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Trying to take it back

Today I had one of those moments when I tried to reach through the computer and grab a message and drag it, kicking and screaming back to safety. To no avail.

I was in a text conversation with a mate of mine. We’d been planning on going to have a soak at the asian baths on the weekend but then changed our mind and had planned to go to the gay sauna. Basically the goal was the same, relax naked in a hot tub and steam room but with the added bonus of being able to hook up if someone took our fancy or have a wank to some porn. Then my friend got sick so we cancelled. Today’s conversation was about possibly rescheduling. My friend has been chatting to someone on Scruff who is also a nudie and there was a conversation about which venue to go to.

I hit send on a message that said “Maybe we should go to the non-sexual one if you aren’t well and your mate from Scruff wants to join us.” As that message disappeared into the internet I realised I had accidentally replied to a message from my sister asking “which one suits you?” in regard to a dinner this weekend or next. I scrabbled around trying to find out if there was a way to stop it going through. Nope. It was too late. I sent her a message saying “So sorry that was a very wrong message for the very very wrong person.”

After confirming which weekend I wanted to come for dinner she replied “Now I’m going to delete this message thread.”

You could say I’m a little mortified.

THIS is why…

A while ago I posted about a couple of guys that I know of who always seem to find joy in life. A couple of weeks ago they got married. They got married in Spain because it’s legal there and they are living in London so it was somewhere warm to have a great few days away with friends form all around the world.

I have never met Kirk, but Nick is a very sweet guy who clearly appreciates the love he has both with his friends and his husband.

Today I found out that Guam has legalised gay marriage, or more accurately removed any legal impediment to it. Australia used to be one of the most forward thinking countries in the developed world. Now with an ultra conservative government who cares more about money and being idiots than they do for the environment or human rights, we are lagging so far behind that developing nations are overtaking us. There are reports circulating this week that the government’s more conservative members are moving to stop gay marriage at any cost saying that it is not inevitable. Sorry, it is inevitable. At worst, when this government is ousted for the terrible job it’s done, marriage equality will sweep in quickly.

A film-maker friend was at the wedding of Nick & Kirk and put together this beautiful video to celebrate the occasion. Let it make you cry and make you smile, like it did to me.

Nick+Kirk Wedding in Ibiza from Wallaby Way on Vimeo.

Modelicious Ben Todd

Ben Todd is a model that I’ve seen on Modelmayhem and on a few blogs but yesterday I came across the shot on the far left above and thought it was absolutely gorgeous. Ben is a 21 year old model from Canada who clearly puts a lot of work into his body. I’d seen the photo in the middle before when Ben was obviously going for the smooth look. Now he has just a sexy layer of hair all over his chest and his butt and legs giving him the impression of being a bit older than his 21 years.

Ben is represented by Crew Models International who have quite the stable of hot men on their books. There are one or two here in Sydney that I know and one I have shot before and will try and work with again. Ben has that All American jock boy look but hopefully with a slightly naughty streak to go with it.

When celebrities get nude

Adam Levine, frontman for Maroon 5, seems to be one of those celebrities that polarises people. I don’t have a problem with him but I know a lot of people think he’s a total douche canoe. For me he has just the right amount of Rock n Roll swagger and cockiness.

He does seem to love showing off his body. In the band’s latest video, he’s seen coming out of the shower, wrapping himself in a towel and walking to the dressing room where he drops the towel. Sure, you don’t see any of the front but you see his butt. As a skinny guy he doesn’t have a big round booty but who are we to complain when a celebrity gets their gear off? I wonder if it was his idea or someone suggested it knowing how comfortable he clearly is being nude?

Danish delights?

On July 12 I will land in Copenhagen. I was there many years ago in December of 2002 and December in Denmark is very different to December in Sydney. It was so damned cold I didn’t know what to do with myself.

This time it will be summer when I’m there and I can’t wait. In my 5 or 6 days in Sweden and Denmark I got the impression that wisely, everyone hibernates indoors in Winter and they would come alive in Summer. With the famous European attitudes towards nudity I was surprised to find researching this trip that there aren’t a lot of nude options in Copenhagen. A friend will show me what is on offer but I expected traditional saunas etc which don’t really seem to be a thing there.

One thing Denmark does have is the Roskilde Festival. It’s a music festival with an annual nude running race around a course through the crowd. It seems to attract a diverse range of bodies both male and female but all very scandinavian and naked. There are some gorgeous men who are very much of my type. I’ve always had a thing for that scandinavian look but who can blame me? Cheekbones, blonde hair and blue eyes for days. So it would seem that while there isn’t a lot of organised nudity there aren’t a lot of issues with it either.

