The year in review

Some highs and some lows, this year seemed to have a bit of everything. Of course the highs included ticking off my bucket list item of going to Iceland and having an amazing time exploring Europe again. If I could afford to travel all the time I would.

This year also saw me rediscover a little bit of my mojo and inner slut with some shenanigans in Europe and going to an orgy here in Sydney.

Of course the most important and rewarding part of the year was great time spent with family and friends which is always good for the soul.

Anyone that says they didn’t have any lows or problems in a year is lying and this year I got made redundant and spent a few months worrying about my career. There were also a couple of run ins that had been brewing for a while which resulted in people being culled from my life. That is disappointing as someone that doesn’t like confrontation but it was necessary.

All in all it’s been a great year though. As you can tell by my Instagram “Best Nine” from 2017 a lot of my year was spent naked. Here’s to much more of that kind of behaviour in 2018.

A little bit off

Everyone in this world is different and approach life differently. Sometimes that fascinates me and sometimes it just makes me think “What on earth are you thinking?”

At the Naked Werewolves camping trip Wolf Fest 2017, a guy turned up late in the afternoon on day 2 that knew of one of the organisers. He was a guy in his 50’s I’d guess and seemed nice enough but then proceeded to do things that just baffled me.

He set up his tent a fair way away but then kept drifting in and out of our camp which was absolutely fine but at one point he sat down right amongst us and sort of chatted but then also brought a book of crosswords and sat there doing them not chatting to us.

The next morning when we were all packing up and the whole campsite was being pulled down he wandered over with two frisbees. I would have thought it was pretty clear that we weren’t in a position to play with a tattoo.

Then as we were leaving he came over and gave me a hug goodbye which was a little awkward as he had never made an effort to introduce himself. Shortly after that he was chatting to one of the other guys when I went to say goodbye and he decided he needed another hug. Really? That just added a layer of creep to it all. Don’t insist on a nude hug when you don’t really know someone.

That moment when…

Over the years that I’ve been exploring social nudity the conversation about running into someone you know has come up many times. If you’ve been a nudie long enough it’s bound to have happened and for the most part, it’s rarely a big deal. After all the person you know is at the same place and probably nude too right?

I have only been genuinely uncomfortable once at the nude beach when I saw someone I know. It was a life-long family friend who isn’t a nudie. He was at the nude beach with a friend that wanted to go there. I was lying down about 15-20 metres away and once I saw that he was there, I didn’t stand up or go for a swim once. Just wasn’t going to happen. I’m not sure why. We had seen each other nude as kids and even after puberty but I just couldn’t do it.

This weekend I was in the pool at River Island with my mates when I saw a couple go in to the reception. The woman was someone who I’d gone through high school with. I didn’t think she’d seen me but when I did run into her beside the pool last night she said she’d seen me.

I have to say if I could pick anyone from my school years to see naked, I have to admit, she’s probably not at the top of that list. It was quite funny though and not awkward at all.

Naked adventures

Tomorrow morning, I’m off on my naked adventure with the Naked Werewolves. It’s going to be great fun hanging out at River Island by the river with a bunch of nude guys. At this stage I only know a couple of the guys who are going. Another close friend and one of my good nude mates is coming along on the second day.

I’m going to have an attempt at vlogging the trip but I’ll obviously have to be very careful about the privacy of the others attending “Wolf-fest 2017”. The guys running it have a really good sense of adventure and I’m sure it will be full of laughs. I am taking my slackline and it will be a bit of a laugh to have a go at that naked.

It’s good to get out of Sydney a bit and at the moment my house is over run with my housemate’s mum visiting and in a 2 bedroom inner city house that’s a bit cosy for my taste. The fresh air, meeting new people and lots of laughs will be good for the soul.

That time of year

It’s Christmas Eve here in Australia and later today I’ll head to my sister’s house for our typical family Christmas. This year my brother-in-law’s mum isn’t joining us so it’s just my parents, my sister, her husband, the kids and myself. Very nice and low key.

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones with a family that gets on well, everyone is happy and healthy. We always have a very relaxed day and like most people, eat too much.

