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Instalicious – Saulo Sarmiento!

If there is a trifecta of dream husband attributes a killer smile, naked tendencies and aerialist skills would be right up there. Of course they aren’t necessary in a husband, although the first two are pretty important, the third is just an awesome, flexible cherry on top. Saulo Sarmiento has all of those attributes and a rocking body to go with it.

Saulo came to my attention when I searched for some nudity related tag on Instagram and I saw one of the two nude photos above. What I wouldn’t give to see some hottie doing amazing acrobatics nude on the beach one day. When someone this talented and sexy pops up in your instagram you start to stalk follow them, obviously. Which is exactly what I did. Then Saulo popped up again yesterday in my instagram feed and I went a-googling and I realised that he is indeed a Cirque-Du-Soleil aerialist performer. He does a stunning act on the Aerial Pole which has now become my obsession and objective to learn. I wonder if he gives private classes? That routine is featured below. Enjoy.

If anyone knows Saulo, tell him I’m here waiting with my camera and/or a wedding proposal.


I hope it changes

In the past couple of years we’ve come to realise that my nephew is very prudish. Even talking about nudity or sex makes him very uncomfortable. He described his younger sister as “crazy” because she gets changed with the door open. He’s nearly 13 years old but hasn’t hit puberty yet, this is just a default setting for him, not a new thing caused by hormones. I was very prudish growing up as well but I think this has come more from his father. Where I have clearly overcome my concerns about being seen nude, my brother in law is very very modest.

I’m not sure what my sister and her husband’s policy is about being seen nude by the kids or seeing the kids nude but they aren’t teaching him that there’s anything wrong with nudity. I hope that he becomes more comfortable with himself. He started at an all boys school this year so maybe at school camps or something there will be rowdy teenage boy nudity or goofing around in that non-sexual way that teenage straight boys do. That last part about being straight is merely an assumption based on statistics. Most of them are going to be straight despite whatever experimentation happens along the way.

It would just be a real shame for my nephew to cling to this uptight nature that he’s got going on at the moment. Let’s wait and see shall we.

Confidence is sexy

How do some people have so much confidence and others of us have so little? I’m sure that for a lot of guys there is a certain amount of “fake it til you make it” going on but others are blessed with a natural self assuredness. Is it because they haven’t had someone treat them like shit and tell them they are worthless? Or is it that when people have treated them badly they haven’t let it get under their skin? I’ve taken things way too hard in the past and it’s affected my confidence and I’m still working on changing that but, even if it’s slow progress it’s better than letting it get worse.

The guy in this video, model Simon Adde clearly has confidence. In the image obsessed world we live in it’s no wonder he seems confidence. Look at him. But this video shows his cockiness. Cocky is very different to arrogance and when done right, it can be damn charming in it’s own right. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go and google mister Adde.

SIMON ADDE from Bashkam Filmz on Vimeo.

The frustration continues

Last weekend I submitted some photos to Dylan Rosser’s website Themaleform. I’ve had one model featured on there before but now, after they turned down the photos of this latest model I’ve photographed three guys for the site with only one successfully making the cut. They didn’t think his look was right for the site which I understand.

My frustration is not with the site at all but rather trying to find guys willing to shoot frontal. I understand people’s reluctance to do it because of the possibility of it hindering work opportunities etc but I’m quite stunned at how few Sydney guys are willing. Surely 99% of guys in this town, full of hot gym obsessed guys, aren’t aspiring to political careers or overwhelmingly shy?

I’m putting the call out. If anyone knows any guys in Sydney or nearby who have a great body and a great look and would be willing to shoot frontal, put them in touch. They don’t have to be gay guys but they have to be ok with being featured nude on a site aimed at gay men.


Sometimes the written word is very easy to misinterpret. Last week’s post about different approaches to sex is a great case in point. The person who inspired it through chats on Scruff feels like I’ve misrepresented myself and him with the post but “loves the post” anyway. Clearly that’s not the case.

Nowhere in the post did I ever intend to be morally superior because I don’t have a lot of casual sex. I do have casual sex but not very often and it’s not from any moral objection at all. It’s because I have zero confidence. When I do go on Scruff or Grindr I’m usually after something quick and uncomplicated like a bit of blow job fun. As the guy has pointed out in his comment, when we started chatting that’s exactly what I was looking for. I dispute his use of the word “desperate” but definitely keen and horny.

The man in question is also disputing my implication that he only has random hookups. That was the impression I got from him and I apologise if I got that wrong but again there was no judgement involved. He had actually said to me that he doesn’t like complications but apparently that doesn’t mean random. It means he has some regular playmates.

To be honest I don’t feel like I owe any clarification as I offered it and he said not to worry but now a week later there is a comment that sounds pissed off and judgemental in return so here is the clarification. I’m not going to slut shame anyone. I’m jealous of people that are more comfortable with casual sex than I am. Go out and have at it I say, just look after yourselves.

So that’s a decade

Ten years ago yesterday I started blogging. Blogging was fairly new and had come to my attention through reports of a gay man running a blog from Baghdad which was at the time a war zone. One of the few blogs I still read today, Towleroad was new to the scene and pioneering blogging. I thought it might be a nice way for friends overseas to stay in touch with what I was up to.