Apparently it’s not illegal to be nude around the entire foreshore of the harbour in Copenhagen and it’s not unusual in Summer to see office workers at the end of the day strip off and dive into the harbour for a swim. I wonder if anyone goes nude in the popular harbour pools there?

Three weeks to go

Have you ever noticed that as you get closer to a much anticipated holiday, it seems to take forever to arrive? While in some ways this holiday is coming up very fast, it also can’t come fast enough. I’m not sure if it’s because the holiday is so close but work is driving me crazy. It’s the kind of frustration that means I’m probably not being fair to one of my colleagues. We’ve clashed over the years that I’ve worked there and we have very different styles of communication. He’s still doing dumb things (in my opinion) but at the moment I’m not letting things slide as much.

The prospect of being on a boat, naked in the warm sunshine of Croatia is tantalisingly close and with our sudden cold snap here in Sydney (for here anyway) it’s put my mood on edge.

Would you be ok with it?

In just over three weeks time I’m going to be sailing for a week along the Croatian coast, naked with about 20 other men. As a photographer and someone that likes to record what I’ve been up to I am hoping to take lots of beautiful photos of the scenery. To me that includes the people I’m with but because it’s a clothing optional holiday that will have to be handled delicately. I’ve decided that I don’t care if I end up in people’s photos of the trip and I don’t really care if some of those shots end up online which they may or may not do.

On Saturday night I was at a nude party and was talking to one of my mates about it and asked if he’d be ok with photos. His reply surprised me. I thought he’d be ok with it but he said “probably not.” There are a couple of guys I know from here in Sydney who are going on the sailing trip as well and they were basically only ok if they weren’t recognisable.

So I’m putting it to you, dear loyal readers. If you were in a clothing optional environment would you be ok with photos?

UPDATE: For some reason the poll isn’t working. It’s not loading for me and so far no results have been logged. Love to hear more comments on this.

Are you ok with photos when you are nude?

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That’s how you make an entrance.

After over a year of speculation and a fair amount of ridicule, Bruce Jenner has departed the public eye and has been replaced by Caitlyn. If Kim blatantly tried to break the internet a few months back, Caitlyn has surely shown her how to do it with class. By having a powerful message to share, Caitlyn has become the first trans-woman that a lot of sports loving men would have ever come across and now, like homophobic people finding out they have a gay son or daughter, they might change their attitudes.

There have been some cynical responses to Caitlyn’s debut, mentioning how easy it would compared to regular non-famous, non-rich people. struggling. Sure, money would make it a little easier. Surely the intense scrutiny of being in the eye of the storm that is the Kardashian family would make it a million times harder. Being a former Olympian would add another layer to that.

I will say that having professional stylists and makeup artists and being photographed by the legendary Annie Liebovitz is one hell of a way to make a stunning debut. Congratulations Caitlyn. I for one, applaud you. Leading the way and opening eyes to so many people has probably saved dozens, if not hundreds of gender-confused people out there.

Crazy hot

I love it when someone comes up with a new word which is a clever mashup of a couple of other words. Yesterday I used one of those words and did the activity that it describes. I masturdated, with a d. What on earth is that? It’s a solo date. I took myself off to the movies to see Mad Max: Fury Road. I wanted to see the movie but didn’t feel like waiting or trying to organise someone else to go see it with me so off I went on my masturdate.

The movie, while not exactly an intellectually challenging film, is fantastic. If you want action with style and very little let-up then this is your film. Nicholas Hoult is an actor that I’ve long admired who makes really good, interesting film choices and he really got into this role. His character is full to the brim with crazy but Nicholas does it will. It would be an easy role to really ham up but he kept it just to the right level of bonkers.

Sorry London

Well after all my research into what to do in London for an afternoon/evening, it seems it’s all come to naught. I had an email yesterday from my travel agent saying that the flight from Bangkok to London that I was booked on has been cancelled and I am on a later flight. Basically instead of spending 20 hours or so in London and a few hours in Bangkok, it’s not 20 hours in Bangkok and I don’t get in to London til 7pm. That means that by the time I get through customs and get the tube into town it’s going to be at least 9.30pm and since I fly out at 7am from a different airport there’s no chance of seeing anyone or exploring the city.

A really good mate of mine who lives in NYC is going to be in town at the time and I was really looking forward to catching up with him. Another friend was going to let me use their apartment for the night but now I think I’ll just book a room in a hotel close to Gatwick airport as I need to be up really early for the flight the next morning.

