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It’s a family thing


The other day I found a hot straight Swedish guy on Instagram and was having a look through his photos when I came across an adorable shot of him standing nude on the shore of a lake holding the hands of his sons who were also nude. One of them is about three years old and the other about 18 months or so. They are all very relaxed, facing away from the camera and enjoying the sunshine.

If that had been posted in the U.S. and sadly I believe even here, then I’m afraid that the father would probably be arrested for child porn offenses. There would certainly be a lot of shaming and trolling going on when in reality it’s a very natural thing. I used to see my parents nude a little bit when I was growing up. My family certainly aren’t the types to wander around the shore of a lake nude so I don’t know where I got my nude tendencies but there was never any shame about nudity growing up.

In countries like the U.S. or here a nudist family is more likely to be thought of as strange where it seems that Scandinavia they’d just be another family. It’s a bit sad that so many countries would rather show distressing violence on tv and have no qualms with children seeing that, than a healthy human body.

I haven’t posted the actual image that inspired this post because I didn’t want to invite the drama about posting children. Instead I’ve used an old series of shots that I’ve used before of some young surfer brothers relaxing on the beach. It looks like they are from the 70′s or 80′s.

Some inspiration


There’s an idea I’ve had for a piece to be included in my next photography series that would be quite a stand alone piece but hopefully work with the rest of the tribal images.

While all the shots I’ve done so far have been simple set-ups in the small studio space we set up at home, I’m taking inspiration from the piece above called “The Prophecy” which was the result of Beautiful Mag collaborating with models and photographer and digital artist Aymeric Giraudel. The trick is going to be finding a suitable location to photograph, under the right conditions so that I can put all the models, which will be photographed in the studio, into the location in a realistic or believable way.

If it all works I’d love to print it really large to be quite an imposing piece in the exhibition. Whenever that happens.

Have a safe trip home.


Last night I had a dinner party to farewell the boys that I went to Burning Man with last year that are going back again this year. Part of me is sad not to be going but mostly I’m fine with it. Burning Man is such a big undertaking from all they way over here in Sydney and with so much of the world to see I think I’ve had my Burning Man experiences for a while. It’s such an intense, mind blowing, bizarre, at times difficult experience that I think I will have a break to see other parts of the world before I go back “home” to Black Rock City. All over the playa you are greeted with “Welcome Home” which is a really beautiful way to greet someone.

There is a lot of genuinely life changing thoughts behind Burning Man. Leave no trace. Self expression. Gifting. Self reliance. All of that great stuff but at times there is a lot of bullshit psycho babble being thrown around as well. More than once I heard in very cliched L.A. accents “Oh My God, I just had like this total, you know, epiphany.” No dear, your drugs just kicked in.

I do love that at Burning Man seeing a tattooed red neck walking around in a tutu is no big deal, nor is a metallic onesie or nothing at all. You’d be forgiven for thinking from my choice of photos or the medias portrayal of Burning Man in general that it’s a very nude festival. It’s really not. There is always someone nude nearby and it’s perfectly acceptable but it’s much less of a nude festival than imagined by most people.

To everyone going back “Home” this year, have an amazing time. Play safe, play nice, look after each other.

Running away…


This week has been a really tough week at work with some successes and some frustrating technical dramas and management rubbish, but one of the highlights of the week was my copy of Virgin Island arriving in the post. The latest collaboration between model Todd Sanfield and photographer Kevin McDermott is so lush and beautiful that it couldn’t do anything but put a smile on your face and a lump in your pants.

Todd has made a real name for himself with his modeling, his underwear line and that ridiculous body. He’s also a seriously intelligent, squeezing all the modeling and underwear mogul activities in between his pharmacy studies. Down the track he wants to make headway in HIV research. From everything I have ever seen and can find on Todd, he’s always avoided specifying his sexuality which I think is great. If he’s straight he’s smart enough to not alienate his primary audience, gay men, and if he’s gay he’s keeping the gay boys interested by being mysterious.

It’s rare that one model can hold interest for an entire coffee table book and Todd does it easily in this book and the predecessor, Motel Hotel. Mostly through beautiful photography by Kevin McDermott combined with Todd’s amazing body and beautiful masculine brooding looks but also partly because he’s not afraid of getting it all out for the camera and even getting it hard.

The right inspiration

Back when I was studying graphic design all those many years ago, my illustration teacher told us that if you are going to use reference material then you need to choose the RIGHT reference material and she was dead right. So many people in the performance or artistic world are being “inspired” by the wrong material. Just because someone else has done it doesn’t mean it’s good. Sure you may be able to use it to build something magical but maybe not. Conversely choosing great reference material doesn’t always guarantee success. How many times have we seen up and coming celebrities being made up like Marylin or Audrey Hepburn for a photo shoot and looking like a cheap Halloween knock off.

