Being a gay man in a city like Sydney, Australia’s gay capital, I feel like I let the side down occasionally when it comes to gay culture. The movie Mean Girls has never passed my eyeballs and up until this Easter long-weekend apart from 2 or 3 episodes a few years back, nor had Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

For some reason I just didn’t get the fuss. To be honest, after binge watching season 4 and nearly all of 5 over the weekend, I’m still not entirely convinced. I’m on board, but I’m not hooked. As with all reality competition tv there are a bunch of contestants that I’m not entirely sure how they got there. You know, the ones that bitch about everyone else’s talent and skills, singing their own praises while not actually having anything to back it up?

Drag fascinates the hell out of me and it is an incredible skill to do it well. Firstly the makeup artistry is amazing and the outfits can be spectacular. With Priscilla Queen of the Desert being my introduction to drag, I’ve always been a fan of the over the top drag. A lot of the modern drag queens seem to be verging on female impersonation rather than big bold characters but the ones that are edgy, a bit bonkers and more over the top I really like.

So I may not be officially hooked on Ru Paul’s Drag Race but with only a couple of episodes left of season 5, I’m pretty invested.