some other fun that won’t be detailed here. That’s he and I having a nap on board one day taken by another guy on the boat. Apparently my arse is much larger than I thought and radiates the sun.

The perk of being single when traveling the globe is that I’m free to hook up if the mood strikes. There was very little action for me in Spain but that’s not to say it was innocent. There certainly was lots of lovely big pieces of meat swinging around in the sun at the beach and the beach out of town has a cruising area behind it. Take that how you will but I’ll leave that right there as well.

Copenhagen saw some fun as well which was great as the men there were totally my taste. Having said all that, it would have been great to be traveling with a partner to share the memories with. Getting on Grindr or Scruff while traveling showed me that while the faces were all different, the whole experience was pretty much as unfulfilling as it is at home.

Challenging myself

A while ago an artist friend of mine asked me if I knew anyone who would be willing to pose for him nude and be filmed for a documentary while doing it. I put my own hand up as well as asking some friends if they’d be interested. Yesterday was my turn.

The artist is the very talented Guy James Whitworth who I have blogged about before. He’s collaborating with a filmmaker friend of his on a documentary on masculinity, body image and what they mean to me and how I feel about my own body and masculinity etc. It’s quite confronting standing very still, completely nude and talking about what you like and don’t like about your body, what you’d change and what your opinions on masculinity are.

As comfortable as I am being nude on beaches, with friends and in general I’m never or very rarely the only one nude in a room. I’m certainly not used to being the only one nude and the centre of attention.

Above is the sketch that Guy did of me. This was mainly for the purpose of the filming. We will be doing another sitting to do a portrait drawing at some stage in the near future.