There’s change in the air

I have a habit of not making changes that I need to make until my hand is forced a bit and while I’m not quite at that stage yet, my mind is already thinking of what in my life I need to change. My work situation is feeling very insecure at the moment and obviously I can’t do much about it while I am overseas on a huge holiday but as soon as I get back it’s time to get organised and see what I can do.

My living situation is also feeling like it’s run it’s course. My housemate is a nice guy but he’s renovating while I’m away and as a result of changes which are great overall for the house, it means my bedroom needs to fit more of my “stuff” in it and it’s just not a big room. I’m thinking that I need to take more care and some time to find something suitable as last time I might have jumped from the frying pan into the fire and left a bad situation to go to one that hasn’t been amazing. If I can find someone as open to nakedness around the house, that would be ideal. Far from needing to be nude all the time I don’t want to have to feel worried my housemate might see if I decided to walk to the bathroom with nothing on. Maybe I’d even get to host my own nude drinks nights instead of relying on my friend’s fantastic hospitality.

Maybe I’ll take the momentum of adventure created by the holiday and create some good changes in my day to day life?

Getting started…

This weekend is a long weekend here in Sydney and I’m house and dog sitting so it’s a great opportunity to get some life-administration done.

Now that I’m an officially registered marriage celebrant I thought I’d set up a Facebook and Instagram page for the business. I won’t get any clients if there’s no way to market myself will I?

Click to like my Facebook Page, Brenton Parry Celebrations or here to follow the Instagram page with the same name. As you can see I didn’t go with any of the names involving puns. That sort of thing was a lot of fun and some of them were really clever but I thought they might deter the more conservative clients. So there will now be hashtags used on my social media posts like #CeleBrenton #MarryWithParry and #thenakedcelebrant.

The Naked Celebrant may actually get a page of it’s own to do some more cheeky and more targeted promotion. I’m looking forward to performing the ceremony for my friends in August as my first ceremony then getting stuck in to do a lot more!

Near or far?

Timo Wilderness is a Finnish blogger who sadly, like lots of my favourite bloggers seems to have gone a bit quiet. Today however I saw that he’s posted a short video about a project he was asked to  take on by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland. It is a part of his “Welcome to Finland” series that I’ve featured before on Aussielicious.

This time Timo isn’t targeting the people from around the world who might go to Finland. No, this time his agenda is to promote “Near Travel” to other Finnish people. As he says in the video, travel to your neighbours house. Travel down the road. Travel locally.

I may be about to embark on a “Far Travel” adventure to the other side of the world but the idea of local adventures and “Near Travel” feels good to me. As I posted recently, when I get back from the trip I’m planning lots of local adventures to vlog about.

I hope this video is a taste of what’s to come and that Timo starts posting a bit more often. I really enjoy his quirky view of the world.

Tantalisingly close…

Two weeks. That’s it. In two weeks I will finally board a plane to fly a long and probably tedious, uncomfortable journey that will be more than justified by a destination that I’ve been wanting to see for 15 years. In 2002 I was living in London and in the Tube they had billboards advertising a deal on a three-day horse riding tour of Iceland. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford it so that didn’t happen. Ever since then it’s been on my bucket list and in two short weeks it’s going to happen.

Being the only me that I can be I have of course googled the opportunities for nakedness in Iceland. It seemed like I should, and always would. I came across this article about Getting Naked in Iceland. It’s mostly a guide on pool etiquette and showering properly before a swim, along with mentions of the hot springs to be found and how nudity seems to keep popping up in Icelandic music videos.

The video at the top of the article and below in this post is just a short music video showcasing the fun to be had in Iceland. Complete with a hot man running to meet his girlfriend, naked in a hot spring. Talk about goals. I’ve mentioned before that I am planning on sitting naked in a hot spring with my mates having a beer at some point in the trip. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

I made a terrible mistake

Anyone who reads this blog must know that I’m essentially solar powered. I’d rather be in baking heat than cold weather any day. If the weather has to be cold the dear lord don’t let it be cold and wet. As a result, this brutal onset of winter always puts me in a slump. We had a really mild Autumn here in Sydney and every year jokes go around about Australia being surprised by winter for the 220th year in a row and it’s true. We seem to deny that it’s coming until we have to put more than a t-shirt on.

Things at work are a bit odd at the moment. I’m not actually sure the business is going to survive so when I get back from Europe I think it’s time for me to start getting my resume in order and deciding what I want to be when I grow up. On top of that a big project that I’ve been trying to make happen doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen at the moment and that is also giving me the blues.

Add to all that, I’ve been going through a “I’m single and lonely” phase, so WHY on earth did I decide to click on a link with all these beautiful same sex wedding photos. Seeing all those people amazingly happy and smiling as much as is humanly possible just about tipped me over the edge. Sitting nearly crying at your desk when you are over tired and emotional at the start of the day was not a glamorous start to my day. Thankfully it’s ended with some great laughs with a friend and a nice quiet night in.

Now can I just go on my god damned holiday please? Fifteen more sleeps.

Fun or “Fun”?