I hope everyone who drops by Aussielicious has a great holiday season no matter what your faith or beliefs. To be honest it’s been a very long time since Christmas has actually had much to do with religion or the birth of Jesus so in my opinion it’s up for grabs for everyone to enjoy.

Lots of love and festive hugs. If anyone is lucky enough to have a nude Christmas, please feel free to send photos. I’m not sure I’ll ever get the opportunity!

Looking blackwards

Since starting to compile digital downloads for sale, it’s caused me to go back through my catalogue to find shoots that are suitable. This one of Miguel from the shoots for my first ever gallery exhibition, Shrouded, was one of the ones that I noticed. It’s not suitable for a download, but it was nice to check out the shoot.

Coincidentally, while I hadn’t seen Miguel for a few years, I saw him last night at a Calendar launch for a project that he organised. He looks in great shape in the photos above but in the years since that shoot he’s been working out HARD! Check out his Instagram here.

The calendar is full of hot guys and the thing that struck me was that they were nearly all black men. Seriously hot buff black men. Australia is a very multicultural country with migrants from all sorts of parts of the world. Typically though I would say we don’t have a huge black population. I feel like last night every hot black person in Sydney was there.

Being a gay white man in a room full of black straight men I suddenly felt very much in the minority but I loved it. Challenging perceptions and comfort zones is something I’ve decided I want to do more of for myself. Being at a launch party for a calendar launch of hot men, not that tough to start with.

Going to be amazing

For a long time, I’ve been following an Instagram account called The Naked Werewolves. It’s run by a bunch of guys all around the country and indeed the world and it showcases all of us normal guys who love getting naked either alone or in company, indoors or out in nature.

A few months ago they had the idea of trying to organise what has now been named “Wolf-fest”, a gathering of those inclined, to hang out naked at one of the few nudist sites available in NSW. It’s only a couple of hours away from where I live and I’ve been many times. Usually with a small group of people I know. This time will be possibly 20-30 of guys that I have never met.

It all happens next week for a couple of nights and I have to say I’m a bit nervous but really looking forward to it. There are a mix of gay and straight men and maybe even a she-wolf or two. I have no real idea.

Please go and follow the Instagram page. It’s full of great images of people embracing their bodies and their nakedness without shame and also without sexual overtones.

Beach days

Now that I’ve started doing these digital downloads, I’m scouring my archives for suitable photo shoots that will work. Oddly in recent times because I haven’t been shooting for anything in particular, instead just making myself happy, I haven’t been thinking about how many shots I’m getting. Trying to fill a 24-36 page booklet changes that.

When I photographed him 2.5 years ago, the photos of Nathan were very popular, so they form this new download for sale! Nathan is one of those beautiful people. All chiselled features and sculpted abs and to top it all off he’s as prone to naked instagram photos as I am he just looks better doing it.

I know a few buyers were a little disappointed that the last download, of the beautiful Jorge, didn’t feature any full frontal but Jorge just doesn’t allow that. Luckily for thirsty lot, Nathan has no qualms about it.

Over the course of the day we relaxed on in the sunshine at Werrong Beach in the Royal National Park south of Sydney, and from time to time we’d get up and do some photos, on the sand, on the rocks, in rockpools and in the forest behind the beach. It was a very chilled out day.

Not impressed

There are certain aspects of sharing a house with the person that owns the house that I would put into the “cons” list, rather than the “pros”. Understandably there are things that feel like “It’s my house, so I’ll do what I like” and at the moment we are kinda in the middle of a big one.

My housemate/landlord’s mum arrived a week ago to stay with us for 5 weeks. We live in a small 2 bedroom home. His boyfriend has also been staying a lot as well so that is four of us in a 2 bedroom house and the two guys are sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor while his Mum is staying in his bedroom. So this morning I couldn’t get up and make coffee because I would have woken them up.

For the last two weeks of the five that his mum is here, his brother and sister-in-law are also here and after hinting at it for weeks he finally asked me outright if I would be ok with finding somewhere else to stay for the two weeks so they can stay in my room. Not really actually. But then I also don’t want to live in a small house with 4 other people for two weeks.

