First beach day of the season

It’s a long weekend here in Sydney this weekend. Unlike the U.S. we also have a Labor Day but different states celebrate it at different times of the year for some strange reason. So it’s a Monday morning here and I’m sitting at home enjoying another day of the weekend which is good because the four days in the office this week are going to be brutal, long days.

Yesterday was a glorious day and all week I’d been watching the weather predictions and looking forward to getting my gear off down at the beach. So what did I do? I made a vlog about it. I’m still learning about this vlogging business and making videos in general but I’m really enjoying it. Talking to the camera while lying naked on the beach was a bit weird and I felt self conscious even though there weren’t many people around. I guess that’s something I just have to get used to.

It was such a nice day down at La Perouse and as you’ll see in the video, I ended up on a yacht with some friends which was a very pleasant way to spend the day indeed. If only I were rich.

Dream destination?

A long time reader of this blog and internet friend posted a photo last week on Instagram that caught my eye. Jaime is very popular on Instagram because he’s a prolific poster of nude selfies and as you can see he has a rocking body. He lives in Spain and has gone on vacation for the last four years in a row, to a little part of Spain called Vera.

Jaime describes it as having been started as a bit of a nudist haven in the 70’s with little areas of urbanization springing up that aren’t really resorts but pockets of accommodation etc. Some of these “urbanizations” as he calls them are exclusively nude and others are clothing optional but in the whole area you can walk around nude as much as you like. Jaime tells me he didn’t wear anything more than a t-shirt for a full week. That sounds like heaven.

I’ve never managed more than about 2 full days with nothing on. The idea of being in a nude town and being able to shop and eat nude sounds beautiful to me. I know France has the famous Cap D’Adge but that sounds more like a swingers club from what I’ve heard these days than just a beautiful place to be nude.

Jaime wanted his frontal photos covered and supplied it like that so don’t ask me why he is too shy. It’s his choice.

Seems logical to me

It would seem that booking accommodation nine months in advance, to some, is considered overly eager and/or very organised. On Monday I booked my accommodation for the four nights in Berlin. Looking through Mister B&B listings I saw one that seemed suitable so I went ahead and sent a booking request.

Travelling alone I quite like the idea of booking a room in someone’s house so that there is someone with local knowledge to ask questions and offer me advice on things to see and do. The apartment is very centrally located about 3 minutes walk from the Tiergarten and Berlin Zoo. You do have to be careful when you are travelling alone about who you stay with but my gut reaction to the hosts photo was that he seemed like a genuine guy and all the reviews on his profile certainly backed this up.

However, the main reason I jumped at the chance to book the room with this guy was that his listing also said, right there in the headline that the room and his apartment were clothing optional. Apart from the fact that Berlin is a great city and seeing it in summer has been a priority since I explored it freezing cold but happy 14 years ago in Winter, one of the great drawcards for me is the German attitude towards nudity. Sunbathing nude in a central city park, tick. All nude relaxation in a sauna, tick. Why not add nude accommodation to that mix?

Naked in Grunewald from D'ArtCore on Vimeo.

Trying to decide

With my decision to abandon the idea of sailing nude through Greece and focus on Mykonos and Santorini, at this stage I’ll be in Greece by myself.
It’s not unusual for me to travel alone, having done that last year and several other times before. I’m doing Iceland with a friend and quite happily doing Germany alone. Germany will be fun to do alone I think, making the acquaintance of all those friendly naked German men.

I have no issue travelling alone but I’m starting to think that maybe it would be nice to have someone in Greece with me. The trouble with travelling is making sure you do it with the right people. Different holidays require different friends. There are friends that I would never have even contemplated going to Burning Man with but who I would happily sit in a Queensland resort with.

Greece will be spent relaxing naked on beaches, sipping on chilled beers in the sunshine and walking around exploring. That’s not a difficult holiday but 9 days of anywhere can put a strain on a friendship. My decision is now whether or not I put a call out to people to see if anyone wants to join me. I already have the dates of my time in Greece so that could limit the options.

Naked in the center of Thessaloniki – Γυμνοι στο κεντρο της Θεσσαλονικης 12/7/2013 from Giannis Maskidis on Vimeo.

Inside The Box

Now that just about every person effectively has a camera in their hand or their pocket every waking moment of their lives in the form of their phone, the world is being flooded with imagery all the time. Some of it stunning, lots of it not. A little while ago I read a statement that said, since the invention of the iphone there are now more photographs taken every day than there were in the entire history of photography up until that point.

In the world of male figure photography it’s very easy to become jaded. We seem to only celebrate “sameness”. Magazines and blogs are full of guys with no expression on their face because they are too busy flexing their hard-won abs and the rest of their muscles while wearing name brand underwear or swimwear. Magazines choose a good bulge over the quality of the image and heaven forbid there is any cultural diversity.

