Coffee with a dash of insecurity

This morning I went and met up with a guy that is going to model for me in a part of Sydney that could easily be described as the Gay Ghetto. It’s a lovely leafy harbourside suburb filled with cafes and boutiques. I could never live there because it’s way too overpopulated with “the gays”. I love my suburb full of all sorts of people, the good, the bad and every colour of the rainbow.

Having said all that it was great to go there for brunch this morning and seeing all those beautiful A-Gays was good for my morning eyeball workout but my god it’s a way to amplify any feelings of inadequacy. These boys do NOT skip leg day as the official fashion item seems to be really tight denim shorts filled with heaving quads and perky buttocks. In one of my typical displays of contradiction I have never been part of the “cool crowd” and while I would love to be considered cool and hot, I also have no desire to spend so much time and effort creating that look and the lifestyle. I am too fond of beers with my friends and unhealthy but delicious food to look the way these guys do. Besides they are all in their 20’s and disciplined with their food and exercise regime. Good on them but that ship has sailed for me a long time ago and I never bought a ticket.

I’m also get intimidated in that environment because, of course there are “normal” people in the area but it does feel like you need to show your workout results to get in. I’m also just not a “cool kid”. Never was, never will be.

Such a non issue

There is a model that I have worked with a couple of times over the years who has done some acting and dancing as well as modelling. On shoots he tends to wear a modesty sock over his junk to make sure there are no photos of it. He’s never even taken a dick pic himself to send to potential hookups. His reasoning? He wants to be a famous actor and is convinced that it would hurt his career. I thought we’d moved on from that?

These days it seems like every male celebrity has sent a dick pic to a potential shag only for it to end up on the internet. In years long gone it may have harmed a career. But in 2017? Half the Teen Wolf cast have had their dick pics and videos leaked in the past few months along with Olympic Diver Chris Mears and just about anyone that has ever been on reality tv. In just a quick search through the archives of OMGBlog I found all the guys above in about 5 mintues. From left to right we have, UK Rugby player Danny Cipriani, US Rapper Lil Romeo, America’s Next Top Model contestant Marvin Cortes, Empire actor Jussie Smollet, UK Diver Chris Mears and actor Jamie Foxx.

These days when a celebrity nude appears from a leaked selfie the only place it really registers are gay blogs. Orlando Bloom’s naked shenanigans only made such headlines because it was such a public display and because, like Bieber’s the photographer had to use a long lens to intrude on his day. I fully respect my model’s right to choose who sees his junk and who doesn’t but to worry about it affecting his career is hopefully a bit of an outdated notion.

What’s your reason?

When I first started out doing male nude photography I struggled to find people willing to strip in front of my camera. I had no portfolio to show them and no models to reassure them that I wasn’t some creep. Thankfully a few people took a chance and when others saw those images more and more people have trusted me. As a result I have about 14 years worth of photo shoots with dozens of wonderful models. 95% of the models I’ve worked with have been fantastic, enthusiastic and there to be part of the creative process and to make some cool images.

There have been a number of guys over the years who post comments on photos that I share saying things like “Why haven’t you asked me to model for you?” or “I must be too hideous to be asked to model.” Then there are others who start off innocently enough but within a few minutes you have photos of their winking butthole and a couple of boner shots accompanied by statements like “You must get so hard during a shoot, do your models get boners?”

If you are asking to model for me to prove to yourself that you are attractive or to validate yourself because you are feeling insecure, you don’t need to do a photo shoot. Firstly my camera is not a therapists couch and secondly if you are feeling insecure I don’t think putting yourself out there on the internet to be compared to the millions of beautiful men on Instagram and Tumblr is a great idea. People are mean and they’ll tell you exactly what they think.

If you are offering to model for me as an exhibitionist outlet to get your rocks off and you think my photo shoots are orgies or sexual shenanigans then as soon as I suspect you are there for the wrong reasons I will block you. Sure a model who is comfortable being nude and doesn’t mind being photographed frontal or even erect could be useful depending on the shoot but if you are too busy trying to get off the shoot won’t work.

Ask any of my models, my photo shoots are fairly quick, relaxed environments where we both work together to get a great result. If you want to validate yourself you can always commission me for a shoot but you’ll be paying.

