I recently found out that someone I know is a qualified massage therapist and now that legitimate massage is allowed again here in Sydney (as opposed to just relaxing or happy ending massages) I thought I’d get one. Sitting at my dining table and not exercising anywhere near as much means I’m a bit seized up. It also means that I’m helping someone out that I know who needs a bit of money as his regular job is not happening either.

So last night off I went and it was so good. The knots were all worked out and tensions eased. This guy also knows that I’m a nudie and didn’t bother to cover me laying face down. He asked if I wanted to be covered when I rolled over but wasn’t surprised when I said I didn’t care and it was up to him. He didn’t bother as he’s not shy at all and is prone to nudity too.

For the past few years I’ve (very sporadically) used a different massage therapist who is a bit over weight and older so I never felt self conscious with him. Interestingly last night I was feeling a little self conscious. It wasn’t the nudity but about the shape I’m in at the moment. I’ve put on weight in isolation, baking cookies and muffins and not working out properly. Thinking about it later it was because I was not feeling good about my body and now the massage therapist was in (way) better shape. It was interesting how it changed the dynamic.

Clearly I didn’t let it stop me enjoying the massage at all. I needed the kinks worked out of my muscles and since I’ve been isolating and haven’t had sex in a very long time there was human touch and interaction that I needed. No it wasn’t a sexual massage but I’m a tactile person and a massage makes me feel good.