Take me back, please. With a ridiculously small amount of research Sardinia was the last place I spent time on my European adventure last year and it feels like so long ago with everything that’s happened in the world since. I hope this beautiful place has been comparatively safe compared to mainland Italy in the pandemic.

Driving an enormous van around was challenging at times but I had fun and for just one, there was plenty of space. I’d hate to have the four people staying in it that it officially sleeps. That would be very cosy indeed.

The water in Sardinia, especially up north at Cala Gonone was about the clearest water I’ve ever seen. Absolutely stunning. Sadly Sardinia doesn’t have any nudist campgrounds but there were options for nude beaches to top up my tan and my solar batteries. I’m not talking about the car, I’m talking about me. I definitely think I’m solar powered. The better the weather, the better my mood.

Enjoy the vlog! This one is a bit more talky than the other ones. Clearly I was a bit more settled and used to talking to the camera. Practice, practice, practice.