He’s not charging me rent for those two weeks plus an additional week so financially it makes sense for me to leave but I do resent being asked to get out of my own home and have someone else live in my space.

A country retreat

A very good friend of mine is going through some pretty serious medical issues at the moment and this week, while his partner was away for work we organised that I would go and look after him for a couple of days. Thankfully, given I’m no medically trained professional, he didn’t need any real care. I just cooked and made sure he was ok.

In one of his sleeping times, I decided that it was time to take advantage of the isolation and privacy. Whenever I’m out there they know that if I’m in the spa enjoying the sunset I’m sure as hell not wearing anything. To be fair, a lot of people are exactly the same in that spa.

This time I was trying to get some different photos. This shot is a lucky one I got with the self timer and the tree swing. I did forget to get the shot on the giant chess board. Next time.

Argentinian Beef

Back when I first posted the photo shoot with Jorge it got a great response and the video (below) has been watched over 20,000 times. So I thought I’d put together another digital download for sale on my website from that shoot.

Jorge’s body is absolutely ridiculous but in a really, really good way. It doesn’t hurt that he also has a cheeky personality and a twinkle in his eye. He’s so much fun to work with and we are trying to coordinate another shoot shortly after Christmas.

Don’t forget you can also buy the other two digital downloads at my website as well as fine art prints. In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy Jorge!

It’s never easy

For the last three nights, my circus school has been hosting their annual end of year show. Thankfully I was performing as part of my class group. Performing is something that I find very challenging. I love the back stage camaraderie and the actual performance part is kinda fun but the pre-show nerves for me get way out of control.

On Friday evening I had a little bit of a nervous vomit out the back door of the venue but that helped. On Saturday evening I wasn’t nervous because, irresponsibly, I had been out on the harbour for a friend’s birthday having too many champagnes. I was sober by the time I performed but I skipped the nervous bit which was refreshing.

Unfortunately none of the three shows were perfect. As I said, I get nervous and it resulted in me forgetting a trick completely last night and making some silly decisions the other nights. Oh well, it’s a very amateur show. There have been talks of doing a more adult show at some point which I’d love to do as some of the school shows can be a bit cheesy to cater for an all ages audience.

"Entangled" Dress Rehearsal from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Still can’t believe it

On Thursday afternoon, shortly before 6pm, Australia legalised Same Sex Marriage. Once the public vote results came in on 15th November it feels like it’s all happened very quickly.

There were only four members of Parliament who voted against the bill and a few more than that who abstained. One of those abstainers was our gutless former Prime Minister who instigated the idea of the public vote, Tony Abbott. His own electorate voted 75% Yes in the vote and yet he campaigned long and hard against equality and then campaigned hard for religious freedom amendments. He had said it was crucial to have democracy and let the people have their say but when it came down to it he chickened out of representing his electorate’s wishes or even having the backbone to vote with his own opinions.

As of today, LGBTIQ couples can fill out the Notice of Intent to Marry form which means that on 9th of January the first same sex weddings will occur in Australia.

As a wedding celebrant I have already confirmed two same sex weddings and possibly another which may even be a nude one. I can’t wait!

More of this

Today is looking like a very big day.

Firstly all the little normal stuff. It’s a beautiful day here today and normally I’d hit the beach with my junk out as soon as I could but a mate wants to come with me and he’s not available til midday so I’ll collect him around then and we’ll head down for a few hours this afternoon. That is probably better with the tides.

So my morning will be spent doing job applications, looking for other avenues and getting all that sorted. Then this afternoon it’s more naked in the sunshine time like I did last Friday. What a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

This afternoon it is looking increasingly likely that the Australian Parliament will finally vote in the final stage of the Marriage Equality Bill. There are enough members who like the bill the way it is who are planning on blocking all the religious freedom (i.e. discrimination) amendments. If one or any of those amendments is successful it will mean the debate goes on and on and round and round which won’t happen until next year. Thankfully it’s looking like none of them will be successful and the Bill will be passed as is today.

Fingers crossed by the time I go to bed tonight, Australia will have Marriage Equality and I’ll be an equal citizen in the eyes of the law. I’m expecting more tears.