Last Friday night my mate hosted one of our occasional “Pants off friday” nights at his house. We have a core group of us that come along for a fun night of laughs and (several) drinks. We are always on the lookout for new guys to join in but we are often met with apprehension from guys. So much so that the host is not thinking of writing up a FAQ section to go out with the Facebook invite next time.

It would seem that most gay men only associate nakedness with sex and aren’t exactly sure about what they are being invited to. Sure, in the past a couple of the nights have resulted in some shenanigans but I would say that the core group now all just want to have a laugh and (several) drinks with no clothes on with a bunch of mates. Sure there are dirty jokes and silliness going on as there is with any bunch of mates hanging out drinking. The previous drinks we had been playing beer pong and the group was getting pretty tipsy when we decided it would be fun to see if the uncut guys in the group could squeeze the ping pong ball into their foreskins. As a circumcised guy, it was harmless fun for me with no risk of having to try.

There was also the time someone decided that we should do shots out of the uncut guys’ foreskins. Again, a no risk challenge for me. It does mean I have had a few friends cocks in my mouth that I hadn’t before but that’s no big deal with friends right?

In short, people should really try hanging out naked with their friends and not worry about what might or might not happen. It’s all probably going to be fun.

Can’t beat the classics

It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly about AussieBum. It’s been nothing to do with them but I just have lost interest in the saturated market of underwear and swimwear with all these other brands producing revolting designs that only their porn star models can fill out. I’m not one of those people that is “into” swimwear and underwear so I’m definitely not their target market. My underwear needs to keep my junk in place and there is no need to have weird extra straps, cups, buckles or holes. Again, that probably clearly illustrates I’m not their target market.

AussieBum has just uploaded this new video for their Vintage Stripes range of swimwear which I really like. This harks back to the era of their advertising that I really loved. Give me a hot man enjoying the Aussie beach, not being too posed or “modelly”. I believe this model’s name is Andrew Paps and boy does he have a cheeky grin and a rocking body.

This style of swimwear looks good on most people I think and it’s vintage feel really does take me back to my youth and repressed homosexual desires looking at surf boat rowers and life savers on the beach. So damn sexy.

aussieBum swimwear – Vintage Stripes New Collection from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Preparing myself

Travelling the world is an amazing experience that brings me a lot of joy. There is so much of the world to see and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Travelling alone as I have done most of my travels has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages. I get to go on the holiday that I want and I can be completely selfish and not have to adapt to anyone else’s wishes. If the mood and opportunity for some hot holiday fun presents itself then I’m also free to do that.

The downsides of travelling alone are not being able to split the cost of the accommodation etc, not being able to share the experiences with someone and the occasional bouts of loneliness. Two years ago when I travelled to Europe I had a great time but one evening towards the end of the trip I was in the Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen and it was beautiful. It was twilight and great weather. When I looked around all I saw were families and couples. It seemed like I was the only single person in the world and it really hit hard.

This sort of thing has happened most times I’ve travelled. It’s always fleeting and I get right back to enjoying the world but I’m finding myself wondering when it will strike this time. Iceland I will be with some friends so I don’t think it will be there. Maybe it will hit in Berlin, where I’m hoping to rediscover my inner slut who has been dormant for too long. If no one is interested then that could definitely be the trigger. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be fine the whole way through. That would be nice.

Butt for good…

If you tend to follow hot men on Instagram like I do, especially hot men that tend to not wear anything much, then you have probably come across Misteroutdoors.  With a rapidly growing following he decided that he wanted to do something good for people but wasn’t sure how. When people started asking if they could buy prints, that’s when the idea for Buttforgood solidified.

Misteroutdoors has chosen three charities doing great work in the United States, fighting the good fight for civil rights in the face of a lot of opposition from the current political regime. Planned Parenthood, American Civil Liberties Union and Black Lives Matter all benefit from the proceeds of the sales of prints from Buttforgood.

While his butt is doing good it’s also looking good and that is obviously a large contributor to his success and large following. Whoever Misteroutdoors is, he’s keeping his profile low but his booty high and using it for good. An avid traveller, he’s heading to Thailand this year as well as exploring Utah and the U.S. a bit more. So I guess we can look forward to fun nude selfies for a while to come.


Winter officially started today and while we may have had 23˚C on Sunday, we haven’t had that this week. We have dropped to about 17 this week and what feels like freezing temperatures overnight. While places who get genuinely cold are prepared for it, every year it seems like Sydneysiders get caught by surprise not believing that it will actually get cold here. Well it does, by Sydney standards.

It’s got me rethinking my polar plunge idea for Iceland but I still think opportunities should be taken when they are handed to us. As long as I don’t die of hypothermia or shock I’ll be fine. I do need to buy some thermal underwear to wear under jeans in Iceland and possibly some gloves.

It’s only three weeks tomorrow until I leave and I’m dying to go. Work is busy and a bit stressed. Obviously I’ll get through it and be fine but right now it feels a bit chaotic. Travelling new parts of the world for a month is going to be so much fun.

