With most of the world socially distancing and working from home I’m seeing lots of articles about self-improvement, learning new skills, online courses etc and growing as a person seems like a good idea, even if it sounds like hippy talk.

The message seems to be getting a bit muddled here with me. I’m definitely going to grow as a person during isolation but I think it might just be my waistline. In the past few weeks I have taken to picking up boxes of packet cookie mix, brownie mix, muffin mix and baking them at home. Clearly in the situation we currently find ourselves, I’m not sharing and that is causing some concern.

Not having been raised in a baking kind of household my skills are limited, hence the packet mixes, but it’s yielding some delicious results. The brownies may have come out of the oven slightly early but they are gooey and soft as a result so there ain’t no complaints here.

I hope everyone is finding ways to nourish their soul and their waistlines while in isolation.