Creative Block!

I have the model. I have ideas. They just don’t seem to be going together.
Matt is a Sydney guy who I came across a couple of years ago I think through the photography of Luke Austin. I only recently worked up the balls to ask him to model for me.
I pitched one idea but I’m not sure that idea will work any more. It’s one of the origami ideas that I’ve spoken about before but those don’t seem to be working very well so I think I’m abandoning that plan.
The trouble is I just don’t know what to do with him. He says he’s done lots of studio work before but his Instagram is full of location shoots. My natural instinct is to contradict his incredibly strong physique and try and make him look vulnerable but he’s even done a bit of that.
So much confusion!! Please feel free to give me suggestions.
UPDATE: Since I first drafted this email I’ve given it more thought. I think I’m going to get him back in the studio and do what I love to do. I’m going to play with the idea of hiding, obscuring, disguising. Let’s see what happens! Suggestions still welcome.

A new adventure!

In all the years I’ve been going to nude beaches I’d say 95% of my nude buddies have been gay men. There have been some occasional exceptions to the rule. The one that comes to mind is Andy who I met on the nude beach and went on to photograph a few times over the years.

This weekend I’m going on a hike with a bunch of people from a nudist Facebook group. From what I can gather it’s mostly people in their 30’s and 40’s and it’s mostly straight guys and girls. Women are very well represented in their adventures which is awesome. On most nude beaches in Sydney, women are very much under represented. I did have concerns that the straight guys might not be that welcoming of a gay man and his gay mates turning up but the group was very actively supportive of Marriage Equality in the horrible plebiscite campaign. One of the guys in the group is gay. He and I have been chatting a bit and he said that he is often the only gay guy at the meet ups but the guys are all fine around him.

We are all going on a bush walk to a waterfall somewhere in the West of Sydney. There will be over an hour drive to get there and then a walk of about an hour before we all frolic naked in the waterfall and the sunshine. I’m really excited. It’s always fun to meet new people and looking at all the photos on the private Facebook page they know some beautiful spots which may get used for photo shoots in the near future! Fingers crossed before it gets too cold.

Get RED now!

After shooting the series all the way back in November, now that QAMA is out I can release the full set of uncensored, uncrossed images and that’s exactly what I’ve done. In the 14th download to be released in my store, RED is full of sexy images of MrRevell and Peaks & Cheeks.

There are some very obviously perks to doing a shoot like this, having two beautiful, hung men getting their sexy on in front of you. I very much appreciate the guys taking the plunge and getting naked, hard and up-close with a complete stranger for me to take photos!

Head on over to to buy your download of RED, or any of the other 13 downloads, or a limited edition print. There are so many to choose from!

While we are on the subject of these downloads, I need a name for them. They individually have names but I need a short, easy name to call the whole series. Joel Devereux has the amazing DVRX series in the same vein. You should go and buy some of those too!

So if anyone has any ideas for a name for these downloads, please email me or comment on the Facebook page with your suggestions.

Don’t do that!

Being known as a photographer has it’s perks. There are times when someone truly stunning asks if they can model for me. That’s often a yes from me. If I can see that I’m going to get some images that I can use from it then it’s a collaboration. They get images, I get images. It all works nicely.
Sometimes I get enquiries about a photo shoot from someone who wants photos for their own reasons or I’ll get a message from someone that doesn’t fit what I look for in a model. In those instances I tell them what I charge for a photo shoot which is not an unreasonable amount at all. Today I had one of those enquiries. I told the gentleman my price and when I realised he was at least an hour away I told him he’d have to pay for travel time as well. All was proceeding nicely thank you very much. This was all taking place on my personal Instagram page, not my photography account.
The next question that pops up after he asks how the photos will be delivered etc is “Does this come with a massage?” Now I’m no prude and if there had been some flirty banter I might have brushed it off but completely out of the blue, out of context and following up on a professional request, just no. So I told him that wasn’t appropriate. He tried to say it was a joke but I just had a bad vibe by then so I blocked him on both accounts.
Why on earth would someone do that? I wouldn’t go into any other business, other than a massage business and ask if their regular goods and services come with a massage. Just don’t do that!

A return to freedom!

Sorry for the radio silence for a few days but I was away on my annual family Easter vacation for the long weekend. We’ve been going to the same place for about 13 years and I’m really bored with the location of where we go but it’s always great to catch up with the family friends that we go with.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with the area but it’s not wildly exciting. We have had some fun on my broth-in-law’s stand up paddle board and swimming at the beach and there is always lots of relaxing and reading, doing nothing time along with several drinks and many many laughs.

Now that I’m home I am looking forward to a little more freedom. Being the single guy out of the two families I always end up sharing a room with my now 15 year old nephew and the 11 year old son in the other family. They are great kids and it’s really not a big deal at all. It’s not like I’m going out and picking up so it’s not cramping my style. However, I do normally sleep naked. Wearing shorts to bed is not comfortable and of course as soon as you can’t strip off or have a wank, that’s all you want to do. I kept waking up in the night with a boner and my balls tangled in my shorts. Far from ideal.

