Staying true

Catching up with other photographers and models is always fun. Last night I was lucky enough to catch up with Andrew who was in town from Melbourne as well as David that I’ve also been lucky enough to work with twice.

Obviously, talk turned to shoots we’ve worked on and people we know. I was talking about how I’d heard from sources that there are a couple of Sydney photographers that don’t like my work or have bad mouthed me to models or other people. The first one I heard about I was a bit upset about. I’d met this photographer several years ago and thought we got on quite well, but apparently he hates my photography. Being completely fair I heard this from a very random source who did seem to thrive on the gossip situation.

The other one was in response to a model that I’d photographed full frontal but didn’t do frontal for this other photographer. He said to the model “Why the hell did you pose frontal for him and not me, his work is shit.” Or words to that effect. Now I don’t know that photographer and while I don’t agree that my work is shit I read a quote last year some time that I try to think of in times like this. “Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.” I like it. If someone I don’t know doesn’t like my work, does it affect me? Nope. I just have to try and keep doing my own thing to please myself.

Good motivation

It wasn’t so long ago at all (last week) that I posted wondering how the people that have achieved great things in the gym but don’t love working out found the discipline to do it. Today was a reminder of the kind of thing that gets me to the gym.

It cannot just be me that has regular gym crushes. There is a guy that is working out at my gym a fair bit lately who is just gorgeous and he is obviously very self motivated. He trains hard. HARD. A couple of days ago he was doing sled pushes and lunge walks and all sorts of things. Today he was mixing up kettlebell swings, pushups and hella fast sprints on the treadmill.

Now, let’s just be clear that I have a serious crush on him so that means he is at the very least straight. At most, straight, emotionally crippled, in a relationship and lives somewhere a long way away. Does that matter? No. He’s incredibly easy to look at and in the gym he inspires me so that is a great thing. This morning he was in the locker room as I was leaving but sadly I didn’t see him get undressed and I couldn’t loiter without it being seriously obvious.

Fingers crossed he keeps coming. He disappeared for a few weeks but by god it’s nice to have him back.

Is this a challenge I want?

It’s far from unusual for me to get people asking for the frontal shots of models that I’ve posted on Instagram or complaining on a youtube video that I haven’t shown the guy’s cock. Frustrating, but not unusual. On one comment recently when someone asked why I don’t post them I replied because you can’t on Instagram/Youtube and I don’t make porn. I have dabbled in erotic photography as we all know and I like the challenge of it but I’ve said that I have no real interest in making porn.

Yesterday I was approached by a model I’ve shared recently to ask if I would be interested in filming some porn. He wants to make some videos and his flatmate builds websites and they’ve decided that they want to make some money by making porn. Firstly there is a lot of competition out there in the world of porn and secondly I’m not entirely sure I want to do it.

Sure it will be hot as hell to watch him and some other guy suck and fuck but like any photo shoot it will be work and while I’d no doubt be turned on, it’s not like I’ll be able to act on any urges. If I did decide to do it I don’t think I’d really want it associated with my general photography “brand”. Shooting nudes and even erotic is one thing, but porn is quite different. I may decide that it’s not an issue at all and put it all in together but for me, right now, not so much. Let’s see what happens. Quite often discussions like this never amount to anything.

Embrace the early morning

It feels a little bit mean to ask a model to get nude in winter for photographs but when you are away on a nude weekend with a bunch of guys and one of them is keen to do a shoot, why would I say no? Tommo is a long term nudist and organised the weekend away. We were blessed with a predicted warm Saturday so we got up early and walked to the nudist beach that we were going to be at later in the day anyway.

Sure, the sand was really cold from a cold night, yet to be warmed by the sun but Tommo is a tough guy, as you can see in the images and, even though he had never done a photo shoot before, he got right into the spirit of things.

We are blessed here in Australia with comparatively mild Winters and later that day we had 24 degree celsius sunshine to bask in while seeing whales jumping in the distance. Beautiful.

“Early Morning” is this week’s download now available at my shop, along with all the other downloads already released. Trust me, it’s worth it. It’s not often you get permission to look at a married man running around nude in the sunshine.

More than one talent

There are times when you have a crush on someone and you just want to hear that they are flawed in some way to try and bring your expectations back down to earth. Then there are other times when you find out they have an extra talent and it makes them even more attractive.

All the way back in 2009 I did a blog post about the delicious Chris Fawcett. A NYC based model with features so chiselled you could hurt yourself, he’s long been a model crush and photography wish list person for me. Well through the wonders of Instagram I found out a few months back that he’s the font man for a band called The More and a few weeks ago they released their debut single. Chris has a voice that is just pure sexual honey for the ears. Not sure it that even makes sense but it’s how I feel about it.

