Maybe it’s the isolation and the general frustrations going on in the world but we are smack in the middle of our Autumn here in Sydney and it feels like the temperature has dropped quickly and a long way. Unusually chilly for this time of the year. Now before you all jump on me I totally get that Sydney’s winters are mild, extremely mild compared to other parts of the world. I have no concept how Canadians and Scandinavians etc cope in winter. In Sydney we don’t often get below 0˚C even overnight, let alone -30˚C.

It doesn’t take more than a cursory glance through this blog to realise I am totally solar powered and much more comfortable in hot weather, wearing minimal clothing than I am in the cold. The cold weather climates though do know how to do heating and in parts of the world, the cold has inspired awesome traditions like nude communal saunas like Finland, Banyas in Russia and Onsens in Japan. That is one aspect I’m jealous of.

Australia doesn’t even have any geo-thermal activity, being one of the oldest continents, so we don’t even get amazing wild hot springs to strip off in like the U.S. and Iceland. Oh well. I’ll settle for our long beach seasons and beautiful beaches to strip off on I guess, when winter and the apocalypse is over. Until then, I’ll rug up and stay warm.