Three weeks before I left on my European adventure last year, AirBnB emailed to say that they’d cancelled the booking I had in Slovenia and refunded me because the booking didn’t look legitimate. That was followed by lots of emails from me forwarding on my ticket to Slovenia to prove I was going to be there at the time, linking them to my facebook etc etc. After an investigation they let me know that they were cancelling my account and were under no obligation to tell me why, and that it also applied to any future or duplicate accounts.

Over the weekend I sent them an email pointing out that since they were letting go of 25% of their staff and business was tanking at the moment, it might be prudent to reevaluate those cancelled accounts. My email explained that I had not breached any of their Terms but I believed the host in Slovenia had looked me up on social media and seen that I was gay and made up a story to get me out of the booking, therefore breaking their discrimination policy.

The next day I had a reply saying they were forwarding this on to the appropriate team then today, lo and behold, I received an email saying “We’ve reviewed your account again and re-activated it for you, Brenton. That means everything should be back in working order.” I WON! It may have taken 10 months from when they first emailed to cancel my booking but I guess I was right to trust my gut and email them. When a big business is suffering financially, and you want to give them business in the future, it turns out they listen.