So it’s great to see someone like Ron Amato creating beautiful images of a range of guys. Sure the guys in Ron’s beautiful series “The Box” are all pretty buff and conventionally hot, I’m hardly one to throw stones at that. They do though, range in age and skin colour, tatts and no tatts. The images in the series show a real vulnerability and sensitivity that always appeals to me. Justin Schlabach is one of the models in the series and a friend on Facebook and he said the shoot left him emotionally raw from letting his guard down so much. A lot of the models didn’t even know each other before the shoot and while gay men are no stranger to getting naked and up close with other men, it’s not so common to be emotionally vulnerable while doing it.

Ron is running a Kickstarter program to fund a book of the series which I may just have to invest in myself.

So immensely proud

A couple of months ago I annoyed the hell out of you all by constantly posting about the #barenakedtruth project but I’ve given you a bit of a rest so it’s time. The response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive. Even though having a nude photo of a friend they’ve not seen in that light popping up on Facebook has been a bit of a surprise people have been full of praise for the people who took part.

During the photography phase I was only aware of a handful of the actual stories that people had shared and some of them have really resonated with me and they are all touching everyone who reads them whether they are sad, tragic or full of happiness.

We are doing what we can to try and make an exhibition of the series happen and feeling very positive that we will make it a reality. Please follow #barenakedtruth and mypeoplemytribe on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the images and the stories. They’ve been going up for over 70 days now, one per day. So we are nearly three-quarters of the way through. It is definitely the photography project that I’m most proud to be a part of. It really feels important and special to me.

Because I know my audience here at Aussielicious, today I’m sharing a handful of the sexy guys that took part with you. You will have to go and read their stories here.

A Vlog review!

A little while ago an email popped into my inbox from a guy who runs Sextoys247 asking if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their product. It sounded like a laugh so of course I said yes. They sent me a couple of products and I gave them a whirl.

I decided a video blog (vlog) was the best way to go. So check out my review of the Male Power Pouch Short and the Mood Ball in the video below!

This looks great

With Burning Man having only recently finished again for another year, when I read all the stories and see all the photos and videos I think back to my two visits to the festival. One of the mottos of Burning Man is “Radical Self Expression” and everyone talks about how there are no rules and it’s so free. There are a few rules of course. That sort of thing keeps people alive and stops the world descending into complete chaos.

What I really remember though is that no matter how free from convention or rules we are, it seems to be human nature for people to create rituals or ceremonies where there weren’t any before. Each evening at dusk at Burning Man, there is a procession of lamp lighters who wander out in formation to light the gas lanterns down the main crossroads across the playa. Before the man itself burns on the Saturday night, there is a procession of people bearing fire to the fire dancers who then do a very ritualistic performance. It’s natural for people to want some kind of order and ritual, no matter how small.

This video is all about the tradition and ritual of the traditional sauna of the people in Voromaa in Estonia. Sauna’s there are not an every day thing, just on weekends and special occasions and traditions must be observed. Personally I don’t do well with that much heat but I love the idea of communal bathing and the traditional sauna with it’s bizarre beating of the skin with branches etc. It’s a true bonding and almost meditative experience from what I can see.

Sadly I don’t think Iceland will have anything like this. They do have lots of hot springs though. Fingers crossed for a nude hot springs soak in the wild.


I’ve just got home from seeing a performance by a bunch of my friends from the circus school that is on this week as part of the Fringe Festival. The show wasn’t exactly Cirque Du Soleil but it was a bloody good performance especially for a bunch of people who hold down regular jobs and have run themselves into the ground to get it together.

There have been a couple of times in the past year or so that I’ve been going to do a routine at my circus school but then had a crisis of confidence and pulled out. One of those times was a couple of months ago. The next opportunity for me will be early in the new year but I’m not going to let myself chicken out this time. I’ve got months to get ready so there really is no excuse.

The video below is of a performer called David Omer who does this famous routine starting soaking wet in a bathtub in jeans then swinging around from the aerial straps. It’s one of the sexiest routines I’ve ever seen and I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform it live a few years back. We were in the front row and they actually gave the front row some plastic to cover themselves so they wouldn’t get too wet. It was so damned sexy I don’t think the women in the audience were wet from being splashed. I was a touch wet myself.

Bless you Gus

U.S. Winter Olympian Gus Kenworthy made headlines when he came out a little while back but what keeps my attention is his cheeky smile combined with his adorable tendency to take his clothes off and post the photos to Instagram. Gus first came to everyone’s attention for trying to rescue stray dogs in Sochi at the Winter Olympics then when he came out not that long ago.

