Today on my Instagram I posted a photo from when I was in Copenhagen 5 years ago and Mikael took me to Helgoland, a public pool/bathing place with three “pools” or areas, two separated by gender and one more open one for mixed/family swimming. The two separated ones have walls around them with decking and sunbathing areas around the open water with steps down into it. There are also steps down the outside into the more open water. All of the segregated areas are clothing optional and even going into the open water side men and women can see each other and no one cares.

A nudist friend commented on that photo saying how cool it looked and it got me searching for images of the place online to show him. When I was there it was summer and beautiful. I found this video of it filmed in winter. Obviously no one is lying around sunbathing on the snow covered decking in winter but this video is beautifully done and captures the care free nudity (no frontal as it is on youtube) and invigorating plunges into the water shared by a couple of friends.

I still wish Australia and more of the world had the same attitude to nudity that the Scandinavians and other Europeans do. It’s so darned healthy and relaxed.