Apartment living is something I’ve done a little bit of and I have to say over the years that I’ve done it I have been quite disappointed at how little nudity I’ve seen from neighbours. In one apartment, my housemate and I routinely walked around nude with the blinds open. Initially because there were no apartments opposite us and a couple of years later when there were, because we didn’t really care.

In my current apartment no one looks in to our living area and on our balcony we have some plants across the glass railing for some modesty but I have been out there nude many times and to be honest, no one ever looks up. My bedroom (floor to ceiling) windows face apartments across the way but their blinds are all closed all the time.

Chatting to a friend in Melbourne yesterday he said that he is conscious of how much the apartments across from him can see and it does affect how much he’s nude but he still does it from time to time.

How many of you are living in apartments or where people might see in but still walking around nude. My theory is that not many apartments are so close that if people are seeing, they are seeing much detail anyway. I’m not shy so I don’t really care if people see.