Hacked again

I just got notified by another reader that I’d been hacked again. At least the hacker posted an anti Isis message. I’ve just upgraded my WordPress so hopefully that helps. The update did say it fixed some security bugs. Thanks for your patience!

I was hacked

As some of you saw and some messaged me about, I was hacked. I’m not sure why someone would target this little blog but I think that’s what hackers do. They hack things just because they can. As far as hacks go it was a pretty gentle one and I’m very grateful. I don’t know that much about that world but I know it could have been a lot worse for me.

So, now that we are back to regular programming, let me see what I can blog.

Still? Really?

This morning, perusing my Facebook feed I happened upon a post by a guy I know having a bit of a rant, naming and shaming another guy that I’ve known vaguely in an online context for a while. The subject of the rant had (evidenced by a screen shot of a now deleted post) been on a moral high horse about the “sanctity of marriage” and judging up a storm about people in open relationships. Essentially asking “why get married?” but serving it up with a lot of shade.

As we all know, I used to rail against open relationships and even now, for myself I aspire to a monogamous relationship if I ever find myself in a long term situation. My position has changed over the years on open relationships and I know several that seem to work perfectly fine in various forms.

The comment thread on the rant got a bit bitchy and horrible which I didn’t really care for but I am working on the assumption that it was inspired by the person who does have a habit of stirring up trouble and being thoroughly odd. It would seem there is a stunning lack of self awareness but an abundance of self absorption going on with him so of course he can preach all he likes, judging everyone else’s relationship right?

I would have thought as a community that gay men might have moved past slut shaming. Apparently not. To throw around the “sanctity of marriage” line makes him as bad as the suburban “christians” who cheat on their wives or husbands but just don’t give their partner the respect of discussing it first. Surely a healthy, agreed open relationship is a lot better than a miserable marriage where one or both parties might cheat?

Go out, have all the consensual sex you want. Get caught up in that and stop worrying about what other couples are doing or not doing.

Love and beauty

It’s no secret that my friend Joel Devereux is a very talented photographer whom I admire a hell of a lot. He’s recently launched his FOODP*RN book and exhibition in Brisbane and being the incredibly hard working guy that he is, he’s constantly working as well as entering competitions. Joel recently entered the MELT portrait prize with the beautiful image above called “Distance”.

Joel has described the image as “A tale of two cities, the work is glimpse into the world of long distance cross-cultural love. Living apart for most of the year due to work, the image of the couple, Ryan & Julian, was created during a rare moment of togetherness in Brisbane in 2016. After a chance meeting, the work captures the story of an American & Australian embarking on an ambitious journey that would put many relationships to the test. This is a study of hope, trust and love in the modern day.” If you like the image, feel free to click “Like” on the image at this link which means you are voting for it in the MELT competition.

Given the current political climate, a long distance relationship between Australia and the U.S. is one fraught with stresses on top of the usual associated with distance. Here’s hoping these boys make it work!

Every Day…

After the gloomy post last night I thought it was time for a bit of simply lovely. This is a little video by my youtube crush MarkE Miller (and his lovely boyfriend Ethan Hethcote) and it’s a very simple video reminding us all to enjoy the little things. Sometimes it’s just those simple things that bring the biggest smiles to our faces.

I just can’t

In just over a week of being President, Donald Trump has done more to ruin the reputation and credibility of The United States than Reality TV could ever dream of.

He is completely devoid of intellect, compassion, class and eloquence, all attributes overflowing in his predecessor.

Trump has already removed health care from millions and now his ban on entering the states from very carefully selected countries shows the true level of his evil. Interestingly it’s being reported that no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been committed by citizens of those countries yet countries that have committed terrorist acts on US soil have been left alone and it just so happens that Trump has business dealings in those countries. I am not 100% that is true but it seems like something he’d do.

Do I think he will serve four years in the job? Dear god I hope not and I doubt it. At the rate he’s going he’ll have broken the record for the most unconstitutional events and be impeached quick smart. Maybe this is the wake-up call the world needs, if we survive him, to realise that backward thinking and uninformed lies are not the way forward for politics. In the meantime I won’t visit the U.S. while he is in power. I just can’t.

Straight and wet

Andrew is a friend of a friend. That friend being the first guy I ever photographed nude, Erik. Andrew and Erik were apparently talking and Andrew who is learning a bit of photography was coming to Sydney and wanted to be involved in a photo shoot with me, whether it be assisting or modelling. Since I didn’t have anything planned to have him assist on, he was thrust into the spotlight.

