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Picking up the camera

It’s been nearly three months since I have done a photo shoot and that’s a bit slack on my part. The last shoot was with Johnnie above shot at a location called Gordon’s Bay in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

This coming Saturday I’ll be picking up the camera again for a paid job. I’m not sure I’ll be able to share any of the shots as it’s for a client and it isn’t for me to share them. The client is ridiculously hot though so if there is a way for me to share them I will.

A couple of weeks later I’ll be doing another paid job. That one is another private job. The client is someone I met a couple of months ago doing a photography favour for a friend and he saw my work and liked it and is commissioning me to do some artistic portraits of him before his 50th birthday. He said he’d been wanting something a bit different to standard professional portraits that you might get at one of those studios that charge a fortune and aren’t very creative. I hope I come up with some great shots but I believe we are both on the same page in regards to what we are trying to achieve.

Where do I find it?

Over the weekend I went camping with a couple of mates. One of them I’ve known for years and feel very comfortable with. The other I’ve met a handful of times through some friends and he’s a really nice guy and was good company to have along for a relaxed weekend naked in the sun. He’s a very confident guy and I found myself being intimidated by him.

Everyone has their insecurities and I know that he does but he seemed so confident. He has a great body and a big old dick swinging around so that really doesn’t hurt especially on a nude camping weekend. I found myself being less outgoing than I normally would be amongst friends.

How do I get my confidence back? I’m sick of being intimidated and easily discouraged around guys and just in general. I’d love some tips from anyone who has been in a similar situation or from anyone with ways of rediscovering my confidence. Too many people try and find confidence in “likes” on Facebook and Instagram but that’s not what I’m after. That’s fleeting and it’s not real.

Scenic Boys: A Gourmet Gallivant from scenicboys on Vimeo.

So jealous

This is the gymspiration post for this week’s workouts. One of my lucky London readers has some extra motivation for his workouts lately. He’s found himself a personal trainer who runs one on one sessions from a private studio space where both client and personal trainer are nude. Yep, nude. As his website says, he is happy for the client to touch his body in order to understand what muscles should be being used for particular exercises and he is up front and understanding that both client and himself may get a hard on but it’s not a sexual service. My reader says it’s a fantastic workout and that is also a very sexy experience.

Not only does this amazing PT train clients one on one in his private studio but on Sundays he has access to a gym when it is closed to the public where he is running nude group circuit sessions for about 20 naked guys. That sounds amazing! My understanding is that it is a mixed group of straight and gay men and no one cares what anyone’s orientation is. Everyone is there for the same goal, to work out and get fit/keep fit and to have the bonus of doing that workout nude.

I’ve posted on the blog before that I would LOVE a nude gym session but I very much doubt that it will ever happen here in Sydney. If there are any Sydney PT’s out there reading this that have the means and the opportunity to make something like this happen, please do so!

Sean’s fitness update

Sean is our final contender to get his update photos in and like most of us, hasn’t really noticed a visual difference yet but has noticed his workouts getting easier. Sean is changing his diet and staying as committed as he can. Like everyone, and probably how we all got in our exercise-necessary positions, work and life gets in the way.

I have been finding that being prepared is the key. This weekend I haven’t had a chance but I’ve been trying to prepare food in advance to take to work for lunches which stops me eating the bad food that is available near my office.

Such strength

Aerial straps is an apparatus that I would love to try but it’s very tough on the shoulders and in the last couple of years I’ve realised mine just aren’t as strong as they used to be. This guy has such amazing strength and grace. There are a lot of moves in straps that are similar to silks but some that are very different. Jason makes it look so easy and I can assure you, it’s not. It sure doesn’t hurt that he’s hot and has a killer body. The hours and hours of training these tricks have taken to master have also done wonders for his body.

JASON BRUEGGER – aerial straps from MSFTS productions on Vimeo.

Challenger Updates!

I have update photos from a two of the challengers and a new challenger for the Fitness Challenge. It’s great to see people committing to this challenge to make themselves feel better!

Barak is on the left. He has got a personal trainer and changed his diet as well as putting in time at the gym. So far he’s down three kilos (6.6lb) and down 1.5% bodyfat which is a great effort. Barak tells me that he can’t see a difference yet but we all have to persevere. I’m not noticing a lot of change yet either but I do feel better which is one of the main goals!