On Friday they released the video for Night Child and like most bands just starting out they didn’t have a lot of budget for it. There are perks to living in a city like NYC and being no-doubt surrounded by talented fellow creatives. You can pull together a music video with a beautifully executed simple concept fairly cheaply. Obviously having a lead singer with a lot of experience in front of a camera, who looks the way Chris does only helps bring it all together.


Setting a goal

My 45th birthday is looming. In 42 days I will be precisely in my mid-forties and about as middle aged as you get. That’s not a term I had contemplated ever using to describe myself but here we are. Since moving in to my new apartment I’ve been working on forming new habits. For years the floor of my bedroom has been rarely sighted for all the clothes, bags, socks and randomness covering it, now there is clear floor and a made bed every day. I hang my jackets up when I take them off instead of draping them on a chair etc.

So I have 42 days to get myself to a position where I’m feeling good/better about my body and how it’s feeling as well as looking. As soon as I’ve finished writing this post I’m writing a message to a guy I’ve met through friends who has offered to give me a program. He’s a very well regarded strength and conditioning coach.

He doesn’t just do one style of training like a lot of Personal Trainers out there, so I’m going to outline what I want to achieve and where I usually struggle or fail with my training and he’ll give me a program that will suit me. Fingers crossed I enjoy it and start feeling great.

My aim is to feel really good at my birthday and if I happen to look better too, then that’s a pretty good bonus.

How did they do it?

It’s no surprise to anyone that has read this blog for a while that I have a somewhat tortured relationship with my body, or more precisely my body image. With just a matter of weeks until I turn 45 it seems to be getting worse. Like everyone, as I age my body hangs on to aches and pains longer than it used to, the same way it does with the delicious foods that it used to burn off with ease.

It could be that I’m frustrated with the lack of warm weather at the moment but I’m struggling with motivation for working out. That is also a common theme here on the blog. I’ve run fitness challenges and barely changed a thing. Even many years ago when I did a shoot in front of the camera for AussieBum I didn’t train properly and as a result I wasn’t happy with the shots.

There are a million guys out there constantly working out and showing amazing results but the vast majority of those guys are the kind of guys that genuinely love working out and have the discipline to watch what they eat as well. I am curious about the guys that struggle but still manage to do it. How do they do it? What tips do they have for finding motivation and discipline? There have to be some of them out there. I’ve proven time and time again that my vanity doesn’t seem to be enough of a motivation for me.

Just don’t.

The nude weekend with the Naked Werewolves is now done and dusted and it was by all accounts a great weekend.

There are some real advantages to a weekend like this. You get to meet a bunch of new people that you might not otherwise have come across and I personally believe that meeting new people is always a good thing.

There can also be a drawback or two. A nude weekend, unsurprisingly can attract some people that might not fit the right mix and the intention of the event. Last week I posted about my concerns about one of the guys who was coming along.

While there may not have been any public masturbating going on, one of the guys was constantly offering hugs and talking about sex. I mean CONSTANTLY. I get that some people are very sexual creatures but there is a time and a place for that kind of behaviour. By the end of the weekend I think I had made my thoughts clear on the constant offers of hugs. As we all said goodbye he was giving people hugs but when he got to me he just put his hand on my shoulder and said goodbye. Maybe it was my crossed arms?

All in all though I had a great weekend. More nudity please!

Grab your Freedom

My “Freedom” gallery exhibition was held in February 2013 and it was my second solo exhibition. It was vastly different to the Shrouded exhibition being shot all in natural light and all outdoors. There were several models in the series all enjoying the outdoors naked, experiencing their Freedom.

That Freedom series is now my latest download available at my site. Can you believe this is download number 34? That has gone so quickly. Thankfully I’ve started shooting again over the weekend and I have another shoot organised this Saturday. I must admit I enjoyed having some time off shooting after the hectic schedule I was keeping before moving house, but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Not just because I enjoy it but also because I’ve now exhausted all my pre-prepared downloads.

My mission in the next couple of days is to get the shoot from Saturday morning edited and ready to go on Sunday. I’m also going to be making a concerted effort to get some more diversity happening in my shoots. I think I’m doing a decent job of that already but this weekend I’m shooting a beautiful Asian guy with a beautiful body and the weekend after a beefy, beefy, long-haired, pierced Viking kind of guy.

I’m also on the lookout for a hot, photogenic sexy trans man to do a shoot so if anyone knows any in or near Sydney, please send them my way. In the meantime, head on over to my site and grab your copy of Freedom!

Freedom Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

A year today…

One year ago today I performed my first wedding ceremony. The happy couple are two of my closest friends and people that constantly inspire me. We laugh, we challenge each other, we look out for each other and we love spending time together. It’s a very easy friendship.

When we hatched the crazy scheme for me to become a wedding celebrant and do their ceremony, little did I know that it would be such an amazingly fulfilling experience. Since that day 12 months ago I have completed 7 weddings and I have four more lined up already this year.