Oh well. It only happens once a year and that negative is far outweighed by the positives of the annual adventure. Maybe one day I will meet someone and then we’ll get a bedroom to ourselves.

Angry at myself

Don’t you hate it when you make a promise to yourself to do something or never do something again and then the one opportunity you get to fulfil that promise, you break it instead?
About four years ago there was a guy working out at my gym. We’d sort of nod hi and that was it. Then he disappeared. About six months later he turned up in the supermarket near my job in a very different part of town to the gym. He actually said to me “I know you don’t I?” and I explained that we trained at the same gym. Turns out he’d just moved to this other area and for some reason I made an assumption in my head that he had moved with a partner. No idea what gave me that impression.
After making polite conversation briefly, we parted ways and I kicked myself for not just asking him for a coffee or something. Anything. So then and there I made a promise to myself to ask him out if I ever got the chance.
Fast forward 3-4 years to last night. I was up the road from my house going to get some groceries and a bottle of wine and he was walking down the street. He didn’t see me. Do we all think I kept my promise, said hello and asked him out? Of course fucking not! I’m an idiot! The promise still stands though. If he is in my area that means I may see him again. No more chickening out!

QAMA – Roja is out now!

Issue #4 is out now of QAMA Magazine. It’s an online magazine that is free although you might need a free registration to see it because of possible adult content. This is the third issue of the magazine that I’ve been a contributor and it’s possibly my most challenging work yet.

QAMA Roja isn’t a large volume but it’s all about the colour RED. My series, called “RED” is all about expressing the emotions that the colour Red embodies. Passion, lust, anger, love. The two models were fantastic to work with. Mr Revell has made his return to my lens after many years and the other model, known as Peaks and Cheeks on Instagram makes his debut in my photography. They’d never worked together but they were fearless in their approach as you can see.

Getting two models to do erotic work here in Sydney is challenging enough but when they are being asked to do it with someone else is even more difficult, especially when they haven’t met before. I will be releasing a pdf download of this series next week so be excited but be patient!

In exciting news I will be guest editing the next issue of QAMA and I’m looking for contributors. All art forms welcome as long as they can be included in a pdf. Writing, photography, drawing, painting, installation, whatever. The theme for Issue #5 of QAMA will be “Cliché” – a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse, as sadder but wiser, or strong as an ox. What happens when you subvert that cliché? Can you pay homage to a stereotype while cutting it in half?

This should be fun

There are some people you can chat to for ages about doing a photo shoot and it just never seems to happen. Max The Pony is one of those guys. We have chatted for about two or three years about doing a shoot but we’ve recently reconnected on Instagram and we have locked in a shoot on the 8th April. I’m getting much better at just booking shoots in and not procrastinating.

Max is a sweet guy, a sex worker and has one of the most enormous penises I’ve ever seen. You get a vague impression of it in these photos but they don’t do it justice. The damn thing gets ENORMOUS. So we are finally going to do some shots. I’m aiming for a very horny edition of the pdf downloads I’ve been selling and we will also create some great content for his Onlyfans. We are talking all sorts of things which will be fun to do.

His page is only fairly new but when it hits 100 followers he is going to start posting some more explicit content than just jerk off videos and photos etc.

Comments are still broken on this blog which is driving me crazy but feel free to leave suggestions on the Facebook Page of what imagery you would like to see us create on the shoot!

Dancing at Dawn

The photos I took on the morning of Mardi Gras, of Timothy and Josh were very popular on Instagram. The shoot was good fun. Working with performers has so far been really good for me even though I had kind of expected all performers to be a bit difficult. These two boys are nothing but fantastic and bathing them in golden morning sunlight was perfect.

So of course, I’ve put together a download for you all to buy called “Dancing At Dawn“. I’m not sure how long I can keep up this schedule of weekly uploads but until I run out of material, I’ll keep trying. That is if they keep selling. They aren’t making me rich but people seem to enjoy them. This one doesn’t contain any frontal imagery but I hope that’s not the main motivation for everyone.

Seems a shame

Tomorrow morning I have a photo shoot with Woody Fox. Woody is a guy that I’ve known for a few years now and photographed for a couple of times for my second exhibition. Woody isn’t his real name. It’s his porn name. He’s back in Australia for a little while and we had talked about doing a shoot so that is what we are doing.

Now when a porn model wants to do a shoot with you, there is kind of an assumption that they’ll be ok with doing full frontal, possibly erotic shots. Now Woody clearly has no problem doing that but we can’t do any of that because of his contract with Falcon Studios. Apparently we are only allowed to shoot stuff that is “Instagram friendly.” Well damn, doesn’t that seem like a bit of a shame?

Having a porn model like Woody in front of my camera I naturally was thinking about the pdf download that we might get to produce. We will still be doing nudes but unless he’s changed his mind, there won’t be any of Woody’s wood.

Never Enough

Having shared a lot of my life over the12 years this blog has been going and sharing a lot of photography, very willingly, you start to learn a bit about human nature.

One thing that has come to my attention is that gay men are a bunch of horny folks and enough is never enough. If I post a shot of a super sexy guy in underwear, they want the undies off. If I post a non-frontal nude, they want frontal. If I post frontal, they want erect. If I post erect, they want it buried so far deep in someone else he may as well climb inside the person and use him like a sleeping bag.