That all changed when a couple of drunk guys were surfing nude in the rain one day at the beach I was doing lifesaving patrols at who inspired me to start the public nudity challenge. A few months into the challenge someone asked when I was going to do a public nude shot. So being the competitive thing I can be at times I took a photo on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, nearly being caught by police in the process. A day or so later Fleshbot posted a link to that post and I got 13,000 hits in one day which settled in to a very surprising 7,500 per day for a long time.

Blogging over the years has changed and evolved, also being impacted by the advent of twitter, tumblr and facebook. Nowadays Aussielicious gets just over 1,000 per day I think. I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long and there have been moments where I’ve thought about giving up on it but it is fun to do. I hope that everyone who visits this site gets something out of it, besides just a perve. Thank you for all the laughs and the fun.

A bit of inspiration

Work today was a bit of a drag. There isn’t a lot of activity happening at the moment and there were a few people missing from the office for a variety of reasons. So today I spent quite a bit of time watching youtube videos on photography getting tips and tricks.

My personal photography has been a bit slow of late and I’m not sure of the direction I want to go but I do know I want to push myself. For some unknown reason I’ve had it in my head to work on one series from start to finish and haven’t given myself the freedom to play with a few different ideas at a time but that’s going to stop. I’ve got vague ideas for a few different things that I think will be fun and being personal work, I don’t have to put a timeline on any of them.

One of the videos I watched today was a behind the scenes video with Annie Leibovitz shooting for Moncler. Annie is a master at her craft and watching her work is inspiring. The budget on this campaign must have been enormous as I heard many years ago (about 12 years ago) that she commands $50,000 per day, has close to ten assistants and truckloads of equipment “just in case”. Take all that to Iceland for a shoot and this would have cost a fortune. Oh to have that kind of budget. Unfortunately though, having a client to please often means a lack of freedom.

So sweet

Who knows if I will ever meet someone to marry. I don’t say that out of a “woe is me” feeling, more of a “who can ever know” meaning. What I do know is that Australia is a lagging behind a lot of the developed world now. Next year we have a federal election and for the first time we will have a Prime Minister and an Opposition Leader who both support marriage equality. The PM has stuck by his predecessor’s promise to have a national vote on the topic shortly after the election and if he manages the whole thing properly, it should get through.

The U.S. has had nationwide marriage equality for a several months now and this video hit the internet last week celebrating 50 couples in 50 states being married. We only have 6 states and 2 territories, so our video will be smaller if this ever happen.

A troubling view

A little while ago I did a post about how a straight man had said his uncle was gay “but you’d never pick it in the street.” Some of the responses to that post are still troubling me. Before I get into it, I’m not actually criticising anything that was said in the comments but putting forward a counter point. I’ll address a few different points one at a time.

One of the commenters was saying that he sees being perceived as straight is a compliment because where he grew up it was a case of blend in or be in danger and I agree, that is a genuine problem in a lot of parts of the world and it’s sad that it’s still necessary especially in rural areas. My view on that is that if you are in a big city like Sydney, for the most part you are safe. If someone is camp or flamboyant in an area where being so poses no threat to their safety shouldn’t they have the right to be? Is it because it reminds some people that they didn’t have that freedom where they grew up? There are a lot of different sub groups of society who behave differently and dress differently to me but I pretty much just have to suck it up and deal with that, and maybe even broaden my mind. It’s not always easy. We all have a gut reaction to people, positive or negative but sometimes it’s more about ourselves than the other person.

Another comment suggested that “MANY” gay men are putting on the camp and flamboyant mannerisms. I think “MANY” is exaggerating it. Sure, it’s bound to be the case for some but I challenge that statement that the commenter who also said that he had to blend in growing up was doing exactly the same thing but in reverse and suppressing any outward expression of his sexuality to fit in. Altering your behaviour to fit in can’t be acceptable for one group but not another. Double standards aren’t acceptable arguments.

Flamboyant gay men make some people uncomfortable. I get it. But hearing from within our “community” that being camp is unacceptable makes me want to put on makeup and flap my wrists around. Just to challenge people. IN NYC in 1969 Drag Queens, trans people and gay men and women rioted. That was the start of the modern gay rights movement. In 1978 in Sydney a group of Gay and Lesbian men and women marched up the street in Sydney asking for rights at a time when it was illegal to be homosexual. If all of those people had thought being overly visible was unacceptable instead of standing out we would still be living in fear for our lives. Instead of judging those who are more visible, shouldn’t we almost be thanking them?

Remember, this is not an attack on anyone who commented. I can see where you were all coming from, I am just not agreeing.

This should help

I’ve had a bit of a blah week at work. Nothing wildly bad just not a great week and for some reason today, even though it’s the weekend I’ve been in a flat mood. I have no idea why but I do know I don’t enjoy it. So, I’ve just cranked up some fun music and actually started cleaning this house. My housemate isn’t great at cleaning and neither am I but I have hit my threshold and I thought a clean floor would help.