Dermott is also struggling with not noticing a lot of difference but he’s enjoying his workouts and staying focused.

New to the challenge is a Sydney boy, Sam. Sam wants to lose some more weight and continue to tone up and add muscle to the progress he’s already made. He has an added incentive of a ticket on the Atlantis Cruise later in the year.

Sean’s update will be over the weekend I believe.¬† If anyone else wants to join in then feel free to email me your photos and what you are trying to achieve etc. The more the merrier.

My first update

This is the first of the progress updates for the Fitness Challenge. The rest of the challengers will be posted on the weekend when I have all the updates so for now it’s just mine. It’s been a bit up and down with my food discipline over the past few weeks but I feel like I’m back on track. My gym training has been pretty good and I’ve been pretty reliable even though I’m now training alone. I haven’t lost any more weight but I do feel like I might have swapped a bit of fat for a little more muscle. Fingers crossed that’s the case and I haven’t hit a wall.

With aerial silks performances coming up I’m going to be doing a little bit of extra training dangling from the roof so that should help a little bit. It’s very easy to slip back into old eating habits and I’m forcing myself to get out of bed and go to the gym instead of opting out and staying in bed. There are a few hotties at the gym which is a little extra motivation to get there.

Performances are on the horizon

I’ve blogged several times in the past couple of years about potentially doing performances for aerial silks but for one reason or another (ie I was scared) they haven’t happened. That’s about to change. My circus school is going to be running demonstrations and hosting a stall at the Mardi Gras Fair Day on Sunday 22nd of February. There will be an outdoor rig set up in the park and a number of us with various levels of experience and training are going to be putting on routines or showcases for the crowd.

I haven’t done a solo show in the three years since I injured my arms quite badly but I’ve been back into it long enough now and my strength is back so it’s time. It will be a good rehearsal for the end of term show that I’ve also committed to doing a month later in mid/late March. My routine isn’t fully fleshed out yet but I have a good idea of what I want to do so I’m fairly confident that with some rehearsal time I’ll be up for it. I just watched the video of my first ever public performance which was in aussieBums. Such a dangerous idea performing silks wearing that little but I did it twice!

Well that’s disappointing.

On the weekend I hear a story about a fairly well known photographer of naked men and how a model had a bad experience with him. Sadly it’s not the first story of it’s kind that I’ve heard about a gay photographer here in Sydney, nor the first about this particular photographer. The stories differ from photographer to photographer and model to model. Sometimes you hear of a photographer touching a model inappropriately or getting sexual or in the case that I heard about on the weekend, making the model feel really uncomfortable.

All photographers develop a way of getting the most out of a model. When I’m trying to make someone smile naturally I try and crack a joke and if I want a cheeky/naughty smile I might make a dirty joke or ask them to think of something a bit naughty. Being a model is partly like being an actor. To be convincing you need to be thinking of something to get the right emotion on your face. In the past I’ve heard of photographers getting quite aggressive verbally with their model to try and get an angry look but pissing a model off is never going to produce good results.

It’s also important to have a model’s trust. There have been a few instances in the past year where models have withdrawn permission for photos to be released or asked for some edits to be done. I now have a clause on my release forms that implicitly s either allows or denies permission to use frontal imagery. I don’t want angry models coming after me if I use a shot that shows more than they are comfortable with. Sadly I’ve heard of several photographers not respecting that wish. It is as much for my own benefit as theirs for me to respect their boundaries. Not many models are going to want to shoot with me if I get on the bad side of everyone I shoot.

Not sure it would be comfortable

This video came to my attention today through the vimeo channel of my nudist friend Kirill who runs Active Naturists blog. He’s the go to man for all things naturist and he’s posted this video of a show jumper riding and jumping on horseback nude. From what I’ve heard, jumping takes a lot of control and it must be all in the thighs. It looks like there’s a bit of bouncing around going on which could be uncomfortable too but I am a firm believer of the theory if you want to do it then do it. Obviously that doesn’t apply to anything violent or harmful to others but riding around on a horse nude seems to fit the bill nicely.

bare bareback horse riding from Active Naturist on Vimeo.