Now I’m looking for things to do in Bangkok for the evening. I arrive mid/late afternoon and will be staying near the airport but I’m planning to head into the city and explore.

Happy birthday Kylie!

Today is Kylie Minogue’s 47th birthday and while she hasn’t had the chart success here that she might have had a few years back I don’t think she’s going to give up any time soon. She’s not to everyone’s taste, I know that so please refrain from slagging her off in the comments.

In honour of her birthday I’m sharing her video from 3 years ago for Timebomb. It is one of my favourite Kylie tracks and it gets me singing along and dancing without fail. Enjoy. Happy birthday Kylie.

Dare we dream?

The last couple of days have seen a huge shift in momentum for marriage equality here in Australia. After Ireland’s referendum people were calling for Australia to have one but a referendum is only for constitutional change and at the moment our constitution doesn’t specifically say anything about marriage being between a man and a women.

Our leader of opposition, the ever-beige Bill Shorten and his Vice Tanya Plibersek have tabled a Bill to change the law to allow marriage equality. There are also other Bills from the Greens and a member of the ruling party. Our illustrious leader, the ultra-conservative and ultra-backward-thinking Tony Abbott has hinted that he might finally allow a conscience vote within his party which til now has been the biggest stumbling block in getting marriage equality passed into law. Tony may finally have seen that he’s on a losing team trying to hold back the march of progress out of the dark ages.

Even conservative political commentators and radio talkback hosts are saying it’s time to just legalise equality and move on. Mr Abbott has ruled out a debate and discussion on the topic during this session of Parliament while he tries to get his budget passed but it is likely to be debated and voted on in August when Parliament reconvenes.

To think that when I came out to myself and shortly after, to everyone else 16 years ago there was no chance of marriage equality. To me it was like the Berlin Wall coming down or the end of Apartheid had been as a child. A wistful dream. Now Australia may finally join the progressive world and see equality by the end of the year.

The photos above are from the wedding I photographed in Adelaide back in March. Love these boys.

Four weeks to go

At this time in 28 days I will either be on a plane or in transit in Bangkok on my way to the Northern Hemisphere to get my tan topped up, my relaxation reinstalled and hopefully my mojo massaged. Sydney’s winters are very mild by the standards of most parts of the world We are a few days from the official start of Winter and I could just about have got away with wearing a t-shirt outside without a jacket. Just about. We all know, however that I’m very much a solar powered creature who thrives on warm warm warm weather.

A few years ago I made a vow to myself that I couldn’t complain about being hot, no matter how hot, if I was going to complain in winter about not being able to go to the beach. It’s been the easiest vow I’ve ever made. There are always options to get out of heat and I know in cold places you can put a heater on but the cold does not make me happy. I’m not an avid snow skier so there is no need for me to be in cold climates too often.

This holiday seemed like a million years away when I booked it back in November. Now it’s just about here and I can’t wait.


Now selling!

Today I sent off the first prints from my TRIBE exhibition. It took me a little longer than anticipated to get them out the door but there are now prints on their way to California, England and Queensland, Australia. There haven’t been any more sales yet after the first week but that’s ok. I’m thrilled with the reception that the series got and the fact that people liked it at all.

Over the weekend I signed up for an online store which is now live. There are still some bugs being ironed out but you can order limited edition prints of all the images from all three of my exhibitions, Shrouded, Freedom and Tribe. The home page shows the Tribe series but you can use the drop down filter to see the specific exhibitions or click Catalogue and see all of the images I’m offering for sale. The smaller sized prints for Tribe are yet to be included but they are available. If you would like one of those, feel free to email me.

Room with a view

A couple of months ago a friend was interstate on business and staying in a lovely hotel room in a high rise hotel. He sent me a text message saying he would love to have sex up against the window and be watched. The idea is hot but I don’t know that I’d be brave enough. I would quite happily walk around naked in a high rise hotel room like that with the blinds open. If someone is offended by that then they shouldn’t look. Putting on a sex show is a little different.

There was a story in the U.S. a few years ago of a guy being sued for indecent exposure walking around in his own home when someone looked in the window and saw him, despite the fact that they had to basically be trespassing to see him. That is an absurd ruling in my opinion. If you can’t walk around your own home nude, where can you? It’s pretty easy to put some window coverings up to save inflicting your nakedness on people walking down the street that might not want to see.

All the guys in the photos above are doing what I would do. A bit of cheeky nakedness on a balcony is pretty harmless and fairly discreet from street view.

Where do you draw your modesty line?