Thankfully Bell Soto have done a stellar job with this video. I’m not sure if it was actually for a fashion label or as a bit of an editorial promotion like a video version of a magazine spread. The two male models look incredible in this not just relying on the pouty androgyny that is so common these days. They look like old school performers getting ready for the theatre backstage. When I saw this I immediately thought of the image above of Vladimir by the legendary photographer Herb Ritts who died 11 years ago. I would even guess that Ritts was inspired by performers like Nureyev.

Wherever the inspiration has come from using classic theatrical makeup references and using male models who are masculine but comfortable in that slightly feminine realm has really worked to create a beautiful video.

PERFORMANCE from Bell Soto on Vimeo.



Today I had a look at my grindr which I don’t do all that often and a message popped up. That’s the message above. “Interested in a slave? Masculine bi discrete genuine guy here. Regular is minimum I seek ideally.” Uh, what? This message was not accompanied by a photo or any other details about the slave on offer. From watching  shows like Spartacus I know that slave owners at least get to check their slaves teeth and phyiscal health before they take them on. Surely this guy as a genuinely submissive guy would have enjoyed sending degrading nudes for me or was I supposed to demand them from him in a dominant way?

Being the kind of guy that likes equality in my relationships both romantic and sexual I’m not sure of the rules of this kind of thing. Apparently my need of a cleaner didn’t really suit his needs and he blocked me. Doesn’t that go against the rules of being a slave or submissive? I should have been the one to dismiss him?

To be honest I have no understanding of this kind of sexual psychology. I have my own sexual fantasies and ideals but bossing someone around isn’t really on my radar. I would have let him clean my room nude if that would have degraded him sufficiently?

The new strategy

In decades gone by when an actor played gay it spelt doom for their career, caught up in a storm of controversy. These days it’s not a big deal at all and thankfully all the “such a brave role” bullshit seems to have stopped as well. Not only has playing gay become ok but courting the gay market specifically seems to be the way to go. Athletes and Actors all seem to be stripping off in the pages of gay magazines for a bit of extra “exposure”at every given opportunity.

The cast of the Broadway production of Rocky are the latest to do just that for Out magazine. Of course it’s always the hot ones that are asked to strip off and I have no problem with that. If you want to throw your eye candy selves at me to promote your ticket sales then go right ahead. These four guys are sexy as all hell. Market to me boys.

Thanks to Natural City Man for bringing this to my attention.

Reminiscing about lust.

Today I was having a discussion online with a friend about guys and their “size”. I made the comment that it seems like the skinny guys have massive cocks and the bigger guys don’t seem as lucky. Of course it was a sweeping generalisation but my friends and I often joke about the little guys being a life support system for a penis.

The conversation, for some reason reminded me of an encounter that I had 11 years ago. I had moved back from London earlier in the year and was working hard to put weight on after losing a lot of weight and fitness over there, coming back at 67kg. It was winter in Sydney and I had taken myself to the old Ginseng Korean Baths to soak, relax nude and be warm. There was a guy there that I could not take my eyes off. You know those guys that you fall in love with just a little bit as soon as you see them? Something about them just rocks your world.

He had to be about 6’5″ tall and a BIG guy. By big I mean Huge. He wasn’t ripped at all but wasn’t fat at all either, just a man mountain of muscle and solidness. He was sitting on those tiny little stools at the asian style seated showers washing and shaving his junk and his balls and cock hung way over the edge of the stool. So he goes a long way to dispel my theory of skinny guys having massive cocks and visa versa.

He was the very definition of the kind of guy I’d treat like an amusement park ride before cuddling up on the lounge and feeling like everything was right in the world. I’ve never seen him around town since.

May as well do it nude!

This video caught my eye yesterday. The guy has the perfect lean wiry build for rock climbing and clearly has the strength and the talent for it too. I’ve seen other images of people rock climbing nude but bouldering like this guy is doing makes more sense because you don’t need the uncomfortable harness. It’s still going to be awkward if he loses his grip and falls. Cool little video. He’s a sexy guy too.

It’s nobody’s business!

The other day an international Facebook friend of mine posted a status that someone he knows in the showbiz industry knows “for certain” that a bunch of celebrities are gay. Then he went on to list them.

Right, so now that that is cleared up can we shut the fuck up about possibly gay celebrities? Why do we care so much? I know, it’s because we live in a deluded fantasy land that if a rich, famous and good-looking man is gay then we will no doubt get to sleep with them. Guess what? No!

One of the names on the list was James Franco. Do we think he wouldn’t come out if he was? The man is about as close to fucking another man on screen as your favourite porn star but he’d do it with bad lighting in a public gallery and call it art. I don’t think he has anything to hide. Hugh Jackman was another on the list. This one just won’t quit. Both the guys mentioned are incredibly gay friendly and not in the least homophobic and most people that are scared of being outed would stay well away from gay rights wouldn’t they?

The tone of the post was quite amazing that because he’d heard it from a friend that it must be true. All of these rumours are started by someone’s friend. They are all bullshit and even if they aren’t, it’s nobodies business! By constantly associating scandal with sexuality we are perpetuating the lesson to young people struggling that being gay is somehow wrong or sneaky. Let’s leave it up to celebrities to come out on their own, that way they won’t feel as much pressure to hide it.

