It has become painfully obvious that home workouts are not my thing. There are so many exercises that are easy to do at home with no equipment and there are more when you add in the resistance bands that I bought when we went into isolation. Sadly I just don’t seem to be doing them. The only running I seem to be doing is to the snacks in the fridge or the pantry.

After getting out of the house and doing some exercise yesterday I have realised how unfit I am after doing so little for 8 weeks. Today I’m trying something new. Instead of being daunted and put off by the prospect of doing a full workout, every hour on the hour I’m doing ten pushups, ten crunches (or an assortment of ab exercises) and ten bodyweight squats.

That noise you hear is every joint in my body creaking and cracking. Delightful isn’t it? Clearly it’s much needed movement and usage. I’m setting alarms through the day so I don’t forget to do the exercises. Depending on how this goes I might mix it up on other days and do 2 sets of ten every two hours or something wild and crazy like that.

One thing is for certain, I will not be strutting out of isolation feeling great about my body and the first few weeks back at the gym are going to HURT, when ever that is.

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