The trouble with apps like Grindr or Scruff is that as soon as you open them to check a message notification, people think you are online and looking for action. This morning it was raining so I didn’t go on my usual morning walk and I was lying in bed looking at my phone and someone messaged me on Scruff, “Are you looking?”. I replied nicely “No thanks, I’m not looking.”

The guy followed up with some dick pics and a claim to have a huge load. I don’t care mate, I’m still not looking. An hour later he messages again, “Do you want a good hard fuck?”. Again I told him I wasn’t looking and he replied with “Why not?” Now I’ve often struggled with that element of the gay community that has the mentality of “We are all guys, let’s just fuck” and they don’t seem to have any understanding that others don’t want to fuck just anyone.

I said that one, I’m social distancing, two I’m working, three I’ve already told you and four, take the hint I’m just not interested. After that I gave him about 30 seconds to read it as he had responded quite quickly, then I blocked him.

What is with some guys that just don’t understand? I would have thought on a Tuesday morning during work hours and during a pandemic where we are being told to stay away from each other that a polite no thanks, I’m not looking would have sufficed.