It’s been such a great experience and I can’t wait to keep being a part of people’s happiest day. Obviously not all the wedding ceremonies I perform will be quite as special as the ones I’ve done for friends but it feels very special being able to be the one legally marrying two people pledging their life to each other. As yet I haven’t had a request for a nude wedding… as yet.

If you’re in the market for a wedding celebrant in Australia, head on over to my website and have a look.

Naked adventure!

The Naked Werewolves have made a few appearances on this blog and just before the start of 2018 we had Wolffest #1 at River Island nude camping. The vlog I did of that is below. It was a smallish group of about 10 of us camping naked, swimming, going for hikes and even nude slack-lining.

This weekend is Wolffest #2. Given it is still Winter here in Australia we aren’t camping this time. Instead we have hired a couple of cabins a few hours north of Sydney right near a nude beach. Fingers crossed we have some more of the beautiful weather we had yesterday and on Saturday where it should be very comfortable to be nude in the sunshine.

I think this time around we have a few more than last time and it should be a lot of fun as long as everyone is there with the right intentions and a fun sense of adventure. I’m considering this a little mini holiday since I’m not really taking any full holidays this year, saving them all for my intended European naked adventure next year.

As much as I love Sydney and being in a bustling city, it’s important to get out of the city from time to time and I’m challenging myself to do things where I meet new people. Last weekend was a birthday party with a work colleague. This weekend at least I know all the guys will be into being nude and I assume most of them are gay so there is a slight chance of meeting someone. Slight.

Back up to speed

It’s been several weeks since I did a photo shoot and I’ve just about exhausted my list of downloads that were prepared before I moved to my sister’s house. So this weekend I am picking up the camera again.

It’s been quite nice to have a break but I’m looking forward to getting back into it. This weekend I’m going away for a weekend with the Naked Werewolves Instagram group and I’ve organised with one of the guy to do a shoot. He’s a very sexy beefy guy. The shots are quite likely to be anonymous but he’s happy to be nude and do full frontal.

I’m obviously putting the vibes out there in the world that I’m getting back up to speed. I’ve had two models that I’ve worked with before get in touch today to organise shoots in the near future and yesterday a guy that I’ve photographed before and ran into on the nude beach over the weekend agreed to another shoot. 

Fingers crossed you all enjoy the results.

In the Woodland

I’ve photographed Jorge three times now, the most recent time being early this year. It was possibly my least successful shoot with him. Nothing to do with Jorge. He always turns up looking amazing with a great attitude. I was just off my game a bit that morning.

It’s no surprise that the latest download “Woodland” has already sold relatively well. Jorge is very popular with my Instagram followers and his the behind the scenes video of his first shoot has over 117,000 views on YouTube. Amazing. For some reason in the past few months my youtube channel has just been gathering subscribers, now sitting at just over 1,200 subscribers. I haven’t uploaded anything in months, but I plan to do more.

I’d love to work with him again and I know you all like seeing him. Most of you want to see all of him but Jorge doesn’t do full frontal so you’ll have to put up with the rest of his spectacular body.

Head on over to my shop to buy Woodland and all the other downloads now.

A nice try!

If I get invited to a party or an event where I don’t know anyone I’m pretty talented at saying no. Over the weekend a work colleague took me to the birthday party of a friend of hers. He’s a gay man in his mid/late forties and at his previous parties, she said he had lots of single gay friends there.

So on Saturday night I met up with her, her boyfriend, his brother and another friend and had a drink before we all went to the birthday boy’s apartment.

There were precisely zero eligible gay men at the party. All the gay men were either in couples or of vastly different ages to me. We are talking 15 years older or younger. My colleague swears it was a very different party to the years previous that she’d gone to. 

It was very sweet of her to think of me and try to help my absolutely dire relationship status and in the end we all had a really fun night with lots of laughs which is a pretty awesome result.

It’s a good day

I know I complain about Winter and being cold. This winter here in Sydney has been pretty amazingly mild. July was one of the warmest July’s in decades. Summer is my happy place and last summer was long and glorious, pretty much lasting all the way through our official Autumn.

It’s not unheard of to get a few random beach weather days in August here in Sydney even though it is still technically winter and yesterday we had one. The whole week was pretty mild but yesterday got to 25 degrees celsius (77F) so a mate and I took off down into the National Park to the nude beach down there for the day. It was beautiful. The beach was surprisingly quiet but there were still some hotties to look at but with lots of space and blue sky to enjoy.

Today the temperature has dropped back to a more normal temperature for this time of year, 14 degrees celsius (57F) so it’s quite a change but still sunny out there. It makes me feel even more grateful that we got to be naked in the sunshine for a few hours yesterday, get some fresh air and exercise. Fingers crossed to lots of great naked adventures and a long summer ahead.