Andrew is one of those fantastic straight boys with lots of gay friends who is as comfortable hearing about our shenanigans as he is telling us about his. He’s done some modelling and acting before and he was very comfortable in front of a camera. Even when I threw a piece of wet sheer fabric over him, he didn’t seem phased at all. Those photos are yet to be edited. I’m still trying to decide what treatment they are going to get. As you can see from the shots above though, Andrew’s Italian heritage mixed with his stunning clear blue eyes means that he could look like any number of nationalities. He and I had a laugh at the absurdity of what I was making the poor man suffer through during the shoot. It must have felt horrible having a piece of clammy wet fabric clinging to him. He said he really enjoyed the experience though.

Andrew has just made the switch from being a 9 to 5 office worker and is about to head off on a big adventure with no end date in sight, becoming a digital nomad. He’s already amassed quite a following on his Instagram account and I’m sure that will grow!

From dark beginnings

There are a few of the world’s perceived “A-gays” who are doing very nicely on Instagram and seem to live glamorous lives. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen but whatever the case, we rarely hear about people’s beginnings. Levi Foster has 220 thousand followers on Instagram and moves in some cool circles, friends with Kyle Kreiger and Max Emerson from what I can tell. I don’t follow these guys religiously, nor am I even that invested.

Today I came across a new photographic collaboration that he’s shared on his tumblr, called “Doubting Thomas”. Levi has collaborated with photographer Luke Fontana to create a mini photographic essay exploring Levi’s history, growing up gay and Mormon then rejecting the confines of that history. It’s a beautiful collaboration. The lighting and mood are exquisite and elegantly express that mood of darkness that I’m sure Levi felt growing up somewhere he didn’t feel like he belonged. Clearly Levi has a fantastic body, and there are lots of photos of it on his Instagram but the nudity in this series is far from gratuitious. Personally I think it beautifully shows the vulnerability and then his growing strength once he found his feet outside the Mormon world. I was surprised to see him go (subtly) full frontal and liked the way that too was elegantly done. What a beautiful collaboration.

It’s been a while

Today has been Australia Day. A day typically reserved for getting drunk, having a barbecue and celebrating our national day. I haven’t done that. The weather hasn’t been great and I’ve been studying today having a very quiet day.

I’ve been in a weird mood for the last week or so. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any sexual contact and while I’m not craving sex as such, although that would be great fun and very much appreciated and enjoyed, I’m craving some less adult touch. I’d kill for a cuddle to be honest. To fall asleep spooning or being spooned by someone would be absolute heaven. It’s too warm to sleep like that through the night but I would love to feel someone else’s breath, heartbeat or just some skin on skin contact.

A good massage would do the trick for a while, one of those beautiful massages where the hands aren’t gropey but they aren’t shy about brushing your balls. A massage where the modesty towel isn’t necessary and in an ideal world, the masseur is nude too. I’ve had several “happy ending” massages and they are all well and good but don’t rush the massage to get to that. Let the energy build slowly by doing a good job of the massage first.

I want one!

Watching lots of youtube videos as I have been, by the likes of Ben Brown and Lost LeBlanc I have seen some very beautiful drone footage. These guys always take drones on their adventures to capture a different perspective of their locations. My boss has bought himself one and I’m sure I will get a chance to learn how to use it at some stage but after seeing all the beautiful footage around taken by drones I would dearly love one of my own. Obviously that’s not an option financially at the moment. Once I have this European adventure behind me (so excited) it is time to work on replacing my dying computer and then a bit further down the track, upgrading my camera. A drone is a luxury that just isn’t on my radar at the moment but we can all dream right?

In the meantime, I know I’ve posted this before but I thought this clip was fun and suited the blog, it’s some straight porn filmed on a drone. There is nothing explicit in it so I’m fine with posting it here on the blog. Enjoy.

DRONE BONING // Featuring Taggart & Rosewood // from GHOST+COW FILMS on Vimeo.

So talented

Back in College my class was taught how to do calligraphy and I loved it. I can’t claim to have been good at it, nor did I practice very much at all. It did leave me with a huge appreciation of the creativity, talent and patience that it takes to do a beautiful piece of calligraphy.

Rajiv Surendra is an actor, writer and calligrapher. Apparently he was in Mean Girls but since I am apparently the only homosexual man in the world that hasn’t seen it, I wouldn’t know. While he was filming Mean Girls he read the book “Life of Pi” and decided that he was destined to play the lead character. That destiny didn’t actually turn out to be the case but he has now written a book about the experience of campaigning for the role. That book is “The Elephants in My Backyard”.

Also being a calligrapher, Rajiv has created this beautifully hand drawn cover for his book in chalk. Thankfully for us he’s also created a video of himself putting it together. This is the level of “behind the scenes” video I would like to get to. It’s so simply but beautifully done and clearly Rajiv isn’t exactly adverse to being goofy. A sexy, beautiful man who takes himself less than seriously is a very attractive man indeed.