I get it. I’m a horny homo myself and I love seeing hot guys naked but photographers post what they are willing to share. We aren’t going to go “Oops, sorry to post the modest stuff when I really must have meant to post the graphically detailed sex stuff!”

Sometimes I get the impression that gay men have never seen a cock before in their life. We all know that isn’t true.

Pro tip, if a model isn’t shown with his wang out, or the wang isn’t hard go to tumblr. There are THOUSANDS of cock shots, fuck pics, gifs, videos and cum shots on there. Easy. Get your cock out and have at it and enjoy.

And that’s me done!

In an attempt to overhaul my body a little bit, I bought an 8 week bodyweight transformation program. For a while there I almost enjoyed it. Today was the last workout of the program and I have to say I’m very relieved.

For the first half of the program I was feeling really good but by week 7 I’d hit the wall. I was feeling really run down and needed a few days off from the gym. Ultimately it took me 9 weeks to finish off the program.

In my usual way, I didn’t do as much as I could have to transform myself, not really changing my diet that much but I had no intention of looking like a Men’s Health Cover Model. As a result I haven’t actually lost any weight. What has happened is that I feel much better, my fitness has improved and my body has changed a bit. The back fat has decreased and everything else has toned up and even my butt is a little firmer than it was. I’d say that overall it has been a success.

From here I will be incorporating some of the workouts into my regular gym routine. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to lifting heavy weights but I will go back to things like the battle ropes and kettle bells.

Above is a photo from the weekend. Yesterday, after photographing the beautiful Leonardo I took the opportunity of a beautiful morning combined with a nude beach at my feet, to go for a swim and Leonardo offered to take a couple of snaps for me. I can’t believe that it’s had so many likes on Instagram in one day.

Bohemian Rhapsody!

I make no secret of the fact I develop a crush on some of my models. Some I lust after, some I laugh with and the (thankfully) rare one I barely tolerate. Today was a crush kind of day. Leonardo is a 23 year old Italian traveller enjoying exploring life here in Australia. He’s a tattoo enthusiast and aspiring tattoo artist. He’s also a surfer and a bit of a hippy, free soul. Having never done a photo shoot before, he said yes when I asked. He even has “One life, one chance” tattooed on his knees.

Leonardo isn’t the type of guy that I usually go for at all. I’m not a massive fan of a lot of tattoos or piercings but there is something incredibly sexy about Leonardo. His vibe is very chilled, relaxed and open to whatever life brings his way. It’s that attitude that he brought to the shoot. Happy to do full frontal it was just something that he thought he was being given the opportunity to do so why not?

All of this definitely meant that I had a crush on Leonardo by the end of the shoot. In two weeks he is leaving Sydney and embarking on new adventures. I’m certainly glad that he agreed to do a photo shoot with me.

If you want to buy the booklet “Bohemian” celebrating Leonardo’s hippy, surfer vibe the head to my shop and download it! If anyone wants to buy a print of Leonardo, just get in touch and we can work it out!

Highs and lows

Life can take you by surprise and it does, often. Today it did, twice, for me.

In the past, I’ve posted about Active Naturists and the man who runs it, Kirill many times. A few weeks ago Kirill was in Miami and riding his bike to a nude yoga class and was hit by an SUV. Kirill was in the bike lane and observing all the road rules but still got hit. This morning I found out that he passed away.

Kirill was a pioneer for nudism around the world. He set up the Gymnasium nude camp at Burning Man a few years ago and was always promoting nude adventure travel around the world. He will be a huge loss to the nudist world. I only met him once in New York but a nicer guy you won’t meet.

In stark contrast, this afternoon I had a catch up with some friends of mine and I was very very pleasantly surprised to find out they are having a baby after trying for 4 years and two rounds of IVF. I’ve learnt through several friends having trouble falling pregnant that you don’t ask or say anything about it unless told. When my friend came back from the bar with a soda water, in a pub I had my suspicions but I wasn’t going to say a word. Thankfully they confided in me. SO happy.

naked oil wrestling at Burning Man 2016 from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

Go do it!

A very good friend of mine is having surgery tomorrow. It’s big, important surgery that will have lasting effects. If he’s been aware that he was at risk and had recognised symptoms earlier he may not be in this position. What is the problem? My friend is only 41 and he has an enlarged prostate.

The surgery tomorrow takes out part of his prostate which has been blocking his urethra and cutting off the flow from the bladder. The only reason they found this was because it caused a life-threatening infection.

Looking back my friend had had trouble from this for years. We are all lead to believe that we only need to have our prostates checked over forty and I’m still yet to have a check at 44. I guess the message I have hear is to acknowledge symptoms. If you have trouble peeing, a low flow, pain or anything, get it checked regardless of your age.

One of the side effects of this surgery is that he may never ejaculate again. It’s a heart breaking result but ongoing infections, a failing bladder and constant ill health is worse. The ideal solution is to recognise symptoms early and get it fixed. GO GET CHECKED!