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Time to make it happen

With my much anticipated and largely nude holiday coming up in less than 7 months I figure it’s time to stop whinging about not being happy with my body and do something about it. I told a PT friend of mine that I want to be hot if I’m going to sail nude around Croatia. There is an added incentive in seeing friends that I haven’t seen in what will be 9 years. Of course I want to look good.

So my PT friend has given me an app that tracks my food and what kilojules I consume every day. It’s astonishing how bad my food intake was! I will never look the way I did in my 20’s and that’s fine, I just want to tone it all up and feel better. Just the act of putting everything I eat into this app “Myfitnesspal” is giving me a real shakeup in my diet. Let’s hope I can stick to it.

Once the holiday season is done I’m going to start another fitness challenge here on the blog so we can all motivate each other.

What’s your policy?

This post is mainly aimed at the nudies out there amongst my readers. To those of you who aren’t nudies I’m pretty sure I know what your limits are.

As I’ve posted about recently, I’m doing a clothing optional sailing trip through Croatia in June/July next year and can’t wait. I was talking on email to someone who had done a similar trip with a different company and I was asking what the policy was on photos on the trip. His reply made perfect sense. The rule was basically no cock in photos without permission. That seems fair enough to me. I’m hoping that I can take some beautiful photos of the Croatian coast and maybe some of my fellow passengers on the cruise if they allow it.

When I went to Burning Man last year with friends, one of the joys of being a photography enthusiast was capturing lots of photos of all my friends and the burning man experience and putting the images together in a book that everyone got through Blurb. If I can do a similar thing with photos from Croatia I’ll be very happy indeed. I’d also like to take some footage. The Saltyboys website is nice but it would be nice to see some footage on one or more of the cruises.

I’m curious, all you nudies that read Aussielicious, are you ok with photos being taken when you are with friends in a nude setting?

Your double standard is showing.

Months ago I did a shoot for the tribal series that I was very happy with. The model was excited and happy with the shoot and left with all things looking positive. At the time I hadn’t had any release forms handy so I emailed him one. A couple of weeks later he emailed me demanding that I not use the shots and actually requesting that I delete them. I agreed to not use them despite never being given a clear reason why not but I refused to delete them. I needed to keep them for reference for a possible re-shoot.

We are still friends on facebook and I follow him on instagram. Last week he posted a selfie nude in bed on instagram that showed just as much as he had in the shoot with me but mine was in a studio setting rather than a camera phone. Now I get that he might have been looking for work or something at the time but he never explained why I couldn’t use the photos. Does he realise that while he may be happy to post those photos now he might be looking for work later and change his mind again but those images are out there online. He’s also one of those guys that puts #4 #million #hashtags on every photo guaranteeing that people see it.

As a photographer who can’t afford to pay models and relies on goodwill, there is a lot of room for flakey guys using the chance to model to stroke their ego and to change their mind but I don’t think a lot of them stop to think that my time is just as valuable as theirs. I guess, until I can afford to pay models that this is the risk I take.

A year closer to a cure?

Today is World AIDS Day once again and while huge progress has been made over the years in HIV treatment we are still without a cure. It’s so important that we don’t forget AIDS still exists and yes, people still die from it.

Last week I was lucky enough to have the conversation with the sexual health clinic that gave me great news. All clear. Sadly infections are on the rise in the gay community because people don’t see it as the big scary death sentence that it was when I was reaching sexual maturity. It’s a very good thing that HIV+ people can live just as healthy and long a life as anyone but keep in mind that there are emotional costs, physical side effects to treatment and financial costs of treatment as well. Surely life is easier without it?

My recent tests were the first I’d had in a long time which was very bad. The more accurately you know your status, the better off you are. If you do test positive you can get on medication faster and reduce your risk of passing on infection.

There is still a long way to go before we possibly find a cure but I am glad we are making progress and that all the guys that I know who are positive are living happy healthy lives.

Some random movie nudity!

It’s nice when someone cuts out all those annoying bits of movies that DON’T have male nudity in them, takes all the good bits from various films and puts them together. There is much less male nudity in film that female so to have all the naked men compiled into one video makes it so much easier.

This video is number three and the same guy has number four but I’m not sure where one and two are. There are a couple of erections in here but I know no one will be offended by that. It’s amazing that some countries can include a hardon but apart from the occasional film like Shortbus, it’s pretty taboo still in mainstream U.S, British and Australian films.

