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Throw out the rule book.

Yesterday I had a brief conversation on facebook with a guy I know about sexuality and sexual fluidity. He said in one message “I fuck chicks but i know I’m not bi… Contradictory yes however if the urge is there, pursue it I say.” Over the years my stance on relationships has evolved to a much more open minded stance. I will never claim to be experienced or knowledgeable about making a relationship work having been single for about 95% of my adult life, but I’ve come to learn that couples need to do what works for them.

This morning an article written by a man called Mike Iamele came up on my facebook feed where he talks about being a straight man and falling in love with his best mate, who is also straight. They are now boyfriends and working hard to make their relationship work even though they both still identify as straight. There will be many of you who scoff at this saying they just can’t admit that they are gay. No. If you read the article you know this man is a very self aware guy who is just open to life’s curve-balls and challenges.

Mike has also posted another article listing some of his ideas about love. It makes for a quick but very good read. A lot of people come into a relationship asking “What am I going to get out of it?” or writing it off at the first hurdle. I’ve watched my parents work at their relationship for 44 years and drive each other crazy but love each other through it all. It is still my ideal model for what a relationship should be but I hope that if someone ever comes along into my life and wants to be a part of it that we will find our own way to make ourselves happy.

I wouldn’t have the balls.

Brent Ray Fraser has appeared on this blog before, when I questioned whether what he was doing was performance art as he says or just exhibitionism. He recently posted a new video of him going on a very long and steep hike in British Columbia so that he can do a nude penis painting at the top. He must be a very fit man because to film this alone, as you can see he does, he must have done the trip about three times after putting the camera down going back down and filming himself walking up. Doing this all the way up and down would be a killer workout.

I’m surprised at the reaction of all the other hikers and how casual it is. There really is only one or two that seem a little unimpressed at his nudity but most seem quite happy about it. I know I would be a bit shocked but I certainly wouldn’t mind, even if I wouldn’t have the balls to do it myself. If the trail was designated clothing optional I’d have no problem but I’d be pretty confident guessing that this trail isn’t clothing optional. I love hearing the Australian accent when the woman asks if it’s nude day and she missed the memo.

My Naked Penis Painting Stawamus Chief Hike – July 20, 2014 from Brent Fraser on Vimeo.

TMF #13 is here!

The new TMF Magazine by Dylan Rosser is out now containing a short Q&A I did with photographer Bryan Nevin. As usual TMF is full of gorgeous photos of beautiful men and interviews with models and photographers. Dylan Rosser is always showcasing great talent in the magazine and it’s a very affordable read.

Bryan Nevin works with a lot of gorgeous porn stars and fitness models. The guy with all the tattoos above is packing some serious meat so go along and buy your copy now!

He’s just delicious.

On Saturday I took myself off to the movies to see The 100 Foot Journey. I’m not adverse to going to the movies alone and all my friends were out of town, not interested or booked up so off I went. It was a beautiful movie, co-produced by Oprah Winfrey, it’s lusciously filmed, beautifully acted and it’s a really lovely story. Of course, anything with Helen Mirren in it is going to be great.

The standout of the film is the lead actor Manish Dayal. I know he’s only acting and pretending to be a chef in the movie but any man with his smile and his soulful eyes that can cook up a storm for me would win my heart any day. Manish was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina in 1983. I haven’t actually seen any of his other movies but I will have to look them up, especially The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He’s also done some tv work including 90210. Of course I have no idea of what he’s like in reality but those eyes and that smile have me won over completely.

Relaxing at the Ridge

Some very close friends of mine have just finished renovating a property they bought three hours out of Sydney. These guys have way more vision when it comes to the potential of a property than a lot of people and the stamina they’ve shown taking what was essentially a barn and turning it into a gorgeous country retreat is incredible. They’ve done a lot of the work themselves and the place looks fantastic. If you need a weekend out of the city and like peace and quiet served with clear skies filled with more stars than you can imagine and a fireplace to warm your feet then Abercrombie Ridge is for you.

Abercrombie Ridge is situated an hour out of Goulburn, south west of Sydney and has gorgeous 360˚ views of rolling hills and bushland with not a neighbour in site. There are over 100 acres of bushland to wander and explore with part of the property bordered by the Abercrombie River. With beds for up to 6 guests and a beautiful big kitchen, the Ridge is great for a group of friends who want to unwind with a good book, several bottles of wine, good food and good company. Sitting in the spa, even in the cold of winter with views forever, watching the sun set with a drink in hand, it’s pretty easy to forget your worries.