Since then he’s had his butt out on instagram several times and even his foreskin seems to have made a sneaky appearance in one shot of Gus sleeping posted by his boyfriend. Bless. Of course I don’t know Gus but he does just give the impression of being a really nice guy.

After a couple of posts about cancer I thought we could do with a cheeky grin and a cute bum to look at.

Better check yourselves

After last night’s post about cancer and a friend losing one of his balls to testicular cancer, I thought it would be appropriate to post this video of the doctors from Embarrassing Bodies instructing a football team through a self examination on tv. I’m not sure I would be that fussed on checking my balls for lumps on national tv but it is a great instructional tool. Let’s face it, we’ve all had thoughts about football teams with their gear off so here it is.

I had a scare when I thought I found a lump on my ball many years ago. Thankfully after a quick trip to the doctor it turned out to be nothing but for a little while there I was worried. Too many men are worried about being embarrassed about something like this but it’s worth being sure. The doctor I saw that day was a woman who apparently had children in my surf club which she decided to mention while she was rolling my balls around in her hand. Just to add to the awkward feeling.

Just stop!

This weekend was a had moments that just pissed me off. Nothing that impacted me directly was bad but some people I know went through some shit. A man I didn’t know very well but have a lot of time and respect for lost his battle with a form of cancer after what we thought was a successful treatment last year. He leaves behind a wonderful husband and two children. I may not have known him well but his death has shaken me and clearly affected a lot of people evidenced by the memories being shared on Facebook.

Yesterday I also found out that a long time reader of this blog, who has also modelled for me and I now consider a friend has just had testicular cancer. Thankfully he has had some surgery and treatment and is looking toward a full and easy recovery.

There are so many people going through this kind of thing around the world but why does it always feel like the good people? One of my friends will be fine, the other has sadly gone and it feels really shitty. Sorry this post is a change of pace and not very cheerful but it really moved me.

Behind the scenes

Yesterday afternoon I put together the behind the scenes footage from my shoot with David last weekend. Each time I do a video I’m learning something which is good. What did I learn this time? The GoPro I had set up ran out of space on the memory card so I learned that I need to be more aware of how much footage can fit on different memory cards.

David is so easy to photograph. Look at the guy. He has such classic features that you can throw almost any light on him and he’ll look great. As you’ve seen with the photos, we did three different looks and while we didn’t capture all of them on video, I think this video is pretty cool. There is nudity so don’t watch this at work.

Iceland is booked!

A couple of weeks ago I booked the flights to Europe and back. Two days ago my friend and I booked the camper van that we will squeeze ourselves into to drive around Iceland for 8 nights. The mate that is coming with me is someone I’ve known for several years, but we don’t see a lot of each other. Being crammed into a camper van on the road for 8 nights together and in Iceland for 10 nights in total together could make or break the friendship.

What is the etiquette for sharing a bed but probably in separate sleeping bags? Am I allowed to sleep nude?

The van we have is small. It has the driver’s seat and passenger seat but behind that is the bed. Underneath the bed is the storage for the table and chairs and cooking equipment etc. So it’s going to be cosy. I know I can be a restless sleeper and I’m scared that will drive my buddy mad. He’s also a friend that I haven’t been nude in front of, nor have I seen him nude. He has no qualms with nudity but that’s not his thing. He has been told that I fully intend to find a quiet thermal hot spring somewhere to strip off and have a soak. There have also been warnings about nude selfies on a beach with icebergs in the background. There aren’t many opportunities for that living in Australia so I fully intend to make the most of the chances I get.

The holiday is nine months away but getting things booked is so exciting!

But… WHY?

Today a fellow photographer posted a warning on Facebook about someone who is very routinely stealing other photographer’s photos and using them on image sites as his own. Unfortunately he’s not very smart about it even taking a photo from a Facebook group for Melbourne Photographers and then posting it in the same group asking for comments and feedback. Obviously when you are that level of stupid, you get caught. Many many people have reported him on the various websites and commented on his own Facebook profile only to be abused as frauds and threatened.

With so many people knowing he is a fraud and being the victims of his theft (including an award winning photographer) why would you continue? What does he have to gain from posting photos that aren’t his? Sure those that don’t know might believe him for a while. That would be shattered the minute they see the comments on his photos from all the photographers he has stolen from.

As someone that has taken 12 years to get to the level I am at, with many years to go learning and improving along the way, I started by sharing images that I look back on now and wonder what I was thinking. No one expects you to start out with award winning images and surely there is more satisfaction in sharing images that are your own?

In the meantime, enjoy more photos of David from Sunday’s photo shoot.