Male nudes V3 from J&J on Vimeo.

It’s the ick-factor

An article recently explained the one reason other than religious bigotry that has probably been most likely to have kept marriage equality from happening as quickly as it should have. The “Ick” Factor. While the majority of people are supportive of the idea of marriage equality it seems that a lot of straight people, probably men, are put off by the sight of two men kissing or the thought of what they do in bed.

WHY on earth are they giving it such detailed thought? Why don’t they just treat it like they treat their own parents’ sex life? Like it doesn’t happen. I don’t contemplate any of my straight friends having sex and just because I don’t want to see it doesn’t mean I should ban it. There’s a funny meme going around that says “Saying I can’t get married because you don’t believe in it is like me saying you can’t have a cookie because I’m on a diet.” Amen.

All of the religious bigots that are constantly talking about how bad the gays are for the world seem to devote entirely too much time to thinking about how evil we are and how gross bum-sex is. Stop thinking about it, think about your own life and your own boring sex life and leave ours out of it.

Not an issue

I’ve just got home from a lovely but sadly quick lunch with a Brisbane photographer that I’ve posted about before, Joel Devereux. He is a very prolific photographer based in Brisbane who shoots some stunning men. We were discussing how competitive the market is being a photographer specialising in male nudes. Joel is lucky in that he really only has one other photographer of a similar level in Brisbane but they get on well and have a very different style anyway so there isn’t any competition.

In Sydney however it’s quite different. Despite the many varied styles there can often be a real sense of being adversaries rather than friendly competition. Obviously not all the time. There are photographers I like and get on with well here but with others it can feel like they’d rather see you walk under a bus than share models or opportunities with you.

Photography is a hobby for me and I don’t know that it will ever be anything more so that kind of jealousy or competition doesn’t really interest me. There is a really limited range of opportunities such as DNA covers/spreads that we are all competing for if we choose to so the competition is real but there are different ways to approach it. Every photographer is going to take a different photo when presented with the same model and location, even the same equipment so publications or jobs will choose a photographer based on their needs. I just think, like in life generally, we should be a bit less defensive and more supportive.

Joel and I have very similar aesthetics and styles but I would LOVE to see him do great things.

TMF #14 is out now!

If you want to see lots of beautiful man flesh in the form of model profiles and photographer galleries then why not get your hands on TMF Magazine issue #14?

Dylan Rosser continues to compile beautiful collections of imagery from around the globe including the gorgeous men that he photographs into this publication. This issue features a book preview, photographer profiles and I was lucky enough to be asked to do a Q&A with former Mister Gay World Christopher Olwage. Chris was a delight to chat to (over email) and has an absolutely rocking body as you can see in his photos, but there is a lot more to him.

Head on over to TMF Magazine to buy your digital copy now.

So this is a thing now

Warning, this post has sexual footage in it and it’s STRAIGHT sex. Sorry for that but you don’t really see anything more graphic than non explicit humping and some boobies.

Drone Boning is apparently a thing now. Drone Boning is the first ever porn movie to be filmed using drones. The result is actually quite beautiful but it’s more like a travel advertisement than a porn movie. As I said you don’t really see much other than humping, bums and boobs which while it’s beautifully shot and surrounded by spectacular views, if I’m watching porn I want a bit more well, porn.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.


But first let me take a #nakedshowerselfie

Jack Mackenroth is a hella big spunk. He’s also an HIV campaigner and openly HIV+ himself. The former Project Runway contestant is a regular on the gay blogosphere and usually not wearing much, for which we are eternally grateful Mr Mackenroth.

In what he’s hoping will become a new version of the Ice Bucket Challenge or Cock in a Sock challenges that have done the rounds this year he’s promoting the Naked Shower Selfie challenge. Those challenges were aimed at raising money for charities. Unlike those challenges Jack’s challenge isn’t trying to raise money, it’s fighting stigma and challenging the language we use on hookup and dating apps like Grindr. Jack has taken issue and very rightly so with the word “clean” on profiles instead of negative implying that people who have HIV are unclean or less than. I’ve seen it myself and it made me uncomfortable to read it. Let’s face it, the people that are likely to write the word “clean” to describe themselves or their prospective partner requirements aren’t going to be writing “I’m clean but I don’t mind your status” whereas I have seen negative but poz friendly several times now which is encouraging.