Since the property is completely private with no one else visible, those of you that are prone to wandering around nude can do so without a care. Warming your naked bum in front of the fire after sitting in the spa is very nice before you snuggle up on the lounge with a drink and company.

Well that was unexpected

Last week I went to have a massage to try and sort out the knots in my back and neck. While the massage was one of the most painful and deep tissue massages I’ve ever had and exactly what I thought I needed, it didn’t really work. Even so, I would recommend the masseur as he did his job well. It was a perfectly legitimate massage and no happy ending was requested or offered, just a good firm massage. Then yesterday, nearly a week later I got a text message out of the blue saying “Wasn’t sure if it was what you were after or not but if you’d like a more sensual massage next time I can do that for you.” I have no idea where that came from. Maybe he likes to suss out clients in advance before that kind of massage which would be fair enough. You don’t want to offer an intimate service to people that you may not want to give it to.

The text messages went back and forth for a while because, as I’ve said before, I love a sensual massage as long as the massage portion isn’t rushed making all about the happy ending. Unfortunately I can’t make the times that he usually sticks to for those kinds of massages but it will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of it.

Basti aus Berlin Massage part 1 from Marcel Bruckmann on Vimeo.

Thank you Steve

Steve Grand made all the gay blogs talk when he came out publicly last year with his song American Boy. Thankfully Steve, who has graced the pages of DNA in the past decided to take a different approach to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead of wasting water like most people (notable exception is Matt Damon who used toilet water) Steve jumped naked into Lake Superior which I’m going to assume was a bit chilly if it equates to an ice bucket. Either way, we should all be grateful for the glorious vision of Steve naked. The post on his facebook page says there is a video to follow. Please please please.

You could light up a room!

There’s a guy I know through facebook. I have no idea how we first connected on there but we are friends and have been for a couple of years. We’ve never met face to face and I make no claim to know the ins and outs of his day to day life. One thing that strikes me every time I see a photo of him on facebook or instagram is the fact that I’m yet to see a photo of him where he’s not smiling. I don’t mean just a polite smile. It’s always a smile that could light small towns with it’s brightness. You get the impression that life is fun and a sense of adventure for this guy and that he finds joy in a lot of little things. His birthday is coming up and today he posted a photo of milk in the supermarket. Yes, milk. Why? Because every year a little bit before his birthday he gets a chuckle out of the fact that he sees all the bottles of milk lined up with their expiry date all showing his birthday. It’s such a simple thing but it makes him smile.

It’s very easy to get caught up in things that annoy you during the day but I’m trying to take a leaf out of this guy’s book and find all the things that make me smile.  This morning I was going down in the lift to my car and a young family was in the lift. I bent down to pat one of their dogs that was bouncing all over the place all excited and their little boy was bouncing a ball which went off course and hit me in the face. It was a big, light, harmless ball and when his parents apologised I pointed out that it didn’t hurt and the ball had a smile printed on it so it’s all good.

Just keep swimming

This morning I did something I haven’t done for far too long. With my neck and back being all knotted up even after a brutalising massage I took myself to the pool for a swim. There is a new-ish pool ten minutes drive away and this morning at 10am it only had one or two people in each lane. I’m a good swimmer when I’m swim fit but I haven’t swum laps in years. As a teenager while I was at school I was swimming 3-4km a day comfortably. This morning just getting one kilometre done was more challenging than I care to admit. It’s a beautiful pool and the weather was gorgeous for the last day of Winter here in Sydney. I think it has helped my back too. If I swim regularly I find my back doesn’t get anywhere near as sore and knotted up as when I don’t. Need to keep it happening. It will also work well with the strength needed for aerial circus, strengthening my lats.

Now if only Sydney had some nude swims at a regular pool. The Sydney Sunboys have pool parties but I would love for a pool to have a nude swim session so I could go and do laps nude. I know such things happen in London and other cities around world. Kirill from Active Naturists has posted about a Paris sports complex that has nude sessions in their gym and pool.

Outdoor winter pool in Berlin (Badeschiff) 1 from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

Aloha Chris!

Yesterday on the DNA Blog, a vision appeared. Chris DiPrete has appeared on my computer screens before with his modelling work but I was really struck by the photos that I saw yesterday and then with a little more googling this morning. Chris lives in Hawaii so it makes perfect sense that he looks relaxed, sexy, exotic and not wearing very much. He’s still wearing too much for my tastes. Someone like Chris should be nude as a rule in my humble opinion. Chris is only 22 years old and has that body! Talk about winning the genetic lottery.

