Back in the day, the Dieux Du State DVD’s were very much on my “must buy” list. Of course it wasn’t to look at the beautiful nude men running around but instead it was to watch how a professional shoot like that is done. Just kidding, it was for the nude men.

There is something very sexy about videos of gorgeous men being nude but not in a porno, blatant sex kind of way. Of course I do watch a lot of porn. I’m a single gay man, but sensual nudity or casual nudity can be just as beautiful.

In recent years I’ve bought the “Making of” videos from Greeks Come True, another male nude, homoerotic (unintentional or not) calendar. I have to say, the 2020 movie is beautiful. The quality has improved each year and this is the best in terms of both film/production quality and the men.

It’s all shot around a beautiful mansion/villa somewhere and I know that if I had a beautiful private estate like that, clothing would always be optional and I’d definitely be renting it out as a location for shoots like this.

Maybe one day I’ll get organised and good enough to sell “making of” videos of this quality from my shoots. Check out Greeks Come True for the calendar and to buy the full, uncensored making of video.