Bell Soto is a filmmaker/photographer/director in New York, originally hailing from Peru. He’s been around for a while now, or at least I’ve seen his beautiful work pop up online for a number of years.

Following his Instagram page a few days ago I saw a post of a model that I thought was absolutely gorgeous, Dusty Lachowicz and a teaser of the video below. To say that Dusty is my type is an understatement. He ticks off a lot of the things I’ve always found attractive in men even before I was willing to admit I was attracted to them.

This video isn’t a long one which is quite typical of the videos that Bell Soto posts on his website, but it deals with narcissism and vanity in the content-creator and influencer world. It’s done really nicely. It’s such a simple setup but that is often the most effective. You don’t always need all the fancy bells and whistles. Especially when you have Dusty wandering around naked.

CAMERA OBSCURA from Bell Soto on Vimeo.