Dave is a guy I’ve known for years through friends. He’s a big beefy guy who is just a cuddly sweetheart. A couple of months ago his boyfriend was visiting Sydney for Mardi Gras and they wanted a couples shoot so we went off to one of the nude beaches one morning and did their shoot.

Then Dave was kind enough to do another shoot for me. If you think he looks familiar it’s because he was in the WATERHOLE download last year. David was very pleased to do this shoot in Summer. The previous one was just before winter hit last year and it was a chilly morning and he (voluntarily) got under a small but icy cold waterfall.

This download “DAVE” is out now and available by clicking here.

I also reduce the price of a download in the archives each week but you have to go find which one is reduced yourselves. It’s like a treasure hunt where the treasure is a naked man. This week’s is a very popular model. So while you’re over at the shop buying DAVE, have a look for the reduced download.