Someone once described an extrovert as someone who gets their energy from other people and an introvert as someone who gets their energy from themselves. It was an interesting revelation for me. I’d always thought of extroverts as the people who like to be the centre of attention. By the first definition, I guess I’m an extrovert and so are many of our friends. Now we are all grown adults who can cope with our own company but after 4 weeks of working from home and playing the social distancing game I could do with some company.

Facetime and Houseparty video chats are getting me through and I’ll definitely have time to practice that with at least a few months of this ahead. I have noticed a couple of things that do indicate I’m not totally fine with social isolation.

My bedroom is getting messier. That is an easy fix but I tend to lose the motivation to be so neat and tidy when I’m a bit anxious. I also seem to retreat to my happy place for longer periods. That is the shower. Standing under the water when I’m stressed or feeling down is comforting and relaxing to me and I’ve noticed in the past week my showers are getting longer.

With so much time on my hands at home, like everyone else I’m watching quite a bit of television and youtube and I have noticed that, while I’ve always been fairly quick to get teary over tv commercials, tv and movies, I’m welling up even more quickly. Might be time to watch a guaranteed cry movie and get it all out of my system.

If any of you are struggling, hang tight. We will get through this I promise.