We all know the rules of Instagram and Facebook and sure, some of us tiptoe pretty close to the line at times but after having some images deleted from my photography instagram account I am pretty careful with what I post these days. The guys are still clearly naked but I avoid showing pubic hair any ass that’s too blatant and definitely no cock.

What I won’t ever wrap my head around are the porn stars and other exhibitionists that post stuff that wildly contravenes the guidelines but then complain when they get banned or have images deleted. Really? You know the rules. Wouldn’t it be better to post some thirst-trap, tease images to lure people over to your twitter or onlyfans to make you money there?

Just in the past few days I’ve seen a few blatant dick shots and even some boner action on Instagram from a porn model and a couple of other guys. I’m not going to lie, I’ve reported the images. It’s that kind of blatant breaking of the rules that makes it so much more precarious for those of us that are possibly skating close to the lines.

For some reason I’ve really got strong ideas about context. Tumblr and twitter, knock yourself out even though I don’t know that anyone on Tumblr is getting away with that anymore sadly since they changed the rules. But please keep Instagram and Facebook a bit more respectful. If the rules were different or there was an “adult” tagging option or filter then I’d say have at it but play nice and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.