Striking a balance between promoting safer sex practices and staying HIV- with reducing stigma against HIV+ guys is always going to be tough but maybe a cheeky stream of photos of naked men in the shower will go part of the way to helping. I say bring it on.

Stand up against Domestic Violence!

Today is White Ribbon day here in Australia. It’s the day that we all pledge to do our part to stamp out domestic violence.  Some horrendous statistics were released today about domestic violence here in Australia, which is sadly on the rise. One woman ever week is killed in Australia by her current of former partner. One per week? I had no idea it was that high. One woman in three will experience domestic violence.

Thankfully along there is a growing awareness of the problem and the creep-extraordinaire “pick up artist” Julian Blanc was deported from Australia after a huge outcry about his seminars. What was truly revolting to me was the amount of guys who wanted to learn his demeaning and degrading techniques. What do these men think of their own mothers and sisters? Would they tolerate men treating them the way they are learning to treat women from guys like Julian?

If you want to learn how to treat women, ask a woman. I grew up in a family with strong women all around me. The men in their lives treated them with courtesy, respect and love. They were equals and as such, even though I’m a gay man and I’m not trying to sleep with women, I have learned to treat women the same way as my father and grandfathers did their wives, daughters and sisters.

It’s very tough for women who are being abused to break the cycle and get out but if you know anyone who you think is, please make sure they know they have a safe place with you.

Paul is the winner!

After two rounds of voting, the winner has been decided. Congratulations to Paul for being selected as the most popular Self Portrait. This was one of my favourites as it had so many layers to it with Paul’s contemplative reflection, the view of the harbour with the stormy looking clouds being broken by the sunset. Paul now wins a print of Peter’s “Kiss” portrait from the previous challenge. Thanks to everyone for taking part in the challenge. One of the things I love about running this blog is the interactions I have with the readers.

It’s happening!

I sent my boss and email last week asking for 3.5 weeks off for my trip to Europe next year and he’s given a verbal ok. He doesn’t like giving that much time off but with this much notice and for a trip to Europe he is ok with it. Today I filled out the booking form for a Saltyboys cruise in Croatia. On my last post about this trip someone commented that the trip was likely to be full of old fat Australian and American circumcised men. So? Firstly I have been told that the usual clients on these cruises are in their 30’s and 40’s, just like me. Secondly, I’m not ripped or body beautiful so why should I care if people are carrying a bit of extra weight? Thirdly, I’m circumcised and have no issue with either option on those around me.

This cruise is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I am dying to go. I will leave in exactly 7 months tomorrow if I book the flights that I’ve discussed with the travel agent. Seeing some dear friends in Sitges for the first time in about 9 years is going to be amazing. They are very dear friends that I don’t have the opportunity to see very much obviously being so far away.

Having said my piece about it not being important what my shipmates on the cruise look like, I will certainly be trying to get fit before I go. I want to represent Australia well after all and if the boat is full of hotties, who am I to complain?

Another tie breaker is needed!

The voting on the Self Portrait Challenge has closed and we have a tie! With 43 votes each you all seemed to really like Mikael’s modest nude self portrait and Paul’s very layered contemplative self portrait. So we go to the polls again. I’m only giving you 5 days to vote on this one to decide the winner. I’d be happy to see either of these images win. Which ever of these two images that you decide should win, by popular vote will win a print of Peter’s winning portrait from the last challenge.

Which of these two do you prefer?

  • 2 - Paul (52%, 186 Votes)
  • 1 - Mikael (48%, 172 Votes)

Total Voters: 357

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Damn sexy Aussie

Once again People Magazine has named it’s Sexiest Man Alive and once again it’s an Aussie guy. Chris Hemsworth, aka THOR has taken out this year’s title beating out another Chris who was apparently quite a favourite with the public (me included) Chris Pratt. This year the title is all Hemsworth’s and rightly so. He comes across as a genuine knockabout Aussie guy living a great life with his wife and kids. How popular are those kids going to be at school having Thor for a dad?

Chris bared his gorgeous butt in the movie Rush a year or so ago but sadly made some comment that that would be it for on screen nudity. Shame. It seems a terrible waste to have that body and not show it off a lot more. Congratulations Chris.