A friend of mine recently commented that when I discover a new Youtube Channel I “go deep” into it and he’s right. I have watched probably 15 videos from a channel I discovered the other day through TikTok. TikTok itself is another way to waste hours of your time. Whether that is good or bad is up to you to decide.

How Ridiculous is a channel featuring three guys who live over in Western Australia and have somehow come into control of 45 metre high tower that they drop stuff off. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? But when there are three straight mates running around under the tower with plastic tubs trying to see who can catch the most of the 1,000 rubber ducks raining down, it’s hilarious.

The thing that I’ve realised about YouTube and the channels that really resonate with me, is a sense of authenticity. Even the ones that have high production values still have something very natural or “them” about them whereas there are others where it feels really forced or just somehow lacking.

These guys also have a very, very Australian essence. Their humour might not resonate with Americans or people from other countries but I know so many guys like these guys who just constantly banter with each other and tease in a really friendly way. Enjoy.