The definition of insanity

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein.

When you see people doing the same thing over and over again and not succeeding it can be equal parts frustrating and amusing. On model mayhem, a networking site for models, photographer and makeup artists they have a Photo of the Day competition. There is the general one, the adult only women category and the adult only men category which features nudes. The contributors quite often consist of the same photographers and models fairly regularly.

The competitions are voted by members of the site and I guess a win is a vote of confidence from your peers but as I’ve posted before, people are blinded by a big cock and often don’t vote for the most creative, beautiful or skilful photo. There are also a number of the contributors that have submitted the same photos over and over again for the past couple of years but they never do very well.

If your photos don’t do well in the competition wouldn’t you try different photos? If they are neither beautiful nor horny maybe aim for one of those? Surely it would benefit your photography to see that people aren’t responding to what you are doing and change it up a bit?
Clearly I’ve selected examples of GOOD male nude photography for this post.

It’s perfectly appropriate!

A reader in London and I have been emailing backwards and forwards. It was him that let me know about the New Docklands Steam Bath that I posted about recently and he’s been helping me find possible places for naked relaxation in my one day in London in June. He’s a nudist as well and we’ve been chatting about our nude experiences.

Today we were discussing gym routines and working out etc. He told me that once in a swimming pool locker room he was showering in the communal showers, naked as you do, and then walked to his locker nude. A man who was there with two sons told him it was inappropriate to shower nude and not to cover himself with a towel between the shower and the locker. Um… isn’t a locker room the most appropriate place to be nude? In fact, in all showers isn’t it appropriate to be nude? I struggle with the idea of NOT being nude under the showers at most public (clothed) beaches.

I can fully understand people not being comfortable with being nude themselves but to expect everyone else to cover up because you are shy is ludicrous. What message is that guy sending to his sons?

Who knows why?

There are some very strange things posted online on a very regular basis. Neil Curtis has done several bodypaint videos but this is more of a conceptual music video using the male nude as a starting point. Instead of bodypaint he’s using mud and movement to tell a story. What that story is I have no idea. If you are going to direct a bonkers performance art music video, why not do it to Bjork? She is the high priestess of bonkers after all.

The guy in this video has a sexy body and isn’t shy. As with all of Neil’s models, he’s completely shaved which I understand for body paint but I wouldn’t have thought it as necessary for thick mud. Enjoy.

Björk "Stonemilker" directed by Neil Curtis from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

How about NO?

Social media is a funny mistress. We all put so much importance on whether someone has unfriended us or not, or how many friends we have. A friend was recently quite put out by someone unfriending him on facebook even though he said he wasn’t. In reality they never hang out and never chat so why the fuss?

Today I had a friend request from someone that I’d deleted a couple of years ago for my own sanity. Anyone that has been reading the blog from the start might remember I was involved with an American guy long distance and it didn’t end well. He was the starting point of me losing all my self confidence around sex. We all know that once foundations become shaky then it’s very easy for things to crumble which is what happened to my confidence. We stayed in touch for a while after the dramatic end to our dalliance. After a few years of being friends on facebook but not being in touch I realised I didn’t need those occasional updates to surprise me out of the blue anymore so I deleted him.

As a result, we haven’t been in touch for a few years and while he is a nice guy and there was no malicious intent to what happened, it happened and I’m a bit broken because of it. So there is no need to make polite chit chat over social media across the Pacific Ocean and for me to hear how easily he moved on and did indeed end up happily in a relationship that he told me he wasn’t ready for.

The last few days I’ve been very blue in general and specifically about my single status. Sometimes no matter how many great friends you have and how busy you are, that missing someone special can feel like much more of a hole than it really deserves to. Maybe seeing a request from Mike was a wake up call to try and truly let all that go.

Another challenger joins in!

Dermott has joined in the Fitness Challenge. In just a few days he’ll be sending his update shots but these are his “before” shots. I’m hoping that this challenges keeps everyone inspired and motivated.

From what I understand Dermott has already lost some weight and is on track to keep that weight loss going while putting on a bit of muscle. Well done Dermott on joining in! Let’s all make some changes!