Using my new-found time during this isolation to be productive, I have dug through my archives and edited a behind-the-scenes video from a shoot I did with the glorious Jorge over two years ago.

Sadly, Jorge no longer lives in Australia so there won’t be any more shoots with him. He was always a lot of fun to work with and obviously looks ridiculously good. That body is just insane.

For a while we’d been talking about doing a shoot and he’d mentioned he wanted to be a bit of a woodland nymph so that is kinda what we did. As you can see it’s the same location I used recently for the shoot “Together” with Sam and David.

It’s fun revisiting shoots like this. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t edit it earlier. It may have been the fact that there were lots of shots that are not YouTube compliant so I had to edit around Jorge’s modesty.