With no tattoos or piercings Chris lets that gorgeous skin shine on through and it seems to me that his eyes and that smile are just as captivating as the rest of him, if not more so. He stands at 6′  tall and has a size ten shoe. Now, we just need him to travel to Sydney so I can do a shoot with him.

Time for change

Last night I had a conversation with my flatmate as I’ve been feeling uneasy for a while. We’ve lived together for nearly two years and have quite different lifestyles at times. I’ve also lived in this apartment for five years and while I really like the space and the size of the apartment, the apartment just doesn’t feel like home anymore. So I’m thinking about moving. There is a lot of accumulated junk that I need to sort out and get rid of which happens all the time when you are in one place for a long time.

There is no rush for me to move and I don’t want to make any rash decisions. I’ve done that in the past and it’s not worked out well. If Sydney rental prices weren’t so crazy I’d give living alone a try but that’s not an option and I am a person that likes company so sharing with someone nice is the ideal. If the person I shared with was a nudie too that would be awesome but the truth is I very rarely wander around nude at home anyway if my flatmate is here so I’m used to not doing that.

Now that it’s out there in the universe, let’s see what happens.

As if you wouldn’t!

Anyone that has seen the movie Wolf Creek (even though it’s fiction) knows that the Australian Outback is a dangerous place and most of the time I’d be very wary of picking up a hitch hiker out in the middle of nowhere but let’s face it, if they looked like this guy and they were wearing just a pair of AussieBums and not much else, you wouldn’t really hesitate would you? The brakes would be on, the passenger seat would be cleared in a flash and you’d fling the door open quietly praying to yourself he wasn’t a lunatic.

Trek from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Something to look forward to

I’m getting restless. My road trip up to Byron Bay last month hasn’t satisfied my itchy feet at all. Having my mates on holiday over enjoying Burning Man isn’t helping at all. I think it’s time to start planning a trip so that I have something to look forward to. People have asked if I’ll be going back to Burning Man and I will but not next year. If I go somewhere I want to see somewhere new, hear a new language, meet new people. A couple of years ago I was thinking about what to do for a big trip before I turned forty and that ended up being the Burning Man trip last year with my friends. The alternative that had been on the cards at the time was a gay sailing trip around Croatia with Saltyboys. That is now back on the cards and where my mind is wandering to for next year.

I’ve been in touch with the lovely guy that runs Saltyboys and asked him to let me know when the calendar is all locked down for his trips next year so that I can try and make it happen this time. Sailing nude through the Croatian coastline will be absolute bliss. If I do that trip then I would make the holiday a three week adventure. There’s no point going to the other side of the world for a week. I would definitely hit London and catch up with some dear friends that just don’t seem to ever make it down here and maybe somewhere else that’s interesting. Maybe finally see Greece? Or maybe I’ll go and see some of the beautiful Scandinavian men running around nude in their long long days in Summer. Or maybe I’ll go to somewhere old world like Budapest. It’s all up in the air at the moment.

If anyone has any suggestions I’m willing to listen. Given it would be in the Northern Summer, anywhere with warm days, little clothes and beautiful sights is up for discussion!

I’ve been updated!

As a graphic designer there are many different avenues you can go down with your career. Sadly Web design has largely passed me by as it’s a very different mindset to print design which is my background. The idea, however, of getting someone else to do my website when I am a designer, is something that I’ve struggled with so I usually leave my website to languish unattended for way too long. Thankfully Adobe have come along with some great software that is very similar in it’s use to a print layout piece of software but which you can add web functionality to it and publish it to the web. So after way too long being neglected, my website is all fresh and new with a revamped layout and new content. The design is still similar to the old site and by no means will this win any awards but it’s all up and running, so go and have a look at

What is going on here?

The line between artistic genius and complete lunatic is often a very blurred line. Vincent Van Gogh was pretty much thought of as insane until long after his death when his true talent was realised. Not everyone calling themselves an artist is such a talent. There are many many people in the art world producing work that I just don’t get or don’t like and listening to people talk about their art and talk about extraordinary meaning behind a few smatterings of paint can be absolute torture. I’m sure there are people out there who look at my photography and wonder what the hell is going on in my mind. It is all good. Art is a very personal thing for people creating it and like music, we all have different tastes.

This video is one that for me just makes me wonder what on earth is happening inside this guy’s head? Having said that, it is quite beautifully shot and coloured and it adds to the sense of urgency and danger with this guy’s crazy antics. If you don’t understand what the message is that he is trying to tell you, and I certainly don’t, there is some gratuitous nudity to enjoy while you wait patiently for it to finish.

Me quedé en blanco from F U T U R E on Vimeo.