Another tribal shoot

Some of you might remember seeing Nathan before on the pages of this blog. He was the brave soul that let me paint him in the window of an art gallery at an opening a few months back. That also led to me introducing him to Ross Watson and Nathan being immortalised on canvas.

Today I painted Nathan again in a similar way for the tribal series of photos that I’m working on. It was a technically challenging shoot today as I was forced to use just one light as a globe exploded yesterday while I was doing another shoot and there was something going on with the one light that was working. Despite all that, I’m really happy with the results. Nathan is very easy to work with and takes direction really well.

I still haven’t workout out when I’ll put this exhibition on for public display. Financial concerns are the main issue and I keep having ideas that will work well with the theme. Stay tuned.

Keeping me organised

Thank goodness I have organised friends. I’m one of those terrible people that gets a message from someone saying “Are we still on for diner tomorrow night” and I’ve completely forgotten about our plans. Thankfully my friends have learnt this and now remind me well in advance.

Tonight some friends and I are off to see Tom At the Farm which doesn’t exactly look like a delightful romp through a farm romance. No, it looks much like a twisted nightmare when Tom goes out to a farm for his partner’s funeral only to find out that his family know nothing of who Tom is or what he was to their son/brother. Awkward. Here’s hoping it’s better than the last movie we went to see together called Praia Do Futuro which was the most disjointed movie with no explanation for massive jumps in the story that I’ve seen in years.

Update: Here’s my thoughts on the movie. Once I stopped being distracted by the lead character’s hideous hair including extensions, I was truly unnerved by the movie. I kept thinking “WTF am I watching?” the whole way through. As a friend on facebook who loved it has pointed out, it obviously got me thinking and I guess to an extent I was invested in the movie. I wanted certain outcomes to happen but by the end I figured none of the characters were likeable and the only thing I really wanted to happen was to see the psycho brother character nude. As I said to my friend, it may have got me thinking but I very much doubt I’d watch it again.

Not quite appropriate

There is a guy that goes to my gym relatively regularly that while technically he’s not doing anything wrong, leaves me feeling slightly uneasy. He is usually just arriving at the gym as I’m hitting the shower and getting dressed. He arrives and the first thing he does is take everything but his underwear off in the locker room. So far there’s nothing out of the ordinary. We all do that to change into our gym gear. He spends as much time as possible wearing the bare minimum while he irons a shirt, unpacks his gym bag and generally fusses about getting organised before putting on his clothes to train.

This is where I started to get an impression that being seen and looked at was his thing. The shorts he puts on are TINY little shorts. They would look out of place in 99% of gyms on everyone, no matter how stunning a body they might possess. While he is far from in bad shape this guy is no adonis. What makes it worse is that he then takes these tiny shorts and hitches them up so they are barely more than speedos. I could possibly understand hitching long shorts up when doing squats or something but these shorts aren’t interfering in anything, let alone chin-ups.

The other day I noticed him lying on the floor right next to where everyone walks in and out of the locker room, on his back between sets of sit-ups with his legs wide open looking around the gym as if he was making sure that he was being noticed. Like I said earlier, nothing he is doing is wrong but it feels like misplaced exhibitionism. I have no problem whatsoever with exhibitionists but this feels slightly inappropriate like he’s almost forcing people to be voyeurs unwillingly. Interestingly I would have zero problem with him wandering around the locker room completely nude for as long as he liked. It’s the borderline indecent shorts and vaguely in-your-face behaviour out on the gym floor that bothers me.

A bit of random streaking

Who knows why guys do this kind of thing? Who cares? I love the idea of seeing guys doing nudie runs and being cheeky but I’ve never really been lucky enough to be a witness to it sadly. What I really don’t understand is the absurd laugh track they have put over this video as if it’s a low budget comedy. Nevertheless, while we don’t get any views of the guys running towards the camera we do have a short video of two guys running down the street nude in the rain. Enjoy.

CITEBEUR.CLUB videos gay from Adrien Masseur on Vimeo.

Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual #32

In the previous instalment of Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual one was praising the use of a good old fashioned insult when trying to capture the attention of a potential suitor. If one doesn’t have the fortitude to outright insult someone, as it can be quite challenging, perhaps one should contemplate a very well placed compliment but served with a large helping of backhand.

Just this morning one received, after a short conversation with a man 15 years my junior, two of these backhanded compliments. The first was “You’re really hot for a 40 year old.” It’s important to have that little disclaimer tacked on to a compliment just so you don’t seem too keen. This was followed a little while later with “I bet you are really hot when you were younger.” That particular compliment had the backhander included in a few different ways. Firstly the mixing of past and present tense served to emphasise just how old one is because when one was at school we learnt at least the basics of the English language. Secondly the gentleman was pointing out how youthful and apparently more attractive he is while at the same time referencing that while one may have been hot myself several years ago, there is barely a trace of that left.

This exchange got one so worked up and excited about future backhanded compliments that one accidentally hit the block button.