Life is an adventure

Sunday’s hike in the national park reminded me that I really need to get out and do that kind of thing more often. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and not make the time but I felt so good for having done it and all the other stuff can usually wait. Unfortunately this weekend I have quite a lot of work to do related to the Barenakedtruth project I collaborated on last year and with an ever decreasing amount of time before my big European adventure, the little adventures might have to wait.

Watching a lot of YouTubers over the past 6 months or so it’s become apparent that the really popular vloggers are the ones off having big adventures. I totally get that but it sets an unrealistic expectation of what is a normal day to day existence. Most social media is guilty of that. How often do you look at people’s Instagram and feel like they have a much better life than you do? I know I do all the time. Sadly their lives probably don’t look anything like what they project to the rest of us.

So, once I get back from my enormous European and very exciting adventure, I’m going to start having little adventures here in my city. Sydney has so much to offer and adventures don’t have to cost much if anything at all. Over several years I’ve thought I need to make more of the opportunity that I have living in such a great city. I make no guarantees but I will endeavour to try and do a video once a week.

An hour of your time, Sir?

Every now and then I realise that I get opportunities that a lot of people don’t get from time to time. Saturday afternoon saw me filming Chris, whom I recently photographed in an erotic shoot, for a promo video for his escorting work. Now I admit, I didn’t do a lot of research for the requirements of a promo video for an escort, nor did I really realise that a promo video was entirely necessary.

Even if it’s not really necessary, we thought we’d do one anyway.

So on Saturday afternoon Chris and I set about recording some footage. It may have been weird watching him wank while we did the erotic shoot a few weeks ago but it was even more disconcerting when the footage for this is ALL about seduction and sexuality. It’s very hard to remain focused and ensure you get all the footage you need.

Needless to say when I got home I spent some quality time with myself to ease the frustrations that had built up over the shoot.

This video is a bit more graphic than I usually share on this blog but I know you’ll all like it.

UPDATE: Right. I uploaded the video to pornhub so that it won’t get deleted.

A naked adventure

The weather we’ve been having here in Sydney the last week or so has been absolutely spectacular so two of my mates and I decided to take advantage of it and head out into the Australian bush. Just south of Sydney there is a huge national park filled with bushwalks. We didn’t want one of the big popular ones. A friend had told us about one that he’d done about a year ago that was a little tricky to find and there hadn’t been another soul to be seen. Perfect.

The three of us set off this morning and got to where we were supposed to find the trail. Now we had been warned it was hard to find but after 30-40 minutes of blundering our way through bush that didn’t even have a trace of a trail we called my friend, he gave us some more directions and within ten minutes we’d found the trail. A little bit down the trail we stopped and did what we had come to do. We got naked and hiked naked.

From there we really enjoyed the easy trail that wound it’s way along a nearby creek. We stopped and took some photos at a small water cascade before pushing on another 20 minutes or so to the main waterfall my friend had told us about. We sat in the sun and ate lunch, explored, took some more photos before we all braved a swim in the very cold water at the base of the waterfall. It was certainly a refreshing dip. It’s given me cause to rethink my possible polar plunge in Iceland considering the water there will be even colder.

Such a great way to spend the day.

What’s in a name?

As of two days ago I am now officially a qualified and registered Marriage Celebrant, licensed to perform civil ceremonies here in Australia. I’m so relieved that the accreditation and registration has all come through in time for me to fill out paperwork for my friend’s ceremony before I go on my holiday.

There aren’t many people I’d be willing to do all the study the course required for but these friends are very dear friends and I’m very much looking forward to performing their ceremony for them and being a part of their day. It also means that I have another source of income and as someone mentioned to me, 10-15 ceremonies in a year, if I chase the work will pay for a very nice holiday every year should I choose to take one.

Now the next step is to choose a business name. The woman whose wedding I’m officiating keeps telling me to go with The Naked Celebrant but I think that would be quite limiting in it’s appeal whereas something a bit more neutral but advertising in nudist publications would help broaden the appeal. So I’m now taking suggestions on a Celebrant Business name. Feel free to contribute.

Tony & Kevin // readings from Harry Potter and Jack Johnson's Better Together from Ipomoea Films on Vimeo.

Something new

This Sunday, weather dependent, two friends and I are off for a naked adventure. Another friend has given us directions to find a beautiful but very secluded trail in the National Park not far out of Sydney where we plan on doing a bit of nude hiking. I’ve never really been brave enough to hike anywhere nude before apart from the signposted trail to a nude beach where nudity is expected.

This is a trail in a park that is most definitely not a legal nude location but the friend that gave us directions has photographic evidence to prove that he was very comfortably naked and he assures us that not a single other person was on the trail or at the waterhole where they ended up. Sounds perfect to me. I’ve even raised the idea if it’s a suitable spot that it might be a location for a photo shoot with Jorge who is keen for another shoot.

Fingers crossed the weather holds and even though we are week out from Winter officially starting here in Australia, the temperatures stay around the 22˚C mark that we are experiencing today. If it’s a little chillier I think we’ll still go as long as it’s not raining as well.

Free Range Beefcake from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.