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Two more self portrait challengers

There have been a couple more self portraits submitted in the last two days. With only a handful of days left to get your photos in these could be the last ones.

McGregory sent in this rather candid self portrait with a rather intriguing look on his face and his trousers open. Why not? Artists throughout the ages have portrayed themselves wearing less.

Capturing his days living in Sydney a few years ago is Paul with an absolutely gorgeous shot of himself. I can’t work out if he is reflected in the window through to the view or if the view is reflected looking through the window to him. There is such detail in this shot, even capturing the mesh of the fly screen on the window, all while giving the sense of daydreaming and thoughtfulness.

Steve Grand… nude.

Winding the clock back a few months to when the crazy Ice Bucket challenge was a big thing and Steve Grand, gorgeous talented country music singer who came out last year, posted a photo on Instagram of his version of the challenge. Not wanting to waste water and not having a bucket handy, Steve jumped into Lake Superior while on a tour. The good thing is that he did it nude. He said at the time there was a video but it’s taken your silly blogger here a few months to see it.

Sadly there isn’t a lot of light and the video is nice and modest, as you’d expect from someone in the public eye but Steve is definitely nude and still very definitely gorgeous in my eyes. It sounds like there are a few people watching him too.

Less than a week to go.

This self portrait challenge has had a fairly small number of entries which is a little disappointing but it’s understandable. Taking photos for these challenges requires making extra effort and we all lead very busy lives but I do really enjoy seeing what people do for them.

There is only 5 days or so to get your entries in for the challenge so as a little bit of inspiration I’m sharing the work of Lars Stephan whose self portraits flooded the internet a few years ago. They were bold, raw and honest. Lars wanted to experiment with shooting people and found himself to be the most available model. If you want to check out a whole lot of Lars’ self portraits in one place, check out the tumblr Fuck Yeah Lars Stephan.

Clearly I’m not expecting all of you to take such challenging images, nor as nude. Feel free if you have the time but it’s not a requirement.

This can’t end well.

A friend of mine is not long out of a long term relationship. We’re talking a good decade. As far as I know and can tell it’s been a rather amicable breakup with the two of them still hanging out from time to time. After a decade they had essentially become companions. The fire was gone.

The one that instigated it has dived into renewed sexual freedom enthusiastically but as he’s told me, he’s been having overnight sleep overs and more than just quick shags and now it seems there’s a regular. The reports I’m getting from a mutual friend are saying that he’s really smitten with this guy and that he’s on the verge of asking him to move in. This is less than two months after the break up of a decade long relationship.

Can we all see where this will go? That’s right, it’s going to crash into a wall in a huge fiery ball of flame. The rebound relationships very very rarely last and while I’m sure their sex is amazing, diving back into a live in relationship so quickly is only going to kill the romance even faster.

I hope my friend doesn’t get hurt but maybe this will be the reality check he needs to realise he needs to be single for a while.

Luke Evans, our new posterboy?

The star of the new film Dracula Untold, Luke Evans made some statements about his sexuality in an interview over a decade ago “Everybody knew me as a gay man, and in my life in London I never tried to hide it.” Since then sadly, with Hollywood being within his grasp and publicists swarming around, that openness has been quashed.

Luke was born in Wales in 1979 and has had a fairly successful career in many musical theatre productions. One of his first big Hollywood roles was opposite Australia’s Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans. Now he’s at the top of the billing in Dracula. Combining a sexy man and one of my favourite and the most enduring myths of all time and I really will have to go and see it.

I’ve just watched Luke on the Graham Norton Show where he was quiet in comparison to Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant but his gorgeous soft Welsh accent and his gorgeous and intriguing face had me a little bit smitten.

In a recent interview, just last month his sexuality was brought up and it wasn’t covered up or denied. While there was no flag waving, Luke didn’t deny it either. An openly gay action movie star? Yes please. Read more about the non-denial here.

The imagery of my sexuality

Bruce Weber is one of the most iconic image makers alive. He’s captured so many of the Hollywood celebrities that are working today along with defining the image of Abercrombie and Fitch. Before I realised my own sexuality I discovered the images of Mr Weber through Abercrombie and Fitch’s famous quarterly “catalogues”. Why was I looking at these guys the way I was? Of course I was trying to convince myself that it was because I wanted to have their beautiful bodies. I was clearly wrong.

Bruce’s imagery has come to be the definition of homoerotic male bonding. All those amazing looking men getting nude and frolicking around together in the name of sport. Of course the gay community fell for it hook line and sinker.

About the time I discovered his work for Abercrombie and Fitch, I also found the book Bear Pond. It’s a book so laden with beautiful nude men that I was as scared of it as I was aroused when I first saw it, deeply in denial of my own urges. Bruce, along with Herb Ritts (RIP) and Australia’s own James Houston, you have become my holy trinity of photographic inspiration.


This month on The Male Form

For those that are subscribers, Dylan Rosser’s The Male Form website is a constant source of hotness. Because Dylan takes submissions from photographers all over the world as well as shooting some stunning men himself, the site has a broad range of hot guys from beefcake to lean guy, furry to smooth.

Novembers updates are just as diverse with the sexy muscular Christian to the lean and ripped Dima.

I’ve been trying to find guys here in Sydney willing to model for me to submit to the site but so many Sydney guys will send sexy shots on Grinder etc at the drop of a hat but pose for what will hopefully be beautiful shots that show them in all their glory and they refuse. Thankfully I have found someone willing to do a shoot for the site. We are just trying to organise a date to do the shoot now. Fingers crossed, pants off.