Any time Kylie releases new music, that puts a smile on my face too. This song has been out for a while now but the video only dropped this week. Kylie Minogue and Jake Shears are really good friends and obviously have a good time hanging out together. Add them to a Nervo track and it’s guaranteed fun. Nervo are a couple of Aussie DJ twin sisters and producers and this song is from their album Collateral.

Jake Shears looks like he’d be great fun to have at a party and my life would be complete if I got to hang out with Kylie, we all know that.

Thankfully, a mate is coming over to hang out in a couple of hours, so I’m going to get some beer and work out what we’ll do for dinner and hopefully have a good, relaxed but cheerful evening.

Instalicious Casey Conway

This sexy guy is Casey Conway. Casey is a 30 year old former Rugby League player who has recently done an interview that is getting quite a lot of attention, about being a gay aboriginal footballer. He talks about coming out to team management but not really living openly. He also talks about the racism in the gay scene.

Casey is an absolutely gorgeous guy and has modelled for AussieBum and Aussie photographer Paul Freeman. Casey was one of the first people I followed on Instagram but for some reason I stopped following him. I was probably sulking because I want to photograph him or date him and probably never will.

Now living on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Casey is working in Youth Development for a small not-for-profit organisation and dabbling in modelling on the side. There are loads of beautiful photos of this gorgeous guy on his Instagram. Casey has long been on my photography wish list too. Maybe one day.

A great divide

Every now and then here on Aussielicious I get gentle accusations of racism because I don’t use photos of non-white guys very often. I dispute the racism accusations, gentle as they are, but I would agree that the men featured here are mostly white but here’s why.

Last night when I was looking for images of couples kissing for my post on different approaches to sex, I went to one of my go-to tumblr blogs and in the first 8 pages there wasn’t one photo of a mixed-race couple or even a couple of colour. All white. There are lots of porn images out there featuring black men and latin guys but just happy-couple kind of photos seem to almost exclusively be white. Granted I don’t spend hours looking for images. This blog is something I do after work in my spare time.

I have noticed that on tumblr there is a racial divide. There are blogs devoted to gorgeous black men, mostly very sexual in nature, and there are blogs devoted to white guys and there are blogs devoted to asian guys. It’s a bit sad that we are still dividing everyone up into their categories so neatly.

Such different approaches

A reader of this blog lives somewhere near where I live and we have chatted from time to time on Scruff. He’s only a handful of years older than me but has a very different sex life to mine. While my confidence has gotten worse over the last 5-10 years and my insecurities mean that I don’t have a lot of sex he has gone quite the opposite way. He has found himself revelling in his “daddy” status and is quite happy sticking to uncomplicated, detached sex mostly with younger guys. Mr Scruff even has some luck with the straight-but-curious crowd.

There is absolutely no judgement in any of this post by the way. I’m speaking in general terms and don’t claim to be an expert on any of this. I find it fascinating that a lot of gay men are happy having a lot of casual/anonymous sex because it’s less emotionally involved and therefore less risky for them. There are also quite a lot of guys who only have sex while wired on meth or other drugs and a couple have told me they are actually not sure they can have sober sex anymore which does actually scare me.

For me, my lack of confidence means I have gone the other way. I’d feel so much happier and more confident about sex if I had someone I trusted and felt comfortable with. A boyfriend would be great but even a regular fuck bud who is patient and has a similar sexual appetite would probably do wonders for me. Who knows if it will ever happen.

Feeling great.

Circus class tonight was a lot of fun and completely exhausting. There was one moment that I was getting frustrated with myself but our teacher is a scarily intelligent young guy and also very good at aerials and he gave me a simple pointer and it turned my whole class around. It was a bit of a breakthrough for a few different tricks as this one move that I was struggling with applies to a few different things along the way.

The really exciting part was success on another trick. There is a trick that I’ve wanted to do for years and while all the professional aerialists make it look very simple, it’s far from it. My arms are probably going to be completely bruised tomorrow but in a very strength based move, I pushed from standing up to a straight arm handstand on the silks. It’s bloody hard and it didn’t look pretty but it’s the first step in learning to do a roll-up where the fabric wraps around your arms as you roll over and over on your way up. It’s going to bruise the hell out of me and hurt but it’s going to be so satisfying if I get it.

I’ve been doing a new training program at the gym and it feels like it’s burning some fat off while increasing my strength even though it’s just weights. It’s killing me but I’m actually enjoying it and it seems to be paying off. Feeling good is a great side effect.

Shameless self promotion

Last week I started a second Instagram account. My original account @aussiebrenton is doing nicely with nearly 3,500 followers but that is full of my own personal randomness and my arse at the beach. So I decided to start one specifically dedicated to my photography, @brentonparryphotography with the thought that it would provide a more professional impression and maybe lead to some commercial work and some sales of prints. At the moment I’m paying a monthly subscription to Shopify to sell prints but haven’t had any sales.

I haven’t mastered the art of timing all the posts to get maximum exposure yet but it’s nice seeing all the old work mixed up with the newer stuff. Feel free to go to the new instagram and click that follow button.