24 carat support

AussieBum have long been at the forefront of technology and innovation for their underwear. Now they have just launched a promotion that is leading the way in innovation but with age old references. Golden fabrics were the exclusive domain of the rich and powerful centuries ago. Now you can have some 24 Carat support for your “boys” in the form of a very very limited edition, custom made pair of underpants. This kind of special treatment does come at a price but with only 5 pairs being made it’s a nicely exclusive club.

One pair has already been purchased by a long time fan of the AussieBum brand, at the price of $14,695. Who will the other four pairs go to?

aussieBum – 24K GOLD UNDERWEAR! from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Classic sexiness

After our first shoot months ago with Jorge nude on the beach covered in sand, he and I discussed doing another shoot at some stage. Jorge was keen for a studio shoot and he may have made the mistake of saying something along the lines of “the messier the better.” More fool him.

This morning after getting a coffee, Jorge and I, along with a friend Tim who came along to film behind the scenes, arrived at the studio where I proceeded to paint Jorge with white clay. Once we had him painted and the clay dried it became very apparent just how like a classical sculpture he is. Obviously he has more muscle than the Statue of David and is better proportioned in other ways as well, but with his curly hair and his now white skin, it was quite amazing how much he could have been a sculptors muse.

Once we had done the shots with all the clay, we then added some blue paint to the scene. I’d initially wanted to print a blue lace pattern on him but that didn’t work so we went with this running blue paint. To say I’m happy with the shots is an understatement. He is so easy to work with and brings a sense of cheeky fun to the shoot which is very necessary at that hour on a Sunday morning.

Circus sexy

Catching up on my photo editing last weekend I finally got to work on these images of Scott. Scott is an aerial straps performer who I met at my circus school. To do aerial straps you need strength and flexibility and when it’s done well it is beautiful and very impressive to watch. What was also impressive to watch was how at ease Scott was naked in front of the camera. He’s not a shy boy. Why would you be when you’ve worked so hard on your body and your craft?

This was a fairly low key photo shoot in Scott’s apartment so we were working with natural light. We are having chats about a more bonkers creative shoot that we could do together and I’m sure we’ll get some great images from that one as well. Scott has been working on some creative self portraits to teach himself about photography which are all being featured on his Instagram account.

Treating myself

Some might say that a month’s holiday is treat enough and to an extent they’d be right. But in the last couple of months I have bought things to take on the trip to Europe. One of those things was a PRVKE 21 camera bag and backpack combo from WANDRD. Now I’m not sure if their kickstarter campaigns didnt raise enough for enough vowels in their names but it raised enough to create a great backpack. It’s not a cheap little purchase especially once you factor in shipping to Australia but it arrived last week and it is going to be brilliant. Everything else I’d found up to this point was either a great backpack but rubbish for cameras or the other way around. Check out their page and see for yourself.

Today was another little splurge. I had toyed with the idea of buying a cheap selfie stick for the trip so that when I’m vlogging, taking selfies or just taking video that I could do it a little better. Then I watched a video from Peter McKinnon, my new favourite vlogger who gives great tips and tricks for photography and video. In this video Peter reviews the Smooth Q stabilising gimbal for smart phones. Looks I’m fully aware it is 10 times the price of a selfie stick but it is going to increase the quality of any videos that I do way more than that. A few times the footage that I’ve shot of models for behind the scenes videos has been a bit too shaky to use. This will solve all of those problems for me. Fingers crossed that one arrives in time to go to Europe.

It’s three months today until I fly out of Sydney and I can not wait! In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful video of Iceland.

Midnight Sun | Iceland – 4K from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

It’s over to you!

Every now and then I have to admit I struggle to find things to post about on this blog. When work is busy and I’m coming home with not a lot of brain space left or too tired or frustrated about whatever, trying to string coherent sentences together doesn’t always work. Normally I would revert to posting some photos of a beautiful naked man for you to all enjoy.