Time for changes

A couple of months ago I made the decision that I wanted to shake up my life and make some changes. Along with posting an instagram every day for the year of being 41 I decided it was time to move house. Living in a big apartment complex has finally gotten to me and I’m moving to a small terrace place in a suburb about 10 minutes drive away.

The packing is essentially all done. Tomorrow morning I’m picking up my brother in law who is going to help me with the few pieces of furniture that I’m taking with me and then I’ll be going backwards and forwards all day, possibly all weekend moving everything I haven’t thrown away. It’s been very cathartic throwing lots of things away that I’ve held on to for too long, possibly emotionally as well as all the physical stuff.

I’ve warned my new housemate about the likelihood that he’ll see me nude and he doesn’t care which is nice. Like here, it probably won’t happen a lot but it’s nice that it’s not going to cause problems.

This is the last blog post from this apartment. Blogging will resume in the next couple of days from the new house. I can’t wait.

Spooky self portrait.

Kent has sent in this very eerie self portrait for the challenge today. It’s rather appropriate that I’m posting it tonight as it’s Halloween already here and this is rather spooky.

Keep the entries coming in. There is a week tomorrow to get your photos in before the deadline!

Is there another way?

Now that I’m pretty much finished shooting for the tribal series which I started shooting in July last year, I’ve been thinking about how to go about putting another exhibition on. Is the printed and framed images on a gallery wall the way to go? It’s a very costly way to go and there is absolutely no guarantee of making my money back. I had thought about doing a kickstarter to raise money but there are holes in that plan as well.

It’s all well and good having a lovely opening night in a gallery but 95% of the people who come along are friends and family who aren’t in the photography buying world. So I’m happily taking suggestions on alternatives. People have suggested hanging works in cafes but given my work is nudes I’m not sure that there are many cafes willing to do that.

If you’ve ever seen a creative, outside-the-box way of exhibiting work then please let me know. I’d love to hear some ideas. Unfortunately I am not rich enough to hijack everyone’s phones and get apple to put my work directly onto people’s devices. Shame.

Two more self portraits

With only just over a week to go to get your self portraits in for the challenge, this is looking like the smallest bunch of challengers yet.

Andreas has taken part in fitness challenges here on Aussielicious but this is the first of the photography challenges that he’s taken part in. This self portrait really appeals to me with it’s quirky bonkers aesthetic. Not a lot of people would pose in a tiara in the shower but I say why not!

Mark has taken a nice self portrait out on the water. I’m not sure where Mark is in the world but he did send another cheeky shot in the snow and said it was -30 degrees celsius so it’s somewhere cold!

Just never enough

A few years ago I met a guy through friends a few times socially here in Sydney. He was originally from Britain and hadn’t been living here that long but he was a very good looking man and could have done fashion modeling. He was tall enough and lean enough to do high fashion catwalk. He had a really nice slim athletic body. Recently I stumbled across his instagram account. It turns out he’s succumbed to the Sydney curse where nobody thinks they have enough muscle and muscle is the only commodity that is attractive on the gay scene.

He’s clearly taken steroids because no one changes their body shape so much naturally. If it were left up to nature and hard work he could have put on size but now his head doesn’t fit his body at all. This once beautiful man now looks a bit bloated and totally out of proportion.

A guy I knew several years ago was a slim, shorter but beautifully built guy. He always said that he never felt attractive in Sydney because it’s a such a body image city. He moved to London a few years back and before we lost touch he told me how much more diverse and accepting of other body types London is

Maybe it’s the outdoor sporty lifestyle here in Sydney but it really does feel body obsessed here. One friend who is a bodybuilder won’t be happy until he’s the massive size he wants to be. Sadly, that involves so many steroids that he’s had heart problems in his very early thirties and doesn’t care if he dies young. The tragic part is that the body dismorphia is so strong he will never be big enough.

Dave’s self portrait

The entries have been very slow in coming in for this Self Portrait Challenge. Maybe the challenges will have to take a break or find an easier theme for the next one.

Dave has sent this very interesting self portrait in. It’s a very moody portrait but with such a bold colour which for me is happy. Dave says the portrait is a bit of a contemplation on aging but also hoping for a bright future. That is something that a lot of us can relate to.

A different direction

Early this year I was a part of a group exhibition in Melbourne and here in Sydney called “Company of Men”. Even after all the dramas of my prints being lost in transit by the courier company, I’m taking the plunge again and being a part of it early next year. I did a shoot today specifically for the exhibition and it’s a bit of a departure from what I’ve been doing lately and anything I’ve done in the past but I think it’s still quite me.

The exhibition is an opportunity to do something a bit different as it’s all queer artists and they are some bold artists. Last year aussie porn model Rogan Richards was doing performance installations in a sunken pit in the gallery that involved wigs, mirrors, nudity and masturbation. I’m going to be showing 5 or 6 images side by side with this couple in them. I haven’t fully resolved what I’m trying to say with it and I don’t know that I will. Sometimes it’s more interesting for the audience to make up their own interpretation.

Twice as comfortable?

We all know I like twins. I love the idea of having sex with twins. It should be no surprise that I’ve pondered twins and many thoughts about twins for quite some time. One of those many thoughts I’ve had about twins is concerning nudity. If a set of twins is generally shy and doesn’t get nude in the locker room etc, does that shyness still apply to each other or does the fact that they look exactly the same over ride any shyness?

In my head the logic follows that even if they may be uncomfortable nude around others twins usually have such a close bond that they wouldn’t mind being seen by each other. Add to that the fact that they have exactly the same appendages then there would be absolutely no reason to be shy around each other. Any twins out there want to enlighten me?