Chalking up my cover… from Rajiv Surendra on Vimeo.

A thank you and a question

The readers of this blog are fantastic people. I’ve known this for a long time but it was reaffirmed for me last week. I asked a favour of you all to go and subscribe to my YouTube channel and a whole heap of you went straight over and did it. My subscriber numbers have doubled just because of you, my loyal wonderful readers. That effort on your behalf is very much appreciated. If I’ve learnt anything from social media over the past few years, particularly Instagram, it’s that once you start to build followers, it takes on an organic growth of it’s own. So those extra 100 subscribers, hitting like or commenting will mean that even more people will see the videos now. So it’s a huge thank you from me!

Now I have a question for you. The people that comment on my posts are a small band of regulars. It’s rare for me to get a comment from someone I haven’t had comments from before so it’s hard to gauge how often people are here. I’m curious about how often people drop by to read my ramblings and look at the pictures of gorgeous naked men. So please, take another moment (I’m asking so much of you all lately!) to click your appropriate response in the poll below to let me know. Feel free to comment and let me know if or why you comment or don’t comment if you feel like it as well.

How often do you come here

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Sensual loving

Through a conversation recently with someone, I came across Hegre-Art, an erotica/porn company created by photographer Petter Hegre. It’s straight erotica and very much focuses on the woman, aimed at women. That seems like a strange thing for me to have found, I get it. Personally I’m quite happy watching straight porn, bi porn, gay porn and all sorts of porn so as long as it’s done well, I’m fine. The videos don’t actually even have that much sex in them so they are more erotica than porn.

The guy that is in the first one I found just turned me on so much. He is completely focused on getting the woman off in a sensual massage video but he is stunning. He’s completely shaved which I know will turn a lot of you hair connoisseurs off. Unfortunately though on the Hegre-Art site, they only seem to credit the women and all I know of this guy is that his name is Alex. Nothing else. No idea if he’s done any other porn or even a last name. A couple of the photos above were taken during this photo shoot where he has two women balanced on him, all nude and watching him walk around naked is so beautiful. Then there is this video where he has some tantric massage fun with another woman but at least we get to see his boner. Interestingly I believe that is a little nude beach about 40 minutes walk along the coast from Sitges and I went there in 2015 when I was there. Beautiful spot. Sadly he wasn’t walking around that beach that day with a boner. Oh well.

Anyway, Alex looks so clean cut and gorgeous which is a type I’ve always liked, that you could pretty much take him home to mum and she’d still approve even though he’s a porn star.

Have I failed?

This weekend I’m heading to Wollongong where I grew up to catch up with some old school friends and to spend time with my parents. Another motivation is to go car shopping with my father. My car is 15 years old and it needs to be replaced. I fully accept that cars are not my thing and I haven’t looked after it properly but there are a growing number of things happening with the car that make it too costly to repair. More than it’s worth that’s for sure.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough money so my parents are being amazing and lending me some money to buy a new car. I love them for this and appreciate it more than they know but it makes me feel like I might be failing at being an adult.

Now, I can hear you all warming up your commenting fingers telling me about my impending trip to Europe. That is the reason that I can’t afford to replace my car. Maybe I have my priorities out of whack but for me travel is a priority. I will pay my parents back as soon as I can and there will be a minimum weekly repayment agreed to but at 43 should I be able to buy a car if I need to without help? I’m not entirely sure.

This failure to adult well seems to be common. One friend of mine is sleeping on a mattress on the floor because he’s just moved house and can’t decide on what bed to buy. A work colleague (the junior) seems to often be complaining about a lack of money but then spends a LOT of money on her boyfriend’s birthday adventure. Maybe all of us have our priorities out of whack?

I know that living on a single income in Sydney is an expensive way to live, but then there is all that freedom of being single in a great city… See, I can’t adult.

A little favour…

I’m going to ask a little favour. As you all know if you come by this little part of the web on a semi-regular basis, I’ve started a YouTube channel. I started it around four months ago properly and I’ve managed to get over 100 subscribers already. Now I know everyone that follows this blog watches the videos when I post them here on the blog and that’s fantastic but I’m going to ask a little favour.

I have a longer term project in mind that will involve this YouTube channel and to make it work I’m going to need more subscribers. SO, I’m asking that if you like the videos would you mind taking a moment to go through to my YouTube channel and give it a quick subscribe. A lot of you have gmail/google+ accounts and that’s all you need to subscribe. I’ll be very grateful. Pretty please?