Tonight I’m taking another approach and handing the reins over to you, my lovely readers. As you might know I’ve started a youtube channel and have been a little slack with doing any vlogs or behind the scenes videos. To kill two birds with one stone I’m going to do a Q&A vlog where I answer questions from you guys. As you all know, I share quite a bit on this blog but there might be things you have been wanting to know but it hasn’t been mentioned on the blog. Keep it polite. It doesn’t have to be PG rated but I will be using my discretion to decide which questions I answer.

If there is something that I feel is important or interesting enough it might get a vlog of it’s own or a blog post of it’s own but I will try and answer quite a few in one video.

SO. The floor is yours, leave your questions in the comments section or tweet them to me @aussiebrenton with #askbrenton and I’ll compile the questions.

A touch of contradiction

My neurosis, fence sitting and general indecision has been chronicled a lot over the 11+ years that Aussielicious has been torturing you all with my ramblings. Not one to put a huge amount of stock in star signs, my Libran tendencies do however seem to be very strong and cliched at times. There are times when my mother, the only non-Libran out of my immediate family gets incredibly frustrated with our lack of decision making skills.

As an example of my self-contradictory nature, I have written in the past year 8 month or so how I’ve arrived at a place where I’m comfortable being single. In fact I’m almost determined to be single on my trip to Europe where I plan on trying to kick start my pathetic sex life with gusto in Berlin, a city most suited to slutty fun behaviour. However on New Year’s Eve and a couple of brief instances since there have been distinct pangs of loneliness. Not that I feel alone at all in this world. Great family and friends see that that is not a problem. Romance and affection is where I’m lacking.

Yesterday I was reading a blog post or a news article about people’s last wishes before they die. One old man’s grandson smuggled his favourite beer into his nursing home. Another woman had a frail slow dance with her husband of 50+ years. I won’t know what my dying wish would be until the time comes and only then if I’m aware that the end is imminent but I can tell you one thing that has always scared me. Not spiders, open spaces, small spaces or things like that. No, I’m most afraid that I’ll never get to experience a great love. Sure, I’ve been in love but I’ve never been in a relationship where I’ve wanted to be with them for life. Where I would do anything for them and we’d forge into the future a united and equal team.

I can’t see it happening to be honest. I might be too cynical, neurotic and carrying too much baggage these days to be able to “do” a good relationship. We’ll just have to wait and see if it ever happens but the die-hard romantic in me thinks it would be wonderful to experience that magic. Relationships are hard and not always fun but my parents have been together for 47 years and still have fun adventures together. When I see my dad at 70, pinch my mother on the bum as he wanders into the kitchen and give her a kiss on the cheek it makes me smile, and a little wistful.

Strangers in Berlin

No, that’s not the official name of my time in Berlin this year but it might unofficially be. Instead it’s the theme of a photography project by Martin Gabriel Pavel and Marek Kučera. One person took a nude portrait of someone else, then handed the camera to that person who photographed someone else, then handed the camera to them. So on and so forth until it circled back around and the initial photographer became the final model. Unfortunately the article that I saw doesn’t explain how the models were found but the portraits all seem to be taken in the model’s own home environment.

I’m in two minds as to whether being in their own environment would make the models more comfortable or instead feel more vulnerable. It could go either way. What it has resulted in is a series of fairly intimate portraits. They aren’t wildly creative but they are honest and raw which is more important in a series like this. Should we do a Sydney version?

Lucas in Ropes

When I do a photo shoot, I am usually really excited to come home and start editing straight away. Lately I’ve been so busy on weekends and in the evenings that I haven’t had any time to do editing. Just over a month ago I did a photo shoot that was one of the most demanding shoots both for myself and for the model.

Sydney was in the midst of a heatwave and on the day of the shoot it was about 40 degrees celsius (104F) and the shoot was happening in a circus training space that a friend runs. That training space has a tin roof with no insulation. When I finally get around to editing the behind the scenes video you’ll see that my shorts looked like I’d wet my pants, dripping wet from sweat. My model, Lucas was sweaty and hot as well but he also had the burden of getting some rope burns from dangling from the roof.

By the time I got home I think I had mild heat stroke and I barely moved from the lounge all evening. The shoot itself isn’t one that is going to make me famous. I wasn’t in great form with the lighting and it wasn’t something I could take a long time to get right under the hot conditions and with the model in pain. Ultimately there are a handful of shots that I’m happy with though so I’m calling it a mild success.

