The word iconic is thrown around way too much these days. It seems that every pop diva that has a successful album is called a gay icon within the next half hour, performances are iconic, outfits are iconic blah blah blah. But to say that Dame Judi Dench is iconic seems like a pretty apt description to me.

I’ve just watched the video below from British Vogue, now that she’s become their oldest cover girl, and found her yet again, so endearing and lovely. Hearing that she likes to swear and throws bombs around willy nilly does give credibility to an urban legend I have heard about her too.

I think it’s because she reminds me in some ways of my grandmother that I like her so much. I think Dame Dench’s sense of humour runs a bit naughtier than my grandmother’s did and I know my grandmother didn’t swear but there are similarities. Dame Judi always has a twinkle in her eye and a story to tell, in such a proper, posh English accent even when it’s something naughty. I love it.

In this video she is asked who she would have to a dinner party and over the years we’ve all had that conversation and she has been on my list every time. She and Sir Ian McKellen would be an absolute hoot over a delicious meal with some good drinks.