We all know that opinions are like assholes, they are all over twitter. This morning I came across a thread which started with an image of a gay couple, one really hot, ripped and muscular. You know the kind of gay that is allowed in the gay world. The other was a very normal, slightly unfit nerdy looking guy and they were holding hands and clearly besotted. The person who posted it said he’d seen it captioned with “He must have a huge cock or lots of money.” Not really surprising because people are assholes.

One guy commented “For some people love is a big dick or a lot of money. I don’t see how this is a critique.” Really? A big dick is lust, not love. A lot of money is security or ambition, it’s not love. When I replied that I thought that was a sad scenario and that love is emotional not financial his response tried to say that unless I’ve fallen in love with a homeless person or someone that doesn’t sexually satisfy you, then I agree with him. Um, no.

Sure, sexual chemistry is important to a relationship but there are a LOT of relationships out there without that. Some find the sex somewhere else, some make do without the sex and stick with the love/companionship.

People find different things important in relationships I get it but from my perspective it would be a very sad existence if you equate money and/or a big dick with love. I would much rather be emotionally supported and share a genuine loving connection with someone and not be rich than be with someone for their money but be miserable.