Running with horses

Back in June last year I posted about Nick Turner and his beautiful self portraits, lots of the with horses. Nick has now been profiled by art website Twyla exploring the connection he has with horses and his affinity with Iceland. Needless to say when I’m in Iceland in a little over three months I’ll be running around nude but not with the horses like this.

Nick’s face is one that tells a story. In this profile he talks about feeling more comfortable with the horses in Rural America where he grew up than with the kids in his class. There is a soulful sadness in his eyes that sucks you right in. He is physically in great shape and he looks like Iceland’s answer to Tarzan running so nimbly through the fields with the horses in the video below.

I hope my photos and videos from Iceland are as beautiful as some of this imagery. Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Nick running wild.

Beefy Bisexual Goodness

When we think of wrestling we think of high camp, totally fake made-for-tv spectacles that are filled with straight guys right? Not necessarily. This beefy slab of goodness is Anthony Bowens, a professional wrestler in the U.S. At 93kg (205lb) and 5’10” he’s not as massive as he looks but I’d say he’s pretty solid.

Anthony recently came out as Bisexual in a column on Outsports after a video (below) he did on youtube with his boyfriend was seen by some wrestling colleagues. In the video his boyfriend casually refers to Bowers as his “boyfriend” and at the time Bowers didn’t think anything of it. Some other wrestlers saw the video and one of them texted Anthony asking “Why didn’t you tell me?”

From there on out the response from friends and other wrestlers has been nothing but positive. Exactly as it should be. The bisexuals of this world need more recognition instead of being told they don’t exist.

Your double standards are slipping.

There is a guy here in Sydney who has earned himself a reputation as a bit of a crazy troll. He and I were friends on Facebook for a while but I deleted him after getting a whiff of his crazy. There are some people who are high functioning crazies and there are others, like this guy, who reek of it like cheap aftershave.

He’s been posting very nasty, barely literate rants full of judgement at other gay guys he knows. He throws around a lot of religious grand-standing and moral superiority. Particularly high on his hit list are people in open relationships. Using his religious “morals” as a battering ram to drive home the classic slut-shaming message of someone filled with internalised homophobia.

Now I’d cope, albeit confused and troubled, if he just ranted and lived the life that he claims but no. Just like your toe-tapping-in-a-bathroom-stall Republican conservative, he’s awash with double standards. There is at least one video of him on Tumblr outing himself as a hypocrite. I have found countless photos and videos of friends on Tumblr, innocently naked or being decidedly not-innocent and I love it. Get your slut on if that’s your thing, just don’t judge others for doing it.

The one video I have seen he is literally gagging on his double standards, disguised as the enormous cock of someone in an open relationship. The very thing he’s most fond of judging harshly. Maybe he was trying to suck the bad behaviour out of the guy?

A good boy scout

The cliched motto of the boy scouts is to be prepared. Now I’ve never been a boy scout and quite often I’ve been very unprepared. Never disastrously but not always to my benefit either. For the last three months I’ve been what you could say is OVER prepared.

Like a lot of other gay men in Sydney I’m taking part in the clinical study of PrEP, also known as Pre-exposure Prophylaxis. One of the brands is Truvada and in the early days of PrEP in the U.S. people wore shirts with Truvada Whore on them because of the slut shaming that seemed to go hand in hand with being on PrEP.

Now I will admit it seems that a lot, or most gay men on PrEP seem to use it as a way to ditch condoms which is not how it’s supposed to be used but that is entirely up to them. When I went on it a couple of friends got very judgemental looks on their face and started to lecture. The concern is appreciated and I understand where it’s coming from. Other STD’s are on the rise but as one friend said, “you can get all of those from oral and no one is using a condom for that”.

Whether I use condoms or not along with PrEP seems to be of little concern and the judgement seems to be a touch premature since in the three months I’ve been on the trial, I’m yet to actually have anything more than oral sex. It seems to have cemented my celibacy rather than eradicate it. Even the doctor running the trial this morning at my 3 month screening said “I hope the next three months is busier for you”.

I’m being encouraged to be more slutty by a middle aged straight man running a sexual health trial. Something tells me I’m not being a gay man very well.